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November 29, 1999

Read the beginning of the final chapter of Tears of Crystal: The Final Countdown!

November 25, 1999

Shavana managed to translate and type up the remaining pages of Tears of Crystal that still lay around here.

November 10, 1999

Even though the updates to the DK Home aren't as frequent as before - when I update I'm usually proud to present you some jewel. This time it's E.Liddell's most current work, Chains which is set in the Crystal Weaver universe and focuses on Alexandrite and Amber - and there is the second story in German language: Bis in alle Ewigkeit... by WhiteAngel which focuses on Kunzite's feelings during Zoisite's death scene. *Sniff*.

November 5, 1999

Today I'm allowed to present you a new story in German language: Goodbye My Love by WhiteAngel - a very emotional story that deals with Nephrite's death and Naru's feelings.

October 20, 1999

Another short story gem by E.Liddell, After the Dance, focuses on Sumire and follows up her Crystal Weaver story Choices :))

Then I rearranged the "Updates" section a bit. Well, if you wish to see my current creative works - check out my Saint Seiya Tarot. There are only two cards missing by now...

October 12, 1999

Alielle send me his newest work Kleptomanite. It's in German again, and if you wish an English version you might try to email him and talk him into doing a translation...

October 11, 1999

I got an emotional, dense fanfic by Jasla Isidore: The Day of Another. (And Jasla, of course I read every fanfic - you won't see me putting up anything I haven't read!)

October 6, 1999

I redid the ZIP-Files and threw out the text only versions - everybody should have a browser by now, I'd say, and they were pretty tedious to create in the first place...

October 5, 1999

Cool! One of my other favourite fan authors is back - Heather Fleming returns with No Place For Passion, a short and very gripping story.

You might or might not have noticed - the Dark Kingdom Home moved again. Now I found a far better place than Xoom on the German server Keyweb.de. Lots of thanks to Frank from Keyweb!!! :)))

And while I was at it, I also moved the FanArt from the Schlund server to Keyweb for easier maintenance.

September 29, 1999

It's done! E.Liddell sent me the final chapters of Choices. Somehow it's always sad if another great story is over! Read the furious finish of this Crystal Weaver story.

September 21, 1999

Finally there's something new to be enjoyed :) Even though it was already posted a preliminary version to the ToC ML, now you can read the final versions of the Chapters 6 and 7 of the Crystal Weaver story Choices by E.Liddell. They are captivating as ever!

August 10, 1999

Hm... I hope Xoom lets me upload the stuff *today*... I had problems logging into the FTP server for the last weeks (Does "connection failed" sound familar?). If everything works out, you can read Chapter 5 of the Crystal Weaver story Choices by E.Liddell!

July 14, 1999

Today you can read Chapter 4 of the Crystal Weaver story Choices by E.Liddell. :)))))

July 5, 1999

Okay, E.Liddell pointed out some little design flaws in my new index page and I corrected it accordingly :) Thanks for telling me! (BTW, if anybody has suggestions how I could improve my site, just tell me. I will certainly read every suggestion carefully, even though I won't promise anything...)

Hopefully today the application process is completed, then you should be able to reach the Dark Kingdom Home via http://www.dark-kingdom.de. If it isn't online right now, do not despair - it can only be a matter of some more hours until the domain is up and running. (I already adjusted the links and put up my new email address when I had the time for it yesterday.)

July 2, 1999

So, now the Dark Kingdom Home has a new home. I don't know whether this is its final resting place, but at least I took the opportunity to rearrange the directory structure and everything. I only hope I managed to put up all the links correctly!!! If you encounter any problem, please notify me at zoisite@dark-kingdom.de! I hope you like the slight enhancements.

June 23, 1999

I put up a beautiful new pic by Skögul (Kunzite and Zoisite as Angels) at the More Dark Kingdom FanArt page.

June 17, 1999

I got a great new story by a great new author. Mizuchiko describes in her fic Honor and Doubt how it came to pass that the loyal guards of Prince Endymion defected to Queens Beryl and Metallia.

Moreover, you can read the second Dark Kingdom interview by Sailor Jade: Episode 2 - Jadeite.

June 14, 1999

I freshly uploaded chapter three of Wars of Light and Shadows IV: Choices by E.Liddell! Can't wait for the next one...

June 11, 1999

I put up a pic of Kunzite and Zoisite by Skögul at the More Dark Kingdom FanArt page.

June 09, 1999

I put the cute Dark Kingdom related pics of of Skögul up at the More Dark Kingdom FanArt page.

June 08, 1999

Read the second chapter of Wars of Light and Shadows IV: Choices by E.Liddell! It's great as usual (I'm running out of superlatives, sorry).

June 04, 1999

Sailor Jade started a series of Dark Kingdom interviews. Number one is Episode 1 - Queen Beryl.

May 31, 1999

The first chapter of Wars of Light and Shadows IV: Choices by E.Liddell promises a hell of a cool story to come! *Read it!*

May 24, 1999

Major update time today: Finally I managed to put the next four (!) chapters of The Heir of Siol by Luna, Phoebe and Selene into the proper HTML format (I hate having to go through WinWord type HTML to turn it into proper source code! Takes ages!!!).

Then there are the Prologue and Author's Notes of the long awaited new Crystal Weaver story Choices by E.Liddell.

Furthermore you can read two stories by a new author on my page: A Teacher's Nightmare and Only a Dream by Sailor Jade.

And last but not least I put up the beautiful drawing of Zoisite in a ball gown by Little Angel which you can admire at the More Dark Kingdom FanArt page.

May 17, 1999

Okay, It's been a while, but I admit I was pretty busy with my studies, writing to the ToC/CW Mailing List and creating Saint Seiya WinAmp Skins... Today I can offer you two stories: First, the hilarious Negaverse Plumbing by E.Liddell, and second, the pretty weird story Nani!?! or What Did I Do To Deserve This?! by Lyra Stormrider.

Ah yes, and not to forget: E.Liddell set up a chatroom that you can find at http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Vault/3855/chat. In the first place it's the chat for the Tears of Crystal/Crystal Weaver/DK FanFic Mailing List, but I guess it won't hurt if other lovers of the DK join us there, too :)))

April 27, 1999

Today I uploaded the fourth chapter of Darkness Returning by Sarel.

April 23, 1999

Cool! There are already 16 subscribers at the ToC/Tales/CW/FanFic ML :))) Thanks to Janna for the great idea to set it up!!!

Today I got the third chapter of Darkness Returning by Sarel plus Voices Inside My Head, Echoes of What You Said, a very dark story by a new author, Dalles-sama! Enjoy!

April 19, 1999

Okay, now it's official - there is a mailing list where people who like Shavana's and my Dark Kingdom stories can discuss stuff, offer input and whatever. Here I'll also announce whenever I manage to post another piece of the story :))) Feel free to join if you like Tears of Crystal, Tales of the Dark Kingdom, E.Liddell's Crystal Weaver Saga and the other DK FanFics of this page :)

April 14, 1999

Today I uploaded another story by E.Liddell, which is set in the Crystal Weaver universe: Through a Glass, Darkly. It's a pensive story that shows the events around Usagi's ascendance to the throne of Crystal Tokyo through the eyes of her brother.

April 9, 1999

Today I got a couple of cool things... First I got the second chapter of Onyx by Sarel, and as a bonus the first two chapters of her second work Darkness Returning, which is highly intriguing and takes place in a parallel universe about 15 years after the Dark Kingdom fight.

Then I got a beautiful portrait drawing of Zoisite by Mehdi B., a fellow Saint Seiya fan, which immediately went to the More Dark Kingdom FanArt page. :)

April 6, 1999

Thanks to Elektra :) She checked my links page for me and gave me a list of all dead links! Unfortunately this means that one dozen (!) Dark Kingdom pages expired within the last 3 months! :((

March 30, 1999

This month saw the 'resurrection' of several authors, it seems :) Not only could I upload some more of Tears of Crystal, I also got new stuff by the Great Ace Otaku - and today I can present you the newest works of Lord Malachite plus a little new gem by E.Liddell!! Funnily enough, both stories feature Nephrite as main character.

So read the hilarious story A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way to the Negaverse and the grim poem Damnation among the FanFics and Poetry by Lord Malachite, and the newest work by E.Liddell, No Night Without Stars!

March 26, 1999

First I got the beginning of a new story by a new author: Onyx by Sarel. It starts out similar to Sweet Dreams, but soon develops rather differently :) I'm looking forward to reading more of this!

Then I received the third chapter of the the Great Ace Otaku's current story: Bishounen Shi Tennou Serpentine (The Beautiful King Serpentine) or: The Miseducation of Serpentine. This time it's Family Night at Chuck E. Cheese! or A Tribute to "Family Values". Murderously funny :)))

And last but not least, I finally updated all of the ZIP-files. You can now download all of the stories in an easy way! :)

March 23, 1999

Beautiful. That's the first thought that came to my mind when I finished The Watcher, the newest installment in the Crystal Weaver saga. And while E.Liddell wrote that she cried while writing it, I can assure you it will move you as deeply when you read it, especially when you read all of the other Crystal Weaver stories before and learned to love the characters she described.

And after I uploaded 275 screen shots from B'tX (episodes 1-5) to the Bishounen Gallery yesterday, I added another 141 shots today. You *really* should check out Lt.Phoe / Rafine Fao! (And while you're at it there are some other cuties, too :)))

March 22, 1999

Grin, you may or may not believe it, but Shavana finally managed to translate and type up some of the pages of Tears of Crystal that still lay around here - so enjoy the new stuff. :))

March 16, 1999

It's over?! I cannot believe that the magnificent story An Ill Fate Marshalling by E.Liddell is finished now! Actually I wanted to go to bed at a reasonable time, but when I decided to look into the story for a moment, I couldn't help but be so utterly captivated that I had to read through all of the new chapters (and there are seven of them, plus an epilogue and an addendum) and format them for my page while reading. *Sigh* It's always a pity when a good story ends, and this is no exception! But do not despair - there will be further stories set in the Crystal Weaver universe!!

Please excuse me that I haven't updated the zip files yet, but as I said it'd pretty late in the evening (or rather early in the morning), and if I'm lucky I might get three hours of sleep now, and updating the zips *now* would take even more of my scarce sleeping time...

BTW, for maintenance reasons, I decided to delete the recommended Dark Kingdom Fanfic Links. After all, all the Dark Kingdom Links I collected are on the respective page! Ah yes, and I corrected the URLs of Hiyami's and Calcite's websites.

March 15, 1999

Due to tedious work for the university (I had to finish a 20 page paper on the oh-so-captivating topic of 'Grammar'), I only did some stuff for the Saint Seiya Archive (178 new screen shots and altogether about 24 MB of scanned pictures in the last two weeks) and added some stuff to my Anime Cel and Shitajiki Gallery.

March 1, 1999

Today I'm honoured to present you the next four chapters of An Ill Fate Marshalling. I'm highly impressed by the well thought-out background of the Crystal Weaver universe! *Sigh* - I only wish *this* could be turned into new Sailormoon anime episodes!

By the way, on Saturday I received my first anime cel of Zoisite! *smiles* I'll upload it ASAP, and you can admire it at the Anime Cel and Shitajiki Gallery today or tomorrow :)))) (Ah yes, and the other cel I got that day is of Lt.Fao from B'tX, another absolute mega-cutie :)))

February 26, 1999

Okay, now all of the screen shot archives have imagemaps instead of thumbnail indices :) And as a treat for fans of bad guys I uploaded 79 shots of Fisheye from the Amazon Trio and 34 of the three together :) They can be found at the Sailormoon non-DK Villains Screen Shot Archive.

February 23, 1999

Have I ever mentioned that I adore the Crystal Weaver universe that E.Liddell has created? If not - I absolutely do :))) Read the next three chapters of An Ill Fate Marshalling, or you will miss a treat!!!!

Then I added three links to the DK links, and last but not least I did a major update of the Saint Seiya Archive which got 289 more pictures, imagemaps instead of thumbnails and a whole new directory structure. Soon the Dark Kingdom, Sailormoon and Bishounen Screen Shot Archives will follow suit...

February 12, 1999

Today was 'only' major upload time at the Saint Seiya Archive - about 300 new screen shots of my favourite Saints :)))

February 11, 1999

Wow! Today I am allowed to present you three full brand new chapters plus an interlude of E.Liddell's wonderful Crystal Weaver story An Ill Fate Marshalling! I'm slowly but surely running out of superlatives, but I guess every other faithful reader knows already that it would be a sin to miss any part of this epic!

February 9, 1999

Added the link to Greenstone to my link list and discovered that Crosswinds seems to have erased all of my files that were located there. Humph. I'll try to find out why that happened and upload the stuff ASAP. Fortunately there are still the mirror sites at Webjump for the Screen Savers and Animated GIFs...

February 8, 1999

It's a relief that at least E.Liddell holds up the flag of the Dark Kingdom at the moment :) Thus the DK Home proudly presents chapter 8 of the epic Crystal Weaver series An Ill Fate Marshalling!

A new cutie made the way to my Bishounen Gallery: Lt.Phoe from B'tX!

BTW, finally I got two domains of my own! The Dark Kingdom Home can be reached via http://www.dark-kingdom.de now, and my Saint Seiya Archive now has the URL http://www.saint-seiya.de :)))

February 1, 1999

People who know me know that I love funny stories. Today I have the opportunity to upload a cute, short bit of chaos which I don't want you to miss: What would happen if the Dark Kings met...? by Lyra Stormrider. *Still grinning at the idea*... I hope to read more of her!

And after the bit of comical relief I'm allowed to present you the 6th and 7th chapter of the wonderful epic An Ill Fate Marshalling by E.Liddell. *Sigh* I really wish I could write that emotionally dense and captivating!!! I can't wait to read the next installment!

Sorry for the delayed updates of the page, BTW, but I have to learn a lot for my upcoming Japanese exam in about two weeks... Japanese is really harder than I expected! (Nonetheless, I finally updated the ZIP-Files for downloading the stories, too...)

January 21, 1999

Cool! Today's major update time again - Not only did I get a new humourous short fic by the Great Ace Otaku, there are also some updates and a new chapter of E.Liddell's wonderful Crystal Weaver series!

Ever wondered what happens when the two most beautiful, feminine bishounen from Sailormoon face up? Witness their witty exchange Today at the Ace Otaku Show! Grin... Ain't they kawaii?

E.Liddell continues her stunning Crystal Weaver epic with chapter 5 of An Ill Fate Marshalling. Additionally there are updates to the Prologue, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3, so make sure to re-read those as well!

Well, then I got some new anime cels and shitajiki which made their way to my Anime Cel and Shitajiki Gallery.

January 11, 1999

It's going on! Read the second chapter of the the Great Ace Otaku's current story: Bishounen Shi Tennou Serpentine (The Beautiful King Serpentine) or: The Miseducation of Serpentine. This time it's A Touching Story about a Quasi-Immortal Boy and his Dog/Cat Creature. Hilarious :)))

Sorry that I couldn't put it up earlier, but I am a bit ill at the moment (sniff, sniff, cough, cough...).

Then some people asked me about the Dark Kingdom Doujinshi Jinci wanted to put together - please ask Jinci!

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