Twilight of the Heart

A Sailor Moon Fanfic

© 1997/09/28 by Kaoru

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Author's Note:

Caution! This fanfic is rated PG-13, because it deals with a rather touchy subject. If you are below legal age in your area, proceed no further. Please note that this is not a lemon. You have been warned.

I wrote this after witnessing Zoisite's most touching death scene. Moved me to tears. It fits somewhere around jp. eps. #40 and #44. If you've read my first fanfic, my apologies because this is going to be another depressing one, but with a slightly happier ending (maybe). Read it yourself if you don't believe me!

Twilight of the Heart

© 1997/09/28 by Kaoru

He stood atop the cliff, the waves crashing below him. The sun was setting over the horizon, its fiery brilliance illuminating the sea, almost as if setting it ablaze. The land breeze swept from behind him, dissipating the heat of the evening. But nothing could stir his weary heart.

He was Kunzite, the most powerful of the Four Kings of the Dark Kingdom. He was the one who led the siege on the Silver Millennium. He was the one who came closest to destroying the Sailor Senshi. He could, at will, summon the most powerful youma in the Dark Kingdom to do his bidding. But all that meant nothing now. Only the searing sense of loss and anguish existed within him, wiping out all past conquests and glory.

From the folds of his cape, he withdrew a small glass box. It was intricately cut and perfectly polished. In the dying rays of the sun, it looked like a glowing ember, almost burning with a light of its own. He undid the clasp that held the lid closed. In its scintillating confines lay a handful of pink flower petals, the only thing he could keep of his beloved. He winced at the memory.

Zoisite had disobeyed Beryl's order and injured Endymion. He had tried to plead for mercy on his behalf, but the infuriated Queen was beyond reasoning. When she unleashed her fury upon the already injured Zoisite, he had been powerless to stop her. He saw Zoisite being thrown backwards from the force of the blast, calling out his name, and his heart broke a thousand times when he saw the prone, smouldering body of his lover on the cold floor of the throne room. It had been a choice between his duty to the Dark Kingdom and his personal feelings. He had no alternative but to grit his teeth and face his liege. It was a decision that he would regret for the rest of his life.

Zoisite had wished to die pretty, and it was all he could do to conjure up a field of flowers to fulfill his dying wish. An unfamiliar feeling had welled up within him when the only one he had truly loved disappeared from his arms. The same feeling rose in him now, but he kept it back. He could not, would not let himself cry. Such things were beyond those of his rank. He would avenge Zoisite's death somehow. He had sworn it.

He took the petals from the box and held them in his hand. They were so soft...

He remembered the first time they met. The evil power Metallia had chosen Beryl as her avatar and assembled the Four Kings to lead the attack on the Silver Millennium. The four of them had trained together, acquiring new skills and powers. They had done so with the sole aim of serving the Dark Kingdom, allowing nothing to divert them from their purpose. But as the days passed, he found himself slowly being distracted from his practice by the orange haired boy who trained along with him. During those days, he had been on tenterhooks, debating with himself whether or not to express his feelings. These were wild and frightening, sometimes threatening to take control, but they were also exquisitely euphoric. Nonetheless, he could not bring himself to say it. He was afraid that Zoisite would laugh him off, cast him aside and shun him for the rest of his life for being a freak, for having these strange thoughts, especially for another man. What sweet torture it was, to see him everyday and yet unable to get close enough.

He tried to avoid the boy, but this only drew him closer. Every time Zoisite had tried to get him alone to ask why he was so cold towards him, he could see the hurt in those eyes that were innocent of affairs of the heart. This only stiffened his resolve not to sully such naivete. It was only after one particular training session that he discovered Zoisite wasn't so guileless after all.

It was during swordfighting practice when Kunzite let his concentration slip. The youma had been easy to fend off at first, and that caused him to let his guard down. Then the youma revealed its true might and charged forth, hacking and slashing with its sabre. He was caught off guard and tried to parry the creature's attacks, but he wasn't prepared. The blade sliced deep into his arm, leaving a large gash, blood pouring forth. Jadeite and particularly Nephrite had snickered at his ineptitude, but Zoisite had rushed to his side the moment he fell. It was he who tended to Kunzite's injury, and with an unexpected gentleness, unseen and astonishing.

Zoisite had repaired his wound expertly, bandaging it with just enough pressure to close the wound, but delicately enough so as not to hurt him. It was an awkward moment when their eyes met. He saw in that enchanting face a look that asked for nothing, yet demanded everything. In that instant, he knew he had been holding out on himself all this time.

From then on, it became easier for him to continue with his training. He easily surpassed the other three Kings, honing his skills to their finest. He was eventually chosen as the leader of the four, and he immediately took Zoisite under his wing for further instruction. They were happy then. He remembered his smile, and the sweet laugh, different from the derisive chortle meant for enemies, that was reserved just for him. He smiled as he recalled the times they spent together, the long walks in the shadowy depths of the Dark Kingdom, the quiet dinners they had alone, and the nights they spent lost in each other's embrace.

All this was thrown into turmoil during the assault on the Silver Millennium. Queen Serenity imprisoned the forces of the Dark Kingdom with the power of the ginsuishou just when it seemed that they were winning. He was trapped together with Zoisite, but within the radiance of the crystal, Kunzite could not find him. It was a nightmare, those thousand years, an eternity of searching, lonely and desperate searching. They were released by chance and reunited only after a long and terrifying millennium, by the same twist of fate that brought the Sailor Senshi back to life.

It was a short while later that Nephrite was called upon to gather energy for the Dark Kingdom. Zoisite bore a grudge against him ever since the swordfighting incident, and when Nephrite tried to take over his task of finding the nijisuishou, he had come running to Kunzite, eyes brimming with tears. A sudden feeling of protectiveness came over him as he caressed those orange locks. How dare he, that Nephrite, have the gall to make Zoisite cry! No one would get away with this audacity! No one, but no one, had the right to hurt the protégé of the mighty Lord Kunzite!

It was a simple matter of disposing of this arrogant fool. He had allowed himself to be taken in on a human girl's wiles, and the both of them took this opportunity to ruin the impudent King. Kunzite felt a great sense of satisfaction, seeing how happy his love was for having gotten rid of the thorn in both their sides and the threat to his position.

Just when it seemed they could be happy forever, Zoisite was taken away from him. Life lost all meaning for him, and he only managed to hang on to his sanity by devoting all his time to trying to bring upon the downfall of the Sailor Senshi. Damn those Senshi! Damned Endymion! If that lovestruck Beryl had not been so keen on that worthless prince... Endymion should have been the one to die, not Zoisite!

Kunzite sighed. The sun had completely disappeared under the horizon, and the stars were beginning to dot the velvety darkness of the sky. He gently clasped the petals in his hands, and released them into the wind, letting them float out into the sea. He turned and walked from the edge of the cliff towards his destiny.

* * *

It was the final standoff. All the Sailor Senshi, save for Sailor Moon, had fallen. Kunzite took this chance to fire his attack at her, but by some fluke of probability, it reflected off her and came hurtling back at him. He called out Zoisite's name one last time as the blast hit him, burying deep into his chest, sending waves of pain racking through his injured body.

Then, there was nothing.

* * *

Flotsam and jetsam floated about the inky void, remnants of legends, lives and places past and forgotten. The void itself seemed to be an anomaly of sorts, colourful and full of music, yet dark and silent at the same time. A shape moved somewhere, as if searching the abyss for something. The shape probed the space for what seemed to be endless eons, but at the same time, a blink of an eye. Suddenly, it found what it was looking for.

In the murky darkness, two souls joined and nevermore parted.

The End

Author's Endnotes:

Date of last revision: 28/9/97

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The characters, scenes and references I used are taken from the original Japanese episodes. I faked the part about Kunzite's death scene because at the time that episode hadn't been shown yet, but I finally got to watch it after 8 weeks of work experience in another country, and it turned out I didn't have to change my original draft at all. Many thanks to Hitoshi Doi for his detailed and accurate synopses!

I toyed briefly with the idea of changing Zoisite to a woman, to make the story more acceptable to the general public, but decided not to because it's more fun this way. Look, no point in making a fuss about it, okay, it's just a story, albeit a story with a rather controversial plot element. It is so where I live, so please understand that I wanted my two favourite Heavenly Kings to be happy as they were meant to be in the end, dreamer that I am.

Domo sumimasen, Zoisaito-chan to Kunshaito-sama!!


Namikata Kaoru.

Standard Legal Stuff:

The characters and some scenes depicted in this fanfic are property of Naoko Takeuchi, Kodansha and Toei Animation, and are used without permission. Once again: Pleeeeease don't sue!

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