Chapter 2

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"Now that we're alone..." Jadeite said when they'd left. Minako grinned. He leant over to kiss her, but as their lips were about to touch he pulled away. Minako looked at him, confused.

"I'm sorry, your Sailor energy comes through... I can't touch you like that, the energy repels us from each other. Dammit!" He kicked a chair over. Minako tried to hold back her anger, and failed.

"I hate being a Senshi! First that stupid uniform, now I can't even have a kiss without it stuffing everything! Damn the bloody Moon Kingdom! For all I care it can go to hell!" she shouted. "I quit!"

Jadeite grinned at the outburst.

"I don't think they can hear you at the moon, you'll have to be even louder than that. Don't worry, we'll just have a very chaste relationship." Minako's mood dissolved at his grin.

"C'mon, let's go to a movie with the others."

* * *

"I thought the ending was romantic," Naru argued. Minako laughed.

"It was so lame, I can't believe you liked it. Why on earth did she drop the diamond in the ocean? The silly old bat could've gotten a few million for it."

"It was symbolic, okay?"

"It was dumb. And the very end, with the staircase? Puke puke."

"Well, I thought it was great," Naru said, walking along under Nephrite's arm. "You don't have a romantic soul, Minako."

"Don't really need one, do I?" Minako muttered, glancing at Jadeite next to her. If only she could kiss him just once...

"I hope Zoisite's back," Jadeite said, changing the topic when he saw Minako's expression.

He wasn't. They looked in the crystal but found it clouded over.

"We have to go find him." Nephrite said, opening a portal. The three of them stepped through, but Minako hesitated.

"What if they can detect Senshi in the Dark Kingdom?" she asked apprehensiveley.

"They can't," Jadeite assured her. She stepped through into the other dimension after him.

* * *

The room was in chaos, all the furniture strewn around, debris of a fight.

They searched and found traces of youma energy. The four of them followed the trail down the hall to another room. A small green goblin-like creature was asleep in a chair, Zoisite and Kunzite were imprisoned behind a forcefield.

"What happened?" Naru whispered to them.

"It's taking us to Beryl." Zoisite replied. "Get us out of here." Jadeite dissolved the prison and they crept towards the door. The youma stirred and awoke with a shriek. Naru sent a disc of energy at it and it struck back at them harder then they expected, knocking them back on the floor. Naru, Nephrite, Minako and Kunzite sprang back on their feet and all aimed at the creature, killing it.

They turned. Zoisite and Jadeite were motionless, no aura of energy coming off them.

Minako leant over Jadeite, trying to revive him. Kunzite did the same to Zoisite. Nephrite looked back and forth between them. Long ago, in the Silver Millenium, the two of them had been lovers, now all the silver-haired king and the blonde girl cared about was saving the lives of their true loves.

Minako squeezed Jadeite's hand, channeling her energy into him. Slowly his eyes opened. Minako almost whooped in relief, the ache in her chest dissipating at his signs of life. Sobering, she glanced over at Zoisite. Kunzite was sending all his energy into the small figure, but with no response.

"Minako, you've got more energy than me, please try to help him." Kunzite said, exhausted.

"I don't have more..." Nephrite touched her shoulder.

"You have Senshi energy. That might work." Minako sighed.

"Alright. Venus power," she whispered sadly. When she was transformed Venus knelt over Zoisite's body. She could feel the other Kings recoil, their natural aversion to scouts coming through. It made her heart ache. Ignoring that, she gritted her teeth.

"Wake up, damn you," she muttered, sending all she could into the blonde boy. A sharp pain daggered through her forehead and she fainted.

* * *

"Minako? Please answer. Minako?" Minako opened her eyes. She was at home on her floor.

"Oh... my head. Jadeite? Is Zoisite alright?"

"He's fine. You did it. But..."

"What? What's wrong?"

He stroked her forehead lightly.

"I think you forsook your Venus power to do it. Your symbol faded and I can't feel the energy from you anymore."

Minako sat up stiffly, then gingerly touched her forehead.

"Venus power?" she said hesitantly. Nothing happened. "Jadeite, what am I going to do?! Usagi and all the other Senshi will *kill* me!" she panicked. Jadeite stroked her hair soothingly.

"You can use Lytote power to change form so you look like a Senshi. They'll never know... I'm sorry." Minako gulped back tears and smiled.

"As long as everyone's okay, I don't care. Better try to transform then." she shut her eyes, calling on the last reserves of her power. When she opened her eyes, she was in her Senshi uniform.

"Ummm, your old skirt was shorter." Jadeite said apologetically. "If you don't want people to know you'll have to change it." Minako rolled her eyes and waved her hand at the hem, which crept up her legs.

"I'm going to have *words* with Luna and Artemis one of these days. I wish we could wear longer skirts. Or pants, what's wrong with pants?!"

"Don't ask me, I just work here." Jadeite grinned. Minako suddenly thought of something.

"Jadeite, if I've lost my Sailor energy... do you still feel... repulsed by me?"

"I *never* felt 'repulsed' by you Minako, I never could. As for the energy clash we felt last time, only one way to find out..." He kissed her gently. The stayed locked together for a few seconds before Minako broke away and grinned.

"Oh no, I refuse to have my first proper kiss in this outfit." She blinked and transformed her clothing into jeans and a shirt again. Then they went back to kissing.

- The End of Chapter 2 -

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