The Heir of Siol

Part 7 - The triple-P Chapter: Problems, Plans and a Pyramid

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The scenery hadn't changed much when Rynnhoran and Naru left the house again. Nephrite and Jadeite were still discussing about diverse things - but, due to their happy faces, the wild gestures and the laughs from time to time Rynnhoran was sure that it had nothing to do with the problem at hand. But it didn't bother him. In fact he felt happy for them. To see the joy on their faces, to hear them laugh - real hearty laughs - it was wonderful.

Zoisite and Kunzite had made themselves comfortable on the couch, also enjoying their kind of conversation. Kunzite whispered something into Zoisite's ear, making him smile awkwardly. Rynnhoran sighed. He would never find out what Kunzite had said that brought up such a face on Zoisite. Well, he could still ask, couldn't he. But first the key to the car, before it got too late for Naru to return home. He ran into the kitchen and roamed through diverse cups in the cupboard until he finally found what he was looking for and ran back out to Marilyn.

Almost an hour later the door opened again and the young prince came stumbled back in.

"Ah, Rynnhoran is back," Kunzite chuckled, stealing a mischivious glance at him. "We were just talking about you."

Rynn stopped at the entrance for a moment, mustering the Lord. He accepted Kunzite's sudden friendliness with a big portion of wary. "Hm. Start talking about the desert and the camels will come to you..." he observed dryly, looking at the ignition-key in his hand and wondering if he should put it into a cup again or leaving it somewhere more secure where he didn't need to seek for it first.

Kunzite's smile widened. "Well, if you see yourself as such a camel, be my guest."

"With pleasure," Rynn said grinning and bowed, finally making his mind up and disappearing in the kitchen again. Several seconds and clatters of dishes later he returned into the living room placing himself in front of everyone again, close to the place where he stood before while telling his story.

Kunzite looked at him for quite some time before he stood up and walked towards him. "Rynnhoran," he began all serious, turning back to Zoisite for a short moment then aiming his eyes at Rynnhoran again. "I want to apologize for that outburst before. I am quite unsatisfied with myself lately. Everything is going the wrong way, especially Endymion and Queen Beryl are constantly trampling on my nerves, so don't take it that serious." He stepped closer extending one hand.

Rynnhoran was surprised, confused and gladdened once at a time and accepted the offer delighted.

"Furthermore," Kunzite continued, letting Rynnhoran's hand go. "I have decided to join you. We have lost our prince, but we are still guardians. If you can convince me of the power of the golden crystal you'll have my help." Looking at the other one Kunzite could only read puzzlement in his face. "You have to understand me, Rynnhoran. I can't and I won't fight Metallia - as cruesome as she might be - if this means the immediate destruction of Jadeite and me. Beryl has told us many lies that's true, but I'm still not sure, if this one is false. So show me the truth of your story and I will serve you." With that he took his cape and bowed.

'Say, Zoi-kun, what have you done with him while I was away??' "Well thank you, my Lord, but... would you consider not to bow to me? I feel awful about such things."

Kunzite opened his eyes again, straightening. "I'm waiting for your answer, Rynnhoran."

Rynn went still redder than he already was. "Gomen, ne...but how should I show you the golden crystal's power? That's impossible, at least for me."

As if being alive the cape swung back furiously and the king turned around. "Then I can't help you. It's on you, Rynnhoran. Do something!" Kunzite's voice was back to sharp.

"B-but the golden crystal rules earth, I won't be able to find it, and even if, I could neither touch nor use it. You could maybe, but not me. And aside from that, it's sealed away since Metallia conquered earth anyway."

Kunzite shook his head. "So it is your word against our queen's. You can't or don't want to convince me. I can't believe your mere words. I need more. I'm not insinuating that you are a liar. From your point of view it may be all true. But if it's not then it means our deaths, and that price is too high for me. I demand from you to prove me your power."

Rynn sighed and gave up. "Alright! Wait a moment, I'll be back in a minute." He turned on his heel and marched off upstairs.

Kunzite crossed his arms and closed his eyes, waiting. With quite a lot of amusement he felt the surprised looks from everyone on him, even Zoisite couldn't believe it. Well, should they. It didn't matter.

The stairs creaked again and Rynnhoran came rumbling down, holding a wooden box in his hands. He walked to the table and put the box onto it, lifting the lid. At the moment the box was open a red light spread from it illuminating the room dimly. Rynnhoran looked around to see that everyone was staring at it. Well, it was the same with him when he first saw it glowing.

"This is Rukh," he said in a low voice and took the pyramid out so that everyone could see it in its whole.

It was wonderful. Even Kunzite had to admit that. Then he shivered. There came a feeling from it that made him uneasy. He could sense an immense magical power from it, though it wasn't much. The small the amount of it was, it was very strong. Furthermore it was the same power that he had felt in Rynnhoran when he had first met him and that Queen Beryl had shown him. Kunzite swallowed, unable to take his eyes from the light. He felt like suffocating any second.The uneasy feeling became stronger with every moment he stood there, staring into the pyramid and sensing it. Maybe it was just his imagination but the pyramid seemed to have something very own that reached out for him, sensing that there was another power, similar to itself. And similar it was. He could feel it. The power of Rukh was very much like his own, only stronger. Kunzite's breath went faster. No matter what he did, he couldn't get rid of that feeling. It sent shivers down his spine again and again until he couldn't bear it anymore and made a small step backwards and then another, still panting. A short glance at the others told him that Jadeite showed a similar reaction although he could stand looking at it. So he felt it too. Rynnhoran threw a worried glance at him. "Lord Kunzite? Are you alright?"

Someone grabbed his arm. He looked at it finding Zoisite standing to his right, sharing Rynnhoran's worriness. "Kunzite-sama?"

"I am alright. Just a moment," he nodded, cupping his hand softly over Zoisite's delicate fingers and calming his breath back to normal. Several seconds later he was over it, whatever it was, and looked from Zoisite to Rynnhoran. "How did you get to own and to command that power?" he asked without the slightest trace of superciliousness or arrogance that had laid in all his questions before. He just wanted an answer.

Rynn shrugged and opened his braid so that his violet hair fell loose down onto his shoulders presenting a pair of pointed ears. "As I have already said. I am the reborn son of the king and queen of Siol, who had the control over Rukh. Now that I am the only one of my family on this planet I am its master, or so it has told me. My mentor Cadhal had saved the pyramid from Metallia and some years ago he had found me - I guess he did so with Rukh's help. Cadhal raised me and one day showed me the pyramid. That was the beginning. When the four of you reawoke Rukh told me about my past. During the next months some of your ..." he sighed. "... deeds ... showed up in the news, although I don't think that anyone could take the right thoughts about the truth out of them. But if you knew what you had to look for ... the rest I got explained from Rukh. And one day I decided to make an end to Metallia's reign over you and to rescue Endymion and Queen Beryl." He paused for a moment letting his eyes drift over their faces noticing satisfied that he had finally found a way through to them, obviously even to Kunzite. The king was looking silently at him. His breath was back to normal and one hand was still resting in Zoisite's.

"Lord Kunzite, if you are not convinced yet, then touch the pyramid. Rukh will show you what you want to know."

Kunzite lowered his gaze from Rynnhoran down to the pyramid, looking at it hostily, considering if he should accept the offer. It was tempting to say the least, but everything in him urged him to bring a great distance between himself and IT. Beryl's words echoed in his mind. >> could become a thread to us if left out of consideration<< He closed his eyes and bowed again. "That's not necessary, Rynnhoran. I ... I will help you."

The usual broad smile returned to Rynn's face. "You can't imagine how much you make me happy! And please, stop bowing, Lord. That is my task." He extended a hand to Kunzite. "Friends?"

Kunzite took the offered hand without a word. He just nodded and then let him go. Stepping back he saw Zoisite smiling proudly at him, squeezing his hand in a reassuring gesture.

"Alright everyone. Now that we are agreed," Rynnhoran reached out for Rukh to put it back into the box when all of a sudden Jadeite leapt forwards from his place between Nephrite and Zoisite and knocked Rynn's hand aside putting his own at the same moment onto the pyramid.

"Jadeite!" Nephrite and Rynnhoran cried in unison, more out of surprise than anger. Kunzite also was about to jump forwards but was held back by Zoisite with all his power. "No, let him!"

At the moment the hand connected with the smooth transparent surface the red light flashed from glowing to dazzling bright, blinding everyone. Nephrite grabbed his friend from behind but was pushed away roughly. Jadeite stared at him remorseless almost wild before his eyes moved to Rynnhoran. "I want to know," he declared determined and immediately Rukh linked itself with his mind. Everybody watched him, seeing how his body tensed from one moment to the other and the eyes got empty, starting to quiver. Nephrite moved slowly towards him again, noticing how pale Jadeite had gotten. An expression of shock stood on his face while he continued to listen to Rukh's tale. "Jadeite?" Nephrite asked silently but the other one didn't react. Instead Rynnhoran approached him and put a hand on Nephrite's shoulder. "It's alright," he whispered. "Rukh is communicating with him on a mental level. Jadeite doesn't only hear it as if someone would talk to him, it goes deeper. He feels everything. Rukh's knowledge will turn into Jadeite's memories. He lives through it all again. All parts of his memory that were erased through the brainwashing will be restored. "

Nephrite nodded. Watching Jadeite he saw tears welling up in the blue-green eyes and then the red light dimmed down to the mere glow from before. Jadeite removed his hand slowly, clenching it into a fist. Nephrite saw that he was trembling all over and wrapped his arms around him from behind to support his friend.

"That's not true," Jadeite breathed. "We ... have never been like ... this ."

"It is, Jadeite, and Metallia has it all taken from us," Zoisite said sadly, casting a sidewards glance at Rynnhoran whose eyes were closed.

"How do YOU want to know?" Jadeite screamed back shakily. Tears were still running down his cheeks.

Zoisite let go of Kunzite and leaned himself on the table. "I have seen it too!" he retorted to the surprise of everyone.

Everything turned silent.

He could feel Kunzite staring holes into his back but kept his eyes locked with Jadeite's who gazed at him as unbelieving as Kunzite certainly did.

Nephrite felt how the one in his arms slowly relaxed. It seemed that he had needed that verbal strike. The panting stopped and after some deep breaths Nephrite let him go.

Rynnhoran reopened his eyes. "Are you alright again, Jadeite?"

The young king nodded solemnly, not saying anything.

"It's your own fault, I said that it could be a shock. Fortunately Zoi-kun took it well when he remembered. I'll put the pyramid back now." With that he went off. Kunzite watched how he carried the box out of his range of vision and took a deep relieved breath when he didn't feel anything of Rukh's power anymore.

Several minutes later Rynnhoran came back. "Now that we are all agreed ..." He hesitated, looking questioningly at Kunzite, "We are all agreed, aren't we?", earning a nod in return. "Well, then let's move on to a greater problem. The plan. What can we do to rescue Endymion and Queen Beryl on the one hand and destroying Queen Metallia on the other? Suggestions?"

Kunzite shrugged. "What about sneaking in, tearing every youma with the help of that Rukh-power apart, destroying Metallia and telling afterwards Endymion and Beryl that they are free."

Zoisite turned to him, eyes wide in surprise, and elbowed him into the rips when he noticed that it was a joke.

"Now THAT would be a suicidal trip, Lord Kunzite," Rynnhoran remarked. "What about something more useful? If you want to play games, then you better ask Santa Claus for a videogame-station. Then you can go and tear bad monsters apart."

"Santa Claus?" Kunzite asked back.

"Big guy. Weird red clothes, long white beard. Brings presents at christmas. Ho-ho-ho."

Both Kunzite and Zoisite eyeballed him. "You mean he goes through all of Tokyo and gives away something to everyone?"

Nephrite chuckled. "Yes, Zoisite, and not only Tokyo. He gives away presents to everyone on this planet. Haven't we mentioned this to you?"

"You mentioned christmas once ... but I find it hardly believable that he does that all in one night..."

"Oh that! You are asking the questions of a child. Yet it is easy, he is very powerful." Nephrite was dead-serious while answering Zoisite's questions. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw Jadeite grinning and hoped that he wouldn't spoil him his fun. It was just too amusing to play around with Zoi's naivety.

"If he's that powerful why hasn't Metallia captured him in the first place?"

"Try it, Zoisite. Go out and catch him. Then you'll know why."

Rynnhoran bit his lips and grinned. "Nephrite, did you mention those vicious reindeers of his? They can be really dangerous."

Zoisite was baffled. "What are reindeers?"

Jadeite decided to join the fun. "Big, hairy animals with horns on their heads. And large, heavy hooves. Oh, and one has a glowy red nose."

"They pull his sleigh which flies through the air, you know."

"Are you serious, Rynn?"

"Absolutely," he said with a totally convincing mien.

"Rynnhoran," Kunzite started. "Why don't we ask him to help us? If he is so powerful and fast this could only be to our advantage."

"I don't think so, he's way too old. And much too busy with making and wrapping up all the presents at this time. Christmas is in what ... three days."

"Well, then we have to find another way," Nephrite finished the game. "As I see it our first problem will be to get through to Metallia without getting toasted by our dear queen or stopped by a bunch of youma. Furthermore I think that it will be far too easy for Beryl to detect us as soon as we are in the Dark Kingdom."

"And if I use the pyramid to shield us or to fight, the possibility that there will be no more energy left to challenge Metallia is great."

Jadeite frowned. "We could ask the sailor senshi for their help. They are strong and Metallia is their enemy too."

Zoisite nodded hesitantly after a while. "That could work - if we get them to listen first and shoot later. After all, they have the Silver Crystal and the Moon Princess."

"You want to team up with them, Zoisite? They have brought us nothing than trouble." Kunzite sounded contemptuous. "If all we need is the Silver Crystal than we will go and get it from them."

"You always told me, that fighting a severe war is bad and to fight that on two sides is worse because it mostly comes down to loosing both."

Kunzite sighed. "Your memory is too sharp, my dear. But you are right, we cannot fight against the senshi and Metallia. So let's concentrate on the more important foe and leave the senshi be. We can manage alone."

Jadeite shook his head. "No, I don't think that we are strong enough. We thought that once, Lord Kunzite, and look what had happened. If we can get their help we should take it." He turned to Zoisite. "Following your words from before I take it that the Imperial Silver Crystal has finally turned up."

"Yes," Nephrite muttered, "My crystal was the key, wasn't it, Zoisite. Thanks for throwing me out of the race."

"You didn't know how to use it right anyway. You forgot to calibrate it."

"You left me no time for that."

"I don't think so. You had all the time you wanted, it's not my fault you got hasty and made mistakes."

"Not your fault??? It was all your ..."

"Nephrite!" Kunzite interrupted him. "Cry another time! We have other problems right now."

Nephrite stopped in midsentence and swallowed the rest down.

"Maybe it is best you talk to them, Nephrite," Zoisite said after pondering over the task for a while, "After all, in their eyes you turned 'good' in the end."

"Mmh," Nephrite grumbled, but didn't contradict. "I will go."

"The question is, how can we find them without making them our enemies again in the same moment. They only showed up when we were collecting energy or the like."

"We simply go to their place," Nephrite and Jadeite answered in unison immediately looking at each other.

"You knew?" Nephrite asked baffled.

"Yes. I found out at the airport. Guess it would have spared you a lot of problems if Beryl had given me another chance, ne."

"It's all her fault that we are lumbered with five of these pestilences now," Zoisite snarled.

Jadeite nodded in agreement while Nephrite's head jerked around. "Five? Who else is fighting with Sailor Moon? Saturn and Jupiter?"

"Jupiter is right, Saturn is more a Venus. She had thwarted our ingenious plan with Zoisite as Sailor Moon," Kunzite corrected.

That left Nephrite and Jadeite both laughing themselves silly imaginating the slender king in a sailor-fuku. Zoisite went red and cast his gaze down.

"Did you have to tell them that?" he murmured to Kunzite.

"I saw you in the news. You were really good-looking, Zoi-kun," Rynnhoran complimented. "Very convincing."

Zoisite flinched and looked at the two other kings who were slowly calming down. "Enough now." Both began to giggle louder again. "May the sirs now please leave that be so we can get to the point!" he barked.

Some coughs later it was silent again. Kunzite smiled, wrapping his arms around Zoisite's waist. "That was good." he whispered.

Zoisite knit his brows and scowled annoyed at Kunzite. "I'm not a poodle, you don't have to commend me for everything I do by myself, I told you before."

Kunzite's eyes almost sparkled with amusement. "Sorry, my dear."

"Can we return to the problem at hand now? We were talking about the Silver Crystal. As far as I know Sailor Moon could turn our youma into humans again with her moonsceptre. I don't think that the sceptre has lost this power since it had been coupled with the Silver Crystal. So maybe Sailor Moon could change Endymion into her beloved Tuxedo Kamen again. That would cover point one, saving Endymion. The most difficult thing is to cut Beryl away from her power source," Zoisite mused, "We need to get the staff."

"How strong is it?" Rynn threw in.

"It is Beryl's link to Metallia. With the staff Beryl has the power to use a certain amount of Metallia's energy for whatever she wants. How much this is, no-one can tell. But it works in both directions. The collected energy that is meant for Metallia goes through the ball to her. So maybe we can do something in this corner," Jadeite explained.

Rynnhoran slowly stood up and walked to the stairs again. "Back in a minute," he said in passing and vanished through the door.

The kings gazed after him and then sat down waiting patiently. Nephrite tapped his fingers on the table until Jadeite nudged him.

"Thank you, Jadeite," Kunzite commented, glad that it was silent again. He had to think.

Slower than usual Rynnhoran banged down, for he carefully carried a bowl in his hands. He put it onto the table and stuck a finger in. When he drew it out a honey-like substance sticked to it. "I don't know what it is, but Rukh created that ... stuff when I asked it to produce a matter to seal a smaller quantity of Metallia's power. It also said it needs some time to work properly."

"And how do you intend to get close enough to Beryl's staff to put that slime onto it, Rynnhoran?" Kunzite asked.

"I can't, but you can. You only need to collect energy and ask her to give you the staff to transfer it."

Kunzite's eyes regained the icy look again. "Fine, tomorrow I'll show up in your school and get my energy. That's a foolish idea, Rynnhoran. Think about something else. This one won't work."

"You are the plan-makers here. I have made no such thing before and have no idea how the Dark Kingdom is built up."

"I don't find this idea so bad, Lord Kunzite," Nephrite remarked. "Could work and is easy to carry out."

"I think we should go find the senshi first. Maybe they have a plan at hand, too." Zoisite meant and risked a look into the bowl. "Irk."

"No, that's too dangerous. Endymion is too often around them. And if he sees one..."

"The way you explained me this whole Endymion-story, it sounded like he would only turn up when you were attacking them with the help af a youma. So ... there is no youma in our plan until now, isn't it." Zoisite reminded him.

"I'm against the whole senshi-thing."

"We all noticed. You can cease complaining now, love, I fear you are outvoted."

"Before I accept that those senshi participate in our plan I'd rather go catch me a human, drain him to give the energy to Metallia and put that slime onto the ball!" It was terrible. Wasn't there any chance that he could talk that senshi-plan out of them? Those girls would only cross his plans again.

Rynn, who was desperately trying to get the 'honey' off his finger, nodded frantically. "That's most terrific."

"And then? What do you plan to do afterwards?"

"Get going." Suddenly he grinned again. "Ureshii! It's clean."


"Yes?" the violet mop of hair lifted and Rynn looked at Kunzite innocently.

The king rolled his eyes. He was supposed to work with THAT human, who wasn't able to listen to someone more than five minutes? He shook his head. "What do you plan to do after we have put that slime onto the sphere?"

"Well, since Beryl will be powerless by then we simply run the youma over, capture her and Endymion and I make my way to Metallia."

"How much is a second pad for the videogame-station?" Kunzite inquired dryly.

Rynn pulled a face. "Ha-ha-ha."

Nephrite joined Kunzite in the battlefield. "He is right, Rynn. That's madness. The best would be if you had no fight at all. The youma are possibly stronger than you believe."

"And Endymion has always been a very skillful fighter himself," Jadeite added. "It's no piece of cake to beat him. And since he is working for the Dark Kingdom it wouldn't surprise me if Beryl or Metallia have given him additional powers."

"Hm," Rynnhoran scowled but then shook his head. "Zoisite, what do you say?"

The slender man shrugged and looked expectantly at Kunzite who crossed his arms and nodded, speaking up himself. "There would be a way. But for that you have to trust me, Rynnhoran. Do you do that?"

"Yes, why not."

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