A short, Silver Millennium story by Naru-chan

and a birthday present for a friend

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The original Sailor Moon characters used in this fic belong to Naoko Takeuchi and are used without permission of their owner, however, I am not writing this for personal profit except the joy of writing about the characters I love.

The title of this story is borrowed from the game Final Fantasy Tactics, as I was listening to one song from the soundtrack over and over while I wrote it. That song, Hero's Theme, is played while the Germonik Scriptures, about Saint Ajora, are read. A midi of the song will accompany this story as soon as I find one.

Be aware that this story deals with a male-male relationship. If that's not the thing for you, I suggest that you do not read this story.


A short, Silver Millennium story by Naru-chan

and a birthday present for a friend

Endymion stretched out one hand to knock on his second Guardian's door, stopping a moment before his knuckles touched the hard wood. Something was wrong. He touched the door lightly - it swung inward, unlocked, revealing the uncharacteristically messy rooms beyond. A strange sound was coming from the bedroom. Endymion frowned, trying to identify it, as he looked about the apartment, shaking his head. This was not like him. Not at all. True, the Guardian was not obsessed with keeping his rooms neat, but he was not a slob, either.

His eyes fell upon the desk, the only clear surface in the living area. A single sheet of paper, folded once, lay there. After a moment, the Prince's curiosity won out over his respect of privacy, and he lifted it up to read it.

Nephrite Kylen Alder:

Your mother and I have recently been informed that Prince Endymion himself has appointed you to his elite Guardians. Your mother was very happy to learn that you had finally made something of your formerly useless existence, but I was also informed that this appointment was not won through the path of honor, but through the path of lust. For the sake of the family's name, I pray that this is no more than a rumor, but my informant was a man of honor whom I have known longer than you have drawn breath. You were chosen, it seems, for your 'great love' and 'willingness to serve'. What is this 'great love' of which our Prince spoke? It sickens me to think that you have seduced our Prince away from the path of morality! I dare not say a word to your mother - this added to her illness would destroy her! Would that I could say that you are not mine, but to cast you off would bring scrutiny and shame upon my house! Return home if you must, but know that you are not welcome.

Your father, Kyan Alder

Endymion let the letter slip from his fingers, shaking his head in shock and disbelief. He was not sure which would shock him more - if what the man had written was true, or if it was not, if he was foolishly reacting to a vicious rumor. Another paper, this one lying on the chair, caught his eye. Endymion sighed as he reached for it as a small pang of guilt for intruding assaulted him. The hand was familiar, though he could not place it immediately.

Guardian Nephrite:

As you are most likely aware, a number of rumors are circulating about the exact nature of your relationship with our Prince. They question your interpretation of our vow to love and protect - several members of the Court are convinced that your relationship is more than that of Guardian to Prince.

I know of no such relationship, but I also know of your great love for our Prince, love which, I suspect, goes beyond what our duty requires of us. I am no one to discourage such love, but be careful, Guardian. Now that there are eyes upon you, your every action will be studied for hidden motives and secret meanings. The Guardians must maintain their standard of honor and attention to duty - and no more. Do as you will in private, but remember - your public life is not your own.

I wish you luck. The Court is ruthless.


Endymion watched as the paper slowly fluttered to the desk to join the letter. He listened. All was silent.

The door of the apartment's bedroom was open, allowing him a view of the relatively neat room beyond. The Prince stepped through the door, eyes falling upon the figure that lay upon the bed. A ray of the setting sun's light streamed through the open window, igniting fiery highlights in the man's long red hair. He was sleeping, but his sleep was not peaceful. Endymion knelt at the side of the bed to study the man's face. Unshed tears pooled in the corners of his eyes, while gleaming tracks marked the paths where other tears had run down his face.

"Guardian." Endymion's voice was but a whisper.

The sleeping man stirred, but did not awaken.

"Guardian Nephrite." Endymion repeated, slightly louder. A moment, and brilliant sapphire eyes, glistening with tears, focused upon the Prince's face.

"My Prince..."

"Guardian Nephrite, I would ask a question of you."

His whisper was hoarse. "Anything, my Prince."

Endymion reached out to touch his Guardian's shoulder as he moved to rise. "No, remain as you are." He paused as his Guardian again lay back. "Guardian, what vow did you make before me?"

"My Prince, I vowed to protect your life as I would my own, and to - " His voice cracked and faded, his eyes closed as he sighed softly.

"Open your eyes, Guardian, answer me fully." Endymion's voice was gentle but firm.

Obedient eyes again met the Prince's. "To love you above all others, without exception, my Prince."

"Are you true to your vow, Guardian?"

"Yes, my Prince. I am your faithful servant."

"Speak my name, Guardian."

"Yes, my Prince. Endymion."

Endymion closed his eyes, bowed his head for a moment. "Again, Guardian." he whispered.

"Endymion." he repeated softly, deep voice caressing the name gently, lovingly.

The Prince shook his head slowly. How had he been so blind? The man's love was obvious in something as simple as his voice. How could he have thought that those adoring glances held no more than the respect of a devoted officer? Endymion looked up, meeting questioning azure eyes.

"My Prince?"

"Guardian, close your eyes and remain still. Do not open them again, move, or speak until I permit you to do so."

The brilliant eyes closed.

"I want no reaction of any kind, Guardian."

"I understand, my Prince."

Endymion reached out with one hand to brush his Guardian's hair from his face and the last of the tears from his eyes. The Guardian flinched slightly, then relaxed under the Prince's gentle hand.

"Do not move." Endymion whispered, almost inaudibly, as he slowly rose to his knees, leaning forward to press his lips to those of his Guardian, finding them to be soft and sweet. He drew back, closing his own eyes as he felt a thousand emotions warring within him. He swiftly mastered them, lifting his eyes to his Guardian. He lay as instructed, eyes closed, completely still, though his breath now came in soft, shallow gasps, and a smear of crimson marked his cheeks.

"Open your eyes, my Guardian." Endymion whispered.

The Guardian's beautiful blue eyes were filled with tears, with love, desire, longing.

"Is this your love for me, my Guardian?"

"Yes, my Prince, this is my love for you." he whispered, closing his eyes, bracing himself for the reprimand that he feared would destroy him. He heard the rustle of the Prince's clothing as he rose, moved to the door, and shut it softly behind him, the faint click of the lock. He opened his eyes with a deep sigh, half disappointed, half relieved - that could have been far worse. And, the Prince had... He lifted a hand to his lips, touching them lightly.

There was a sudden weight beside him on the bed. He turned over to face the intruder, gasped in disbelief.

"My Prince!"

Endymion shushed him with a shake of his head. "Who am I, Guardian, to accept your love and protection, but to not return it? I will love you as you need to be loved. I will protect you as you must be protected from cruelty and rumors."

"My father's letter...you read...Kunzite's note..."

"Yes, my Guardian, forgive me. Your father does not know of his son's honor and devotion. Your Commander does not know of those countless times you put your life in danger for me. For me. I am here now, Guardian, I am here for you."

"It is not the Guardian who desires love and protection, my Prince..."

"Will you allow me to love and protect you, Nephrite?" Endymion opened his arms to his Guardian.

Nephrite came to his Prince willingly, eagerly. "Yes, Endymion, I accept your love and protection as you have accepted mine."

"Then let us seal this vow with an act of ceremony." he whispered, folding his arms about his Guardian, kissing him gently. Nephrite returned his kiss, moving to stroke Endymion's hair as the Prince's lips caressed his own.

The sun's light slowly faded, and the stars took their places in the sky, the jewels of the night.

- The End -

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