The Heir of Siol

Part 5 - All's assembled

© 1999 by Luna, Phoebe and Selene

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It was late as always when Kunzite fought his way through the crowd of humans that obstructed every way through Tokyo. Well, he could have teleported to Rynnhoran's house, but then it could be traced back, and that was something he wanted to avoid under all circumstances. Not that it would have disturbed him in the least if Beryl found out about this weirdo Rynnhoran, but Zoisite was another thing. If Beryl was ever to learn of the reborn king she certainly wouldn't leave his state the way it was. Even if Zoisite behaved really strange Kunzite was sure that this would change after his koibito had the rest he needed. It had to be this way. If not, well, then he knew who he had to blame for it.

His thoughts drifted on while he rounded the last corner to the street where Rynnhoran's house was. The crowd of people had become few and fewer the closer he came to his destination and only a dozen humans where still around him at the time he sensed the presence of a non-human being awfully close to him. He spun around and scanned his surroundings but found nothing unusual.

A woman with a bag in each hand brushed past him, murmured something and went on. His glance moved around but he had lost the scent of whatever had encountered him. Simply vanished. With the piercing feeling of insecurity he turned back and went on towards the house. A few strides later he sensed it again. This time it wasn't alone. Kunzite readied himself for an attack and moved on pretending that he had noticed nothing. The smoggy tokyoter winter-air surrounding him kept quiet except for the humans' bustling and the rather faint blaring horns and humming from the inner city.

Then Rynnhoran's house had been reached but he didn't stop. Instead he went on always the presence of the two beings close to him. Turning into the next street that crossed his way he reached out with his mind to trace the phantoms back. To his surprise he wasn't able to detect them. So they had a skill to block scanning-spells he observed mutely to himself. Whatever there was had magical abilities. And except for Sailor Moon and her team, him, the other kings and the youmas there shouldn't be anyone else being able to use magic. The other kings wouldn't dare playing such suicidal tricks with him. That left only an too impudent senshi or a youma. But youmas weren't that powerful except someone trained them and ...

The realization struck him. Youma! And he knew exactly who had sent them. Well, now that he knew what he had to look for it wasn't all that difficult to make out the typical traces everyone in the Dark Kingdom wore through Metallia's influence. And there it was.

"Kiku! Yasuri! Show yourselves!" he commanded.

A few seconds later there was a twirl in the air and a female looking youma appeared in front of him glaring frightend. Kunzite saw it with delight strutting with blazing eyes towards the youma.

"Kiku," he snarled. "I know that Endymion has sent the two of you. Where is Yasuri? What are you up to? Only spying on me or has he given you a special task?" The youma kept silent, staring intimidated holes into him, slowly stepping backwards.

"Answer me!" Kunzite demanded and reached his hand out to grab the youma when he felt the presence of Yasuri somewhere again and let her go. In a swift movement he turned around eyeing every inch around him in the same time and caught a glimpse of the youma just at the moment the other one started his attack. Kunzite shielded himself immediately but for nothing. The blow never reached him. A blue light flared up behind Yasuri and the youma disintegrated. Kunzite watched the scene cautiously awaiting another attack from Kiku. But instead a smiling Jadeite appeared in the attacker's place and intimated a slight bow. "Lord Kunzite."

The first king just stared at him for awhile. "Jadeite, what are you doing here?" The way how he emphasized the 'you' gave Jadeite to understand that Kunzite obviously had not the slightest idea why he was here. About to answer Jadeite noticed a new twirl in the air behind Kunzite and the first youma was gone. Kunzite's head spun around when he felt the summoning of dark energy to do the teleport but it was too late already. The disappearance of the youma was all he could see, uncapable of stopping the transfer. Scolding himself mutely for his carelessness Kunzite turned back to Jadeite still waiting for an answer though he already knew it, or at least could guess who was behind it.

"I don't quite know myself, only that I had to follow that constant urge up to this place, whereever 'this place' here is."

Kunzite nodded knowingly. "Come with me, Jadeite, I'll introduce you to the man who certainly can explain you everything you want to know better than I can."

With that they walked back to Rynnhoran's house in silence. Jadeite looked around from time to time to get a better impression of the surroundings wondering all the time what had happened all the while he was imprisoned in that crystal. So much time couldn't have passed. The fashion of the humans was almost the same as it was at the day he was at that damned airport and he hadn't noticed many changes in Tokyo as well while coming to that place. He had avoided to teleport since he didn't know anything about the situation at hand. There could be magical beings around or something else with immense powers. Not that he had met something like that or wished to meet it before he didn't know anything more about what he was up to, but it had to be something magic since it was able to free him from the crystal, and that power definitely wasn't Beryl's or Metallia's.

They passed a green old car that had already called for his attention when he first came that way and then he felt the strongest radiation of that feeling again. This had to be his destination then, he thought and saw his guess confirmed when Kunzite steered him to the wooden door of the old house in front of them. Strange, but the air around the other king seemed icier than he was used to. Jadeite wondered if something was wrong with him. Kunzite hadn't said anything more to him than the two or three sentences after the fight. Well, he didn't expect Kunzite to start a small talk but he could tell him at least about the things that had happened while he was apart. He began pondering if Beryl and Metallia were still alive. Perhaps this was the reason why the crystal had shattered and no-one had called for him for a new task ... except that strange force of course. Maybe Kunzite had ... no, he wouldn't dare to shatter ... he would ... but he couldn't be that strong, could he? Jadeite decided to ask Kunzite about it but stopped himself from it when he saw the grey eyes narrow even more at the moment they approached the door. About to speak he shut his mouth again when he heard voices from inside, recognizing one as Zoisite's. He started a second try but was interrupted again when Kunzite indicated him to be silent and opened the door with as little a noise as possible. They entered the house and Jadeite found himself in a small corridor that was leading up into a big living room or rather a wanna-be-living room. Inside it was barely warmer than in the city. Most probable because this whole house looked more like a refuge than a cave with a nice fireplace would have done. There were no tapestries and no more furniture than absolutely necessary.

Jadeite saw Kunzite stop at the corner to the bigger room and decided to wait with him for whatever. It worried him to see Kunzite in such a suspicious mood. Voices came from the big room. There was Zoisite's again and one absolutely unfamiliar to him.

"I know it's green... I'd say it's a ...camel?"

"Never!" Zoisite again.

"Just take a look at those humps... a camel unambiguously."

"Nah, these are horns. A rhino."

Kunzite watched Rynnhoran and Zoisite silently from his position at the corner. They didn't seem to have the slightest idea that someone else was in the house. Bitterness cramped through him when he saw the two of them sitting there together, laughing, joking and talking so familiar to each other.

"A rhino? If you say so ...and this one???" Rynnhoran grabbed another picture and turned it into various directions to get sense into it. Zoisite giggled.

"What's up?"

The king had a hard time not to laugh out loud. "That's you!"

Rynnhoran stared baffled from the picture to Zoisite and back. "No way!" But then he had to giggle, too.

"See, Rynn, violet eyes, dark hair..."

"But I'm not that fat!" he protested and pouted.

"No, you are not, Rynn." Zoisite smiled and patted his upper arm.

Kunzite's hands clenched into fists. It hurt to watch this any longer. Demonstratively he cleared his throat and stepped into the large room, scowling at Rynnhoran. Zoisite turned around still laughing while Rynn leapt up. "Aiyah! Lord Kunzite, you scared me!"

Kunzite grumbled at the cheerishness of both of them. "Why couldn't you have died from that shock, Rynnhoran?" he muttered silently.

Zoisite squinted his eyes. "Kun-kun, please," he mouthed.

Kunzite's gaze turned into a more neutral one again. "Here is someone whom you should meet. He says he was drawn to this place."

Rynnhoran overcame his fit of laughter and peered at Kunzite's companion who stepped forth now. "Hi, Jadeite."

Taken by surprise Jadeite couldn't say anything else then "How do you know my name?" It was a stupid question but it was the first that sprang to his mind at that moment. Suddenly he understood Kunzite's suspicion. Something was different about this human. Not only that Zoisite liked him - what was seldom enough an event - but he could feel a trace of magic in him. Not very strong but it was there. It was this man then who had called for him. But why?

When no-one said anything he shot a questioning glance sidewards at Kunzite to see him looking icily at his koibito.

Zoisite ducked his head and stood up, signing Kunzite to follow him upstairs.

Rynnhoran watched the two of them disappear in the staircase and wondered what the eldest king was angry about. He felt sorry for Zoi-kun, but - well, it would have to wait.

"Gomen Jadeite, what did you ask?"

* * *

Kunzite banged the door shut behind him and waited armcrossed for Zoisite to speak. Zoisite had sat down on the other side of the room and looked at him intimidated. After a while he became nervous and began to pace the room.

"I'm really ... really sorry for ... anyone can have a bad day once in a while... I... do not want you to be angry at me."

Kunzite stayed silent letting his eyes follow Zoisite. He knew that he made Zoisite feeling uneasy that way. And that was all he wanted, making the other one feeling as bad as he did.

"I was out of my mind. Don't know why."

Maybe those words would have soothed him several hours ago, but not after what he had just seen.

"Tell me what you think of Rynnhoran." He was still piercing Zoisite with his grey eyes.

Zoisite stopped midway to face him. "Why?"

Kunzite shrugged indifferently. "I am still trying to figure out what I should think about him. You have spent the most time with him. So, what do you think of him, Zoi?" Not quite the truth but close.

"You are jealous, aren't you." Zoisite accused, squinting his eyes.

Jealous? Him? The image of his koibito glued to Rynnhoran's arm, ignoring him, leapt through his inner eyes. Ignored. He should have known that he was there, he always knew. Always, except this time. And he did know why his koibito hadn't sensed his presence this time. He was too concentrated on their new friend. Jealous? Why not?

"Yesss," Kunzite hissed with all bitterness he could manage to bring up.

Closing his eyes, Zoisite drew in a sharp breath and pressed his fingers to his temples. "Why???"

"Isn't that obvious?"

"No it isn't!" an unnerved Zoisite hissed back. "We were only making fun over some children's scribbles! What's your problem with it?"

"It's not those scribbles! That's not the point, Zoisite!" Kunzite shouted enraged. "Another question is far more interesting." His voice dropped back to normal standards. "Do you like Rynnhoran?"

Zoisite tried hard not to loose what little composure he had kept, up until now. "Well, yes I do!"

"Stupid question. Of course you do, considered the way how you two talk to each other and the way how you behaved this morning." Kunzite took his eyes from Zoisite, eyes that could let his lover fathom what madness raged through Kunzite at his answer. "Of course you do," he repeated more to himself.

Slowly Zoisite made a few steps backwards and decided to sit down on the edge of the bed to gain at least some stability back. Kunzite usually succeeded in scaring him when he wanted to. "Kunzite, you're becoming paranoid ..." he murmured more to himself than anyone else.

"Paranoid?? Now I'm being paranoid," Kunzite spat back, completely out of his mind. His eyes pierced the intimidated form before him, wondering how this picture of misery could stir such powerful emotions in him, but unable to keep it inside any longer.

"Your behavior is almost ridiculous," Zoisite uttered miserably.

Kunzite was still gazing holes into the other king, slowly overcoming the fit of rage. "Is it, Zoisite?" His voice still held a dangerous sharpness, but except that it was almost calm again. The grey eyes narrowed for a short moment then softened again and finally let go of Zoisite, fixing the empty wall. It was all silent. His breath went still a bit fast, whirling his rage up and down with it until he decided to burn that power through physical movement and started striding through the tiny room. To the wall at the door and back to the bed and its commode. Not too fast. Thoughts ran through his head, possibilities how he could make sure most effectively that Zoisite stayed his property, with Beryl's words backing up his fear to loose everything he had reached. Several seconds later he stopped, turning back to Zoisite, reasoning to him in as calm a voice as possible.

"I advise you to be more careful about Rynnhoran. We know as much as nothing about him. He refuses to tell me anything. And I can't imagine that he has told you any more than absolutely necessary. So, stay away from him, Zoi!"

Weary, Zoisite's lost gaze drifted away from Kunzite, apparently all of a sudden more concentrated on past emotions. "Rynn wouldn't even harm a fly. And he will tell us, now that we are all together."


"May I remind you that you too can appear as if you couldn't harm anyone. And just in case you don't know he wants to defeat Metallia. Does this look to you as if he couldn't harm a fly? I doubt it." Kunzite hoped that it would be sufficent to convince Zoisite.

A creaking sound followed when Zoisite rose from the bed and approached him. A cool hand touched his cheek, once again shattering his protectionate wall, his power. "There is no reason to be jealous or anything, I find nothing on him all that attractive and he's far away from making any moves in that direction, so what? He's just a friendly guy, nothing more."

Kunzite swallowed and eased."If you say so." The look of Zoisite's eyes, the piercing green of them ... After a while Kunzite nodded. "Well, I trust you, Zoi," he said forcing himself to believe his words. Zoisite kept silent, still looking directly into his heart. He knew Kunzite long enough to know when he was pretending.

The silence was tearing on Kunzite's nerves. He still didn't know what to think of all this. Zoisite was with him again and yet he wasn't. Something was different but he couldn't say what, he couldn't pinpoint it. It just felt not right. But quarreling didn't bring him closer to a solution either.

"Do you know that it's almost impossible to be angry with you?" he asked, closing his arms around Zoisite.


"Sssh," Kunzite breathed working his way to Zoisite's throat and then up to his mouth before he let him go yet still embracing him. Kunzite's eyes drifted over Zoisite's delicate face. "Promise me to stay at my side."

'Of course I stay at your side - the question is if you'll stay at mine.'

"I have lost you once, Zoisite. This time I will fight every chance to loose you."

"Who says you are going to loose me?"

He opened the grip around Zoisite and turned away, striding slowly through the room until he stood at the window thinking back at his talk with his queen. Yes, he had felt the power of the magical device and he knew exactly who he had to seek. "Rynnhoran's plan is madness. He will never be able to defeat Metallia. You know how strong she is, and Beryl too. And the four of you are no enemies for them, that is if Nephrite and Jadeite decide to participate, what is rather doubtful."

"You aren't going to come with us?" Zoisite sounded not all too surprised.

Kunzite shook his head. "No."

"We already almost counted on you." The blonde king hung his shoulders and sighed. Then he looked up again. "Kunzite! Why? Are you scared of them? And what about your freedom? And my revenge? And Jadeite's? And don't you have the feeling you should pay something back to Rynn? Kunzite! Give me an answer!"

Kunzite's head jerked around, his eyes just mirroring coldness again. "I can't." Two simple words, which he knew would lead to yet another discussion. Scared? Being accused of cowardness ... by his lover. That hurt. But even more, it was true. He was afraid that someone denied him the chance to live with Zoisite, either Beryl or Rynnhoran, which one didn't matter. And attacking the Dark Kingdom never guaranteed a long life. What was freedom if the only prospect was death? There would be another way, sure, there always was.

"You can't?" Zoisite blurted out. "Love, these are words I never expected to hear from you. From everyone, not from you. You always know a solution no matter how severe the problem is. But now you are simply giving up before you have ev.."

"There are things that even I can't handle." A short pause before he turned away from the window. "Don't you understand, Zoisite? Have you forgotten who we are? What we are? I can't help you in that fight, nor can Jadeite. Neither him nor me could be of any help to Rynnhoran. You and Nephrite already have your freedom, ..." Another pause. "Do with it whatever you want."

Zoisite turned on his heel and banged the door shut behind him. Then he ripped it open again. "You are nuts, you know that?!" It slammed shut another time and Kunzite could hear him hurrying down the stairs loudly. He stared at the closed entrance feeling a trace of desperation overcoming him at the dilemma he was in. There was another foreboding he couldn't shake off. Delivering Rynnhoran into Beryl's hands would put him into direct conflict with ...


After a while Kunzite let himself sag against a wall. "Come back."

* * *

Somehow it doesn't matter in which season one enters a park. It is always beautiful, even in the most villaineous time of the year. Snowflakes covered the branches of every bald tree around them and sometimes a sparrow placed itself on a whipping twig, causing some of the white crystals to float to the ground - or onto Nephrite's head who looked growling up at the bird while Naru giggled. He looked really funny how he rolled his eyes to see the white heap on his curly hair. Naru stepped to him and brushed it away softly with a gloved hand. Nephrite used the moment to pull her into his arms giving her a start. After the first shock she relaxed against him and enjoyed the warm feeling of finally being so close to him. Tenderly he leveled her chin up and caught her eyes with his. A smile crossed his face before he bent down and kissed her. She stiffened shortly but then gave in and digged her fingers into his green coat. When Nephrite reopened his eyes he saw that she had blushed slightly and smiled inwardly at her. He let her swim in this feeling for some more moments before he withdrew himself to give her some breath. And then happened something he didn't believe possible. She blushed even more.

"Kawaii!" he said affectionately and watched a snowflake settling onto her nose. Nephrite nudged it away causing her to cross-eye to see his fingertip. He smiled and shook his head. She was just too cute.

Impulsively Nephrite drew her closer to him, when he suddenly smelled something. He sniffed. "Do you smell that, too?"

"Hm?" Naru looked up at Nephrite and sniffled probingly into the air. "Sorry, Nephrite, I can't smell anything at all at the moment." Cautiously she looked around. Maybe there were some monsters again. Suddenly the petal of a cherry floated through the winter air in front of her. Shortly after that a whirling sound was added and more petals stormed about.

"Zoisite! Now what are you doing here??" he shouted, feeling interrupted in his date, and drew Naru behind him into a more secure position, shielding her with his body. Naru looked around Nephrite and recognized Zoisite, gasping startled. "It's him again. Nephrite, run!"

Zoisite simply kept standing on the snow-covered lawn and looked calmly at Nephrite. "You could at least have told us where you were going, I was close to turn the whole city upside down to find you." His voice sounded rather raspy.

Nephrite also took notice of that wondering about it. Some seconds later he asked. "Why all the effort? What do you want?"

"We are complete now. Jadeite has arrived. Rynnhoran wants to begin with the explanation." He turned and began to walk into the direction of the exit. "Come."

"Jadeite is there? Who freed him? Wait!" Nephrite walked towards Zoisite, pulling Naru after him. She gave him a surprised look but didn't say anything when she saw his eyes. They were joyful. Obviously the news had made him even more happy.

Zoisite stood and waited for them. "Rynnhoran shattered the crystal." He made a short pause and looked at Naru. "You want to take the girl with you?" He sounded monotonous and much too serious for being himself. His eyes also seemed to be red suffused.

"Zoisite," Nephrite said worridly, grabbing his arm. "Is something wrong? You neither look nor sound very good."

Zoisite snatched his arm free and snarled back. "None of your business, Nephrite." He turned away. "If you want to drag her into this, suit yourself, I don't care."

"Zoisite!" he called after him.


Nephrite gazed at him for awhile. "Nothing."

The young king began to march again. "Then come." He stomped fast through the ankle-deep snow. "Hurry."


Turning back to Naru Nephrite took her hand again. "Do you want to come? I won't force you."

Naru squeezed his hand, nodding. "I will." She paused. "Nephrite, what is this thing between you and this Zoisite? I thought you were enemies. But right now ..."

"Difficult to say. I can't explain that in three sentences to you. Look, even if it seems that we are crashing at each other constantly he is still my friend. You could call it a love-hate-relationship."

"I see."

"Are you two growing roots there?" Zoisite called from certainly fifty meters away.

"Sure you want to come with me?"

Naru took a deep breath and started to walk towards Zoisite, dragging Nephrite after her.

Zoisite watched them through the veil of snow, how they were slowly stumbling closer to him, laughing and fooling around. Zoisite turned again and continued to walk out of the park. Dusk had already been falling.

* * *

When Nephrite, Naru and Zoisite entered the living room of Rynnhoran's house everyone else seemed to be there already. Zoisite directly ran up the stairs on the other side of the room. Naru had urged to come with him but now, in front of all those people, she wished that she had not and hid behind Nephrite.

As soon as Rynnhoran saw her he started to smile and greeted her in his Rynnhoran-typical way.

"Helloo!" he beamed and indicated a courtsey. The smile was spread over his whole face now and gave his eyes a light sparkle. Naru's head peeked curiosly around Nephrite's arm.

"Who's your lovely lady-friend you have here, Nephrite?"

Naru's head got a slightly red color at Rynnhoran's words but still didn't dare to come forth from half behind the king. But it didn't help. Nephrite shoved her in front of him introducing her. He laid one arm around her protectively and squeezed her slightly. With his arm around her she felt a lot safer and looked up into the violet eyes of Rynnhoran who was still laughing. Naru was much too overwhelmed to remember what Nephrite's words had been, but most probable it was her name.

"Naru. Nice name. Mine is Rynnhoran. Nice to meet you!"

Naru stopped. In the background she heard Nephrite asking for Jadeite, like from far away. But something else bothered her. Rynnhoran ... she knew that name. "You are that funny primary teacher Usagi's brother always talks about! I can remember your name. It's so unusual."

Rynnhoran nodded. "Yes, isn't it. And I drive a yellowgreen car. The darling of all the primary classes."

Naru noticed how the head of another man with short blond hair snapped up and then a pair of blue-green eyes stared at Rynnhoran. Naru had the slight suspicion, that she had met him already ... somewhere, but couldn't pinpoint that thought to a direct place or time, just the feeling of deja-vu. He was sitting on the couch, which stood with its back to her. Nephrite let go of her suddenly working his way through to the stranger. "Jeddy-kun!" he exclaimed happily. The young man had spotted him too and jumped up, smiling broadly.

"Yes, I have seen it. Brave, I would say," Naru remarked to Rynnhoran, still keeping an eye on Nephrite, watching how he embraced the blonde-haired, sharing his smile.

Rynnhoran harumphed at her answer and built himself up beside her, arms akimbo, showing an half-angry face at her, though the sneaking grin around his mouth gave it away as a fake."Hey, don't make any nasty remarks about my sweetheart, she may have her quirks, but overall she's very nice."

Her eyes let go of Nephrite and his friend, Jadeite, she guessed, to throw a swift and puzzled look at her new friend."She???"

Rynnhoran's grin widened and he shrugged his shoulders as if he wanted to apologize for something.."My car. Be nice to her."

"I wouldn't be surprised when you have given it a name too," Naru muttered a bit more silent.

"Marilyn," echoed the answer immediately.

"Uh-huh. Say, you don't belong to the 'evil society', do you?"

The smile vanished and from one moment to another his face showed a slight trace of seriousness. "Evil what?"

Nephrite interrupted his chat and answered Rynnhoran. "She wants to know if you belong to 'us'."

"Oh, that! No."

Naru took a deep breath and nodded relieved. She looked around counting three of them, including Zoisite and wondered if this evil society Nephrite had mentioned really was consisting of merely three persons. But Rynnhoran seemed to be content so they had to be complete now. Suddenly she could hear footsteps coming down the stairs again and then Zoisite entered. "He says he's coming."

Naru's eyes followed Zoisite to the window where he stopped, staring out into the garden. Then she turned to Rynnhoran, asking, "He? Who else is coming?"

"Lord Kunzite," Rynnhoran explained, looking sympathically at Zoisite. "He is still upstairs and so we have to wait. But we better don't push him. Lord Zoisite and he had a little ... quarrel just now."

Naru nodded, gazing at Zoisite again who had turned back to the window, gazing at something she couldn't see. A melancholic, almost lost atmosphere hang around him. So that was why he was so upset. But what was she thinking. He was a cold, emotionless monster. At least this was the picture that she had in her mind. That had been in her mind, until today. The way he looked now he appeared to be the most fragile person she had ever encountered. The thud of a door made her turn around and look at the stairs. After some creaking sounds from the wooden staircase she spotted a tall man with long silvery hair and a cape descenting down to them. He wore the same uniform Nephrite had on the last day in the park, only that his linings were a light blue and it wasn't buttoned up. All in all he gave a very imposant impression.

"You have decided to hear the whole story, Lord?" Rynnhoran asked him.

Instead of answering Kunzite gazed down at the girl making her hide behind Rynnhoran. "I don't think that this is the right place for you, little girl."

"Kunzite, leave her be." Zoisite defended her presence without sparing a look at him. "She is brave. And Nephrite has given her permission. She came here out of free will. So don't dare to scare her away."

Kunzite merely chuckled as a response."Oh, so brave that you have to hide yourself, little girl? Mmh, that deserves my respect." Kunzite mocked, piercing her with his grey eyes.

Again it was Zoisite who raised his voice to fight back."Kunzite my love, you are really a pest today."

Rynnhoran, who had followed the argument with mixed feelings winced at Zoisite's last remark, glancing carefully over to Kunzite while shoving the girl a farther step behind him, out of the battlezone. What he saw in Kunzite's eyes was the sharpest look combined with a sense of rage that he could imagine. "Keep out!" The voice was both bitter and commanding. Kunzite ceased to pierce him only when Zoisite cast his eyes down. He turned back to Naru who was still staring at him intimidated from behind Rynnhoran.. "Are you sure that you want to stay, little girl?"

Nephrite leapt up from his place beside Jadeite but Zoisite interfered anew, not taking defeat that easily. "Kunzite, don't vent your fit of rage for me on her." he reasoned, hoping that he still possessed the power to appease his lover.

A small ball of energy hit the wall beside Zoisite. "Keep OUT!" Kunzite shouted angrily.

Zoisite stared teeth- gritted at the point beside his left shoulder where the energy-hit had left a black stain in the wall and then back at Kunzite, finally closing his eyes and turning his head away after some seconds. The situation was beyond his abilities.

Slowly Kunzite turned back to the girl, making her shudder at his cold aura. "Answer me, little girl!"

She peered shyly to Nephrite who just nodded encouraging but kept a wary eye on Kunzite.

"I - I want to stay, yes. I ..." she stammered, looking alternately from Kunzite to Nephrite and back, finally fixing on her boyfriend, her eyes begging for help .

Nephrite nodded in mute agreement and lifted from the couch to avoid looking up at Kunzite while talking to him. "I have promised her to let her know everything. I owe her that favour. If it bothers you, Lord Kunzite, then I will bring her home. But..."

Kunzite just shook his head still not releasing Naru from his eyes. "Of course you have to keep your promises." With a short glance at Rynnhoran he strode past them to the far-off wall of the room, where he had a good survey over everybody. Naru watched him, then joined Nephrite and his friend on the couch, nestling herself into his left side, feeling in the same moment how is strong arm closed around her protectingly. He would never allow any harm come to her from that Lord Kunzite, she hoped. She flashed another timid glance at him, noticing that he looked at everyone in the room for a second, that is Jadeite, who was closest to him, Nephrite, herself, and then Zoisite at the window two strides further beside the couch, opposite the wall where he stood. His eyes stayed a long moment on him, before they turned to their strange host in front of them all. "You can begin your explanation, Rynnhoran. I guess everyone is already waiting."

Rynnhoran swallowed down the lump that had formed in his throat as the atmosphere in the room grew more and more from strained to dangerous, almost perilous, what allowed him a deeper insight in the dangerousness of the - how had the girl called it - 'Evil Society'. But what good was it to back off now. He gave himself a kick up the backside and nodded, eager to give them all a little impression of their past. "Alright. With what shall I begin?"

"What about the beginning?" Jadeite suggested.

Rynnhoran nodded, rubbing his hands nervously. "Well, the beginning then."

The End of Part 5 - Goto Part 6

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