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Episodes Featuring Jadeite

Sailormoon Episode 01 Sailormoon Episode 01
Nakimushi Usagi no karei naru henshin
(The Magnificent Transformation of Crybaby Usagi)

Shitennou: Jadeite
Youma: Moruga (replacing Naru's Mother)

As there is currently no trace of the legendary Silver Crystal, Queen Beryl needs to collect as much energy from the humans in the Earth Realm as possible to revive the great ruler Metallia of the Dark Kingdom. Jadeite, who appears first of the Shitennou, volunteers to take care of the job and orders the youma Moruga to impersonate the mother of Osaka Naru and set up the jewels in her store as energy conductors that take the energy of all people who wear them.

Though the collection of energy works nicely at first, the daughter of Morga's victim gets suspicious, and Sailormoon, a young Sailor Senshi for whom this is the first battle ever, appears to destroy the youma and foil the plan. She is helped by Tuxedo Kamen, who obviously tries to get into the way of the Dark Kingdom, too.

Queen Beryl Jadeite Youma Moruga
Youma Moruga Sailormoon Tuxedo Kamen

Sailormoon Episode 02 Sailormoon Episode 02
Oshioki yo! Uranai hausu wa youma no yakata
(I'll Punish You! The House of Fortune is a Youma Mansion)

Shitennou: Jadeite
Youma: Baamu (disguised as fortune teller)

Beryl demands lots of energy from the Earth Realm as long as the Silver Crystal hasn't been found. Jadeite's second plan deals with the fact that the young girls and boys in Tokyo seem to be very interested in having their fortune told, as the huge crowd at the store of the local fortune teller shows. So he sets up the youma Baamu as fortune teller just vice versa of the old man who employed the I Ching to divine the people's futures.

Baamu uses the tarot to tell her victims what they want to hear and then transfers the Greater Arcana XV (The Devil) into their clothing where the evil influence causes the influenced persons to do whatever they want, no matter how immoral it might be.

A couple of boys in Tsukino Usagi's school class behave exceptionally badly, and this calls it to the attention of Sailormoon and her cat Luna, that the Dark Kingdom uses the children to collect the energy they create by their misbehaviour.

Sailormoon then challenges the fortune teller and exposes her as the youma Baamu. Even though Baamu fights valiantly and even sends her victims into the fight, she is destroyed and her victims freed by Sailormoon.

Jadeite Youma Baamu Umino Gurio harassing Haruna-sensei
Youma Baamu Sailormoon Youma Baamu

Sailormoon Episode 03 Sailormoon Episode 03
Nazono nemuri byou, mamore otomeno koisuru kokoro
(Mysterious Sleeping Illness, Protect the Hearts of Girls in Love)

Shitennou: Jadeite
Youma: Furau

Queen Beryl asks Jadeite about the energy they need to revive their great ruler and he tries get a little more time after the failures of his previous plans. Beryl is somewhat displeased, but Jadeite tells her that he has a new plan together with his minion Flowa.

Jadeite sets up Midnight Zero, a radio programme, where he poses as J-Dite and reads out love letters that are sent to him, while in return the senders get a flower brooch that is supposed to make their love come true, but in reality it collects their energy and puts them to a sleep from which they don't wake up anymore.

Usagi also wants a flower brooch, but as she doesn't know what to write in her love letter, she decides to visit J-Dite and ask him what she should write. When she gets to the radio station, she is told that there is no programme called Midnight Zero.

The next morning, Naru's, whose love letter was read, arrives at school with a flower brooch that looks the same as the one Haruna-sensei wore when she fell asleep the day before. When Naru succumbs to sleep, too, Luna realises that there is truly something wrong at the radio station. Usagi disguises with the Henshin Pen and faces off J-Dite who introduces himself as Jadeite.

First SailorMoon has to fight Flowa, though, whom she destroys. Then she stands again Jadeite, who easily deflects both her Moon Tiara Action and her SailorMoon Kick. Only the appearance of Tuxedo Kamen saves SailorMoon as Jadeite retreats from the fight to think about a new plan.

Jadeite Youma Furau Haruna-sensei
Jadeite Jadeite and Furau Jadeite

Sailormoon Episode 04 Sailormoon Episode 04
Usagi ga oshiemasu! Surimu ni naruhou
(Usagi will Teach You! How to Get Slim)

Shitennou: Jadeite
Youma: a horde of manipulated humans
Jadeite Jadeite Jadeite's Victims
Jadeite Sailormoon vs manipulated humans Sailormoon vs a manipulated human

Sailormoon Episode 05 Sailormoon Episode 05
Youma no kaori! Shaneera wa ai o nusumu
(The Youmas' Scent! Shaneeras Steal Love)

Shitennou: Jadeite
Youma: Iguaara
Jadeite Youma Iguaara Shingo
Youma Iguaara Possessed Humans Sailormoon vs. Iguaara

Sailormoon Episode 06 Sailormoon Episode 06
Mamore koi no merodi! Usagi wa kyuupiddo
(Protect the Melody of Love! Usagi as Cupid)

Shitennou: Jadeite
Youma: Kyurene
Queen Beryl Jadeite Youma Kyurene
Jadeite Youma Kyurene Sailormoon

Sailormoon Episode 07 Sailormoon Episode 07
Usagi hansei! Sutaa no michi wa kibishii
(Usagi Learns a Lesson! The Tough Road to Stardom)

Shitennou: Jadeite
Youma: Dereera
Jadeite Jadeite Youma Dereera
Youma Dereera Youma Dereera Sailormoon

Sailormoon Episode 08 Sailormoon Episode 08
Tensai Shoujo wa youma na no? Kyoufu no sennou juku
(Is the Genius Girl a Youma? Brainwashing School of Terror)

Shitennou: Jadeite
Youma: Garoben
Jadeite Youma Garoben Youma Garoben
Youma Garoben Youma Garoben SailorMercury

Sailormoon Episode 09 Sailormoon Episode 09
Usagi no sainan! Awate dokei ni goyoujin
(Usagi's Misfortune! Watch out for the Rushing Clocks)

Shitennou: Jadeite
Youma: Ramua
Jadeite Jadeite Youma Ramua
Possessed Clock Youma Ramua SailorMoon and SAilorMercury

Sailormoon Episode 10 Sailormoon Episode 10
Norowareta basu! Honoo no senshi Mars toujou
(The Cursed Bus! Fire Warrior Mars Appears)

Shitennou: Jadeite
Youma: Kigaan

Beryl is worried that SailorMoon and SailorMercury might get their hands on the Silver Crystal before the Dark Kingdom can obtain it. She is annoyed that Jadeite still hasn't been able to find it but tells him she' ll give him one more chance to redeem himself if he manages to collect human energy and kill the Sailor Senshi.

Jadeite immediately sets a new plan in motion. He infiltrates the Hikawa Shrite near Sendaizaka as live-in helper where he collects energy from the visitors offering prayers there by selling amulets (wards, good luck and love charms) that are set up to obtain the energy of the people wearing them.

Jadeite's youma Kigaan abducts the fully occupied 6pm buses and steals the energy of the passengers who all wear the amulets from the Hikawa Shrine. When Usagi and Ami witness the disappearance of one bus through a dimension hole, they decide to take action. Usagi goes to the Shrine to ask the Miko Rei about the bus, but she gets very upset and asks her to leave.

Rei muses that there are more visitors and sold amulets since Jadeite started to work at the temple and wonders if it is him who disturbs her concentration and fire readings. She does a divination about who is the culprit of the evil and discovers it is Jadeite. When she faces him, he throws her through a dimension hole where she ends up in the same space where the buses are taken.

When SailorMoon is faced with the youma Kigaan, Rei becomes SailorMars and destroys the youma. SailorMercury, who is still in the Earth Realm, sends out a homing beacon, and with the help of Tuxedo Kamen, the three abducted buses are taken back home.

Jadeite watches their return from the dimensonal hole and beholds the third Sailor Senshi. He states that they are worthy opponents, but next time he will beat them nonetheless.

Jadeite Rei at the Shrine Youma Kigaan
Youma Kigaan SAilorMoon, SailorMars and Tuxedo Kamen Jadeite

Sailormoon Episode 11 Sailormoon Episode 11
Usagi no Rei taiketsu? Yume rando no akumu
(Usagi vs. Rei? A Nightmare in Dreamland)

Shitennou: Jadeite
Youma: Muurido/Moolyd

Queen Beryl is angry that Jadeite allowed a third Sailor Senshi to join the group of enemies. She tells him that he doesn't have many more opportunities to redeem himself. Jadeite realises that he is in dire straits and tells her that he has a new plan to gather a large amount of energy and that he will also kill all three of the Sailor Senshi. Beryl reminds him that she can replace him anytime.

Jadeite disguises as member of the staff of the new amusement park called Dreamland that recently opened up. He sets up the youma Muurido as 'Dream Princess' who entertains visitors and then collects their energy during a show at the candy house where she puts them into a dream state.

When the Sailor Senshi face the youma, they are put to dream at first, too, but manage to break the illusion. Then the youma reveals herself as Muurido and puts them into another illusion which works better than the one before as it involves Tuxedo Kamen. Only the appearance of the real Tuxedo Kamen, who hits the youma with a rose, breaks the spell. Combined, the three Senshi defeat Muurido and the next plan of Jadeite's is thwarted.

Queen Beryl Jadeite Youma Muurido
Jadeite Youma Muurido SailorMoon, SailorMercury, SailorMars

Sailormoon Episode 12 Sailormoon Episode 12
Watashi datte kare ga hoshii! Goukasen no wana
(I want a Boyfriend, too! Trap on the Luxury Cruise Ship)

Shitennou: Jadeite
Youma: Tetis

Jadeite reviews an attack of SailorMoon's and is really angry. Behind him, the beautiful youma Tetis, who serves directly under Queen Beryl, materialises and teases him that she would never have thought that the great Jadeite would have such a hard time with a little girl.

When Jadeite gruffly asks her what she wants, Tetis states that she likes him even though he always gives her the cold shoulder. Jadeite tells her to leave, but she replies that she devised an efficient way to gather human energy. As Jadeite knows that he is currently not exactly in Beryl's favour due to his constant failures, he decides to hear Tetis out and work together with her.

Tetis' Operation Romantic Cruise is supposed to gather the energy of couples in love who take a trip on a luxury cruise ship that Tetis prepared from a ship wreck with her powers for just this occasion. Jadeite and Tetis disguise as Captain and First Officer of the ship.

Rei wins two tickets at a prize draw and decides to join the cruise together with Ami. Usagi sneaks in disguised as a camera woman. When they are on the ship, Luna notices there is no sound of any engine. Usagi runs into Jadeite and thinks he is really handsome, while Luna feels his evil aura.

Tetis announces to Jadeite that she will collect the whole energy of the passengers when it is at its peak. She adds that she hopes that Jadeite will notice her a little more if her plan succeeds, and he replies he will think about it.

A show in the reception hall is the setup where Tetis will collect the energy. The Senshi are there just as Tetis reveals herself and takes the energy of all the happy couples. Unfortuntely this doesn't work on the Senshi who aren't in love. SailorMoon is attacked by Tetis, but with SailorMars and SailorMercury assisting her, Tetis is defeated.

Now Jadeite faces the Senshi. He tells them he underestimated them because they were only girls, but they seem to have gotten stronger by now. Just when he starts to attack them, he is teleported back to the Dark Kingdom by a furious Queen Beryl who is angry that Jadeite used her personal subordinate Tetis without permission and allowed her to die. She threatens him that she will punish him, depending on how well he manages to explain the occurrences to her.

Tetis and Jadeite Jadeite and SailorMoon Tetis and Jadeite
Youma Tetis Youma Tetis SailorMercury and SailorMars

Sailormoon Episode 13 Sailormoon Episode 13
Onnanoko wa danketsu yo! Jadeite no saigo
(Girl Power! The End of Jadeite)

Shitennou: Jadeite (sentenced to Eternal Sleep by Queen Beryl); First appearace of Nephrite
Youma: none

Jadeite is on report in the palace. Queen Beryl summarizes that he collected a lot of energy in the Earth Realm, but he also had a lot of failures. During his tour of duty, SailorMoon, SailorMercury and SailorMars have appeared and Jadeite still hasn't managed to kill them. Beryl threatens him that she will sentence him to Eternal Sleep if he doesn't manage to kill the Sailor Senshi this time.

To lure out SailorMoon and her friends, Jadeite puts up a projection in the night sky of Tokyo, addressing the Senshi directly. He tells them to be at Haneda Airport, runway F, at 1am the next day, or he will burn Tokyo to the ground.

As Jadeite's illusion could be seen by everybody, the whole town is in a flurry. The Senshi are wary because it will of course be a trap, but they have to go anyway.

At night, Jadeite shows up at the airport which is filled with policemen. He puts them to sleep as he doesn't have any business with them and replaces them with animated fakes made of clay, while he waits for the Sailor Senshi. As the girls transform after they arrived at the airport, Jadeite now knows their identities.

Jadeite uses telekinesis to control a couple of airplaines and tries to run over the Senshi. They don't blast the planes as Luna tells them how much this would cost. Just when they try to flee, Tuxedo Kamen shows up and breaks the telekinetic influence of Jadeite's. Jadeite challenges Tuxedo Kamen and they have a fight floating in the air until they both fall into the nearby sea.

Only Jadeite resurfaces and claims that Tuxedo Kamen is dead. When the Senshi are shocked, he scorns them and asks whether they can't do anything without the help of a man. The Senshi are upset because of Jadeite's chauvinistic comment and decide to fight him together for his arrogance, too.

Once more Jadeite takes control over a plane and the Senshi run. Luna tells them, they should better fight Jadeite who controls the plane and not the jet itself. SailorMoon continues to run as decoy, while SailorMercury uses her Shabon Spray to camouflage herself and SailorMars. The later uses an ofuda that fixes itself to Jadeite's back to break his spell. Much to his chagrin, now the planes start to chase him instead of the girls.

As Jadeite is faced by the Senshi, he realises that he can't concentrate anymore, which seems to be a result of the ofuda that without his knowledge still sticks to his back. When SailorMoon attacks with the Moon Tiara Action, Jadeite is distracted and gets hit by a plane.

He manages to teleport back to the Dark Kingdom, where he is met with an annoyed Queen Beryl. Even though he tells her that he found out the identity of the Senshi, she doesn't listen and invokes her powers to put him to Eternal Sleep. Jadeite is enclosed in a large crystal that then disappears in a dimensional fold. Afterwards, Beryl appoints Nephrite as her next strategic commander.

Queen Beryl Jadeite Haneda Airport
Jadeite SailorMercury, SailorMoon and SailorMars Jadeite
Rei and Jadeite Jadeite Jadeite
SailorMercury, SailorMoon and SailorMars Jadeite Jadeite

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