What Ya Gotta Know Before You Marry Jadeite

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He's your normal, typical, average guy compared to his fellows. Oh... did I mention this normal, average guy works for an evil megalomaniac Queen? I didn't...? That's funny... Now! Surrender your life force!

Description: Wavy blonde (*short*) hair, deep blue (nearly violet) eyes. Can look really evil if he tries, but only for a split second. You just can't help but trust this cute (and straight) looking guy.

Personality: Mildly evil, though he calls for more character expansion. He is in general (oops, dumb pun) 'the nice one' and shouldn't be taken too seriously if he attempts to attack. In there, somewhere, he proves that he can feel the weakness called 'love'...

Smarts: Average, but, seeing how hare brained most of his 'evil plots' were... I say he just lacks creativity, not intelligence.

Battle Skills: He was, after all, strong enough to control Sailor Moon's tiara. What do you think? Anyway, he is able to collect large amounts of energy with his 'big ball 'o' glowing light' tactic. He can also summon up gates to the Dark Kingdom and dress up in all manner of personalities.

Finances: He can do as an odd job. ^_^ But seriously, he can earn enough from Queen Beryl...

Cooking Skills: Hah! He is the only one among them that shows the promise of a good cook! He certainly dresses as a great number of people. And don't hurt his feelings even if it tastes bad! He's a sensitive guy!

In Laws: None. Good thing, dontcha think?

Competition: Titus, or whatever your dub chooses to call the female youma in Cruise Blues. Actually, she's not that much competition because:

a) She's dead. b) Jadeite wasn't interested in her in the first place. c) If she found out that Jadeite really loved you, she'd probably just give up and go home.

Sex: Normal. That is, I hope... ^_^

Overall: Among the Four Generals/Kings he is one of the most eligible because he is neither taken nor... ah... never mind. Please, by all means go after him if you think he is the one for you because you can be guaranteed the most success.

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