Kunzite's Temple of Power

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This shrine is the testament to the greatest of the four Kings: Kunzite.

And again I'm almost at a loss of words when I think of this gorgeous guy who was the most powerful, most intelligent and just simply the greatest of the four Kings or Shitennou...

- His eyes are cool shimmering platinum mirrors
- His hair blows in the magickal wind like finely spun silver
- His glowing gaze lets shiver run down everyone's spine

Kunzite dramatically, with his cape

Kunzite appears in a flash of dark blue energy.

Kunzite: So you wish to praise me as well? I just visited ChibiChan to make sure she doesn't write any nonsense about me. It seems this shrine business is pretty en vogue at the moment.

As Stayka has the opportunity to admire Kunzite's magnificent physique that closely, two hearts forcefully pop up in her eyes and knock her out.

Kunzite looks down at her as if she is some interesting specimen or some rare insect.

Kunzite (smugly): My powers have increased, it seems. I don't even have to concentrate anymore to strike down my enemies.

Stayka (coming to again): I'm not your enemy, just the contrary!

Kunzite: So. Just the contrary? Don't let Zoisite hear that.

Stayka (sighs): Actually he knows. He threatened me with his usual ice-crystal routine.

Kunzite (smiles): Yeah, the little rat never gets tired of that...

Kunzite looking really kawaii

When she sees that suggestive smile, Stayka can't help but swoon again.

Kunzite (shakes head): When she goes on like that, this shrine will never get finished. I guess I should look out for some priest who takes care of the proper handling of it...

Stayka: No! Take me!

Kunzite: Only if you promise me not to fall down unconscious whenever you look at me. This gets embarassing. I'm a Dark King, not a pop star!

Stayka: Err, well, I'll try... But that's hard, you see...

She stares at him in utter fascination.

Kunzite: Harrrumph, didn't you want to write something about me?

Stayka: Huh? Err, yes, I guess there was something, but... what...

Kunzite (sighs): Well, maybe you should start with the beginning. I appeared first when my beloved Zoisite - who was also my student - needed my strong shoulder to lean on when Nephrite always got on his nerves.

Stayka: Yes! That was it. And what a picture it was! When you sat there, half veiled in shadows and only those breathtaking eyes shining like pools of mercury as you tried to console Zoisite... (frowns) This was the only instant I remember seeing you without your gloves on. What's that with your obsession for gloves in the Dark Kingdom anyway?

Kunzite: Well, haven't you noticed how dark and gloomy the Dark Kingdom is? You bet the cleaning ladies there aren't overly cleanly, and you just don't want to touch anything with your bare hands!

Stayka: Ah, I see. This clears up one of the big mysteries connected with the Dark Kingdom.

She looks up from the white gloves that Kunzite wears right now, too. Unfortunately this only leads to her getting lost in Kunzite's platinum eyes again.

Kunzite: Dark Kingdom to Stayka! Wake up!

Stayka: Huh?! Where was I?

Kunzite (sweatdrop): Okay, okay... Later on I appeared several times together with my sweet little rat Zoisite - always helping and supporting him.

Stayka: And what was that when you tried to make him jealous over that twit Reika?

Kunzite (blushes): She was beautiful, wasn't she? Fortunately the good old rose routine never fails to work with Zoisite...

Kunzite with a pink rose

Voice from the off: I heard that, my dear!

A large sweatdrop appears on Kunzite's forehead.

Stayka snickers, but an evil glare out of Kunzite's silvery grey eyes silences her - not in fright as intended, though - she just starts to gaze adoringly at him again.

Kunzite (exasperatedly): You want to complete this shrine, don't you?

Stayka (dreamily): Whatever you say...

Kunzite: Then let me continue with my deeds... One day when I accompanied my love to the Earth Realm, I almost managed to kill off the four Senshi that were around at that time, and I would have succeeded if it hadn't been for Sailorvenus who hit me with her Crescent Beam and thus freed her colleagues.

Stayka: That looked painful. Please, let me comfort you... (drools)

Kunzite jumps backwards.

Kunzite (mutters): I know why I prefer guys...

Stayka sulks.

Kunzite: Well, Beryl called us back, but some time later Zoisite disobeyed her when he decided to kill this jerk Tuxedo Kamen. (sobs) My poor little rat, and only because Beryl had a crush on that black-haired dork!

Kunzite and Zoisite

Stayka: I feel with you. I'm also pretty peeved that Zoisite had to die while this ...Tuxedo Scum - as ChibiChan so aptly christened him - was allowed to live on!

Kunzite: And as if that wasn't bad enough, Queen Beryl even expected me to work together with the dweeb! Thanks, but no thanks! Can you imagine that he managed to foil every single of my well conceived plans and Beryl still prefered him to me?!

Stayka (sighs): She just doesn't have any taste...

Kunzite: Well and in the end I was just so fed up with the situation - Zoisite dead, my beloved little rat! (sniffs), Beryl mooning over Endymion, the Sailor Brats annoying me - that I decided not to fight on any longer, but to allow Sailormoon to throw my weapons back at me so that I could finally join my only love again.

Stayka (tearfully): It was the saddest scene in all Sailormoon...

She throws herself at Kunzite who barely manages to evade her. Stayka crashes down to the ground.

Kunzite (irritated): Do you realize that you managed to let me do all the work for this shrine?! Well, what's enough is enough. I'll go back to my dear Zoisite.

He walks through a black energy doorway, his cape flowing dramatically after him.

Stayka gets back to her feet and brushes off her clothes.

Stayka (sighs): And even though he's so cool and distanced I still give him the full five drooldrops!

Drooldrops: Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop

Stayka (calls): Hey, Kunzite, wait, there's so much I still want to ask you... There's soooo much I want to tell you...!

She tries to follow him through the doorway but it's already closed, and so she runs into the wall and falls down unconsciously again.

And so it ends as it began - in darkness...

Shrine by: Stayka

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