Sailor Silver Moon

Part 1

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Author's Notes:

I am going to try and stick with the original names here, but since I'm from North America and have never seen the original version (not that I would understand it anyway) this might be somewhat difficult. If you were listening to me write here, you would here: click click click click click "oh shoot, Naru -- not Molly!" click click click click "what's Andrew's name again?" This being said, if I slip up here and leave someone dubbed... I apologize.

Also, because I live in North America (Yo soy de Estados Unidos), I have only seen the ones that have been dubbed ("Emma, you told us that already" you're saying) which are all seasons except Sailor Stars. Therefore, while reading this just pretend that whole season never happened. That's what I'm doing -- and quite well, I assure you (I have only the faintest idea about Seiya and the gang).

Oh, yeah, disclaimer -- these characters aren't mine. Well, a few of them are, but the rest are our beloved Naoko's. Nobody sue me. I don't have any money anyway.

This being said... on with the fic!

She sighed happily, taking it all in. She was finally there. She glanced around at the barren surroundings and felt a pang of sorrow for the kingdom which she had known in her past life.

All around were markings of its destruction. Craters, still smoking, covered the dead soil. A single tear slid down her cheek. "I should have been here," she muttered. "I should have been here."

It wasn't fair that she should have been reborn to Earth. Until recently, she had always thought herself to be a normal Japanese girl. She had known nothing of her rich royal history, and the kingdom she was to rule.

That kingdom was no more, however. She cursed the fates as the reality set in. She would have to have revenge on the killers of the kingdom she had only just begun to know, but already had begun to love.

"I'll do it," she whispered.

Very good, said the invisible presence next to her. And as the presence spoke, she felt a chill tingle down her spine. The change has begun, the voice told her. Look, you can already tell.

She picked up a piece of broken glass. Sure enough, she had started to change. She looked -- in a word -- beautiful. Her eyes glistened, her lips were red and full, and her red hair -- the bane of her existence before -- shimmered. She smiled, and elongated incisors showed themselves.

She glanced up from the reflection. "This is good."

One more thing... said the presence. She then saw a glittering crown, V-shaped, set itself upon her forehead, with one large glittering ruby atop it cut in a perfect oval.

She stared into the broken glass. "Just like mother..." she murmured.

* * *

They were watching the news. Actually... Ami and Mamoru were watching the news. Everyone else was blatantly ignoring it.

"Mako, these cookies are delicious!" shouted Usagi eagerly, spraying everyone in the vicinity with crumbs.

"Odango Atama, stop being such a pig," complained Rei.

"Guys, stop fighting," said Minako.

Makoto was staring, transfixed, at the screen. "He looks just like my old senpai..." she said dreamily.

"The news anchor?" sputtered Ami.

"That hair... those eyes..."

Everyone sweatdropped. But at least they were quiet.

Suddenly, the Freddie lookalike vanished from the screen as the station switched to a view of a female reporter on the scene where a large monster was attacking downtown Tokyo. "Yes, ladies and gentlemen," she was saying, "the vicious reptile is toppling buildings left and right. One can hardly tell when the destruction is going to cease, if it will at all."

Everyone sighed. "Well, guys," said Usagi, "I guess a new season is starting."

All the girls gasped. Mamoru's ears perked up. "New season?" he asked. He then turned to Usagi. "Usagi, I think we should--"

Makoto slugged him and he dropped to the floor.

"Thanks, Mako-chan," said Usagi.

"Don't mention it."

(Sorry, guys... I guess I'm a funfic writer at heart)

"Well," said Usagi, "let's transform and go kick some monster butt!"


"Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that's right, Sailor Moon has indeed arrived upon the scene and is proceeding to deal with the monster accordingly," the reporter on the television said.

"WHAT?" shouted Usagi, who, in her excitement, fell over.

Everyone stared at the television screen as the cameraman did a close-up of the monster and the person who was being called Sailor Moon.

The girl wore a fuku identical to Super Sailor Moon's. In physical appearances, however, she didn't look much like Sailor Moon at all. Her hair was red and caught up in a French twist at the back of her head. Her eyes were violet and somewhat narrower -- she didn't look as innocent as Sailor Moon did. She was also not quite as thin and... erm... more 'talented.'

"Hold it right there," 'Sailor Moon' said in English (with a British accent, Ami noticed). "Now, this is no badly-dubbed Japanese movie. So you better get your rear in gear and stop banging up downtown Tokyo before I have to hurt you, all right?"

The monster continued to roar and knock over buildings.

'Sailor Moon' sighed. "Fine, then. Have it your way." She whipped out something that looked a bit like a silver baton. On the end of the baton was a crescent moon with a silver star in the middle of it. The girl proceeded to twirl the baton about, looking for all purposes like a cheerleader. "MOON... SILVER... SILENCE!!!"

Silver crescent moons and stars flew out of the end of the baton as 'Sailor Moon' pointed it at the monster. As the moons and stars hit the monster, he simply disintegrated.

"Well," said the reporter, "The famed Sailor Moon has saved Tokyo from harm once again. Remember, you saw it here first on WLSM news, Tokyo. We're always awake at WLSM, because if you snooze you loose our city's news."

Usagi got up and flipped off the television. "That wasn't me, guys!"

Ami sighed. "We noticed."

"So let's go down there and... erm... punish her on behalf of the moon!"

"Usagi, we don't know that she's evil," pointed out Mako. "Maybe there's another Sailor Moon."

"You could have a sister, Usagi," suggested Minako. "That's a pretty common thing for fanfic writers to do."

"I don't know..." said Raye, "I'm getting major Nega-vibes."

Everyone stared at her. "Oops..." said Raye, and turned back into Rei. "What I meant was, I've sensed some evil in the past few days. It could be coming from this pseudo-Sailor Moon."

"Who cares if she's evil! She's stealing my shtick! I say we go down there and punish her IN THE NAME OF THE MOON!" Usagi exclaimed, jumping up and down and throwing a fit in classic Usagi-style.

Mamoru groaned and sat up slowly. "...what happened?" he murmured, rubbing his jaw where Mako had hit him.

"Er... you tripped and your head hit the coffee table," suggested Minako.

Mamoru nodded. He was used to having his memory modified. "All right. What happened while I was out?"


Mamoru's expression changed slightly and he rolled his eyes. Turning to Ami, he asked, "All right, care to explain?"

Ami sighed. "On the news the monster -- you remember the monster? -- was defeated by someone who called herself Sailor Moon and wore a fuku just like our own Sailor Moon's, but this girl had red hair and looked... older. And smarter." Fortunately, Usagi didn't hear her.

Realization swept across Mamoru's face. "Oh yeah, the monster... new season..." he turned to Usagi. "Usagi, I think we should--"

Rei kicked him in the groin and he blacked out.

The End of Part 1 - Goto Part 2

Author's End Notes:

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