A Shadow of All Night Falling - Part 1: Mother of Demons

(August 30-September 13, 3023 AD)

Interlude II: And What I Will is Fate

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They couldn't know. They must not know, until the very end.

The spirit who had once been a man and a Crystal Weaver burrowed deeper into his host's mind, making sure that his thoughts remained hidden from the boy. He knew that Kyanite had already had a vision of the sword, which was bad. Very bad. But he'd been unable to prevent it.

It had taken him far longer than he would have liked to sound out the boy's mind, to accustom himself to this very different nervous system and figure out how to interpret the signals so that he could observe the outside world through Kyanite's eyes. He would never have any physical control of the boy's body. He'd decided that long ago, and severed from his spirit those parts of himself that would have protested, leaving them as sops to satisfy Mena Kimlubeniz. But he needed to be able to observe, and to share his knowledge. If he didn't, it would all be in vain.

Did I do the wrong thing, in following the commands of the gods?

But right and wrong were such nebulous things. Had it been "right" to let Kyanite come into existence as a cripple, when otherwise he would never have existed at all?

But he didn't even dare think about such things. If he did, he might allow himself to remember the true purpose for which his host had been created, and if the boy discovered that too soon...

Then it truly would all be in vain.

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