Zoisite's Carnival

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Author's Note:

Author's Note: These are just a few particularly twisted ideas I had one day. Don't ask me why I thought of these, I just did. Live with it.

Everyone knows about Zoisite's love of torture, and love of carnivals, merry-go-rounds in particular. Now... what would happen if he went and combined the ideas...?

  1. A merry-go-round with live, impaled horses and razor blades positioned such that a rider would have his feet cut off.
  2. A really big centrifuge, like the things they use to test g-force endurance on astronauts, with one small modification: once the centrifuge reaches a speed of twice the speed of sound, the clamps holding the rider in place disengage and he is flung off at thousands of miles an hour, to land where he may.
  3. An elevator-drop ride that doesn't bother to stop falling.
  4. An elevator-drop ride-like box lies at the bottom of an 80-foot tower, and is clamped to the ground. Steel cables run from the box, up the tower, over a pulley at the top, to be attached to an eighty-ton weight. Once the ride starts, the clamps come off, the weight comes down, the box comes up, and the occupants of the box are sent into the stratosphere.
  5. A suspended coaster with a really large razor blade at the bottom of a long drop, positioned such that the riders lose their legs at the knees.
  6. A really big pair of scissors at about neck level...
  7. Three words: Napalm Log Flume.
  8. Step 1: Person steps into large cannon.
    Step 2: Cannon is lowered into position to face a solid steel wall.
    Step 3: Cannon fires.
    Step 4: SPLAT!
    Step 5: Repeat.
  9. Riders are strapped by their feet to a large pole. The pole spins until the blood rushes to the riders' heads and they explode like balloons.
  10. Riders have nooses fastened around their necks, the other ends of which are attached to bungee cords. They ride an elevator up six stories to the top of the bungee tower, and are shoved off by attendants with spears.
  11. A ride consisting of a metal drum that people get into, and line up against the insides of the walls. They stick their feet into little foot harnesses that keep them in place. Once the wall surface is taken up, the floor, not the walls, begins to spin. Centrifugal force will pin the people to the walls, which are covered in rough-grain sandpaper and broken glass. There are gratings in the floor for the blood to run through, which is then sprayed on the people waiting in line.

- End -

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