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Those bastards.
Teased me always in my youth.
My unusual coloring.
My icy demeanor.
My tastes in women
Or lack thereof.
All these damned me
From the beginning.
I rose, despite them.
To the highest rank.
The greatest position.
The most coveted honors.
But what good?
What good
When they all so obviously laugh at me
Behind my back?
Even my King
My charge Endymion
Mocks me in his mind.
My powers do not reveal this
But I know it to be true.
And a woman comes.
Lunar outcast
Out of the shadows.
Bringing news of a kami.
Of Destruction.
Of Vengeance.
With a purpose.
A deal.
A bargain for Power.
I accept.
My hair grows whiter
My eyes harder.
My heart colder than ever before.
All those who went against me.
All their friends.
And family.
The people of Earth
Will pay.
For I am become Death
Shatterer of Worlds.
At what price?

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