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Anger is a rose.
My love, your love, our love.
Only a dawn to what is coming.
See me, see you, see us.

Endless nights you've laid me awake,
Endless days my pain I've faked.
Your voice still echoes through the hall,
Yet incoherent to my call.

Let me be, let you be, let us be.
I know your gone,
But will never grasp the fact,
Never knowing when you'll be back.

Now let me come reap my reward,
Let us love, let us see, let us be.
Love is a sword,
And I fight for me,
I fight for us,
But most importantly I fight for you.

Author's Note:

I guess this poem could be for either Kunzite or Zoisite, but essentially it applies to almost anybody, oh, I don't know. Please send comments to, it takes me a million years to write a poem and it would be nice to know if it was time well wasted.

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