What Ya Gotta Know Before You Marry Queen Beryl

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Note: Just a mention here, some one has already done something similar. Please don't let it get on your nerves though: I can't really remember what the original said...

Description: An unusually pale pallor, set off by flaming red hair and eyes to match. (Eeek!) Has pixyish ears and fangs. Also has horns sticking out of her shoulders...

Personality: I applaud to all (especially my poor Shitenou) who can stand her raucous laughter and screaming, that undoubtly rises over 400 decibels. She is basically evil, vengeful and... don't mind if I say this... horny. Honestly, she is the only one that would want Endy-Jerk in bed other than poor, misguided Usagi herself. Unfortunately, because of that, she went and worked for Metallia resulting in her current (hideous) form today.

Smarts: Smart, though I don't see why she fell for scum like Endy-Jerk. Her plan to destroy Usagi was near fool proof, but, as usual, bad luck curses all evil doers.

Battle Skills: Lethal! I wouldn't get within range of her vocal cords (and that is clear, halfway across the world) on a bad day. Definitely not a woman to mess with! She has the ability to control her crystal ball. The last episode (46 in the original), has her becoming one with her mentor, creating Super Beryl (I know, that's lame) who very nearly destroyed the world.

Cooking Skills: Just one word of advice: Don't even look at what she cooks, it could turn you to stone!

Finances: She doesn't need any money... She's the queen remember?

In Laws: None. Enough said.

Competition: Endymion, but, since he already dumped her for Serenity, I don't think it'll take much to convince her that he was just one big mistake.

Sex: I'll leave this to the twisted depths of your own imagination.

Overall: Heheh. You're crazy right? You actually like that crazed mad woman?! Hm... whatever. It's your life at stake, not mine.

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