Voices Inside My Head, Echoes of What You Said

Authors Notes - Before You Begin ^.^

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Okay, this was originally posted about a year and a half ago, I'm guessing. I was never entirely happy with it, but for some reason, I still sent it in to various places hastily. Anyway, this is the rewrite of Voices Inside my Head, Echoes of what you Said. As I said before, I never liked the original, but I do like the idea, or concept behind it. Anyway, here it is - the Kings play a bigger role in it, Kyanite isn't quite as wussy, most of the lame parts have been edited or removed. The story is also a little stranger now (the way it was always intended to be.)

Also, to avoid any misconceptions or inquiries - this is not a gratuitous self-insertion fic. I simply made up Kyanite because the "Zoisite returning from death" concept is frequently reused and I wanted to be creative.

I also thought it would be more effective if I separated the flashback and labeled it "Prelude" - because that's what it is anyway ^_^

Well, anyway, here it is, Voices Inside My Head, the 2000 version. I hope it is more successful than it's original. I hope you like it, and remember to keep an open mind; it's not that bad - really! Please send any comment to the address below (don't bother with the sd_kunzy, that died over a year ago...)

E-mail: dalles_@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.angelfire.com/anime2/threads

And a note: shitennou refers to the "four heavenly kings", while tennou refers to them individually. At that, "shi" is Japanese for 4.

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