The One Time

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Author's Note:

Zoisite may be a deranged lunatic most of the time, but on the inside he has his doubts.

Complex ...
It was always so complex between you and I.
It seemed so difficult back then,
But it's nothing like it is now.

For those days I would give anything -
Anything for such ignorance.
To be naïve,
To not care,
For you to care about me.

Who only knew of the dark forces that moved someone;
That moved me.
Was it me?
Or was it you?

I only wanted to please you,
To hold your eye,
If only for a moment.
Who only knew of that darkness...

If I only knew of that force which would destroy me,
If I only knew what you held for me.
Would things have changed?
Would you have changed?

But things were always so complex.
With you and with me.
With me and with my world.
I'll never forget you,
I'll always remember.

And you alone.

I'll always remember that one time you were kind to me.
I'll always remember that one time you were proud of me.
I'll always remember that one time you said you loved me.

If only I weren't such a dreamer.

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