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Episodes Featuring Nephrite

Sailormoon Episode 14 Sailormoon Episode 14
Arata naru kyouteki, Nephrite ma no monshou
(A Powerful New Enemy, Nephrite's Evil Crest)

Shitennou: Nephrite; First appearance of Zoisite
Youma: Tesunii (possessing Saionji Rui)

With Jadeite put to Eternal Sleep, Nephrite takes charge of the Dark Kingdom's efforts to gather energy. He scorns Jadeite's attempts to randomly gather energy and proposes a more sophisticated way. He wants to gather the energy from one single person. The targets are chosen according to the movement of the stars as these indicate the persons whose energy level will peak in the close future. While he explains his plans to Beryl, Zoisite appears to taunt Nephrite who isn't amused at all.

Nephrite sets up a mansion in the Earth Realm as base of his operations. There he consults the stars and finds the young tennis player Saionji Rui as his first viable target. In his red Farrari, Nephrite shows up at the tennis court. His job to infitrate the human world had been done very elaborately and successfully, as the people around have heard of him already as successful businessman who is the president of a recently established company.

He introduces himself as "Sanjouin Masato, an eccentric coach" and gives Saionji Rui advice how to improve her techniques. In the process he puts the youma Tesunii into her tennis racket which makes her moves impossible to counter. The more she uses the racket, the more her energy is supposed to grow, until it peaks and Nephrite's youma will be able to harvest it.

Unfortunately, the use of the racket has a side effect as Rui's personality changes, which makes her friend Osaka Naru suspicious.

The Sailor Senshi get a tip that their adversary is the Dark Kingdom and that their target is to collect human energy. So far they still don't know why the energy is needed, though.

Prompted by Naru's worries about Rui, Usagi follows her to the tennis court and runs into Tesunii who shows up when Rui's energy peaks to steal it from her. The youma easily would have defeated Sailormoon, if it hadn't been for Tuxedo Kamen's intervention. Together they vanquish Tesunii and thus foil Nephrite's plan.

Zoisite Nephrite Nephrite
Possessed Rui Youma Tesunii Youma Tesunii

Sailormoon Episode 15 Sailormoon Episode 15
Usagi aseru! Rei-chan hatsu date
(Usagi is Frantic! Rei's First Date)

Shitennou: Nephrite
Youma: Petasosu (possessing caretaker Kunitachi)

A recreational park in the Tokyo area has been sold and is supposed to be turned into a business district. Consulting the stars, Nephrite is pointed to Kunitachi, the caretaker of this park, as his next victim, as his energy will peak when he works to defend the park against the destruction.

Nephrite thus possesses the hat of the man with the youma Petasosu who will aid him in the fight by controlling insects and small animals against the construction workers and then take his energy when it reaches its peak level through constant use of the youma's powers.

Ami, who visits the park often, notices the change of personality in the caretaker and alarms her friends. They discover the evil aura and conclude this has to be the work of the Dark Kingdom. When the youma Petasosu emerges to take the caretaker's energy, she is faced by the Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen and destroyed. As a side-effect, the construction work is stopped and the park remains.

Nephrite Nephrite Possessed Kunitachi-san
SailorMercury and SailorMoon Youma Petasosu Youma Petasosu

Sailormoon Episode 16 Sailormoon Episode 16
Junpaku doresu no yume! Usagi hanayome ni naru
(Dream of a White Dress! Usagi Becomes a Bride)

Shitennou: Nephrite
Youma: Widou (possessing Akiyama Higure)

A wedding dress contest is the stage for Nephrite's next attempt to collect energy. The stars point him to Akiyama Higure as victim as the teacher wants to get married and the price of the contest lures her to participate.

As the teacher needs to sew a wedding dress to compete, Nephrite infests the silk she buys with his youma Widou. Usagi and Rei, who also want to enter the contest, are faced with the youma as she reveals herself to take Akiyama Higure's energy when it reaches its peak.

In a combined effort, SailorMoon, SailorMars and SailorMercury defeat the youma, and Nephrite's plan is frustrated.

Nephrite Nephrite and Akiyama Higure SailorMars, SailorMercury and SailorMoon
Possessed Akiyama Higure SailorMars, SailorMercury and SailorMoon Youma Widou

Sailormoon Episode 17 Sailormoon Episode 17
Moderu wa Usagi? Youma kamera no nessha
(Usagi as Model? The Focus of the Youma Camera)

Shitennou: Nephrite, Zoisite
Youma: Kyameran (possessing Shinokawa Kijin)

With the last mission to collect energy foiled by the Sailor Senshi, Nephrite choses a new victim. This time the stars point him to Shinokawa Kijin, a young photographer who already won several prizes. Nephrite manages to appear in time to save him from an accident and uses the opportunity to transfer the youma Kyameran into the camera.

Prompted by the youma, Shinokawa Kijin decides to take photos of many girls and puts an ad into a magazine. Usagi decides to participate which puts her just into the right place to discover the evil plot and fight the youma.

With this ploy thwarted, too, Zoisite shows up as projection in Nephrite's mansion and taunts him. Nephrite counters and reminds Zoisite that he wasn't successful in finding the Silver Crystal either. Zoisite isn't exactly amused.

Nephrite Nephrite Youma Kyameran
Pssessed Photographer Youma Kyameran Youma Kyameran

Sailormoon Episode 18 Sailormoon Episode 18
Shingo no junjyou! Kanashimi no furansu ningyou
(Shingo's Innocent Love! The Sorrowful French Doll)

Shitennou: Nephrite, Zoisite
Youma: Jumou (possessing Kayama Mika)

As he cannot show any successes with his ploys so far, Queen Beryl is somewhat displeased with Nephrite. Zoisite takes the opportunity to taunt Nephrite. He offers to help his colleague, but when Beryl suggests that the two Shitennou work together, Nephrite refuses with surprising force and openly defies his Queen. Beryl isn't amused at all, while Zoisite is pleased as everything goes according to his plan.

Nephrite needs a new target to win back Queen Beryl's favours, and the stars point him to Kayama Mika, a girl who creates prize winning dolls. As Sanjouin Masato, Nephrite visits the girl and her mother and takes the opportunity to infest the doll Mika is working on right now with the youma Jumou. He orders ten dolls to speed up the process that increases Mika's energy to its maximum and is invited to a doll exhibition.

The youma's influence causes Mika to act callous and aggressively, and as she is a friend of Usagi's brother, Usagi suspects there is something wrong. She visits the doll exhibition with Ami, and Rei and Mamoru show up, too. They are just in place, when Mika's energy peaks and the youma Jumou reveals herself. After a tough fight the combined force of the Senshi defeats Jumou.

Zoisite and Nephrite Nephrite Youma Jumou
Possessed Mika Youma Jumou Youma Jumou

Sailormoon Episode 19 Sailormoon Episode 19
Usagi kangeki! Tuxedo Kamen no rabu retaa
(Usagi is Thrilled! Tuxedo Kamen's Love Letter)

Shitennou: Nephrite, Zoisite
Youma: lion youma

To make up for his failures and defeats of his youma by the Sailor Senshi, Nephrite consults the stars to figure out the weakness of SailorMoon. The result is clear: it is Tuxedo Kamen.

Suddenly Zoisite materialises and tells Nephrite that Queen Beryl wants to see him. Nephrite reports, and the Queen complains that he wasn't overly successful in collecting human energy so far. The Shitennou reacts snotty, and Beryl gets angry. She even threatens Nephrite that she will put him to Eternal Sleep just as she did with Jadeite. Zoisite, who witnessed his dressing down, taunts him as usual. Nephrite doesn't appear to impressed and says that he doesn't need anyone to order him around. He swears that he will kill SailorMoon and the Senshi - and he already has a plan.

Nephrite sends out fake love letters to all girls in the area, setting up a date and place to meet and signed with 'Tuxedo Mask'. When Usagi learns that she wasn't the only one to receive such a letter, she pouts. Naru hopes that letter was in fact from Sanjouin Masato and decides to got to the appointment.

After school, she goes to a department store where she runs into Sanjouin Masato and asks him whether he is Tuxedo Kamen. Nephrite is somewhat perplexed and wonders whether Naru might be SailorMoon. He claims that he in interested for a while in her, and Naru falls for the lie right away.

Naru goes to the MS Department Store at the appointed time, where she meets Nephrite posing as Tuxedo Kamen and recognizes him at once by his voice as Sanjouin Masato. Nephrite is somewhat astonished by this and - as he still think she is SailorMoon - he demands that she reveal herself. Naru just tells him that she loves him, and Nephrite discovers that she emits a tremendous energy which he collects right away.

When SailorMoon shows up to rescue Naru, Nephrite gets rid of the disguise and shows himself. SailorMoon discovers that he is Sanjouin Masato, but Nephrite introduces himself now as one of the Shitennou of the Dark Kingdom. He calls a lion youma that is connected to the constellation of Leo to fight SailorMoon and the real Tuxedo Kamen, who appears on the scene as well and to lure them into a trap. Unfortunately they manage to escape with the help of SailorMars and SailorMercury.

Back in the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite complains to Queen Beryl that Nephrite still hasn't managed to kill SailorMoon and demands that he be sentenced to Eternal Sleep. Beryl replies that Nephrite brought back powerful human energy instead and that he would be given a reprieve. Instead she dresses down Zoisite that he should mind his own business and better find the Silver Crystal.

When Nephrite returns to his mansion he wonders about the amount of energy Naru produced and is amused that she fell in love with his disguise as Sanjouin Masato.

Queen Beryl Zoisite and Nephrite Nephrite
Nephrite taking Naru's energy Nephrite facing SAilorMoon and Tuxedo Kamen Sailor Senshi, Tuxedo Kamen and Naru

Sailormoon Episode 20 Sailormoon Episode 20
Natsu yo! Umi yo! Seishun yo! Omake ni yuurei mo yo!
(The Summer! The Sea! Youth! And a Ghost, too!)

Shitennou: none
Youma: none

Luna suggests that Usagi, Ami and Rei use their holidays as training camp to improve their fighting abilities. The pension Rei booked looks like a haunted house - right on a hill with a thunderstorm accompanying it - and the inhabitants look suspiciously like a certain horror family (the sign on the houses even says 'Pension Adams').

It turns out that there is some kind of ghost there, but not any youma. The owner's daughter Sakiko has strong psychic powers and the man will use her to prove that psychic powers are real. One conjured 'ghost' gets out of control, and the Senshi try to stop it. They aren't successful, but Sakiko herself manages to call it back. The father promises not to force Sakiko to use her powers again, and the Senshi finally have a nice holiday.

Ami, Rei and Usagi Ami, Rei and Usagi Ami, Rei and Usagi
Ami, Rei and Usagi Ami, Rei and Usagi Ami, Rei and Usagi

Sailormoon Episode 21 Sailormoon Episode 21
Kodomo-tachi no yume mamore! Anime ni musubu yuujou
(Protect the Children's Dreams! Friendship Linked by Anime)

Shitennou: Nephrite, Zoisite
Youma: Kasutoru/Castor and Porukuso/Pollux (possessing Matsuno Hiromi)

In order to collect energy, Nephrite targets Matsuno Hiromi, an animator working on the production of a Sailor V movie. He shows up at the studio, claims to be a fan of Hiromi's and infests her pencil with the twin youma Castor and Pollux.

When he leaves the studio, he comments that now he only has to lure the Sailor Senshi here. Unbeknownst to him, SailorMercury wanted to return some drawings she found to the studio, and when she discovers Nephrite's Ferrari, she challenges him. He simply brushes her away and tells her that he prepared his best youma and that she should train until she has to face them, before he drives away.

Ami tells Usagi about her meeting with Nephrite at the anime studio, and they decide to investigate.

Nephrite sits at a table on the patio of his mansion and sips at a drink when Zoisite shows up and asks him how his current plan proceeds. While Nephrite appears confident, Zoisite isn't really convinced.

At the anime studio, Hiromi acts more and more aggressively and cold, and Rei senses youma energy. Hiromi leaves and climbs up to the roof and the Senshi follow. Now the twin youma Castor and Pollux reveal themselves.

At Nephrite's mansion, Zoisite inquires about Nephrite's current ploy. Nephrite explains that Castor and Pollux are the strongest youma as they are like twins and work together, bound by a strong tie of friendship. Additionally, their power is much greater than that of the Sailor Senshi, so Nephrite is confident that the youma will kill the girls.

Castor and Pollux at first work nicely together and copy the Senshi's attack. But when they have them at their mercy, the youma start to argue who of them will finish the Sailor Senshi off. SailorMoon and her friends now take the opportunity to destroy the youma with their teamwork.

Back home, Nephrite can't believe that his youma are defeated. Laughing, Zoisite thanks him for the good show and teleports away, while Nephrite comes to the conclusion that the Sailor Senshi are better than he thought.

Nephrite SailorMercury on Nephrite's Ferrari Nephrite
Zoisite and Nephrite Youma Castor and Pollux Senshi under Attack

Sailormoon Episode 22 Sailormoon Episode 22
Gekka no romansu! Usagi no hatsu kissu
(Romance Under the Moon! Usagi's First Kiss)

Shitennou: Nephrite, Zoisite; first appearance of Kunzite
Youma: none

The princess of the Diamond Kingdom is visiting Japan and holding a dinner party at the embassy where she will reveal the secret treasure of the Royal Family for the first time.

Queen Beryl assumes that the secret treasure could be the legendary Silver Crystal. Zoisite volunteers to look into it, but Nephrite teleports in and says that he will taker over. Zoisite is furious as the search for the Silver Crystal is his assignment, but Nephrite retorts that the Earth is under his jurisdiction. Zoisite is frantic, but Queen Beryl ignores him and gives Nephrite the job, musing that it would be fortunate if the treasure is really the Silver Crystal which they could use to revive the great ruler so that the Dark Kingdom will dominate the world.

Zoisite protests, but once again, Queen Beryl ignores him and instead asks Nephrite for his plan. Nephrite's reply is gruff and he says he has his own way of taking care of his business, before he teleports out. When Nephrite has disappeared, Zoisites inquires why Beryl assigned him zu the task even though he failed every time. Beryl tells him that Nephrite is very desperate now and thus will work even harder.

Disheartened, Zoisite lets himself be comforted by Kunzite-sama who tells him not to act so impatiently. They could oust Nephrite any time they please, but they should take this opportunity to see how skilled he is.

As Luna thinks the princess of the Diamond Kingdom might be the princess they are looking for, the Senshi decide to investigate. Usagi disguises with the Henshin Pen and visits the dinner. Tuxedo Kamen is also there as he hopes to discover the Silver Crystal and find out who he is.

Nephrite also shows up at the dinner as Sanjouin Masato and immediatly targets Naru who is there instead of her mother. He lures her into false security with a dance and flattery, before he puts her under his control by infusing her with a part of himself that looks like a spirit made of black energy.

Naru manages to get near princess Diamond, and the black energy spirit is transferred to the princess who then wants to deliver the secret treasure to Nephrite. As Usagi tries to stop the princess, she falls down a balcony and is held by Tuxedo Kamen. Nephrite is annoyed and wants to blast Tuxedo Kamen who always gets into his way, but SailorMars and SailorMercury hinder him. When Nephrite retreats, Tuxedo Kamen disappears, too.

In a quiet street corner, Nephrite invokes the part of himself that now resides in princess Diamond to let her bring him the treasure which he thinks is the Silver Crystal. With an ofuda, SailorMars frees the princess from the possession. Nephrite's spirit self attacks the Senshi, but is defeated. When Nephrite recovers, he discoveres that the secret treasure is just a huge diamond, and he is annoyed about the waste of time as he teleports away.

Zoisite is comforted by Kunzite-sama Kunzite-sama Nephrite
Possessed Naru attacks the Diamond Princess Nephrite Sailor Senshi and the Diamond Princess

Sailormoon Episode 23 Sailormoon Episode 23
Nagareboshi ni negai o! Naru-chan no jun'ai
(Wish Upon a Shooting Star! Naru's Pure Love)

Shitennou: Nephrite, Zoisite, Kunzite
Youma: Yasha (under Zoisite's command)

When Naru tells Usagi that she has fallen in love with Sanjouin Masato, Usagi is shocked as she knows he is Nephrite from the Dark Kingdom.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl is furious as Nephrite is nowhere to be found, no matter how often she summons him. She causes some spectacular energy outbreaks that frighten the courtiers and threatens Nephrite had better be ready to face the consequences of his disobedience. Zoisite materialises in a corner of the throne room and is delighted at the proceedings.

Nephrite hangs around in his mansion and ponders that he doesn't have any time anymore to worry about stealing energy. He needs a success and he needs it fast. Right then, Zoisite materialises, and Nephrite isn't amused at all. Zoisite chides him not to treat him so rudely as he just wanted to inform him that Queen Beryl was looking for him and that she was furious she didn't find him. Nephrite asks gruffly whether Kunzite told Zoisite to check on him. Zoisite taunts him and says that from his attitude, it appears as if Nephrite doesn't have any good plans ready. Nephrite explodes and shouts at Zoisite to get out and mind his own business. Zoisite isn't fazed in the least and sweetly suggests that Nephrite had better resign before he really angers the Queen.

Angrily, Nephrite announces that he is going to find the Silver Crystal and thus get the better of Zoisite. This upsets the pretty man as the Silver Crystal is his assignment. Nephrite retorts that this doesn't matter - whoever gets it wins. Zoisite is furious and teleports away.

Nephrite is somewhat annoyed at himself that he lost his composure when faced with Zoisite. Then he calls upon the powers of the stars and creates the Kurozuishou (Black Crystal) which is supposed to be the guide that will point out the Silver Crystal. The Black Crystal starts to blink and points out Osaka Naru. Nephrite is perplexed and wonders if it is true that the girl has the Silver Crystal.

Back in the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite seeks comfort with Kunzite-sama again. He is upset as he fears Nephrite might find the silver Crystal first. Kunzite calms him down and tells him that it doesn't matter - in the worst case they would simply steal the Silver Crystal from Nephrite. He also suggests that Zoisite send out a youma to monitor Nephrite, and Zoisite orders the youma Yasha to check on him.

After asking everyone for advice what to do about Naru, Usagi goes to her and tells her that Sanjouin Masato is evil and not even human. She doesn't wait for a reply and simply runs away. Naru ponders about Sanjouin Masato and thinks he is simply too gorgeous. In the same instant, he calls her by phone and asks her to meet him in the Sankaku park.

Naru immediately goes to the appointed place. Nephrite tells her he wants to say good-bye to her as he doesn't want to drag her into a dangerous situation. He sets up a story that he is threatened by some bad people and he doesn't want her to get caught in the crossfire. Naru takes the bait right away and asks if there is anything she could do for him.

Nephrite tells her he would need to deliver the Silver Crystal to be free. He doesn't explain what exactly it is, so Naru thinks it might be a silvery jewel her mother showed her before. She volunteers to fetch it and does so, but when Nephrite checks the gemstone with the black crystal, there is no response to the stone, but to Naru.

He decides it would be a good idea to investigate Naru and tries to lure her with him, but then Sailormoon shows up. She tells Naru who Sanjouin is really, but Naru doesn't want to believe he is evil. Nonetheless, Nephrite starts to fight Sailormoon with his Starlight Attack. When she is practically defeated, SailorMars and SailorMercury show up. Nephrite barely dodges their combined attack, and when SailorMoon uses her Moon Tiara Action, Naru jumps in front of Nephrite to protect him. SailorMoon manages to hold the tiara in the last second and Naru asks the Senshi not to hurt Sanjouin Masato.

When SailorMars demands she step aside, Naru refuses, even if they'd kill her. Astonished, Nephrite realises that Naru truly cares for him. When Naru confesses her love, the Black Crystal starts to shine brightly. Nephrite wonders if it responds to a kind heart.

Zoisite's youma Yasha mistakes the shining Black Crystal for the Silver Crystal and starts to fight Nephrite for it. When the crystal falls to the ground and Naru takes ist, Yasha turns to her. Without thinking, Nephrite calls out "Naru-chan!" and attacks the youma.

Both the Senshi and Naru are befuddled that Naphrite saved Naru, and Nephrite himself can't believe it either. Yasha also is perplexed that Nephrite intends to protect a human and starts to attack him in full force. This time, SailorMoon saves Nephrite.

SailorMoon askes Nephrite to be a little more considerate of Naru's feelings, but the shitennou doesn't want to hear anything about this. He tells them that the whole universe would belong to the Dark Kingdom if they got the Silver Crystal. Luna thinks that the term "Silver Crystal" sounds somehow familiar. Nephrite says goodbye and disappears.

Nephrite Zoisite is comforted by Kunzite-sama Nephrite
Nephrite Youma: Yasha Sailor Senshi and Naru

Sailormoon Episode 24 Sailormoon Episode 24
Naru-chan goukyuu! Nephrite ai no shi
(Naru's Cry! Nephrite Dies for Love)

Shitennou: Nephrite (killed by Zoisite's youma); Zoisite
Youma: Gureepu, Suzuran, Housenka (under Zoisite's command)

Nephrite wonders why the Black Crystal responds to Osaka Naru, whether it could be because of her love. As Sailormoon knew Naru's name, he thinks that maybe Naru knows Sailormoon's true identity. While Nephrite plays around with his Black Crystal, he is watched by Zoisite who ponders that this must be the crystal that is supposed to discover the location of the Silver Crystal.

Nephrite teleports to Naru's place where she sleeps. The Black Crystal starts to glow, and Nephrite wonders whether the Silver Crystal might be within her body. Thus he checks her with the Black Crystal, but he doesn't find anything. Then he goes to plan B. When Naru awakens, he tells her that Sanjouin Masato was only a disguise and that his real name is Nephrite. He claims he doesn't want to lie to her anymore.

He tells her she taught him what is love for the first time, as there is no such thing in the 'evil organisation' he belongs to - there people betray and kill each other for their own gain. He says that he thought this was normal, but her love opened his eyes and that he considered joining Sailormoon to fight against that 'evil organisation' - but for that Naru would have to tell him what she knew about Sailormoon.

When Naru replies that she doesn't know anything, Nephrite accuses her of not trusting him. Tearfully Naru assures him that she really doesn't know anything, and Nephrite disappears, hoping that she might know something after all and now contact Sailormoon.

Zoisite has watched the whole scene and wonders if Nephrite really fell in love with Naru. The three youma Gureepu, Suzuran und Housenka have listened as well and want to attack him right away, but Zoisite warns them not to make any rash moves as Nephrite is an excellent warrior. He suggests taking Naru hostage to lure him out.

As Naru doesn't know who Sailormoon is, she decides to call Usagi to tell her about Nephrite's visit. Usagi is alarmed and decides to check on her. When she nears Naru's home, Nephrite sets up an optical illusion and Usagi falls into the trap and transforms into Sailormoon, thus betraying her true identity.

Nephrite teleports in and confronts her. He attacks her, but before he can kill her, Tuxedo Kamen comes to her help. Just as Nephrite prepares to attack Tuxedo Kamen, he perceives Naru's cry for help when she is abducted by one of Zoisite's youma. Immediately, Nephrite abandons the fight and teleports to Naru's home where he finds a note that demands he hand over the Black Crystal in exchange for Naru. Nephrite is annoyed that Zoisite thinks he cares what happens to that girl.

In an abandoned house, Gureepu, Suzuran und Housenka keep Naru prisoner and wonder if Nephrite really will come and save her. To their surprise, Nephrite shows up and battles the three youma with a vengeance. When he has them at his mercy, he orders them to tell Zoisite that he won't hand over the Black Crystal, before he carries Naru away.

Naru thanks him and he replies he doesn't understand himself why he rescued her. He says he deceived her for quite a while now and will probably continue to lie to her even after this. Naru replies that it is okay and she doesn't mind being lied to as long as he stays close to her.

Suddenly Naru discovers that he has been hurt at the right arm (she doesn't appear to be too shocked to see that he has in fact green blood) and she drags him into a near-by park where she rips of some strips of cloth from her pajamas to dress his wound. She tells him that she would like to eat chocolate parfait with him in a place in San-cho me, and at first Nephrite appears to be somewhat ill at ease doing such smalltalk, but when she asks him if the 'evil organisation' he belongs to gives him Sundays off, he cannot help himself but laugh.

Just in that moment, Zoisite's youma appear and attack. Trying to save Naru, Nephrite jumps into the way and gets hit into the right shoulder by a bundle of thorns that protrude from the arm of one of the youma. They break off and keep sticking through his shoulder where they start to suck his energy. Again the youma demand the Black Crystal or they will kill Naru.

Nephrite shouts that Naru should run away, but she refuses and instead tries to draw the thorns out of his shoulder. Even though she only has human strength, she manages to pull out the thorns a little, and the youma are perplexed. Another of them calls out then she will kill both Nephrite and Naru. Again, Nephrite manages to get Naru out of the line of battle, even though he is hurt again.

The Black Crystal suddenly falls into the grass, and Zoisite appears in his usual spiral of cherry blossom petals, hovering over the scene. He congratulates the youma as he picks up the crystal telekinetically, then he taunts Nephrite that he should be happy to die with the girl he loves. Before he teleports away again, he tells the youma to have a lot of fun finishing them off.

Again Nephrite asks Naru to flee and she refuses. When the youma prepare for the final attack, they are stopped by Sailormoon, Sailormercury and Sailormars who where informed by Luna that they had to help Naru. The Senshi defeat the youma with a combined attack.

Naru holds the dying Nephrite who tells Sailormoon that her identity will stay a secret. He then apologizes to Naru that he lied to her in the end - he won't make it to eat that chocolate parfait with her after all. He says that he is glad he met her, then he dissolves into a colourful sparkle of energy that rises up to the stars. Naru is heartbroken, and even the Senshi cry about Nephrite's death.

Zoisite Nephrite Zoisite and his Youma
Youma: Gureepu, Suzuran und Housenka Nephrite Nephrite
Nephrite Nephrite Zoisite takes the Black Crystal
Nephrite Nephrite dies and disappears Sailor Senshi and Naru

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