Tear Drops

Part 1

© 1998 by ChibiChan

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Author's Note:

Okay, now this is a re-write of Together Again I changed the name because I felt that is sounded weak, and soppy. Tear Drops suits this style much better, I think.

This story is my fifth attempt at a fanfic. - Of course all the others were destroyed by a nasty little virus (no, not ChibiUsa) that was running rampant in my computer at the time.

This is a tragedy. It might not sound very tragic at the moment, but it will. - Believe me!

Just for the records, words in italics are projected thoughts from the Stars to Nephrite, or from Nephrite to the Stars.

Italic words with brackets around them are the Stars talking among themselves.

This might become morbid and depressing at times, but that is the way it is meant to be.

And with that out of the way...

Tear Drops - Part 1

© 1998 by ChibiChan

In that last jab of intense pain, all went dark. The darkness: engulfing; immense.

There was no escape.

Oh, how he had tried to hold on to that last earthly image of his one, his only love. It had faded just as the light had.

His power of sight had gone. Lost. He could only hear and feel, now.

He heard the three senshi crying, but they were only to be drowned out by the mournful desperate cries of Naru, begging him to hold on... begging him to be strong and not to leave her. Begging in vain.

He felt a deadly coldness rushing through him. It scared him. Frightening him to the very bone. It had started at the tips of his fingers and toes, and travelling swiftly up his prone body. He knew it would only be a matter of seconds before it reached his heart.

- But those seconds seemed to drag on like hours.

He felt Naru tugging at his arm, smoothing the hair back from his face and clinging onto him like a small child would to a rag-doll.

But then as the coldness spread further, he lost all feeling as well. The cold continued to move throughout his body. Now he was cold, numb, lifeless. The only heat in him remained in his chest, in his heart.

And then as he heard the mournful wails and the tortured screams of those gone before him, the cold penetrated his chest and pierced his heart like a dagger.

His light faded and his flame went out. A shadow fled.

Nephrite's spirit was left floating aimlessly up among the numerous light particles. Floating... floating...

But suddenly, a bright white light broke the darkness, seeming to shatter it into countless millions of pieces. All senses but feeling returned.

Nephrite found himself floating above the city of Tokyo. How beautiful it looked. How peaceful. Totally innocent in the beauty and wonder of the night.

Suddenly a loud noise came from above. Then from below. And from both his left and his right. It was all around him. And it frightened him. - Terribily.

Deafening it was. Booming, yet shrill at the same time! Like an explosion in a way, but nothing on this Earth could make such a noise. Louder than Queen Beryl could ever try to be. Louder than any Banshee's wail. It penetrated his mind, Nephrite couldn't get away from it. Maddening.

But then as quickly and unexpectedly as it came, it left, giving the impression that everything was safe again. A false impression, unluckily for Nephrite.

A new peril faced him, he was soon to realize.

Something blocked his path. Nephrite was knocked back a couple of metres. Shocked and utterly suprised, he tried to move back up to where he was, and then continue floating upwards, but was stopped short again.

In a panic he realized that he was being forced back towards the Earth.

Then something closed in. It seemed to be a 'net' of sorts. It wrapped around him, trapping him in its invisible clutches. It surrounded him tightly, leaving him with nothing to do but panic in his captivity.
Like a fish trapped in a fisherman's net, Nephrite strugged. But like the tangled fish, the net was far stronger than him, and his efforts were, sadly to say, all in vain and completely and utterly hopeless.
Still determined to be free, he tried to break it, pushing against it with his arms, only to have them forced back to his sides again. He kicked and tore at it with his bare hands, attempting perhaps to rip it. But as before, this was no use. He was stuck.

He screamed down at the the Senshi and to Naru for help, but they didn't hear his desperate pleas. They probably wouldn't have been able to aid him anyhow. He screamed untill his voice grew hoarse and cracked, and his throat went dry, but they still didn't hear him.

Whatever this thing was, it certainly was strong, that's for sure! It seemed to be the strongest substance he had ever encountered, and even more powerful than Queen Beryl or Metallia, he guessed. And most likely stronger than the Ginzuishou ever would ever turn out to be.
It was almost as if it covered the entire sky, with no end and no beginning to it. Just plain endlessness.

No escape.

Closer and closer to the ground Nephrite was dragged. And even though he knew that his actions were completely hopeless and in vain, he still fought it. Struggled. Determined not to go down without a fight.

Thus, Nephrite's soul was dragged kicking and screaming back to Earth, over hill and tree, back into the center of the deep woodland forest.

The 'net' that held him captive opened suddenly, and he dropped to the damp forest floor with an unexpectedly unpainful 'thud.'

He lay there for a few moments, just staring into he beautiful night sky, not seeing its beauty. Only seeing the total betrayal. Why was this happening to him?
The Stars glinted mockingly back at him. He screamed in pain. Not physical, but emotional. Why? He had always kept faith in the Universe's endless thousands of watchers. Why did they do this to him? Why? What had he done?
In bitterness, more than anything else, he spat and cursed them, they had had betrayed him for no reason!
But almost as soon as he had done this, Nephrite could sense their displeasure at his actions. He felt their gaze harden and grow cold.


He said it.

After everything we did for him.


We never left him.

Took us for granted!



Voices echoed in his mind. Whispering harsh words of ingratitude and taking the voices for granted. Screaming. Cursing. He'd pay for his sacrilege. He'd pay.

(Bide our time.)


(Bide our time.)

Nephrite shuddered as the voices suddenly stopped, as if a decision had been reached and there was nothing else to discuss.

He looked away from the dark sky which now looked menacingly at him. He shuddered, feeling the eyes still fixed maliciously on him.
He felt a need to be with Naru.
He didn't know why, but sitting there on the damp earth, Nephrite felt that more than ever, he needed the warmth of her soul. He'd always felt uneasy around her, but in a way, this might have been because he'd felt guilty about stealing her energy like he had so many times before.

Maybe he even loved her.

He didn't know, but he was sure of one thing. He wanted to be with her. Right now.

So, rising up slowly, he tried to teleport back into the park where Naru was, but only got as far as about three kilometres from where he had been unexpectedly dropped.

He tried to walk forwards, and leave the woods the conventional way, but was stopped short by a strange force that seemed to resemble an 'invisible wall' of sorts.

His body still numb, Nephrite didn't feel any pain when he smacked into it, but still suffered the annoyance of having to pick himself up off the floor and try again: only to get the same result.

This was obviously some kind of force field.


(Poor baby...)

The Stars laughed mercilessly to themselves.

Nephrite pondered the situation before picking up a stone and throwing it at the 'invisible wall'. It sailed straight through it and hit an owl.

So it seemed that the only thing affected by this 'wall' was himself.

Nephrite sat down and leaned back against the invisible thing that held him prisoner inside these miserable woods.
Unsuprisingly, it supported him, just like a normal wall would. He cupped his head in his hands and wept, his heart filled with yearning for Naru, and longing to be with her again. Her so kawaii smile, her beautiful eyes... he missed her. More than that, he *needed* her.

He felt utterly alone.

So that was what love really was. Total and utter devotion. How blind he had been. How foolish not to have realized that sooner.

After a short while, Nephrite rose and after a much failed attempt to compose himself, he decided to explore the patch of woods that he was stranded in.
Best get to know his prison. He had a feeling that he'd be in there for very long time.

After four or so hours of aimless wondering, Nephrite concluded that the 'invisible wall' stretched over a small area of woods, about 12 kilometres in diameter. He guessed that it was a sort of dome, and after climbing a few trees and somehow getting knocked off by that annoying 'wall', Nephrite figured it to be around thirty to forty metres in hight.

It also seemed that by some strange coincidence, (or perhaps twisted fate)

(Oh yes, very twisted...)


he was stuck in that neck of the woods where his old cathedral home stood.
It was half ruined and half elegantly decorated with gables, stained glass windows (Some of which had been smashed in by vandals hoping that there was something worth taking in the place.), and demonic looking winged gargoyles seeming to peer schemingly out from the roof at any unwelcome (or welcome, for that matter.) visitors.

He entered warily. Although he did not know why he was careful. It had been deserted for decades, judging by the neglected pews and cobweb ridden altar. The only person ever to set foot into this holy place of worship had been himself, and Zoisite on one or two occasions. And that had been in the main hall. - Not in this eerie ghost-like chapel attached to the side of the great Gothic monument that he was standing in.

He moved silently through the chapel, as if afraid of what might happen if he dared to make a sound, until he reached a large wooden double door, half smashed in, half rotted, that he knew lead into the main hall.

The main hall had been where he had once


used the powers of the stars to create a homing system for humans reaching their maximum energy output. It was not in as bad a shape as the small chapel was, but still in a state of abandonment and neglect, and in dire need of repair.

The two moth-eaten old felt banners, each on either side of the alter, both proclaiming some sort of Christian message, reeked of decay and it could be seen from where Nephrite had been standing that there was also a considerable amount of mould attached to them. However, this was not really suprising, as half the roof was missing, and those two banners were directly under a large hole.

It was strange though. Nephrite could never remember the cathedral being like this. Perhaps as a living being, his senses were dulled. But now, could it be that they were fully enhanced by the fact that we was a spirit and no longer living? But then why could he still not feel anything? Why was his body still so numb? He couldn't understand it.

Think harder.

Shut up. Thought Nephrite bitterly.

He ran a long hand through his deep auburn hair in frustration. He was dead... Wasn't he?? By all means, he shouldn't be stranded here in the Earth realm. Why wasn't he with the other spirits? - Or was this his own private Hell? Perhaps this was his punishment....

(Smart little boy.)

(Learns so fast.)

(Such a pity...)

As if on cue, it started to rain. Unknown to Nephrite, a large storm had crept up on Tokyo and was releasing all its fury on the people. The icy wind shook the trees to the roots and large droplets of water and hail fell from the overcast skies.

Nephrite sent out a mental prayer to Osaka Naru, hoping that she'd be all right. And for once, he was glad that his body was numb, and he could not feel the cold and the wet.

The stars... He would ask their counsel in the morning....

Ask away.

You wont get very far.

* * *

Osaka Naru was left huddled on the damp dewy grass, sobbing to herself and occasionally letting out a strangled half choked whimper. Tears streamed endlessly down her face. Anyone would have thought she'd have none left to cry, but she did. And they sprang relentlessly from her half-mast bloodshot eyes. In her tightly clenched hand she held the bandage he had worn on his arm. She had dressed his wound, and bound it, and that one humble act of love was her only reminder that he ever existed.

Nephrite. Where was he now?

Sailormoon did not know what to do, so she just knelt down beside Naru and gingerly placed a hesitant hand on her friend's quivering shoulder. "I'm so sorry, Naru-chan..." She started.

Naru slowly stood up only to collapse into Sailormoon's arms. "Domo arigato, Sailormoon," She whimpered weakly. "Please... Take me home."

Naru felt Sailormoon's head move. The senshi nodded silently.

The pair rose, and with Sailormars and Sailormercury standing on either side offering their condolences and deepest sympathies, Naru was taken back to her home above OSA.P Jewellery store.

The End of Part 1 - Goto Part 2

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