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For once, Zoisite's melancholic look wasn't turned at him despite his thoughtful expression. It was unusual by itself, since only Kunzite, and in rare occasions some natural beauty enticing his aesthete's tastes, could rouse him from his childish cynicism. But Zoisite didn't pay attention anymore to the beautiful garden they had stopped in, his eyes focused on other visitors, some distance away, that usually he only looked down at with distance. A couple of humans, followed by their little daughter considering the obvious resemblance between the child and her parents. Kunzite wondered if Zoisite would attack them, though he had no reason to. It was his way to react, when he remembered that he had never really felt what his human kindred seemed to feel naturally. Affection. Family ties had never meant a thing for him. Even plain fellowship was a mystery to him.

Kunzite understood all that in parallel to his own experience, having discovered only with his appearance in their world the pleasure and comfort of having someone you could trust in, instead of the constant betrayals that ruled the Dark Kingdom. He wasn't surprised that Zoisite, despite his human origins, had never shown any kindness towards anyone but him. He rather enjoyed it, selfishly, finding some satisfaction in the thought that Zoisite could never love anyone else. Would never betray him, and certainly not for mortals that he ignored.

Zoisite didn't raise a threatening hand to throw his power on the little family. They moved away, gathered in a laughter without a real cause, the simple happiness of being together, unaware of the danger that was the pale young man with a green look, cold and dark like the deepest lake. He softly shook his head, his golden blond curls mixing in the breeze with flower petals appeared from nowhere. Then he slightly sighed, swept from his fingertips a rose that inclined towards him, and walked again in the alley of the park. After some steps, he seemed to finally remember that Kunzite was there and he turned to him, his usual smile on his lips, possessive and suggestive, with all the warmth of his juvenile temper.

The two shinma came back to the tower they lived in, without talking about Zoisite's behavior, until darkness and intimacy allowed such a critical discussion. Thoughtfully questioned by Kunzite, Zoisite finally gave up to him and replied by a question.

"Tell me... We could never have a child together, could we?"

Kunzite kept silent. The idea had never occured to him, for more than a reason. But Zoisite didn't seem to be kidding, even though he only half hoped for an answer.

"Not together..."

Zoisite's nodding was so pale that he felt compelled to add quickly.

"But the fact that you're now a shinma doesn't prevent you to have one with a human, you know..."

Zoisite had a bitter laugh.

"What do you want me to do with a woman? I don't care about having a child. I want your child. What I want is..."

He closed his eyes for a moment, then opened them to gaze at the face of his mate and stroked the strong jaw with a finger, sweetly holding back the silver hair that waved against Kunzite's shoulder, falling on him like a silken curtain.

"I'd like to make something with you... Creating, instead of destroying."

He smiled to him, recovering for a second some of his irreverence.

"And I'd like someone like you to love, because I feel too much love for you that a single person could bear..."

A resigned shadow faded his smile.

"But I know that even if we were not from two different worlds, it would be impossible."

Kunzite bent to take from his lips his melancholical sigh, hoping to erase the sorrow with its expression. Surely it was only another fancy of his mate, and he'd find his own idea ridiculous as soon as the day would come, but it didn't relieve Kunzite from the trouble raised from this unexpected request. Released from the ascendency of their Queens, they had found themselves in an alien world, without any more mission to fulfill. Kunzite had never spent so much time in the Earth Realm, except during invasion campaigns, but the last one had taken place centuries ago, in another country. Zoisite was native from there, and had joined the Dark Kingdom at this time, after a short life dedicated to war, so that mundane life in a modern world was as weird for them both.

Deprived for too long from their freedom, they'd enjoyed to devote themselves to each other, without the threat of the queen's whims weighing on their destinies. Kunzite had thought that sooner or later, used as they were to fight for years, this quiet life might bore them. But having suffered from Zoisite's death and missing for weeks, he relished every second with him with renewed intensity, and so far Zoisite had seemed just delighted by his eagerness. If he wasn't enough anymore...

Later in the night, laying dozy beside Zoisite, Kunzite was lulled by the soft stroke of his mate's fingers on his temple, trying unsuccessfully to keep his silver hair behind his ear. Each time, a lock escaped and brushed Kunzite's cheek. Zoisite didn't renounce, and when Kunzite finally opened his eyes, he saw that his mate kept doing the same move automatically, his mind obviously somewhere else. Kunzite closed his arm tighter around his waist, drawing closer Zoisite's lithe body, who came out from his trance.


The young man snuggled against him in silence. After a while he whispered in a distant voice.

"With a youma he might look like you..."

Kunzite froze, lifting Zoisite's face from his chest.


- You might have a kid with a youma, he'd look like you at least. No?"

Again Kunzite kept utterly silenced. Would he never give up this fancy?

"Why are you still thinking of this?"

Zoisite watched him then turned his eyes aside before replying.

"What if we'd lose each other? If there's nothing left from us?

- ... Zoi... You said by yourself, when I woke up, that we couldn't even die now.
- That's worse. Because if we lose each other, it will be our own fault. If we forget..."

The words were childish but Kunzite couldn't make fun of it. Zoisite was going on, in a low voice.

"If nothing changes, sooner or later you'll have enough to take care of only me. We need another aim. But nothing else but you could mean a thing to me. It has to be a part of you. There must be some youma still alive, one that you could..."

He didn't even finish his sentence, pursing his lips in a brief grimace of jealousy, scarcely hidden. Kunzite shook his head, drawing Zoisite's face close to his.

"You don't have the tiniest idea of how the youma are born, do you?'

Zoisite blushed, suddenly confused, and stuttered.

"I don't need to know! I..."

Kunzite interrupted him.

"It has nothing to do with a cross-breed of youma and shinma, Zoisite. The only difference between youma and shinma is... well... nutrition while growing."

Zoisite watched him perplexed. Kunzite sighed, ill-at-ease. Zoisite knew that he wasn't human, of course, but he didn't like to make him face his true nature that way.

"See, the youma became mobile when some of their seeds grew on a human corpse lost in the Dark Kingdom, and the new sprouts inherited some of their host's abilities. So Metalia, the darkness who is one, the Ruler of all youma, Memory of the Original Seed, the Queen who gave us our Spirit, found there a way to increase her breed's powers. She ordered to the new generation to bring back other humans to... feed the next seeds. After a while the race became able to steal the life energy without having to root in the bodies, and developped the magic that is our legacy from Metalia. The shinma... are different because each shinma grows on one host, while youma are fed by dozen with a single corpse. So we're more powerful than these little ones. That's also the reason why we're more impregnated by humankind. But it has nothing to do with reproduction. A youma wouldn't help me to the least to give birth. Then Metalia found a way to communicate her power to a human being. Jadeite was the first successful attempt, even though his soul has been partly destroyed in the process. Then Beryl, who made a deal with her from her own device."

Seeing the doubtful expression of Zoisite, who was trying to hide the uneasiness raised from the detailed explanations about the deadly origins of his lover, Kunzite attempted to relieve his worry.

"And finally the masterpiece, perfect mix of shinma and human..."

Zoisite accepted with a smile the compliment to put an end to the discussion, but Kunzite knew that the topic wasn't over. Nothing was ever finished with Zoisite until he alone decided other.

Never. He'd convinced Kunzite, despite his fears, to keep on making love to him in his own peculiar way, revealing his unhuman nature in the embrace of liana soft as spring's young leaves, strong as trees, feeding from Zoisite's essence. Kunzite succeeded to restrain his hunger so that he wouldn't weaken him too much, despite the careless confidence of Zoisite's requests. The young Shinma no longer lost consciousness, and Kunzite nearly came to regret it when on coming out of such an embrace, still half encircled in the plant net he'd developed, Zoisite whispered:

"Is it that way that the new-born youma feed?"

Kunzite closed his eyes, stopping to softly retracted the lianas entwining Zoisite. This one raised on his elbow, as far as he was allowed by the half-slackened net that bonded them, and stared at Kunzite.

"Kunzite-sama... Is that this way too?"

Kunzite groaned unconvinced.

"Nothing feels like what we share. Nothing. Get a rest now."

Zoisite seemed to notice his sudden frown, wondered what it could hide, more than weariness to his questions. After some time thinking he added softly.

"You lie. You'd already thought of it."

Kunzite was unable to hide him anything when he stared at him with his emerald eyes, intense and straight.

"I was hoping you wouldn't draw the parallel... It's not really the same. Believe me."

Too late. Zoisite's mind already reached the conclusion that Kunzite had feared.

"You could do it. I'm still human enough for you to use me to give birth to a shinma. Am I right?

- I don't want to do this.
- Why? It's exactly what we want!
- What you want. I don't need this. I don't want to lose you again, just to try to create an ersatz of you. Zoi..."

The declaration ran a burning thrill along Zoiste's spine. If he'd know by dying that this would allow him to hear such words from Kunzite, to see him actually worry for him, he'd have gone to meet death happily. His eyes sparkling, he put a chaste kiss on Kunzite's lips. Even without knowing it, he'd have given his life for him with joy. He'd still do it.

"My love... You won't kill me... I don't want you to suffer, certainly not because of me... I won't die as long as you want me..."

Kunzite quivered, prisoner of Zoisite's eager voice, of his light fingers flying over his face and his chest, of his lips against his throat... Such an adoration, doubtless up to his whispered oaths... The only thought that he could vanish caused him a pain almost physical. Zoisite, the only flame he'd come to cherish more than the darkness who had fed him. Unique...

Zoisite shivered when the lianas tightened around him and started to pulse. He saw Kunzite open his icy blue eyes, suddenly radiating a light of the same color, drawing his face closer. Zoisite gave up himself against him, even though he didn't remember that the net would have grown this way before. Tinglings ran through his whole body as the fibrils took roots in his flesh, along his limbs, his chest, only leaving his head and his shoulders unbound. Kunzite frowned of concentration, light shone through his half-closed lids. Zoisite had a brief moment of fear when the roots bit his flesh deeper as usual and the pain irradiated through his body, but he grasped Kunzite's crisped wrists. An energy flux raised from the pulsing tangle that now separated them, rustling and growing by slow throbs. Sparkles were dancing in the sight of Zoisite, when Kunzite finally relaxed, closing his lids on the light that faded.

A slight rustle kept stirring the dark green tangle, which roots seemed to be inserted under their skin, stratching as Kunzite moved a little aside. Zoisite shook himself out of his torpor, his eyes locked to Kunzite's hand carefully reaching out to the delicate adjustment of lianas veined with crystalline lines, that bound them as much as it separated them. From his fingertip, softly, Kunzite detached the top of a fiber, wide and thin as a palm-leaf, sticking with a translucent bluish-green sap. Zoisite feverishly looked at the touch of bluish white showing under the leaf. Incredulous he delicately stroked it with a finger, lifting up a tiny silver lock soaked with sap.


Kunzite looked up to him to give him the most tender smile he'd ever seen on his face, fulfilled by Zoisite's emotion. He kept unsticking the green cocoon that slowly returned inside his own body, also progressively disengaging itself from Zoisite's skin. Under the small crane covered with short silver locks, a leaf revealed a tiny face that frowned when the air reached its wet skin, eyes closed on a lethargy he hadn't come out yet. Kunzite didn't seem worried of the few reactions of the little creature, and Zoisite helped him with shaking hands to detach the lianas that covered the small body looking so fragile. Kunzite put his hand on his fingers in a whisper.

"Not so fast. Normally he'd have needed much more time to be able to survive uprooted. But I couldn't let him caught on you that way. I hope that your power added to mine will be enough."

Zoisite nodded, suddenly anxious, and his heart nearly stopped beating when they reached the creature's arms. The skin there turned green from the forearms, and the hands ended by tapered claws of the same dark green as the cocoon. Zoisite grasped Kunzite's hand, fearing for a second that the being wouldn't be separated from its pod, not viable, but Kunzite reassured him with a look, and slipped a finger under a jade hand, that closed on him his green claws.

"You didn't expect him to be human, did you?"

It wasn't the first time that the question occured to them, but this time was anew and in a more delicate way. Zoisite replied by a smile, so relieved that his fear was undue, that the supple thorns that were the creature's fingers between them, looked to him like the most beautiful thing.

The little being moved at this moment, opened his mouth to yawn, raising his head back against Kunzite's chest. He opened his eyes and Zoisite blushed with delight, his heart beating faster at the sight of irises of the same emerald green as his, dark and hypnotising even in this new-born face. Kunzite bowed to give his mate a kiss in a whisper.

"I'm glad that he looks like you... Zoisite..."

Distracted by happiness and delicious drowsiness, Zoisite didn't react immediately to the sensation of sting raising up from his chest. Finally tearing his lips away from Kunzite's ones, he looked down to their creation that stared at them with a grimace looking like a smile, not yet well mimicked. One of his jade hands was sticked against Zoisite's breast. Or more exactly, as Zoisite got it right away, his claws were sliding under his soft skin. Kunzite understood it too and sweetly detached the tapered fingers to wrap them around his.

"He's hungry... Come here, little one..."

The terminal spines immediately inserted themselves in his hand that glittered, and the creature half closed his eyes while absorbing the energy Kunzite was giving him.

"But I could do it..."

The worried voice of Zoisite expressed some jealousy and Kunzite reassured him.

"Of course, but later. You're tired by now.

- No more than you..."

Zoisite started pouting and Kunzite turned persuasive.

"Zoi-chan... If I'd followed the usual process, you wouldn't even be alive. As soon as you'll recover, we'll both feed him, I promise."

The little being tightly hanging to his hand, Kunzite kept liberating him with the other hand. The legs also showed the shinma lineage of the child, like his hands, but Kunzite knew that like him, he'd soon learn to change of shape and could look more like his human parent. When the baby finally slackened his grip, satiated, Kunzite laid him down beside Zoisite who wrapped a possessive arm around him. Then Kunzite retracted what remained of the tangle. He watched his mate lost in the adoration of the small creature, he now had two souls to cherish. Yet some jealousy wrung his heart.


Zoisite looked up to him with eyes filled with love and pride, and Kunzite's resent melted under the warmth of his expression.

"He needs a name."

Zoisite softly and carefully stroked the silver locks of the sleeping baby, slightly curled like his own. He showed a dreamy smile, reached out to glide his fingers in Kunzite's long azure hair and seized the silken silver cascade to draw him closer before suggesting:


Kunzite felt a bit ashamed of his jealousy at the sight of Zoisite's sweet fingers playing with the locks that inspired his choice. He nodded, unable to speak. With an understanding smile, Zoisite tightened his grasp to draw him in his arms. Kunzite let himself go beside him, reaching out to include Azurite in his embrace.

- The End -

(we've been indiscreet enough, don't you think?... ^_- )

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