Honor and Doubt


© 1999 by Mizuchiko

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Author's Note:

This idea struck me early one morning before I was fully awake. It's based on Becket, a play be Jean Anhouilh. If you haven't read it, you should. As for Kunzite, Zoisite, and the rest, they aren't mine and never were. All the credit goes to our beloved Naoko.

Honor and Doubt - Prologue

© 1999 by Mizuchiko

Eldest Guardian Kunzite was led by two youma escourts to stand in the strange and breathing darkness. He could see black, contorted pillars, like tortured stone souls reaching eternally for an unattainable heaven. One of the guards shoved him to his knees at the foot of a dark throne. Kunzite couldn't see exactly what sat there, but he could tell it was some sort of prismatic evil. He could feel the disquieting presence of unseen youma stirring in the darkness behind the twisted pillars. It was terribly cold.

"Well, Zoisite, are you satisfied? I am here. I suppose this is the end to our story. And what an end it is." Kunzite sighed, exasperated with his position and himself. He called out again, in as much of an admittance of error as he ever made, "Don't you think we'd have done better to understand each other?"

To the guardian's side, a pale silhouette melted out of the darkness in a whirl of cherry blossoms. Zoisite, in the grey uniform of a Negaverse General, stepped out from behind a pillar. He spoke softly to his elder guardian and onetime friend from behind him, where he could not see him.

"Understand each other? It wasn't possible."

Kunzite spoke again, not directly to Zoisite, but to his thoughts of him, "We both agreed to do what we had to do, no matter the cost. 'Do what you have to do, and do it well.' It was you who taught me that."

"Except you said it didn't matter what it was we were doing, or whom we were protecting. And I said it did. We were like two deaf men talking." Zoisite looked regretfully upon Kunzite, who seemed to shiver under his former pupil's gaze.

"How cold it was in that palace courtyard where we last met! I didn't like that chill that started to come over you. And I suppose that lent itself to my own coldness. But it wasn't always like that between us, was it, Zoisite? We had a few fine times together."

Zoisite, in the shadows, nodded slowly, a vague feeling of remembrance coming over him. It hurt his head. He looked up, nearly startled, when Kunzite said suddenly, "Did you love being my pupil, Guardian? Did you hate me that night I quit saying, 'I am your superior,' and made you my equal? Perhaps that's what you never could forgive me for?" Kunzite's voice echoed eerily in the dark chamber, begging for some answer from the friend he knew was there.

But the answer couldn't be given, through no fault of Zoisite's. "I've forgotten," he said, truthfully. He couldn't remember anything now, and when it felt like some memory was about to surface, his skull seemed to split with an incredible headache. That was the one thing he regretted about joining the Negaverse, was the brainwashing.

"I can see them, you know," Kunzite interrupted Zoisite's train of thought, "spying on me from the darkness. They're an oafish lot, those youma. To give myself over to those ruffians...even you'd be afraid. I need them though, that's the trouble. I know what is going to happen. Not even Endymion can deny that his time is over and that a victory by this unholy Negaverse is inevitable. But I need them, and one must always pay the price - that's another thing you taught me."

In another flurry of cherry blossoms, Zoisite left his former companion with the memories that he himself couldn't have.

Goto Part 1

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