The Day of Another

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He would come.

Zoisite smiled. This would be a great day, indeed.

* * *

He fell for it. How ludicrous, how amazing simple he was, that he could trust even his enemy so greatly.

He couldn't help but smile as the bastard and his little girlfriend were pursued by volleys of ice crystals. It was such an easy plan to think of, an easy plan to execute.

And he had fallen for it! After all the lies, the idiot had actually believed him!

And now, here he was, so close to success, to revenge... For what? Why revenge? He couldn't think of a reason, just something he had to do.

There couldn't have been a reason to hate him, but for that pain.

Kunzite's hand was cupped around his neck, possessively, almost protectively. His fingers were tensed, as though he were ready to take the life from him.

His touch was certainly not one of simple affection, if tender at all.

But then, what was it but a touch of lust?

He was tense, high-strung and nervous, perhaps more so, as when Kunzite spoke, he started.

"Are you sure you're ready for this?" A bit of softness in his voice. He cared?

Of course not.

But he knew.

He laughed. "Of course I'm ready." Casual, almost unconcerned, he added more. "He'll pay."

If he could have seen Kunzite, he knew that his expression would be one of a frown, disapproving and unsure.

"Don't get yourself carried away."

He smiled. "I'll leave that to you."

Kunzite's hand tightened on his neck, making him squirm. "Kunzite-sama, you hurt, let me go."

The strong hand fell away, coming to rest on his waist.

"Be careful."

He turned to face him, and chuckled. "I will. I promise."

He wanted to kiss him, but he didn't have time. He had to go and face himself.

"I... Nothing."

* * *

This shouldn't be happening.

He stood, frozen, as a growing sense of alarm nearly washed him from his feet.

What the hell is he doing?

The ninzuishu hovered, moments, seeming almost to wait.

And then they were gone.

He watched them speed away with wide eyes, immobile with shock and horror.


This... It was the...

Oh, shit.

The Moon princess.

She had the crystals.

The ginzuishu, not the ginzuishu.

The realisation of what was happening made him almost scream.

What it meant went even deeper, pulling at his heart in a painful manner.

Zoisite, Zoisite. Not him...

He's going to die.

He had to get the crystals back. Else his lover would be killed.

And then what would he do?

There was nothing in his life but him. They were one, they were together, they were each other, in a way no one could understand.

And he might have to live without him.

In a moment, he realised he had been standing there, dumbfounded, his eyes aching, too filled with that emotion, that love that was all he had.

And that, no matter what he did, Zoisite would die.

But he had to...

He disappeared in a shower of pale blue fire.

* * *

He was dying, and he knew it as sure as Kunzite was holding him, in the way he had always wanted to be held.

His own emotions were drowning him, in that loving embrace.

There was no lust in those pale eyes, only... guilt.

His heart twisted at the expression, causing him even more pain than he had imagined.

His heart was in to much pain for him, it was breaking, causing his breathes to come ragged.

But he had to say.

"I-I loved you, Kunzaito-sama... I have always loved you..." It hurt, gods, it was agony to speak, but that silence that followed his words was what was the end.

There was a tearing sensation in his chest, and his eyes shattered, the green mirrors refracting and shimmering in pain and tears.

There was still silence as he faded from his love.

Kunzite sat back, blinking, confused, not quite comprehending.

He's dead, he's dead.

How can this be? I don't... understand...

He was always here before.

* * *

He cursed himself, troubled, angry. Beryl was not going to be pleased.

"I failed..." He said it with a kind of wonder, almost awed in the face of his mistake.

He collected his thoughts, not wanting Zoisite to see his disturbed confusion.

He blinked.

Zoisite was dead.



Now what did he have?

Where would he go?

He was nothing, and no-one was there.

He was alone...

He wanted to... kill.

* * *

That call came, and he teleported to the throne room, expression blank, as his soul.

"My... Queen?"

"Kunzite, you won't be working alone."


"He is Endymion."

A shade of darkness stepped into what might have been light.

He almost screamed in anger, in hate.

I'll kill you, you bastard!

But, of course, he saw, but he couldn't.

This was his fate.

* * *

It was small, but it was all he had.

He didn't know why he kept it, that reminder of pain. But he did, and it always hurt.

He kept it lying face-down on the mantle. That way, he wouldn't have to look at it when he didn't want to.

But there was no time that he didn't want to look at it, to stare into that lovely face, captured almost piously by film in days not too far past.

He never touched the picture. He always held it by the frame, almost gingerly. He was afraid that if he touched it itself, Zoisite would fade and he would have nothing, not even this simple reminder.

They were captured in a glass. It had always transparentlyy concealed his lover's soul, his radiance. At the same time, it had shown what was always there, but wasn't. Not anymore.

There was nothing. Not even memories.

* * *

He smiled to himself. Finally, finally, he would be rid of that bastard, those stupid little bitches that drove his already worthless life to more uselessness than he could take.

Fine. Beryl could think whatever she wanted. He wasn't useless, he could do his job better than anyone. Soon she would see that.

They were freezing, he was freezing, and there was nothing he could do to save them, to save himself.

He would pry the ginzuishu from Sailormoon's cold, dead fingers.

In just a moment...

There was a cracking sound, and he almost screamed in frustration.

The frost machine was broken, the cold-producing mechanism shattered by Endymion's cane.

What the hell is he doing?

He saved them!

It was too much, it really was too much. He saved them, again, as always. He was a traitor to the kingdom, he still loved the moon princess, even now.

It was hopeless, now, to try to convince Beryl otherwise. She was infatuated. She could see no wrong in her beloved Endymion.

Of course, hadn't he been the same way?

No, never. He had seen all of Zoisite's faults. And he hadn't cared. He still loved him.

This must be how she feels.

But it shouldn't. Everything depends on her.

Now what? Put on a show, that's it. Let them know you can't be stopped, that you won't give up.

Even if it's all you want to do.

* * *

"It'll be no use if you die."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Endymion smiled. "I just wanted you to know, no matter what you do, you'll never find him. Not even in death."

He vanished.

Kunzite glared at the spot where he had been, grimacing in disgust, anger. And to keep himself from breaking down.

He's right.

It didn't seem to matter to him anymore. No matter what happened, he would always be alone.

He stood. He could at least try to finish the war that he had fought for longer than he could remember.

* * *

It hurt. It hurt more than anything.

And that pain...

He had to try.

"Zoisite! Lead me to the world where your soul is"

Too late-


Death, as he saw it, was like being locked in a tiny box, his body contorted into unnatural angles as he gasped for breath in the rapidly depleting air.

His death wound was beyond pain in degrees as he had felt it. There was no place where the pain would kill him, he was already dead.

It had been said that loneliness was worse than death.

It was true.

There was no pain like it.

The End

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