The Heir of Siol

Part 4 - From birth, through death and renewal, must put aside old things, old fears, old lives

© 1999 by Luna, Phoebe and Selene

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Author's Note:

Hey, some time ago I finally got the last book of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles (how I love them) and stumbled over a place called Sheol. Strange, sounds like Rynn's home. But believe me, the one has nothing to do with the other. I hadn't even heard of Sheol before, although it IS listed up in one of Luna's lexica as I found out afterwards. So just in case anyone was wondering, Siol has nothing in common with Sheol. Well, you will see. --Phoebe

Disclaimer: SNAFU. As always. We own nothing except Rynn. --Luna

The Heir of Siol - Part 4 - From birth, through death and renewal, must put aside old things, old fears, old lives

© 1999 by Luna, Phoebe and Selene

Snow, soft and white, was floating down onto the streets while - although it was already afternoon - two persons were still lying in the bed. Silence covered the room since no-one dared to say a word. No-one dared to break the calm atmosphere that enclosed them. In contrast to the chilling coldness outside it was pleasantly warm in the bed. Zoisite laid molded to Kunzite's body on his side. Stroking the blonde hair of his koibito Kunzite whispered, "It's so good to have you back, Zoi."

"Mmmmmmm....." Zoisite muffled, "but move aside a little, will ya? You always seem to have an oven inside of you..."

Kunzite grabbed the slim form of Zoisite and drew him even closer. "No chance, I'll never let you go again."

"I really mean that, Kunzite-sama." Grinning about the useless efforts of Zoisite of freeing himself from his grip Kunzite started to run his hand over his koibito's throat. "Give it up, little one. You are mine."

"Kunziteeeee!" With an abrupt movement he wriggled out of Kunzite's grip and jumped out of the bed. "Don't do that! You know it scares me!" While nervously trying to get his disheveled hair out of his face he went to the window and watched the snowflakes slowly fall their way down to the ground in the greyish-yellow day. Kunzite looked puzzled at him. "Gomen, I didn't intent to scare you." He put the cover back into some kind of order and silently watched his koibito. After a while, when Zoisite hadn't turned back as he had expected him to do he frowned. "Zoisite, is something wrong?" Slowly Kunzite got out of the bed as well and slung his arms around the slim pale body.

"Kunzite!" Zoisite grouched in return and took a step away. "I told you I feel too warm that way."

Kunzite only blinked shortly in disbelief but let him go and turned away from Zoisite to collect his clothes. "Well then, maybe we should declare this night as over. I am sure Beryl and Endymion are already waiting for me." He mused hoping that Zoisite would take the bait.

Zoisite nodded absently. " 'kay. I'll ... dress and then make myself some of Rynnhoran's famous coffee." He threw Kunzite a little artificial smile and turned to leave the room. "Zoi!" Kunzite stopped him. Zoisite turned back. "Hm?"

"Not even a goodbye?"

"Sure." He crossed the short distance and then gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Until tonight." Zoisite walked quietly out of the room and left an irritated Kunzite behind. Something was wrong here. He had difficulties to pinpoint his feelings but it were some that he didn't like. Still staring at the door through which Zoisite had left him he wondered what it was Rynnhoran had done to his koibito that made him react so strange. Best would be to talk to this human, but not now. Not when Beryl was already awaiting him. With a single thought he got dressed again and then teleported himself to the Dark Kingdom.

Snow, soft and white, was floating down onto the grey street while everything in Tokyo went on with its everyday business, leaving the return of some kings unregarded.

* * *

Zoisite sat with a steaming pot of coffee at the table and stared unfocused into the room when Rynnhoran rumpled at the door. He had some unoverhearable difficulties with it as it seemed. Zoisite decided to ignore the noise and concentrated on his headache again. Ten seconds later the door slammed open after Rynnhoran had rammed it with his shoulder a few times and stumbled in. Cursing he kicked the door shut, threw the stack of paper he carried on the couch and stretched lascivously. He felt how his usual height returned and then saw Zoisite who still hadn't moved. "Hi, Zoi-kun, how was your day?"

Zoisite looked up at him darksomely and mumbled something unintelligible before bowing his head down again. Rynnhoran started for the kitchen to take a closer look at ... and stopped at the treshold. "Bad day?" he asked more seriously, but slowly started to smile again. "Something wrong? The coffee maybe?"

"A bad day? I scared Kunzite-sama away, sit in the kitchen and pity myself, plus the probably worst headache of my lifetime. That IS a bad day. Thank you for asking, bye."


"Sayonnara, good bye, Hasta la vista, au revoir, auf Wiedersehen."

"Wait,wait,wait,wait,wait. You want to go? Where? And your headache? Or me?"

Zoisite took a deep breath. "I do not care in the least, if you are trying to joke now or not, but I'd advise you to GET OUT OF THAT ROOM INSTANTLY AND LEAVE ME ALONE!"

This outburst startled Rynnhoran and he took a step back, frightened. After what he had heard and seen he could fathom what the king was capable of. But he wanted to create a good basis with this one in special and this wasn't possible if he made a retreat now. "Hey, this is my kitchen. I am living here. You can't mind if I want a pot of coffee, too. The coffee is really great, you have to admit that, haven't you." He gathered all of his courage and walked into the kitchen, past Zoisite, directly to the shelf on which the coffee had been deposited by him a week ago. Zoisite tensed his muscles shortly but didn't do anything more, while Rynnhoran was preparing the water. After a while he lifted his head and looked into the living room. "Are you already working out a plan or what do you need that paper for?" He sounded tired not unnerved now.

"That paper? What paper?" Rynnhoran turned around and suddenly his face featured a really broad grin. "Oh, that paper! Well, if I'd plan to attack Metallia with the help of pink elephants, green dogs or blue pandas, that might just be the right thing. No, these are the artworks of three primary classes, I took them home to mark them. A difficult task if you ask me. I am afraid I will join you here in the kitchen suffering the worst headache of MY lifetime very soon."

"I don't see why marking childrens scribbles should be difficult," the king muffled.

"No idea? Really? Then let me introduce you to a task that is comparable to a detective's job. Come, Zoi-kun, you will see what I mean when you hold the first sheet in your hands."

* * *

Nephrite sat in the café at the rear wall and let his gaze wander through the warm room. At the opposite wall sat a small woman and was obviously waiting for someone. She turned around every time she felt the cold winter breeze from outside touching her back and eyed everybody who entered the café, but every time she hung her head. He watched her through some leaves of the plants that adorned the [aisles(?)] between the tables until their gazes met and he swiftly looked away, out of the window where the snow was falling like in the whole last week. A short glance at the clock on the opposite side of the street told him that it were still ten minutes until three o'clock. The entrance door opened again with a soft tinging sound and a tall man in a dark coat came in. Nephrite let his eyes follow the slow steps to the woman's table who greeted him with a loving embrace. Watching them he wondered what Naru's reaction would be when she saw him here, living. Guilt swept through him and he focused his vision on the candlelight in front of him. No lies anymore, he vowed to himself. She had deserved it. And now maybe he was allowed to lead a normal life. Without fighting, or crouching in front of the demon Metallia or Queen Beryl. Nephrite flinched at the thought of them. Yes, he would gladly help Rynnhoran to end their reign and after that he would start his life all anew with Naru at his side. Another glance up... five minutes left. When the waiter came walking again into his direction he stopped him. "Two chocolate parfaits," he ordered and leaned back again. The waiter walked away and Nephrite continued to stare out of the window watching the humans outside and their hustle and bustle.

A little bell's chime sounded softly through the warm café and made Nephrite looking expectingly to the door - again. A small figure stood in the doorway eyeing the room slowly for a familiar face. Carefully and with a good portion of shyness she entered the wooden paneled café, hands folded together in front of her. Nephrite liked to watch her. Resting his elbows on the table and posing his chin onto his hands he smiled with anticipation at the human girl that was slowly drawing closer. And then came the moment he had waited all this time since his resurrection. She saw him. It wasn't just a swift meeting of their eyes, no, she recognized him for who he was. His stomach cramped to the size of a fist when he saw her approaching form stopping in its movement and her big green eyes growing wide in the now pale face. The lump shrunk even more when he saw her faint.

Out of reaction Nephrite jumped swiftly up to catch her from crashing to the floor and covered the distance with two big strides. The moment she laid in his arms he could feel many pairs of eyes watching him and three of the waiters jumped immediately to his side to help him with the girl. "Is she alright? Shall I call an ambulance? Or can I help in any other way?"

Nephrite shook his head. "No. This isn't necessary. I can handle this myself," he said calmly and lifted her up. Slowly he wound his way around the patrons and waiters of the café to his table where he placed her gently down onto the bench on the wall and waited. Ignoring the curious gazes of the others around him, Nephrite took his time to watch her unmoving form. She hadn't changed in the least. Though he didn't doubt a second that she had grown up a lot since their last meeting. It didn't happen very often to little girls to see their love getting murdered in front of their eyes. He wondered how she had handled his death. How could she. It would have been very difficult for him in her place, he knew for sure. But that didn't matter now. That was the past. What mattered now were the coming days, weeks, months or even years. He owed her a lot and he would gladly pay her back. If she only woke up, it would make him feel less guilty and helpless. She was passed out far too long already for his taste.

"Naru?" Nephrite asked silently in an attempt to wake her up but got no reaction. Carefully he laid one hand onto her forehead concentrating on his magical abilities to bring her back into consciousness. To his delight she reacted immediately and started to blink. Her green eyes opened hesitatingly and then she looked at him. Fully and with all their warmth. The same warmth that he had feared some months ago. Feared that they could break his icy barrier he had created to protect himself, that had helped him to shield himself against Zoisite's piercing provocations, against Queen Beryl's terror or against the despair he felt every evening when he was lying in his bed, staring at the dark ceiling and trying in vain to remember anything about himself in the time before he had "entered" Beryl's service. She didn't breathe. She merely stared at him and then out of nothing started to tremble and quiver. Not good, he told himself. That wasn't supposed to happen. "Naru?" he asked silently with as smooth a voice as was possible for him, trying to calm her down again. It didn't help. The girl's eyes grew wide, her face was pale again, paler than before and her trembling aggravated to panic.

Nephrite eyed her horrified. "Naru, get a hold of yourself. It's just me." She moved her lips as when speaking but no sound escaped her mouth. "I know, it's hard to believe, but 'yes', I'm alive. It's me, Nephrite." It seemed that his words got through to her. Her trembling stopped and the panic faded away, she got calmer and breathed deeper, not as swift as before. Only her eyes were still fixed on his, and she rested a bit too pale for him but apart from that everything seemed alright again.

"Ne -- Ne -- Nephrite ...! How ... is that possible? I mean, you disappeared in my arms. You ..." She wasn't able to say anything more when he laid his finger upon her lips. "Sssh!"

Immediately her paleness turned into a bright blush. First then she realized that she was still lying with her back upon something hard. Her eyes let go of his and she looked around, unmoving. But more than the underside of a table, a bench, her feet and Nephrite wasn't in her range of vision.

"Let me help you up!" Nephrite offered and pulled her smiling into a sitting position. As soon as she noticed the things atop the table her eyes went even wider when she saw the chocolate parfait in front of her and tears started to run slowly down her cheeks. Nephrite stared worriedly at her. He hadn't expected such a reaction. After a while Naru took her head back to breathe in deeply again. Tears still decorated her eyes with a teint of silver light. "Nephrite," she wailed and flung her arms around him, sobbing against his chest.

"Don't cry, little one," he whispered into her ear, but held her close. "We are together now." She didn't seem to hear him. So he stroked her hair and waited until she eased. Several moments later her sobbing stopped and she loosened her grip, looking up at him. He smiled back at her. "By the way, your chocolate parfait is melting away," he whispered into her ear.

Naru stole a glance at the table and watched the cherry on top slowly sliding down the small hill of ice. "You could be right," she giggled pained. Although she didn't felt like laughing she couldn't help it.

"Itadakimasu!" Nephrite said with a bright smile and felt how the girl removed her arms from around him.

Naru waited for him to take the spoon and try the ice before she started to eat. "How is it?"

Nephrite looked a bit confused at her, searching for the right words to describe the new taste. "Well, ... different."

"You like it?"

"Mmh, yes, ... I think. Why don't you eat yours?" Nephrite pointed with his spoon at her still untouched parfait.

"I want to see how you react to it first," she retorted seriously.

"Why?" he asked back with a slightly fearful expression in his blue eyes.

"Nothing. Just eat on."

"So so? Just eat on!?"

"Mmh," she nodded. His face was so ridiculous that she had a hard time trying to hide a smile behind the big ice. But he did what she said, although he always kept his eyes on her while shuffling the ice spoon after spoon into his mouth, and everytime he found Naru watching him. Several seconds later he laid his spoon aside and stared at her. "Why are you doing this?"

"What?" she asked as innocently as possible.

"You are observing my every move."

"Does it make you nervous?" A grin spread over her face.

Nephrite obviously took this as a challenge and locked his eyes with hers until she couldn't bear it anymore and cast her gaze down. "Will you eat now, too?"

"Of course. After all I don't wanna miss my ice too. It's just that it doesn't taste so good when it is that pumpy slime."


"Let's eat before it is totally thawed, ne."

Nephrite nodded and smiled when he saw that Naru, too, finally took up her spoon and started to eat. She was exactly as he remembered her. Her hair, those eyes and her spirit. She seemed to have had nothing lost through his death, at least nothing that she showed anybody. He didn't know if this was good or bad, but he was relieved. It was strange, but it was true. He was here with her eating that chocolate parfait as he had promised and he was alive.

* * *

It had gotten later than expected when Kunzite finally arrived in the Dark Kingdom. His concentration was still somewhere lost in Zoisite's sweet scent. The feeling of the cold hands against his back and the breath on his chest followed him in his thoughts while he went along the dark corridors of his home towards Beryl's thronechamber. Several corners before his destination he stopped, shook his head and forced himself to forget everything about last night. It was definitely no good to none of them when in front of the queen joy suddenly slipped over his face while telling the dragon that he had done nothing that could bring them forward. Composed and cold as usual he passed the last corners with a stern expression until he stood in front of the big doors, seeing a dark clad figure leaning against the sidewall, playing with a black rose in his hands and grinning broadly at his approach.

"Ah, Lord Kunzite, do we finally have the guts to report the queen about our new failure? Or better about our incompetence? What do you think would make her more furious? To learn that you have gained nothing or that you haven't even moved the smallest finger or in your case wasted the tiniest thought on regaining the silver cyrstal?" The rose tumbled fast through Endymion's skilled fingers until he grabbed it firm and darted it against the opposite wall. Kunzite just had a disparaged glance for the prince and moved past him through the door. "Shut up, loudmouth!" he said derisively. Then the door closed, leaving Endymion outside the thronechamber. It was dark inside. Not even the youma's lines were visible. Only the area around the throne was illuminated.

"You are late, Kunzite!" The queen scolded the king who slowly strode up until he stood in front of her . "Slowly but surely this seems to become an inappropiate habit of yours."

Fist to his heart he bowed submissively. "I'm sorry, my queen. It won't happen again."

"Hm." Beryl squinted her eyes and mustered Kunzite for a while. Then she stood up, taking her staff with her and vanished into the darkness behind the throne.

Kunzite straightened and looked around in confusion.

"You don't need to search for the youma. I sent them away," explained Beryl's voice from a dark spot several meters beside the throne.

"Away? Where?" Kunzite was puzzled, wondering if he should follow his queen into the blackness but decided to stay until she ordered him to her.

"I wanted to talk to you alone." A faint light began to glow from above to enlighten Beryl's position, who stood with her back to him. "There are things not everyone has to know."

The king hesitated.

"You...have been acting rather strange lately, so I hear," she stated.

Kunzite swallowed, slowly looking around again. "Who says that I'm acting strange?" he asked intonating the last word in special, letting it all sound ridiculous.

"Hm." Beryl turned halfway around and pierced Kunzite with her red eyes. "Various." She turned back. "Some even say you haven't been at home for a week or so." Slowly she began to tap her fingers on her staff. "I wonder what to think of this."

"That's right, my queen. I have spent a lot of time in the human's world. I am trying to learn more about their ways like Nephrite had. This way I can increase the chance to trap the senshi effectively."

"Ah. So desu ka." She didn't sound very convinced.

"Hai." He waited.

"Then explain me the plan you have."

Kunzite looked at her for a while collecting his thoughts. "The senshi are living a human's life. So it is the best to learn as much about the humans as possible to hit them on their most vulnerable nerves. One step for example was to bring Endymion on our side, they would do everything to get him back. Maybe we can work this way further."

Behind the throne Beryl crossed her arms and began to stroke her chin. "Be honest, Kunzite." she said in a warning tone.

He stiffened. "Honest with what, my queen? I have told you..."

"You talk much and say little. I have the strong feeling you haven't made out any plan or even anything in the latest time and I find this to be extremely tiring. You begin to become uneffective and if you don't do something soon I'm afraid I have to replace you in earnest and good riddance."

A slight shiver ran through him when he recalled Zoisite's death. "I am sorry that you think this way about my service, my queen. I assure you that I'm giving my best as your first king to fulfill your expectations."

"It won't do you any good to beg. I have to run a kingdom. Sufficiently. And I mustn't waste Queen Metallia's or mine energy on insufficient underlings."

A lump formed in his throat. This was getting all the wrong way. He bowed again, "Then I will increase my efforts to please you and get your wishes done, Queen Beryl."

Beryl looked at Kunzite and strode over, facing him firmly with her red gaze.

He closed his eyes unable to stand her. "Do I have the permission to leave and continue in my task, my queen?" he asked with a slight quiver in his voice.

"No. Not yet. I hope you will keep in mind what I said. You always served me well. It would be a real shame."


"Good." The queen gave him a quick nod and smiled by way of a hint. "Endymion," she raised her voice, which opened the hall's doors with a muffled sound.

Kunzite breathed relieved when Beryl's attention changed to Endymion's approach.

"Yes, my queen," Endymion answered much too enthusiastic for Kunzite's taste.

"I have some more work for the two of you." Beryl announced and took her place on the throne. "Some days ago the energy-flow of a certain magical device disrupted our majesty's peace. Both she and me well know it since the silver millennium and it could become a thread to us if left out of consideration. I command you to deactivate it as soon as possible. I will show you its pattern so that you can find it." The queen moved her right hand above the black sphere set on her staff and its surface moved, producing an intensive oscillation in the air, spreading with a warm, red light. "This is it," the queen said. "Have you felt it, too, back then?"

Kunzite nodded, earning a contemptious gaze from Endymion's side. "My queen, would you have the kindness to tell me more about that device. It would be helpful for its detection to know as much as possible about it."

Beryl took her hand away and the display stopped, suddenly leaving the room oddly cold. "It stores immense power. And if it's active, then there is also one who can actually use it. So it's dangerous. That's all. Just find and deactivate it, but don't destroy it. Bring it to me." The queen took her staff and brought its lower end down on the ground with a loud, echoing sound. "Now go. You are dismissed."

"Hai," the two men answered in unison, then Kunzite vanished in a reddish light. Endymion stared after him before grinning again. The king wouldn't make it long anymore. Leaving the hall he called for his new servants to make out another plan.

* * *

"I hadn't expected the ice to be so delicious. Really." Nephrite smiled charmingly at the girl and took her hand.

Naru reddened and shyly hid herself away behind her scarf, though she clasped her hand tightly around his. "This is all so...dreamlike ...and embarrassing..." she said softly smiling while she looked into the shopwindows they came by, desperately searching for a reason not to meet his eyes.

Nephrite slipped one arm around her and drew her closer. "Where are we going now? Any suggestions? I am sure you know the city better than I."

Naru crept even deeper into her scarf. "I - I ...uhm...gomen."

He peered down at her, seeing her red-haired head drawn between her shoulders and hands stuffed into the pockets of the green knee-length coat. "It's no dream, Naru. I am very much alive, I assure you. Don't worry. Let go of your fears and relax. You are absolutely safe, my dear," he whispered, enthralling her with his sooth voice.

"That's not it ... you see all this people walking by seeing us like that ... all of them'll think I'm your girlfriend. This makes me feel awkward somehow ... it's new to me and - uhm ...thinking of me as your girlfriend ..."

"Naru," he interrupted her, halting and turning her to him.

Naru ripped her eyes widely open. "Gomen! I didn't mean to ... If you're angry about the 'girlfriend'..."

"Naru," he repeated this time with more emphasis, shaking his head. "Don't think about such things. Just answer me this. Do you want to be called my girlfriend?" His gaze let her no chance to escape.

Naru looked up at him in sheer wonder, blinking once or twice. "Yes. Yes, of course I would," she answered quietly after some moments.

He smiled, taking both of her hands into his. "Alright then, I'm your boyfriend."

"Honto ni?" she whispered unbelieving this was reality.

"I have sworn never to lie to you again."

"You remember?"

"Of course. I can remember all," he said and started to move again, drawing her with him. "Come."

They left the big street and turned into a smaller alley leading up to the more tranquile part of Tokyo's inner city.

Naru had slung one arm around Nephrite's and clung to him. She took a deep breath and was filled by his aromatic scent. Her head started to swim and everything around her lost its meaning. With half-closed eyes she set one foot in front of the other, not seeing or knowing where they went to. Just walking, dreaming and being so close to her Nephrite.

The End of Part 4 - Goto Part 5

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