The Heir of Siol

Part 1 - Losses and Gains

© 1998 by Luna and Phoebe

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Author's Note:

This is going to be a looooong fanfic and a dark one too. Be warned, it's going to be pretty nasty this time. And it is an alternate story. So, that's all you have to know for now, read on!

Disclaimer: Sailormoon and all present persons in this series belong to Naoko Takeuchi, Bandai and some other people. Rynnhoran Dhomhaill belongs to us (yep).

The Heir of Siol - Part 1: Losses and Gains

© 1998 by Luna and Phoebe (yep, we did it again)

He saw how Beryl lifted one hand and shot a lethal ball of energy at the already weakened figure beside him. The other one was thrown back and cried his name like a call for help. Shocked he turned around and stared at the crumpled form of his koibito. Beryl raised her voice again and stated, "This is the way we treat traitors." Then she was gone.

He bent down over Zoisite and drew him into his arms. He was still alive, but Kunzite could tell that there was no way for him to survive that blow. He teleported the two of them into their castle and lay him down on a stone slab. It broke his heart to see his koibito die. The moon princess would pay for that, he promised.

"I am sorry, Zoisite," he whispered. "I tried to persuade Queen Beryl for a second chance but..." Zoisite opened his eyes and looked wearily at him. Then he ...smiled. "I am happy to die with you by my side."

Kunzite moved to take him into his arms.

"But, could I ask you one last favour?"

"What is it?"

"I want to die beautifully."

*Of course you die in beauty, but you take it with you.* Kunzite lifted his cape and enclosed Zoisite in it. Then his koibito's so loved cherry blossom petals flew in the air. Zoisite caught one and looked at it. "It's so pretty, thank you, Kunzite-sama." A tear fell from his eyes as he said, "I want you to know one thing. I have always loved you."

Kunzite hugged him close. He wanted to hold him, to keep him and never let him go. But it didn't help. The other one began to vanish in his arms. "Forgive me, Zoisite."

Then the blonde-haired king was gone.

* * *

After he had admitted to Beryl that he wasn't able to defeat the moon princess he returned to his castle. Looking around he flinched when he recognized that everything he looked at held a remembrance to his koibito. He had never thought about loosing him, well, he had thought about it, but he could never imagine that it would affect him that strong.

Silently he leaned his back against the wall, hit his fists in a sudden rage against it and then let himself slide down. He felt something hot rolling down his cheek. Surprised he wiped it with one finger away and stared at it. He couldn't remember to have ever cried about something. The tear sparkled with some inner light. Light, when he loved the darkness and wished to wrap himself in it for all eternity. *Why did you have to kill him?* he accused Zoisite mutely. *And why weren't you there to keep him from doing it? Why had you Beryl let him kill? You should have protected the one thing you love, you coward.* His inner voice scolded him. *I couldn't. If I had Beryl would have killed me as well.* *But at least you would be with him now.* He felt more tears coming to his eyes but pressed his eyes shut in order not to let any of them out.

When he had gained some of his control back he opened them again and forced himself up. Kunzite was about to go to the bedroom when he crossed the table and his look fell on a framed image. With a sour glance he backhanded it from the table's surface and stomped away.

He lay down and tried to get some sleep. It was hopeless. The bed was too big for him alone and maybe the worst place when he wanted to forget about his loss. Then, after some minutes, he couldn't bear it anymore and teleported to the Earth Realm.

* * *

Somehow he got used to it. The days he spent arguing with Endymion, whom he would never forgive that he was alive while Zoisite wasn't and at night he let the icy winter wind of Tokyo's streets cool down his temper. And with all those humans around he got a better impression of their weaknesses. Even at night there were so many of them hurrying down the streets or stumbling in and out of various shops. No-one had the slightest clue that there was a non-human among them. Kunzite had changed his Dark Kingdom-uniform for a black leather jacket. His silvery hair hung in strands over his shoulders. His hands were stuck in his pocket.

This night something was different. A slight shiver went through his body and he straightened his hunched form to his full height. Looking warily around he spotted a single figure standing on a corner on the opposite side of the street. Their eyes met for a second and then the stranger was gone, disappeared in the crowd of people who walked up and down the street. Kunzite scanned the surroundings for any hint of the whereabouts of the other one but he couldn't find any trace.

After some minutes of walking and turning around suspiciously he caught a glimpse of the stranger again. He was leaning on the front of a building, crossarmed, one foot against the wall. Kunzite slipped into a narrow dark lane and waited.

The stranger went a bit jumpy and began to look around curiously. He peeled himself off the wall and started to walk down the street in Kunzite's general direction.

Kunzite didn't have to wait long until he felt that the other one drew closer to his location. There was some weak kind of magic in the stranger that he had never felt before. Cautiously he waited until the other one was close enough for a more detailed examination.

The man slowly walked towards his location. Attentively he continued to turn his head and then carefully he peered into the lane. When he spotted Kunzite he lashed his arm out and grabbed Kunzite's sleeve. "Gotcha! Your turn!" he laughed.

The Dark Kingdom king looked the stranger up and down. He had violet eyes, matching the gleam of the lights in his normally black hair. Sidebums decorated his jawline and earlobes. Some kind of a chain was placed on his forehead. He was as tall as Kunzite himself and maybe as old, but this was always hard to tell.

[Pic of Rynnhoran] (22K)

Kunzite wasn't in the mood for such silly games. He grabbed the arm of the other one and pressed him against the wall. "Why are you following me? Who are you?" he hissed.

"You look like you have ...lost something." He continued to grin, but not as broad as before. Kunzite wished nothing more than to wipe that grin off his face and snarled. "This is not funny."

"I know, I know."

"Answer my questions!"

Smiling the man shook his head. "No no, I'm serious, Kunzite. As I said I'm following you because you look like you have lost something."

Kunzite was startled. "How do you know my name?"

"By chance. Chance favours the warrior."

The Dark Kingdom ruler had enough of the way this 'meeting' was heading to and decided to show the other some of his powers. He increased the pressure on his hand that held the stranger to the wall and gathered some blue energy in the other hand. "Who are you?"

The stranger got a mischievous gleam in his eyes. "If you promise to let me go I'll tell you. I want to offer you a bargain."

Kunzite didn't even think about the option of letting the other one go. "I am not striking a bargain with strangers. First you tell me who you are, and if your answer satisfies me I let you go."

Now the other's eyes twinkled with amusement. "Hm..., your loss is grave, still I am not convinced that this justifies such a behavior towards me." He began to tug at his sidebums.

The fire reawoke inside of Kunzite, shooting the pain of his loss through him again. The king's face darkened with grief. "What do you know about my losses?" he spat at the other one. His eyes lost some of the harshness and filled with sorrow. Immediately he recognized this slip and fought up his strength again.

"Fighting long and hard battles with yourself, eh, Lord Kunzite?" He grinned again. "Don't worry, I won't tell. My name is Rynnhoran Dhomhaill." He extended one hand directly in front of Kunzite's nose. "Konban wa!"

Kunzite didn't know how to react to the cheeky stranger and he definitely wasn't in the mood for this cheerfulness. He looked into Rynnhoran's violet eyes for one moment, wiped the hand away from his sight, turned around and went off.

Rynnhoran's hand shot out and grabbed Kunzite's arm hard, stopping him from going further.

Kunzite spun around and looked at him angrily. "Let me go!" he commanded.

"Have you forgotten the bargain I wanted to offer you?" The way he said it was almost frightening.

Kunzite struggled to get his arm free. "Let me go! I am not interested in your bargain."

"What a pity, it could have been so ... advantageous - for both of us." But Rynnhoran didn't let go of Kunzite's arm.

"Fine, you kill Endymion and I spare your life."

"Oh, Endymion is back, too?" He seemed to be surprised.

"You know Endymion?" Kunzite eyed Rynnhoran suspiciously and suddenly he was struck by some kind of memory. Somehow he had seen that strange person before. But he couldn't place him into a fitting frame.

"Of course, he was my sandpit comrade."

"Maybe I should take you with me." Kunzite said in a threatening tone. "Eager to see him again?"

"No, not at all, thanks. But will you listen to me? I still have a bargain to offer, even in case I repeat myself."

Kunzite ignored the offer again. "Have we met before?"

Rynnhoran started to grin again. "Of course, many many times. Such a pity you don't remember. It was fun."

"Fun?" muttered Kunzite, looking into nothingness, thinking of his koibito again.

"Ah, I see you remember. But not me, do you?"

Obviously he wasn't careful enough to hide his emotions, so he scolded himself and excluded all his emotions from his mind. His face hardened again. "That's enough, go back to your sandpit or to wherever you came from and don't get on my nerves with your bargain. I told you already I'm not interested." He tried again to rip his arm free.

"Awww, now you're being mean."

"Fine, I am always like that."

"You are lying."

"Maybe, but I don't need you to tell me."

Rynnhoran shrugged. "Have it your way."

"Now let go!"


Kunzite smacked his free fist into the other one's face. Rynnhoran bent from the power of the hit and the pain that came with it.

"You are truly a cruel man, hitting an innocent man or did I offend you somehow?"

Kunzite lifted his head up and looked into Rynnhoran's eyes. "Don't cross my way again if you wanna live." Then he let him go and turned around.

"Stupid fool!" Kunzite could hear a low growl and then a battle cry. Startled he turned back just before some claws scratched over his face. His head snapped back and carefully he groped at his right cheek where the pain came from. He could feel the traces of four very sharp nails, if it had been nails at all. Furious mostly about himself for not being careful enough he produced a fireball and shot it at his opponent who jumped over it easily and readied for a high kick which hit Kunzite's jaw. The king stumbled back. Somehow he wasn't in shape today. He teleported himself behind the other one, grabbed him and sent some energy through the body.

Rynnhoran broke down with a loud howl and hit the ground.

Kunzite smiled satisfied and thought of something. "Beryl always complains that Metallia hasn't enough energy. Maybe you can help remedy that." He stepped closer, leaned down, grabbed his shoulder and turned him around. Rynnhoran's face definitely showed pain. Kunzite looked down at him coldly and started to withdraw his life energy.

Rynnhoran concentrated to draw the blade from his sleeve as unobtrusive as possible while Kunzite was otherwise occupied. He took aim and...

Kunzite screamed out in agony when the blade cut his Achilles' tendon up. He rolled to the side holding his aching lower leg. "Bastard!" he yelled.

The malefactor propped himself up on his elbows and trembling tried to get up again. Breathing hard he looked down on Kunzite before he let himself thud down on his enemy's chest.

Kunzite gasped and grimaced. Rynnhoran leaned forward and whispered into his ear. "Now listen, you fool." The other one shifted to shove him down off his chest.

"Ech, leave that be. I can bring your precioussss back if you just be a little more cooperative."

Kunzite stared at him in disbelief. His physical agony was replaced by a not less cruel pain of his heart. "Zoisite?" he muttered.

"Yes, of course, or do you know another precious of yours?"

The throbbing pain in his leg combined with the psychic one broke down his defences. "What do you want?"

Rynnhoran smiled down at him warmly. "I just require your help in... let's say a private little war of mine."

"Fine, I am a warrior."

"I noticed," Rynnhoran stated dryly. "So you are in?"

Kunzite thought about it for a moment. If it could bring him Zoisite back, then, why not? "Well, I am in."

"Good," Rynnhoran exclaimed and let go off Kunzite's chest.

Kunzite took a deep breath and concentrated on accelerating the healing process of his body and especially the Achilles' tendon.

"Enviable." Rynnhoran waved a hand at Kunzite.

Kunzite shot him an angry glance. "You don't have the nasty wounds, so don't complain."

"Tomorrow at Waseda-Dori at the street that leads up to Shin'ome-Kaido, the old house on the left. You can't miss it." He sauntered out of the lane.

Kunzite just stared at the corner Rynnhoran had rounded and then teleported back to the Dark Kingdom.

The End of Part 1 - Goto Part 2

Authors' end notes:

Cast: so far Luna wrote the nasty sneaky Rynnhoran and Phoebe her poor Kunzite-sama.

Luna: No matter what we do, we always stay in our character, ne???

Phoebe: You think so, Luna-chan?

Luna: You accused me twice today (I think) of being nasty...if not more...

Phoebe: Oh, when I think of the way this story is going, and about Zoisite and Kunzite, this really becomes very nasty, so don't say you aren't.

Luna: I am, I am! Actually, I'm quite proud of it, na no da?

Phoebe: Grmbl, itai!

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