The Heir of Siol

Part 10 - Fire of the Dove

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Yes, he went to her that day, although he knew that it would be dangerous. But he had felt that he couldn't stay at the palace. Whenever he saw Endymion's smug face he had to think of his wife, who he and Queen Serenity had chosen to be Sailor Mars, and of his little girl, that was now to follow her mother. The glorious Earth Palace had lost its light for him. His fellow guardians shared the loss of the family, but no-one seemed to mind what the Moon was doing to them. They just let it happen, for the safety of Earth and Moon and the rest of the planets. He understood that maybe the senshi-project was their last hope but deep in his heart he wasn't willing to sacrifice his happiness and family for it. No, he couldn't live here any longer, not at the palace, not with the prince and not with with his friends. He had been aware that Lady Ruinogh was secretly planning something, but the extend of her plans he couldn't fathom. And if he had known what she really wanted he would have never gone to her this morning.

She had been already waiting when he approached the fountain in the garden. "Lord Anemone," Ruinogh greeted astonishingly warm. There was still some distance between them, enough to turn around and leave, enough to escape her. But he had made his decision already."Are you ready to leave?"

"Where are we going to?"

"I am inclined to explain you later, in case our contract will be concluded."Her red hair shimmered in the sun that rose behind her in the far distance. A beautiful lady no doubt. The shadow she casted grew longer the higher the sun rose slowly crawling to the place where he stood.

"What exactly does this contract include?"

"My associate will tell you when we have arrived at the arranged meeting place."

Again she threw him a toothy smile and for a moment he thought he had pointed fangs, but it was only a short glimpse he could catch. And maybe it was just the rising sun that deceived his eyes. In a most elegant way she strode closer to him. Her feet barely made a sound although they clearly touched the ground. Her scent rose into his nose meters before she was close enough that he could touch her. And again he felt that he couldn't deny her anything, he couldn't even take his eyes off her. An uneasy feeling rose in the back of his mind when he noticed that he couldn't move, nor think about moving or want it even. Her pale arms reached out for him and slung around his neck, embracing him and then everything around him disappeared in a blur.

They reappeared in a dark cave. Everything in his head was spinning at first but this was over soon and his vision cleared, getting more focused. He was standing on uneven ground in a dark tunnel. A way led from one opening in this whatever it was to the opposite side. On the ceiling hung a fistful of strange-looking balloon-like pinkish-red glowing fruits of a to him unknown plant that apparently was the only lightsource of this place. In its light the walls shone in a gloomy blue and red. He wanted to touch the wall to examine it closer but he had no time to do so. Lady Ruinogh had turned around without a word and was leaving the tunnel to the entrance or exit before them. He wondered about the way they have entered this strange place but found no plausible answer except one, magic. He followed her since she was the person that knew the way through this place. Anemone had the feeling that they would walk in darkness for the next time, and her associate certainly hadn't chosen a lighter place. Not that it disturbed him to be surrounded by almost complete darkness, and it was really dark if one left those light-fruits out of consideration. He had sent his troops out for training in pitch black night often enough. But this kind of atmosphere didn't let the associate appear very trustworthy.

They left the first tunnel and entered a second one. Again he noticed that she moved without a sound. It was fascinating to watch her. But something else nagged at him.

"How did you bring us here?"

Ruinogh shot him a sidewards glance, smiling ironically. "This technique is called 'teleport', you will learn it in time." He kept silent at that. Apparently those tunnels were the treshold to a whole new world that she led him to.

"You know that there is no turning back now, don't you?" She added after awhile.

"I do know," he answered in the same conversational tone as hers while they entered yet another tunnel. The way got more twisted now and from time to time he thought he saw more than two entries to the tunnel. Ruinogh knew exactly which way she had to go, but what if he didn't like what he would see. He would never find his way back. Something else caught his attention. The temperature of this place was getting colder with every tunnel they crossed. He had the feeling that if in this tunnel were a bit more light he would be able to see his breath forming white clouds in front of his mouth.

Then abruptly she stopped, grabbing his wrist. "We've arrived."

He looked around but there was nothing at all here, only walls to every side. Again he saw the blue and red, in some spots even yellow, and it didn't make the impression of a solid wall. It rather appeared to be flowing, colored water that flowed down along those walls, or maybe the walls consisted of this water. He stepped closer to touch it, so that he could say what it was, but the moment he raised his hand to lay it at the strange surface she hissed at him not to dare such a thing. "You are not allowed to touch anything here yet."

He made a step back from the wall watching how Ruinogh moved to reach for a seemingly random spot on the wall herself and instantly an absolute black cleft ripped open the stone before them, that even seemed to absorb the little light that was illuminating the tunnel.

Ruinogh smiled. "Come. And stay close to me, for your own sake."

He followed her without a word. Better he waited for her to instruct him. The effect she had caused by a single touch on the wall had impressed him and he understood why she had reacted like this before. He really didn't want to cause any wall to do anything he hadn't planned or that he couldn't overview. But when he had stood in front of this wall before he had felt something. The wall had errated something, warmth, life, it was living, this whole place seemed to live. He swallowed and looked around warily. This place gave him the creeps.

Suddenly Ruinogh stopped again. He could feel that she was breathing deeply, she seemed to concentrate on something. After a second or two she suddenly stated "Light!" in a loud and firm voice and a bright light filled the place. It was broader than he had imagined, almost as broad as the ballroom or as a throne chamber. Indeed, some meters beside him stood something that looked like a throne built from many merged strings that arose from the ground as well as others that came out from the wall behind it. He couldn't see the far walls on the other side. To his left was a small narrow path that led to a round platform that was surrounded by tooth-like stones. All in all this looked like the lower part of a skull whose mouth stood open. To his right was a large room, the room with the throne on one wall. He tried to estimate the size of this room again but couldn't make out where the far wall was. He couldn't see anything. Instead a wall of shadows formed the end of the room in that direction. He let his eyes drift over the shadows for a moment and suddenly he had the impression that something had moved, something inside the shadow. His breath stopped short when he saw it again. This was a clawy hand. No, not a hand, something metallic, it looked metallic, something metallic with claws. He made a small step towards it but the whatever it was was gone an instant later, vanished in the blackness.

"Where are we?" Anemone asked astounded, his eyes still fixed at the rear shadowy wall. Ruinogh didn't react. She had walked over to the strange platform and knelt down in front of the large wall. He took his eyes off the shadows and watched how she kept her head low in respect wondering what she was doing. After appropriate time Ruinogh rose again slowly and turned her head to face him.

"Lord Anemone, you have the honor to kneel to Queen Metallia, your new master."

"Master?" His head snapped around.

"You seem surprised, Lord." Ruinogh's eyes looked coldly at him. "I thought you were aware that you would get involved with the whole thing the moment you let me take you to her. Now kneel down and show your respect to her majesty."

"Queen Metallia?" he asked, "Who is she? I've never heard about someone being called this."

Ruinogh's expression went from cold to angry and fastly she strode over to Anemone and pressed him down onto his knees with amazing force. "I can't allow you to be disrespectful to the queen," she hissed into his ear, "She might kill you with one thought. And I think you are rather useful for me, so keep still and quiet and talk only when you are asked."

At this moment he knew that he had no control over the situation anymore.

Ruinogh had turned back to the wall, bowing. "Queen Metallia, I beg thee to reveal thyself, for this new minion cannot yet see thy glory by himself alone."

Anemone watched in amaze how the wall in front of him changed its consistence and suddenly featured a transparent surface whereunder a red-violet mass floated, compressing and decompressing in irregular rhythms. He bowed his head and closed his eyes.

"I beg your forgiveness for my disrespect, Queen Metallia. There was no such thing intended."

Power radiated from the wall, a power that was scanning him now. He kept his breath not daring to move. The queen's rusty voice began to echo through the indefinate hall. "Your choice was well done, Beryl, I see powers in him. I am pleased with you. Now, I accept your excuse, being. You may raise and look at me."

He obeyed without hesitation and stood up in a fluent movement, feeling the queen's strength with every fibre of his body. It was a supernatural creature and a powerful one. For a moment it was as if she was diving through his skin to swim with his blood through his veins to every part of his body. The feeling was overwhelming and scary alike. But with every passing second he got more and more used to it, he could stand it and after almost a whole minute he dared to raise his own voice.

"Queen Metallia," he began, hoping that he was allowed to address the queen directly. "Lady Ruinogh was mentioning a contract that you want to conclude with me. Now I wonder what contract that might be."

"I'll give you powers, being, such as you can not imagine. In return, you will be my servant."

He nodded. "How much time do I have to decide?" Not that he needed to decide, but he wanted to have at least the feeling to be able to think about what he did, to give it all a second if unnecessary thought.

The queen kept still for a while. But then , slowly, the liquid undulated again. "How do you come to the idea, that there is such an option?"

His head snapped to Lady Ruinogh again who was holding a staff in her hand now. At its top a black ball hovered inside clawlike ends. She was grinning toothily at him. "Oh, you CAN choose, Lord. Submit to her and be her minion or die, here, this instant." Her eyes narrowed and he couldn't get rid of the feeling that she was mocking him.

"Not much of a choice, is it." It wasn't too surprising for him to face this kind of choice. And, he had made his decision already, even before he came here. There was just one question left to him.

"Well," he said, bowing his head in submission. "I will serve thee to my best, Queen Metallia. Something you didn't mention. What about the time factor? First, when does it start, and second ... a very interesting point I think is ... when does my service end?"

Ruinogh walked up to him, whispering into his ear. "It starts now and even if the stars come down from the heavens you won't be released."

"That's quite an eternity, isn't it."

Ruinogh smiled into the silence and then stepped closer to him. "If you are ready, Lord, kneel down again and her majesty will give you the power you are supposed to inherit," she whispered and ran her cold fingers along his face, down his neck until they rested on his shoulder, pressing him softly to his knees again. He let her and sank down, closed his eyes and waited for whatever there might come. He felt how Ruinogh stepped away from him again, leaving him kneeling all alone on the ground. The feeling that something else than his blood was running through his veins returned, with increased certainty this time, only that it was stronger than ever before. The pressure grew. He concentrated on his breathing rhythm to be sure that it didn't suddenly stop under this power. It was warm, and he felt as if he was floating beneath the surface of a sea. Then, out of nowhere, a voice entered his mind, a female voice. It asked if he was ready and he wondered if what he was feeling right now wasn't the process, but obviously it wasn't. He nodded inwardly, not moving. He could fathom that getting a part of the queen's power could be painful but he wasn't prepared for the pain he was about to feel now. It was like an explosion inside his head. He was burning for sure, his skin would peel off his limbs any second now, dead. A garish white light dazzled his eyes. He was screaming on the top of his lungs and rolled over the ground to put the fire out but there was no escape. The flames were everywhere on him, around him, inside of him, everywhere. His screams must have still been echoing through the tunnels. The impression of floating in water was now the impression of hell itself. And then from one moment to the other everything went black.

When his senses returned to him his body hurt, every single muscle was strained to its limit. His skin tickled, as if someone poked him with a thousand tiny, invisible needles. He tried breathing. It was heavy. He tried moving and gasped at the new wave of pain that sped through him. He pressed his eyes even more shut and started quivering. Cool hands touched his shoulders where Metallia's power had burned away some parts of his clothes. The cold eased the pain, and he tried inhaling again. This time his body reacted less stressed, without the cramps he had felt before. Exhausted he leaned closer to the hands which welcomingly embraced him.

"Relax, you've made it ... Kunzite."

He moaned, and for the first time he could recognize her voice over his dream, over the odd and confusing world his mind had created. He felt, how his senses returned to his control. He let go of the tension and let himself slide into her arms completely. "Kunzite?" he asked with a low and creaky voice. This was the first time that she had ever called him this.

"Your name." The cold of her hand spread through his body and dimmed the fire on his skin. His breathing adjusted to the gentleness and he got calmer. After some time he opened his eyes.

"I can't see anything." He tried moving his left arm and closed his fingers around her hand.

"Don't worry, Kunzite. This is normal ... Your eyes will heal. Just give them some time."

"They are burning."

"That's alright."

After a while he recognized something else. "My skin is tickling. It's like a film of something that is covering me. I don't know how to describe it. It's so strange. I ..."

"Hush!" She laid a finger on his mouth. "Everything is alright, Kunzite, believe me! What you feel is your power. And the tickling is only a sign that it is ready to be used."

"Be used?" He was still too confused, but something else started to push its way into his consciousness. Slowly forms started to build in front of his eyes. Rims of things, edges to border them, slight, barely noticeable hues of colors, shades, but still he couldn't make out any clear forms, only shadows. Her chuckle interrupted his concetnration again. "I will teach you how to use your new powers, Kunzite."

His head sank back onto the ground and he whispered a line she couldn't understand.

"What did you just say?" she asked and leaned her head closer to him.

"You are a devilish creature."

She grinned at that. "Yes, and you are the devil's lieutenant."

The End of Part 10

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