What Ya Gotta Know Before You Marry Kunzite

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Well... I think he's bi, so, you'll have a small chance of actually getting him. ^_^

Description: Has hair Vidal Sassoon would die for. Great build and tanned. He looks like your regular surfer dude with an attitude (problem). Fantastic light blue eyes that make girls swoon the minute they see him. ^_-

Personality: Evil, conniving and treacherous to the core. He only shows affection toward his little rat Zoisite and that is rarely enough. He can be almost incapable of showing any emotion at all. If you can melt the ice around his heart, hooray for you!

Smarts: Pretty smart, though his plans always seem to have loop holes that a 3 year old can point out. For example, the episode with the DNA hair thing. Why bother with the DNA when you can just compare the hairstyle of the Moon Princess? -_-

Battle Skills: Very effective and are fatal if you are unlucky enough. I swear, the Senshi would be dead if the script writers weren't smiling down on them. Those 'energy death stars', better known as his 'purple, glowing boomerang thingies' are lethal (they killed him remember? Sorry, you probably don't want to.)

Finances: He doesn't need money. He steals energy and that's it. You can look forward to a very comfortable life with him because everything is magic and you needn't do house work at all.

Cooking Skills: Beware! It might be toxic! I don't think he can handle stuff more complicated than instant ramen. Sorry folks. Cooking is not his department.

In Laws: The Kings do not have parents! (If they did, they would probably be locked up somewhere in a dingy part of the Dark Kingdom.)

Competition: Zoisite. I don't expect you to get past this obstacle, but you can try! If you can convince him that Zoi is not the one for him and that you are, then you are all set for a very happy marriage.

Sex: Hahahaha! Okay... I think he has plenty of experience and can teach you a few tricks since he 'walks both sides of the blade'.

Overall: Great if you can nab him! There is one caution though: Don't expect a very secure life because Zoi is going to be after your pretty little head. He can be very caring, so, your life will be pretty much secure until he slips up or something.

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