Shattered Life and End

© 1998 by Luna

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Author's Note:

(Imagine a woman sitting on a roof in the bright moon, it's two o'clock in the morning, she has a quilt over her back against the coldness and writes on the stack of paper in front of her... that's me last night. So this story is purely a piece of mood.)

Shattered Life and End

© 1998 by Luna

No clouds veiled the deep red sky. A bright, golden full moon night. The light flooded through him.

Sharp shadows were drawn on the ground and gusts howled through the strange landscape. The stars pierced gently out of the zenith.

He had always admired the stars, the way they were superior to everything, untouchable for everyone. Though that was also the reason why they always sent ultimate fear creeping up his spine. He felt so small, so meaningless. If something happened to him would they bother, would they mourn? No. They would still glow up there, cold and careless. Even when the whole Dark Kingdom was forgotten, maybe, in millions of years, the stars would still be there and watch. And be silent.

He grabbed a pebble that had rested on the parapet and casually threw it into the lake. The solid crystal mirror melted and the moon's image blurred. In such nights was manifold magic.

The stone had disappeared in the depths, had left no traces of his very existance in this world ever. He held out a hand and let the water freeze. No grooves, no bumps could be seen then, too. Clear as glass was the ice and only some small, pale airbubbles were trapped in it. Pure and severe is the frost, cleaning, like fire, yet in another manner.

Coldness rose from the surface. A squall blew some curls of his blonde hair into his face and he felt himself shivering.

Suddenly two hands pulled something silky around him. Looking down he recognized it as his housecoat. The hands came to rest on his waist, large and warm.

"You will catch a cold if you stand here stark naked, Zoi." Kunzite peered over Zoisites shoulder and fastened the belt. Zoisite felt somehow dazed, the words needed a while to do their work.

"Oh... did I...?"

Kunzite turned him around in his grasp, a slightly worried expression on his face. "Is everything alright with you?" For a moment Zoisite stared through him. Then he blinked and shook his head.

"Obviously not," Kunzite answered his own question. He lifted the somewhat confused Zoisite up and carried him back into the living room. After carefully placing Zoi on the couch, he went to shut the balcony doors.

Zoisite slowly touched his forehead. The night was still in his head like a sticky fog. Here, in this space ruled Metallia, a spectre with a consciousness, a soul and it was in everything - the water, the mountains, the ground - even in the cool air which he was breathing in. If you stayed outside your haven for too long it would break down your mental walls and try to posess you, taking your body for itself to gain some more power.

He sensed how the couch was moving beneath him. It felt soft, like moss, engaging and comforting. Yet even this was Metallia, in every single cell and nucleus it was. It's organic curves and knots also formed the tables, stools, closets, the walls and the ceiling...and would melt them again when no longer needed. A constant growing and dying, but never dead.

Now, it was molding itself to his body coaxing him to relax, believe in the security of this place and forget the danger of being absorbed by it, the Dark Kingdom's energy itself in it's pure concentration.

"You always have to scare me, no?" Zoisite jumped when Kunzite suddenly spoke. The world began to spin from the hasty movement and left a dull throbbing pain in the back of his head. "I think I'm getting a headache," he mumbled.

Kunzite made a face. "Well that's your own fault. I mean standing out there for one hour without even a shred of cloth doesn't quite belong to the category 'healthy'. And you know that!" With an angry sigh he sat down on the couch and touched Zoisites temples with his fingertips. The blue energy coming from them quickly dissolved the ache and dizziness.

When Kunzite let his concentration slip again and opened his eyes, they met the radiantly shining green ones of his lover who knew he couldn't be angry with him for long this way. "Stop doing that, it won't get you anything," Kunzite grumbled. "I'm angry with you! Maybe we need every bit of the healing-magic tomorrow, and now you..." He folded his arms and decided to look away.

Zoisite stretched out his arm and gently caressed the dear face. The high cheekbones, the silver eyebrows...

"Don't be furious with me, Kunzite-sama. I'm sorry. Just drifted off somehow." He sat up and tightly embraced Kunzites shoulders, leaning his temple against the other's clavicle. "I'm just so...anxious."

"Why that?" Kunzite's voice immediately softened.

"What if we fail?" Zoisite trembled at the thought.

"Then Beryl will get angry."

"She will kill me..."

"Hush. We won't fail. We will get the ginzuishou and Beryl will be proud of you."

"You're just trying to calm me down."

"I am."

"But if we fail?"

"If this unlikely event should happen I will protect you. But it won't."



Kunzite gave him a reassuring smile and freed himself from the other's arms. "Come to bed?" Zoisite shrugged. The ice crackled loud outside.

"It's thawing," he said, at once shivering again now that Kunzite stood up. He tried to pull the housecoat tighter around his body. It didn't even reach to his knees anyhow.

"Come to bed, I'll warm you." Kunzite stretched out his hands. Zoisite folded his arms and cast his eyes downward with a guilty look on his face. "No, you would start to complain because my feet are too cold, I know you." Kunzite couldn't help but smile.

"Well I have some interesting ideas how to get them warm very fast."

While drawing his knees up Zoisite tried to stifle his grin. "You have?"

"Hai." Kunzite still held his hands outstretched.

Zoisite cocked his head. "And what about the ideas for the rest?"

"What rest?" Kunzite tried to look and sound innocent.

"I do consist of something more than just feet, don't I?"

"Now that you mention it..." He came a step closer and pretended complete surprise, "You could be right." Zoisite suddenly snatched Kunzite's hands and jerked him onto the couch and himself.

"Who needs a bed anyway?"

* * *

The morning rose slowly. A mist lay over the now fully thawed lake which gurgled at the castles foundation. Zoisite slid into it, dove his head under the surface and enjoyed the gentle coolness that instantly flew around his whole body. Water - his element. The safest space from all the madness of the world. Except Kunzite's embrace.

The odd sun began to appear at the horizon and soon the black water seemed like a green colored cavern, calm and shimmering. Zoisite held his breath when he dove towards the ground. Then he saw it.

It hadn't faded into nonexistence.

Inbetween of all the fine black sand lay a white, perfectly round pebble.

It was plain nothing but it filled Zoisite's mind with a strange happiness. He ignored the increasing pressure and dove deeper still. Just when he thought he couldn't stand it anymore, he stretched out his hand, managing to touch the stone with one fingertip. 'There, you see? You are not forgotten.' Smiling in content, Zoisite slowly let himself float to the surface again.

* * *

Kunzite sat at the shore and watched the sky which already shone in it's daytime colors. Dark violet, emerald green and ultramarine. Absently he dug his feet into the sand.

All of a sudden a splash cut through the quiet morning. Seeing Zoisite coming out of the water, Kunzite fished for the towel lying somewhere behind him. Finally succeeding, he threw it to him.

Zoisite wrapped himself up in the welcoming warmth and walked to his dearest, giving him a ravishing smile.

"How comes? I thought I didn't wake you when I got up." Kunzite tilted his head. "You never get up that early...that fact alone forced me to get up and follow you." He patted the ground to his side. "C'mere!"

Zoisite combed the wetness out of his hair with spreaded fingers and followed the order. Leaning against Kunzite's chest he snuggled into an embrace. "Wanna tell me what this was all about?" He felt a soft hot breath murmur against his ear.

Mumbling a "A stone" to his lover's chest, something came to Zoisite's mind. "Reminds me, I still have to test your abilities in binding..."

Kunzite was obviously irritated. "What gave you that idea now?"

"Well, I don't want to fall down from that crane just because you didn't know how to do it the right way..." Zoisite told him wringing out his curls.

"What about a little levitation in that case?"

"Don't be silly, even dumb cape boy would notice this, and then all the disguise wouldn't be worth a penny." Kunzite sighed. "I guess you're right." At once his face lit up. "And maybe we could even extend the test a bit..." he began to nuzzle Zoisite's ear, "...with a more private purpose..."

"Don't you dare!"

* * *

"And you didn't enjoy it in the least?"




"Ah, but half an hour ago you were rather enthusiastic."

"Shut up. You better help me with that stupid zipper!"

"You're just too proud to admit it."

"Yeeees, okay, you won! I did enjoy it - now help me!" Kunzite walked over to Zoisite with a satisfied smile spreading on his face. "Maybe you should consider making a diet," he mocked.

Zoisite swirled around waving a finger in front of Kunzite's face and about to loose his temper. "I'm not in the mood for jokes right now! I'm punished enough with that damned fuku!" Kunzite pulled him close to calm him.

"Don't be sulky! I think you look cute!" Zoisite gave him a look. "I'm not going there to look cute!" He was pushed around and Kunzite fastened the zipper.

"It seems you have no doubts about our victory anymore," he stated.

"No. Due to your...treatment."

"Then I'm proud of me." Zoisite gave him a look again. "Watch it, peacock! I'll pluck your tailfeathers one day, if you continue like this."

"I'll take care, I promise." Kunzite turned him around again and embraced him tightly. "And you take care, too."

"I promise." Zoisite enjoyed the closeness for some more moments before releasing his love. "We better get going."

"You didn't forget anything?" Kunzite looked him over.

"No. Fuku, odd hairstyle, boots, gloves, kitschy earrings and similar stuff... I think that should do it."

"Good. The credo of the day?"

"Get the ginzuishou, toast Cape Boy and then the Senshis."

"Alright." Kunzite smiled. Kissing Zoisite one last time, he teleported them to the Earth Realm.

* * *

A thick fog lay over the lake which gurgled at the castles foundation.
Kunzite slid into it, dove his head under the surface and cursed the chill that instantly clasped
around his whole body.
Everything was so alien in here.
The light, the sounds, even movements.
The odd sun disappeared behind the horizon and soon the strangely green colored water was as
black as tar.
Kunzite tried hard to hold his breath when he dove towards the ground.
Then he saw something.
Inbetween of the sand lay a pebble.
That had to be it. He ignored the increasing pressure and dove deeper still.
Just when he thought he couldn't stand it anymore he stretched out his hand, trying to grab the
stone. It melted away.

- End -

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