What Ya Gotta Know Before You Marry Nephrite

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I suggest that you have a lie detector hooked up to him every moment of the day. Who knows what he's up to when he comes home late at night, claiming that he had to entertain a few clients of Sanjouin Masato?

Description: Wonderful, voluminous auburn hair. Summer blue eyes 'as infinite as the stars' (I quote!). A good build, very in shape.

Personality: He's very caring and warm when he isn't trying to rip off Zoisite's head. Unfortunately, he has a very bad habit of telling little lies that later land him in really hot water.

Smarts: He was smart enough to manufacture the kurozuishou. He managed to collect quite a bit of energy with its help.

Battle Skills: He is capable of pulling star swords out of thin air and can finish off youma in a single slice if he so wished.

Cooking Skills: Well, his cooking isn't exactly top of the bill. He can probably handle minor stuff like pasta and pancakes. ^_^ Give him a little credit.

Finances: Even without the magic, he can still make a good living because of his earth alias as Sanjouin Masato/Maxfield Stanton. Hey, he's rich enough to own a Testerossa isn't he?

In Laws: He has none. Maybe they died in a car crash due to his reckless driving...?

Competition: Naru. She's the one and only he has ever loved (that is, before he got killed five minutes later) so he is not going to give her up that easily. Sad, but true. He's taken, I'm afraid.

Sex: I wouldn't know. I should think it's normal. Of course, he does practise magic, so, maybe, halfway, he can make the ol' stars dance for you...

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