Zoisite's Temple of Beauty

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This shrine is the testament to perfect beauty: Zoisite.

How can one even try to describe this youngest and most beautiful of the four Kings (or Shitennou) in mere words?

Let me try anyway:

- His eyes are like purest emeralds
- His hair flows like long, shimmering waves of coppery gold
- His smile enchants even the most cold-hearted person

Zoisite looking kawaii

In a swirl of cherry blossoms, Zoisite materializes.

Zoisite (reads the above lines and shakes his pretty head): Huh? What's that? Can't you talk about anything else than my unsurpassed beauty?

Stayka: Err, well, I thought it was you who always insisted that you are the most beautiful etc...

Zoisite: Sure, but I think that's a fact and you don't need to say anything more as long as I'm around.

He floats up in the air and strikes one of his famous poses.

Zoisite floating around

Zoisite (smiles): You see, I let my appearance speak for myself.

(Stayka can do nothing else but stare at the picture of perfection.)

Zoisite: Hey, you still there?

Stayka (shakes head): Err, yes, well... Actually I was just in the middle of describing you...

Zoisite: Hm... I remember having read somewhere that you usually drool about my dear beloved, so what's happened to that?

Stayka (blushes): Well, actually, I'm just overwhelmed by your -

Zoisite (pouting): I have more qualities than mere beauty!

Stayka: I was just about to mention that! Hey, put that ice crystal away. I've done nothing but praising you!

Zoisite: Exactly that's the point! No one will take me seriously when you only drool about my outward appearance - which I must say is pretty pretty. (Zoisite plays around with his hair and smiles like an angel.)

Stayka: Okay, where did I pause? Ah yes... Beside being the youngest and most beautiful of the four Kings, Zoisite was the one who actually got the most things done. His job was to retrieve the silver crystal, and beside the fact that Nephrite...

Zoisite (laughs gleefully): That fool! I'm still proud how I managed to off him. His slow and torturous death had style.

Stayka: Please let me continue. I can get angry, too - mark my words. And I'm the one who has the keyboard in front of her!

Zoisite: Okay, okay. But I promise - I'm pretty fast with my ice-crystals...

Stayka: But do you know HTML?

Zoisite (sweatdrop): I'm convinced. Type on!

Stayka: Well, beside exterminating Nephrite, Zoisite chased the rainbow crystals and actually managed to get five of the seven in his hands. To accomplish this he fought Sailorjupiter when she first emerged, led a priest-turned-boxer into battle on a cemetery, was attacked by a wayward youma who formerly was Sailormercury's friend...

Zoisite grimaces.

Stayka: ...fought Tuxedo Kamen at a construction site (and almost managed to kill him with an ice-crystal!), snatched another rainbow crystal from the girl Reika...

Zoisite: Don't mention her name in my vicinity!

Stayka (grins): Still jealous because Kunzite considered her beautiful?

Zoisite looking evil

Stayka (sweatdrop): Okay, I get the message... Where was I? Ah yes, Zoisite battled the ravens of Hino Rei and got the rainbow crystal from Rei's grandfather, even braved the sewers to get his hands on the last of the crystals...

Zoisite (makes a truly disgusted face): Don't remind me of that experience!

Stayka: Well, then let's get to a more pleasant topic. Zoisite was not only rather successful in his job, he also had the fortune to be loved by the Greatest of the Four Kings - the mighty Lord Kunzite who was also his mentor.

Kunzite and Zoisite

Stayka (dreamily): Boy, I'd love to be in his shoes... Just look at that guy! The gleaming silvery white hair, those breathtaking platinum eyes...

Zoisite gives her a withering look.

Stayka (blushing): Err, sorry, just got a bit carried away...

Zoisite (smiles evilly and brandishes ice-crystal): I just want to remind you that Kunzite is mine and mine alone!

Stayka (sighs): Unfortunately... (screams) Ouch! Zoisite, please, take that ice-crystal away!

Zoisite: *Kunzite* *is* *mine*!

Stayka (sweatdrop): Yes, yes... Well, in the end Zoisite and Kunzite managed to fool Tuxedo Kamen (not that it was too difficult - I still wonder how Beryl could brainwash that twit - I mean, how can you wash something that's just not there?) and got the rest of the rainbow crystals as well. Unfortunately Tuxedo Kamen was too much a temptation for Zoisite - our beautiful hero couldn't help himself but shoot that jerk with an ice-crystal. This led not only to the re-awakening of the Moon Princess, but infuriated Queen Beryl who just blasted the sweetest of the Kings with deadly energy.

Zoisite (sniffs): That hurt!

Stayka (sympathetically): I believe so. Zoisite died in his beloved Lord Kunzite's arms - in the most moving scene of the whole Sailormoon anime.

Zoisite: I remember - I asked my love to let me die in beauty... And beautiful it was. (sighs) I only wish I could have stayed a little longer with my Kunzite-sama. But when he died as well, he promised to join me - and now we are in a place where no shadows fall...

Stayka: With this sad, but still consoling statement I will close my account of the deeds of the prettiest King of the bunch - and the luckiest as he shared his life with the glorious Lord Kunzite.

Drooldrops: Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop 1/2

Zoisite sleeping

Shrine by: Stayka

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