The Heir of Siol

Part 3 - Sol ex tenebris

© 1998 by Luna, Phoebe and Selene

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Author's Note:

Disclaimer: We disclaim everything except Rynn, he our's! ^o^

The Heir of Siol - Part 3: Sol ex tenebris

© 1998 by Luna, Phoebe and Selene

Kunzite squeezed his koibito tightly and then, after some minutes, finally let go of him. When he looked into those emerald eyes he saw a warm joyful gleam in them. A gleam that erased all his pain. Despite Rynnhoran's presence he leaned down into a kiss that freed all his emotions and stated him that Zoisite was really there again. After some long seconds Zoisite struggled for air and he gave him free. The silver-haired king turned his head to see what Rynnhoran was doing and noticed that the stranger was looking awfully interested at something on the street outside. And somehow he seemed to have blushed. Kunzite didn't know what he should do. He surely couldn't help the boy with his plan, it was plain and simple insane what he wanted.

"Rynnhoran?" Kunzite asked for the boy's attention in an almost sad but friendly manner. The boy turned around fast and crossed his arms behind his head, grinning as always. "Yes?" He blushed even more. "Sorry, I didn't want to disturb you or something."

"What are we doing now?"

"Eh, waiting. For the others."

"The others?"

Rynnhoran unfolded his arms and slowly came over to them. "Sure. They should be here any moment."

Kunzite looked back at Zoisite. "Nice that you are back again," he said with some less emotions. "Fine, then we wait for the 'others', whoever they are, but first I have to return to the Kingdom and report to Beryl. She wants to hear about the defeat of the senshi as soon as possible. And I still have some score to settle with Endymion. Do you want to come with me, Zoi? One ice-crystal more in Endymion's back could be the solution to a really annoying problem."

Zoisite looked apologizing into his eyes. "Not yet, Kunzite-sama. I still feel too weak for any kind of crystal. In some time I will gladly come with you, koibito."

Rynnhoran watched them. When he heard Kunzite's words a chill flashed through him. "You want to kill Endymion? But --" He was shocked and sad, both at a time.

Kunzite ignored him and stepped closer to the blonde-haired king, as far as this was possible, and whispered into his ear, "Sure that you want to stay here? I don't trust this Rynnhoran. Maybe it would be better you come with me, Zoi."

Zoisite pressed him away and shook his head sightly. "Kunzite," he whispered back, "I'm glad, that I can keep standing."

Kunzite lowered his head and made a refusing gesture. He didn't want Zoisite to stay with Rynnhoran. "Come with me, Zoi," he urged again.

"Please... wait for some hours until I have recovered. Then I will follow you where-ever you wish." Zoisite caressed Kunzite's cheek and then kissed it. "Please."

Kunzite closed his eyes. "Well, if you insist on it." Then he stepped back slowly and was gone in a red flash of light.

Rynnhoran knit his eyebrows. "He's so cold..."

Wrapping his arms around his body, Zoisite sighed. " others...I guess he seems to be..." He turned around to Rynnhoran. "Thank you for the shirt. I'll go up and sleep again." With that Zoisite went up the stairs to the room where he had awakened under Rynnhoran's eyes.

* * *

Some hours later Nephrite arrived...well, he thought he reached his destination and this had to be enough for the moment. So this was the place to which he had been pulled! If it weren`t for the power of the stars that he could use he would be broken down by now. Curiosity made him open the frontdoor and carefully he sneaked in. When he stepped into the room he saw a couch, a coverd armchair and table - just normal things in a house. Beside the uncovered couch lay the white sheet in a heap. The house must have been empty for several time but now someone new might have moved in.What's so special about this place?

The first door he opened revealed a kitchen - an untidy kitchen. Shutting the door again, turning around he looked to the left. There was a little corridor which offered two other doors to him. One of them led into a bathroom, the other one offered an empty, dark store-room. No-one here?

The next chance for Nephrite to find someone was to walk up the stairs. He stumbled into another big room where he found a covered table with several chairs around it.

Still another chance - there was a sliding door out of opaque glass and behind it he found a lot of lumber and a used camp bed.

Nephrite nearly shouted out of rage. There was no-one here!

He pulled himself together and stepped furiously to the last door he could find in this damned house and rammed it open.

Rynnhoran jumped up startled from the bed he was sitting on and first looked at the intruder, then worriedly at the bed where the sleeping figure slowly started moving.

Nephrite at first looked at the man then at the bed. "Zoisite?!" he hissed. The hatred in his voice couldn't be overheard.

Rynnhoran started smiling slightly. "Hi, Nephrite.I didn't think you would be here that fast!"

"Who are you? And how do you know my name?" The auburn-haired king asked with mistrust after he had recovered. The man shht-ed and walked towards him. Then he squeezed Nephrites hand. "I'm Rynnhoran," he whispered. "He's sleeping, let's go outside."

"Fine. And what does it mean to me that you are Rynnhoran? And why does this Zoisite has to be here, too?" with an annoyed gaze down at the other king Nephrite whisperd and unwillingly followed the smaller man. He was still wondering why he had awaken and who this Rynnhoran was. But he would find out, the one or the other way.

Rynnhoran shut the door behind him and led him to the table. "Come - sit down."

Nephrite declined the invitation and crossed fuming his arms. "I prefer to stand. Now tell me what's up here."

Rynnhoran sat down and folded his hands on the table. "Well, you are reborn."

The king grabbed a chair and seated himself down on it, leaned his hands on his knees and stared the other one sternly into the eyes. "I have noticed. How?"

"Your life was renewed."

Nephrite scowled. "But how is that possible?"

"At first I used the Rukh-energy to build cocoons and second it initiated the resurrection process."

"Yes, of course!" Nephrite leaned back. "But could you tell me at last the reason! It's not that I'm unhappy to live but I think it would be very disadvantageous for me to go back to the Dark Kingdom, don't you think?" The king raised an eyebrow and nearly gave up hoping to get any useful information from this wise guy.

Rynnhoran grinned. "Hey, who said I'd send you back there! You guys are all so negative! It's harder to work with you than with a horde of children!"

Nephrite jumped up, grabbed the other one at the collar and drew him closer to him. "Get to the point!" he hissed thrateningly into the stranger's ear.

Rynnhoran's eyes sparkled. "I have to warn you, I am a master in chiflex!"


"Children's floor exercises." Rynnhoran shrugged innocently.

The king let him go, flunched down on the stool again and rolled his eyes up to the ceiling. Exhausted he rubbed his forehead. "You're insane, aren't you?"

The other one cheerfully closed his eyes "No, no. Primary teacher in training, ne."

"Ack!" Nephrite stood up and turned around. With his back to the guy he took a deep, deep breath, turned back again and wanted to blame his opponent. "You ..."

"Ah,ah! Don't! - Please?" He stood up and offered Nephrite to sit down again. "I'll tell you - come, sit - I already told Kunzite, so it doesn't matter - I want to free Beryl from Metallia. Jadeite should be on his way, too. I will destroy Metallia for her atrocities my people had to suffer, and have my revenge."

"So you need our help? But who do you mean with your people and... you mentioned some Rukh-energy? And Jadeite? Why should we all help you? For the moment I see no reason!" The tall man asked totally confused.

"Goodness. Worse than a five-year-old." Rynnhoran massaged his forehead. "Do me a favor, stay calm. We'll wait for Kunzite. He'll convince you. Yes? Me have a deal with you?"

"A deal? Well," suddenly he was interrupted.

"Nephrite??? Whaddar' you doing'ere?" Zoisite, clad in an extralarge voilet t-shirt, leaned on the sliding door.

"Zoisite!" Nephrite spat. "I nearly forgot you were here, too! Why does the universe hate me?" The tall king paused a moment before speaking up again. "Hope you had a nice sleep," he said sarcastically and prepared himself for a new attack from the other king. Even if he looked so weak and tired, one never knew with that sneaky, insidious weasel. "Why aren't you with Kunzite? Or has he left you at last?" he teased.

"Don't try. I'm too tired right now. Did anyone tell you that you look like an expectoration?"

Nephrite looked down on himself. The slimy liquid still covered his whole body. Also his hair was wet and hung down in thick tresses. He turned to Rynnhoran who smiled apologetically at him.

Without any words Nephrite turned around and went straight-a-way to the bathroom he had found on the groundfloor. "Grmph."

"The towels lie below the sink!" Rynnhoran shouted after him while he stomped down the stairs.

* * *

Like every night Kunzite spent the time in the Earth Realm, only that he had a clear destination this time. When he extended one hand to open the door he noticed a slimy mass on the knob and pulled a disgusted face. "What the hell?" he wondered and stared at his hand. With an uneasy feeling he stepped in. If Rynnhoran had done something to Zoisite he --

Suddenly he heard the soft rushing sound of a shower. Fine, Zoisite was awake then already. He always used to shower at this time. Kunzite grinned and imagined Zoisite's reaction when he would reach into the cubicle, pull his koibito close and kiss him welcome.

He followed the sound to the bathroom.

Kunzite stepped into the small steaming room and looked swiftly around. His gaze crossed some careless dumped clothes which he didn't know. But what clothes had Zoisite to wear after his reawakening, except those Rynnhoran had given him. Still grinning wickedly he took a step to the cubicle in front of him and extended one hand to pull it open when the current user did it for him and left him staring into Nephrite's shocked expression.

"Aaaah!" Nephrite shouted startled and jumped back into the warm cubicle, feet squeeching over the wet floor until he bounced with a dull thud against the rear wall.

Kunzite blinked in shock when he heard Nephrite's moan. "Ouch!"

"Nephrite?" The silver-haired king needed some time until he was over the first shock. He heard squeeching sounds again and then Nephrite came out of the shower, wearing a slightly furious expression on his face. Fast he grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist. "What are you doing here?!" he asked.

"The same I could ask you," Kunzite retorted.

"The only reason that I'm here is that gone nuts guy up there."

From above came a questioning shout. "Are you destroying my bathroom or what? Nephrite!"

Kunzite turned around to exit the bathroom. "I'll go talk to him."

* * *

With a fork in his hand Rynnhoran leaned on the parapet of the stairs and looked into the corridor below when Kunzite came up to him.

"Hi. We are just eating."

"Mmh, and I were just scaring the hell out of Nephrite. What is he doing here anyway?"

Rynnhoran gave up and waved the fork in the air. "Hhh, I already told you that there were others, didn't I. Only Jadeite is still missing," he answered tiredly.

"I don't care." Kunzite walked past the violet-haired boy into the large room. "I am here to take Zoisite with me."

Zoisite sat on the table and stared at them with wide eyes. Kunzite stepped towards him and extended one hand invitingly at him. "Zoi?"

Zoisite swallowed down the load of bamboo-sprouts he had been chewing on and hesitated. "Do you think it would be wise if I go back now - I mean a youma could see me or something."

"Zoi." As if he hadn't thought about something like this as well. He knew that he couldn't take Zoisite back to the Dark Kingdom. That was far too dangerous. If Beryl found out that the king - or rather the kings - were back she certainly would send out a horde of youma to kill them. But on the other hand he didn't want to leave Zoisite with Rynnhoran. "Please come with me. I will take care of you."

"But Kunzite-sama," with his chopsticks he poked around in his bowl, "I like it here." Zoisite looked up carefully into Kunzite's face.

He scowled at Rynnhoran who kept standing at the parapet and didn't intrude. Silently Kunzite sat down on a chair beside Zoisite and gave his koibito a reproachful glance. "Well, then I stay here with you."

Zoisite's gaze lightened up. Putting the chopsticks away he took Kunzite's hand and smiled. The other one returned the smile. "If it pleases you, Zoisite," he said hiding his bitterness about the refusal to come with him.

With a scowling face Nephrite came up the stairs into the room where the others were sitting. He wore a long-sleeved, loose, violet shirt and some dark trousers. "I'm hungry, too!" he stated matter-of-factly.

"Eh," Rynnhoran sweated, "I'm afraid we already ate everything."

Zoisite chimed up. "You can have the rest of my bamboo-sprouts." He let go of one of Kunzite's hands and shoved the bowl into Nephrite's direction.

"I think I am not that hungry," Nephrite rejected the offer, turned around and was about to go down to the kitchen hoping to find something eatable there.

"Stay here and take the chance, Neffy," Kunzite demanded. "He just wants to be friendly to you."

The auburn-haired king narrowed his eyes contemptible and groaned. "Rynnhoran! Is there any white wine in this house?" he asked hopefully.

"If you dig deep enough you'll probably find some mineral oil, but wine ... nope!"

Nephrite turned around rolling his eyes and tore his hair. "You are all stupid, each and every one," he commented and went downstairs into the kitchen.

* * *

The next day.

"Mo-om!" Naru shouted.

Osaka-san looked up from the jewels she was showing one of her customers to see her red-haired daughter storming into the store. "Naru?"

The girl came closer and hugged her mother. "Guess what?" Naru beamed. "I have got the full score in our maths-test!" Osakan-san smiled and hugged her back.

"Well done, little one. I am so proud of you," she said proudly and suddenly held an envelope in her hand. "Don't ask me who wrote this. A name wasn't given. Here, it is for you." She handed the letter to her daughter. Naru stared at it and took it out of her mother's hand. "Thanks mom!" Naru took it and went up to the flat. There she threw her bag into the next corner and dumped herself on the bed. When she had ripped it open it revealed a simple white card. >Dear Naru, meet me tomorrow at three o'clock in the new ice-café in Shinjoku. Your secret admirer.<

She blushed deeply. "Who wrote that?" she murmured.

* * *

"Hi Shingo! It's Naru. Is Usagi... -- Thanks." Naru twisted the phone cable around her index-finger. "Ah, Naru, what's up?" Usagi's friendly voice squeeched through the receiver.

"Hi, Usagi. I wanted to ask you something very important."

"Has something happened?"

"Well, you could say so. Usagi ... if you had gotten a letter from ... a mysterious admirer ... in that case. What would you do?" Naru blushed.

"You have a mysterious admirer?" Usagi screeched excitedly. "Tell me more!" she urged. "I want to know everything."

"I don't know. He just sent me a letter asking if we could meet tomorrow? Shall I go? What do you think?"

"Of course. You have to. Imagine it were the love of your life and you just don't meet him. You can`t miss that chance."

"I don't know."

"Naru! Imagine how romantic this meeting could get?" Stars began to sparkle in Usagi's eyes. "Candlelight. Romantic moonlight. You are holding hands and then... you kiss!" Usagi giggled.

"Usagi, you are embarrassing! What if it is just another one of Umino's stupid ideas?"

"I wouldn't call an invitation a stupid idea, even if it is from Umino."

"Ugh... Okay, I'll go," Naru gave in.

"I want to know every detail, ne."

"Yeeees." Naru cranked. "Until tomorrow then," she sighed and hung up.

The End of Part 3 - Goto Part 4

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