This one's for you, Selene

© 1998 by Phoebe and Luna

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"Jadeite, you've failed again." Queen Beryl's mood was bad as always when he had to report her that Sailormoon has beaten his youma again. He bowed his head in a submissive gesture. "I am sorry, I won't fail again, my Queen. Just give me one more chance."

"Jadeite, you already had a dozen chances. How often do you want to test my patience again before you admit that you are not strong enough to beat the senshi?"

"Maybe I just need a vacation," he muttered recalling his talk with Kunzite some days ago. The other king and his Zoisite had convinced Beryl that it would be wise when they tried to collect energy in a place where no-one expects them to be. The Earth Realm was much bigger than Tokyo. And by the way they wanted to study the humans a bit closer - means, they wanted to live among them to learn more about their weak points.

"A Vacation???" Beryl was thunder-struck. All youma became nervous and jumped around when they noticed that their queen was shortly before an outburst. Jadeite who had noticed that as well swallowed and ducked his head. "I just mean -- I think -- I wanted to say -- that it might be better to change the location of the battlefield. Why do we have to go to Tokyo? We could go as well to Amsterdam or to Paris or to New York, why Tokyo?"

"I see, you want to go with Kunzite and Zoisite." He bit his lip. Was it that obvious? "If you would allow it, my Queen."

Beryl's eyes fixed him for some seconds, then she nodded. "All right, you and Nephrite may join the other kings, but just for ten days. After that you will return, and hope that you've found enough weaknesses so that you won't fail again."

"Thank you, my Queen." Jadeite bowed in front of Beryl and then disappeared.

* * *

"Look, Kun-kun!" The king turned around when he heard his pet-name that Zoi only used when they were off duty and saw how Zoisite held up a bikini with printings of small blossoming red roses on it. "Isn't that a nice one? Do you think it would suit me?" Zoisite looked at him with big eyes, expecting a real answer from him.

Kunzite swallowed at the sight of the bikini and suppressed a smile when he imagined Zoisite wearing it. "You won't need it, Zoi. We are not going to a beach. We are going into a big town. But if you want to take it with you," he grinned.

Zoisite was about to run back into his room to put the bikini into his suitcase when someone knocked at the door. Bewildered Kunzite opened it and let in a gasping Jadeite who was carrying a packed and obviously heavy travel-bag with both hands. Kunzite stared at him. "What are you doing here?"

"I am going with you, Kunzite. Order from Beryl."

Kunzite took this news in very slowly. "You--" He closed the door but Jadeite's foot prevented that he could shut it.

"Wait! Nephrite is still out there," Jadeite explained his behavior.

"Nephrite?" Zoisite almost whined. Kunzite was too surprised to say anything.

"Yes, he will come with us, too." Jadeite put down his bag at last, rubbed his hands and looked innocently at the two other kings. "What's up?"

Kunzite was still struck. "You -- you and Nephrite are coming with us?"

Jadeite smiled. "Yeah, you can't imagine how much I look forward to it. Speaking of Nephrite, I wonder where he is. He should be here by now." He opened the door and looked out.

"I can't see him anywhere." He put his head inside the room again and looked nervous from Kunzite to Zoisite, see-sawing on his feet. Then he smiled and pointed with his thumb behind him at the door. "Maybe I should go and see where he is. Perhaps he is ...stuck somewhere." He opened the door again, jumped out of the room and closed it again.

Kunzite and Zoisite exchanged surprised looks while question-marks built over their heads. Suddenly the door was ripped open again and Jadeite's head peeked in. "By the way, nice bikini. Is that one Beryl's? I didn't know that she would come as well."

Zoisite blushed and threw it behind his back. "No, Beryl is not coming with us."

Jadeite thought about it and then paled. Without any further comment the head disappeared again and the door was pulled shut.

After some moments Zoisite's color was back to normal. He turned to the other one looking out for comfort. Kunzite stepped closer and pulled him into an embrace. "Don't worry, they won't get on our nerves, I will take care of that. Promised."

"Gee, Kun-kun. This could have become such a wonderful time. But now..."

Kunzite stroke the other one's hair. "It can still become a wonderful time. Believe me! Now take your bikini and pack up your suitcase."

Zoisite cheered up again at the mentioning of the bikini and gave his koibito a quick kiss. Then he picked the bikini up and disappeared with it in his bedroom.

After some minutes Jadeite and Nephrite returned, carrying together two suitcases and a bag out of which the sound of glass that hit glass could be heard.

Kunzite stared at the bag guessing what was inside of it. "Hello, Nephrite," he said with an artificial smile on his face. "Please tell me that you don't intent to take your wine-bottles with you."

"Out of the question, Kunzite. Of course I do."

Jadeite just shrugged apologizing.

"Oh, Kunzite, just by the way, where are we going to?" Nephrite asked.

"New York, America."

"Two? Hmm, better than to stay in one place."

Kunzite's hand was hitting his forehead when Zoisite returned from his room, holding his suitcase in one hand and carrying a travel-bag on his back. At the sight of Nephrite and Jadeite he rolled his eyes and decided to ignore them.

"Can we go, Kun-kun? I don't want to miss the plane."

"The PLANE?" Nephrite and Jadeite looked at each other in surprise. Kunzite chuckled. Now it was their turn to be shocked.

"Let's go!" With that he took his suitcase, helped Zoisite with his and walked through the door. If they waited until Nephrite and Jadeite came back to their mind they wouldn't be at the airport in time.

* * *

After some hours in the plane and after they had crossed the customs -- which wasn't easy because of Nephrite's wine-bottles -- the four of them were standing in front of an airport some miles away from New York. Kunzite was the first to speak. "All right, you wanted to come with us. Now you are here. We had in mind to go on by motorbike from here. But more than two people can't use such a machine. So either you get your own or you find another way how to reach NY central. Bye, we'll meet in ten days again then."

He grabbed Zoisite's hand and led him to a Harley Davidson that stood ready for them on the parking lot nearby.

"Kun-kun, what about our suitcases?" Zoisite asked still carrying the travel-bag on his back.

"I have ordered a service to bring them into our hotel. They will be there, don't worry. Now, open the bag. There is something inside we --" He helped Zoisite with the bag and after he had opened it he pulled out two leather jackets. Zoisite's eyes went wide in surprise. He put it on immediately over the light-blue shirt he was wearing and gave the other one to Zoisite. Then he braided his hair back and mounted the bike. When both of them were ready to take off Kunzite suddenly hesitated, pulled two sun-glasses out of his pocket and gave one to his koibito. Now they were ready.

Jadeite and Nephrite watched in amazement every move the two of them were doing and after some seconds they saw how Kunzite started the ignition and drove off.

"What an exit."

"Hey, Nephrite, what are we doing now? How do we get to New York?"

"Dumb question, Jadeite. We teleport us of course."

"But we do that everytime. Come on, let's do it like Kunzite and Zoisite." Nephrite gave him a look. Jadeite sweatdropped. "Not what you think!!! I mean live like the humans. So let's use some transport methods of them."

"I -- I shall go by a HUMAN invention. Do you want to kill me, Jadeite?"

"Come on, it will be something new. Fuuuunnn!" Nephrite jumped when Jadeite yelled into his ear. He shook his head wanting nothing more than to be able to hear again.

"Fine," he gave in. "But you carry the bags."

* * *

The bus rolled over the street. Nephrite looked out of the window, bored to tears, and suddenly watched with wide eyes how a jogger with a basecap 'I LOVE NY' overtook the bus. If his damaged ear didn't betray him he could hear Jadeite sing. He jerked his head around to confirm his suspicion about the text and had to notice that he had heard right.

"Theeeee suuu-it-case is tipped o-ver, tipped o-ver, tipped o-ver, the suuu-it-case is tipped o-ver, tiiiiiiped oooo-veeer."

Nephrite stared at the point Jadeite's eyes had fixed. He saw how an old man was setting up his tipped over suitcase again.

"Theeeeen he has set it up again, up again, up again, then he has set it up again, uuuup aaaaagain."

Nephrite just looked at Jadeite, a blank expression decorating his face.

After some seconds - the man had leaned back again - his suitcase tipped over again. Jadeite smiled and started to sing again.

"Theeen it has tipped o-ver a-gain, o-ver a-gain, o-ver a-gain, then it has tipped o-ver a-gain, oooo-veeer a-gain."

Out of curiousity Nephrite watched what the old man would do next. When he leaned forward so that he could see him he noticed that the man - he was reading a newspaper - mechanically reached down to pick the suitcase up again.

Jadeite's grin went wide and wider and would have spread around his whole head if it weren't for his ears. "Theeeeen he has set it up again, up again, up again, then he has set it up again, uuuup aaaaagain."

Nephrite's hand hit his forehead and he started to groan.

(Phoebe's note: This song really was made up on a very boring tour by train.)

* * *

Five hours later the bus stopped in Manhattan between the high skyscrapers. After some hypnotizing - they had no money to pay the driver - the two kings went out of the bus. "Jadeite, one thing, from king to king, mention that suu-it-case (insert a pic of Nephrite shaking his head insanely and imitating his companion here), ever again and I'll peel your heart out with this" - he pulled the suitcase-key out of his pocket. Jadeite stared at the key. "Serious?"

"Very serious," Nephrite grumbled.

Jadeite was about to go when he was called back. "Jadeite!" He turned around, seeing Nephrite pointing to a stack behind him.

"You are carrying the bags."

The younger king sighed, waddled back to Nephrite and coughed when he got the exhaust gas of the bus into his face. Snorting he took the bags on his back and stomped past his companion.

Nephrite's mood lightened up a bit and he started to grin awkwardly when Jadeite disappeared in a flash of light. Suddenly he heard something and turned his head. Nothing to see. Out of a sudden a car rushed around the corner on which he was standing and hit him. He went flying across the street. The car came to a halt with screeching wheels.

A blonde-haired woman peered through the windscreen on the right side of the car. "You have hit him, Luna," Phoebe commented the situation.

"Oh, don't you think I haven't seen that? These--" Luna pointed to her eyes, "-- grey things in my head, above the nose, below my forehead are called e-y-e-s, eyes. And in my case they are actually fully functional, since two millennia already," Luna replied in a similar dry tone as her sister.

"Maybe you're getting old."

"Hahaha, get a driver's license yourself and then you are allowed to crack silly comments."

"What are we doing with him?" Phoebe pointed at Nephrite who lay unconscious on the street.

"Well, how about first aid?"

"Fine, and what are we doing with Selene? She is sleeping so sweetly and at last -- she is silent."

"Oh, that's okay. We wake her up, she does the mouth-to-mouth thing, you do the heart thing and I watch if you do it right."


A moan could be heard from the rear-seat. "Morning, Selene. Slept well?"


"Anyway, come on, get up, we need your help. Luna has hit a mortal."

"Hopp, hopp, hopp, and stop pricking at me, Phoebe."

* * *

Nephrite felt every bone in his body - approximately twohundredandeighty single aches.

He tried to open his eyes and after he had managed to heave his eye-lids he stared into six grey eyes. After changing the focus range there still were three - almost identical - faces. One was holding one of her fingers in front of his face. "How many fingers can you see?"

"You are three? Right?" he asked.

Phoebe snickered when she saw how Luna stared at her one finger, flabbergasted. "I think that's still in range."

"Who -- What -- How --?" He lifted a bit.

"In order, Phoebe, Selene, Luna, you were hit by our car, you were standing on the street and I drove too fast."

Selene laid her hand on his shoulder and gently pressed him back.

"Nice," he commented the situation while his head sank back to the street.

"Are you hurt? What's your name? Can we help you?" Selene was very concerned about him and ran her fingers through his hair. Phoebe noticed it and threw a hinting smile at Luna who just looked back knowingly.

The man moved his arms and legs a bit, testing them. "It hurts, but I think I'm not injured seriously."

"You think. What's your name?" Selene repeated.

"Nephrite," he whispered, then everything went black.

Selene slapped his face slightly, "Hello, anyone there?"

"He is passed out," Luna remarked.

Selene started to nag on her nails nervously. "Can we take him home with us? Can I keep him? He is so sweet."

"If you persist on it. I don't think that Daddy Oberon would mind if you had one more pet." Phoebe took his arms while Luna did the same with his legs.

"He is no pet," Selene defended her new love.

"That's okay with me. And as long as you don't stop admiring Daddy O's legs I think it will be okay with him, too." Luna said.

"Thaaanks," Selene screeched and hugged her sister from behind.

* * *

It was really difficult to keep the head steady because it was constantly pushed back by the wind. Zoisite clung to Kunzite's chest as if his life depended on it - what actually was the case. "Stop driving such murderous curves!" he squealed over the wind. After Kunzite overtook a truck again in a really suicidal way he added, "I can't see how you are driving!!"

Kunzite whose sunglasses had become extremely dirty when he overtook that truck, agreed. "Me too."

Zoisite stared at Kunzite's back, then peeked over his shoulder and saw the crash barrier racing towards them. "Kunziteeee!" he ripped one arm free and snatched the dirty glasses away. Just at the moment Kunzite was able to see clearly again he pulled at the handlebar to steer the bike away from the crash barrier and almost made Zoisite fall off.


(Kunzite sweatdrops)

Zoisite fumed while rearranging himself on the seat again.

Suddenly they heard sputtering sounds and the Harley slowed to a halt. Kunzite steered it to the side and dismounted it cursing. Zoisite who was still sitting on the bike leaned himself on the now empty seat in front of him and looked interested down at a point somewhere between the tires where he suspected the motor to be.

"What's up, Kunzite-sama? Doesn't it obey to you anymore?"

Kunzite almost snarled under his breath, knelt down and tried to find the problem.

"What's the matter, Kunzite-sama? I want to move on," he urged.

"Ah, there! I've got it. This won't take long."

* * *

An hour later Kunzite was still fumbling with the machine. He had proceeded to cursing again. Zoisite sat on the crash barrier and drew with his feet some figures into the sand under it. "Kunzite-sama," the young king pestered unimpatiently.

Kunzite got up again, kicked against the machine and roamed through one of the bags for the manual. Zoisite moaned.

* * *

"Zoisite, come here. You have to assist me. Read this and I'll follow the instructions."

Zoisite took the manual he gave him and started.

"Okay, one, connect the red cable A to the corresponding blue cable E and..."

Kunzite tried to follow the instructions. "Ouch!"

"Kun-kun!!!" Zoisite knelt down to his koibito who had just experienced an electric shock.

"Are you all right?"

"Mmh," Kunzite grumbled back. "Sure. I'll try again."

Zoisite watched with a shake of the head how the other one took the blue and the red cable again and closed his eyes when he heard another 'ouch'.

* * *


"Uhm ... Kunzite, how about stop trying and get a technician?"

"No! Dark Kings never give up. Ouch!"

Zoisite muttered, "...were his famous last words."

While Kunzite stayed loyal to his motto Zoisite went to the street again. He changed his outfit into a skimpy red dress and waited...

* * *

Phoebe dumped Nephrite onto Selene's bed and dusted off her hands. Selene shrieked: "Aaaaah! Be careful with him. I want to keep him awhile one piece."

"Selene, no-one survives you in one piece. Just kidding!" Luna snickered. "Who wants lunch?"

This got Selene's attention. Nephrite was almost forgotten when she heard the almost magical word 'lunch'. "Sounds good to me. Oh, I am starving. I haven't eaten something since... ehm, well... half an hour. Well, the two rolls don't count, ne? Then I haven't eaten somthing since almost an hour! Oh my God!"

Luna peered knowingly at Phoebe. "Okay, I'll make an extra great pan of rice and curry then. Excuse me!" She marched to the kitchen.

Phoebe went back to the still unconscious form of the stranger and eyed him closer. "Not that bad."

Selene immediately jumped between her and the bed and obstructed the sight. "He is mine! I have seen him first!"

"That's not true. You were sleeping when we found him."

Selene started pouting when she realized the truth of her sister's speaking. "But he is mine!" she insisted.

"Fine. No-one intends to take it from you."

"IT??? It... ehm... He... is no pet!"

"It is a human, is it not."

"Get out, Phoebe! I want to be alone with him. You are stupid! Each and every one of you!" (Phoebe's note: That's her favourite saying)

"Phoebe!" Luna shouted from the kitchen. "Where did you put the dried earthworms?"

Phoebe rolled her eyes to the ceiling. To Selene she just smiled. "Have fun!" Then she went out into the kitchen to assist the silver haired witch.

* * *

Jadeite crawled up the last steps of the stairs and kicked in the slightly opened door. Sighing he dropped the heavy suitcases and fumed. "Where is that... that..." Jadeite tried but found no proper word to describe the other king.

After having waited for almost ten minutes without a sign of Nephrite he started to unpack the bags. When he was finished with his own he looked at the remaining ones. Suddenly he had an idea. Well, if he didn't come, maybe I could at last test some of Nephrite's wine. He would prove the other king that he was not too young for it.

* * *

Nephrite awakened again and saw a stone ceiling above him. It looked really old.

"Where... am... I?" he whispered into the darkened room.

"Ah, hello my friend. A great honor is it you have achieved. You are in our house on Avalon, something only kings normally experience."

"I am a king." He didn't know what else to say. He looked around and saw the black-haired woman from before.

"If you say so, beautiful man," she giggled.

- The End For Now -

(Somehow, I have the feeling, that it will never be completed, because Selene will have ripped our heads off at this point.)

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