What Ya Gotta Know Before You Marry Zoisite

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Basically, you gotta know he doesn't really take to women (duh!). If that doesn't bother you, read on!

Description: You probably know what he looks like to be reading this, so I won't really go into it. He's just got these kawaii green eyes... and beautiful flaming hair, and... okay, okay. -_-

Personality: He's got a fiery temper (to match the hair) and he's very prone to seek revenge on all those that cross him. Not a good idea to be one of his enemies... Anyway, he can be almost tame when he's treated right, but otherwise... I'd stay away.

Smarts: Very intelligent and scheming when he wants to be. After all, he single handedly plotted (and executed) his rival's death in a very slow, painful, imaginative way.

Battle Skills: Ooh! Most kakoii! Attacks can range from ice crystals, to cherry blossoms to balls of fire. Also specializes in levitation and annoying the hell out of people he doesn't like. ^_^

Finances: Hee, hee! He doesn't need money! Of course, he'll expect you to make it. But then again, with very little luck, he can become a Chanel model.

Cooking Skills: Aha, ha, ha,... you're kidding right? You really don't expect him to cook for you..? Anyway, even if he does, it's not advisable you actually eat it. Dump it down the trash when he's not looking and tell him it was great... or face his wrath!

In Laws: No fear! You won't have any!

Competition: Kunzite/Malachite. He is a very strong apponent and Zoisite seems to be very attached to him, so I don't think you're going to have any luck there. An imposing foe, worth more than consideration.

Sex: Should be rather interesting, don't you think? After all, he is rather pretty and delicate. Don't mistreat him!

Overall: Are you nuts or something?! If you manage to tear him away from Kunzite (good luck to you) then you can look forward to many fights over hairbrushes, the bathroom and various other every day things... I'm not saying he's that bad or anything, but if you're female and you value your life, please, don't consider. ^_^ (But I don't mind... *^_^*)

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