Sweet Dreams

Chapter 1: Alone In the Darkness

© 2006 by Pyrite aka Jessi Duffour

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Sweet Dreams Chapter 1 Art by
© by Pyrite

The ground was cold and clammy under my palms as I knelt on my hands and knees trying to overcome the powerful dizziness and vertigo that assailed my body. My senses had been blinded by an overwhelming explosion of color, sound, and raw unhindered POWER. I groaned and mustered all of my strength to slowly stand. I succeeded, but my balance was shot to hell. Exhausted, I leaned against a wall for support as my body and mind both tried to handle their individual crisis.

What the hell happened? Where am I? These two thoughts chased each other around in circles in my head. I reached up and grabbed one of them , Where am I? I looked around me, eyes fighting the dim light for some clues to give any idea about my surroundings. I was in a cramped ill lit passageway made of some unusual rock that I had never seen before. I turned around and examined the rough hewn wall I was leaning on. The rock seemed to be both smooth and rough. Strangely dark. Strangely iridescent. Horribly beautiful. I gasped in wonder and my hand involuntary strayed to feel it. I jerked it back, however, as my sense of touch relayed a cool damp feeling, much like dead raw meat. I shuddered and stared in morbid fascination as I noticed the colors swirl and writhe beneath the solid exterior as if it were alive. Trapped. *...release me...*

I cried out in alarm and wrenched my eyes from the hypnotic undulating rock. My voice echoed back at me, hollowly taunting in my ears. A weak damp breeze flowed through the tunnel, fragrant and refreshing, tainted by the sounds of harsh voices and running feet. Oh shit! I dashed down the opposite direction until I came to a row of doors along the hall. I ducked into the first open door I came to. I stood in the center of the room, panting for air and wishing my small frame had a little more stamina. It's tough to be a girl sometimes. And this was definitely one of those times. The room was uncomfortably dark, but I could see a few assorted pieces of furniture hidden away by the thick shadows. A tantalizing odor filled the room. A delicate scent of flowers (thickly laden with the smell rose) and another, slightly bitter and salty aroma I could not quite place. I closed my eyes and relaxed as I concentrated on my senses to try to name it.

I stiffened as a sound made my heart leap into my throat. My eyes flew open as my ears detected the sound of the door closing on the room next to this one. The stiletto click of someone walking this way jolted me into action. I dove for the first good hiding spot I could find, under the bed. It was a large bed made out of a very solid and sturdy wood, the posts were thicker around than my leg. I could barley make out some scuff marks on the ground and the wall by the bed. My brows knit in confusion. What could have had the force to... My attention was jolted back to what was going on when a tall figure silhouetted itself in the doorway. It seemed familiar...I just can't place how, though. I strained my eyes to see what the person looked like, but details were impossible to pick out. It walked in and shut the door behind itself, effectively barring my escape rout. I was too busy trying to see this person, hidden as it was in complete darkness, to be upset. Utter darkness. Utter silence, almost. I could hear steady breathing in the inky blackness and I knew it wasn't me: I was holding my breath.

"Light." a deep timbered articulate voice spoke. In an instant blinding flash, the room was illuminated by a soft glow. I scanned the room to find the source. My heart almost lurched to a stop: I was staring wide eyed at my reflection in a beautiful gilded full length mirror. My shock filled green eyes set in a pale face, peered out of the shadows under the huge bed. Boy, this thing is MASSIVE! I shook my head sharply to get back on track. What if he sees me?!! My heart beat painfully in my chest, my pulse was deafening in my ears. My body was tensed for quick explosive action as I watched him warily. Please, whatever you do, don't look this way!

Fate was kind. I let my breath out in an inaudible sigh as I watched him walk to a dresser with a golden ornate framed picture on it. To one side stood a vase filled with a gorgeous bouquet of many different kinds of roses, scattered before it were meticulously folded pieces of crisp cream paper, each tied with a velvet green ribbon. He placed another folded parchment before the picture. He then held out his right hand and, in a small brilliance of blue light and a light breeze laden with a strong wild rose scent, a full pink rose magically appeared in his white gloved hand. Cool! I watched in awed delight. I HAVE to see this guy! I strained my eyes to their limits trying to discern more of this man, but his face was curtained from view by a mane of ethereal silvery hair and his form was well hidden from view by his long white cape that fell past his knees. I want to see more of him I thought irritably.

He instantly whirled around to face the gargantuan bed, his cape billowing out gracefully with the sudden movement. Apparently I had gotten my wish. I held my breath, my heart beating so hard I thought that my ribcage might break. Oh my God... I could hardly even blink, much less think coherently. He was looking at the bed and NOT at me, but it was what I saw that caused my state of shock.

Deep crystalline eyes burned coldly from a handsomely tanned face. Sharply angular features exuded his intelligence and guile, but they were relaxed in a cool disciplined calm. His facade was cracked and under the armor of cunning and wisdom, I could see such an intense sorrow and loneliness, my heart was moved with sympathy. He looks so sad... His silvery hair flowed around his face like a shimmering waterfall that spilled past his broad shoulders. He was clothed in a deep royal blue uniform (trimmed in light blue piping) that clung tightly to his tall, slender, hard muscled frame. The top clasp of his jacket was undone, leaving the collar splayed open exposing a smooth expanse of bare dark chest. KAWAII!!! Wow, what a bod!

I jerked to awareness (almost hitting my head), when I noticed the drool on my hand. Hey girl, get a grip. You were never interested in dating at all or gawking at cute guys, and you NEVER slobber on yourself! Thus chastened by my own self, I took a steady breath to regain my senses. He IS gorgeous, though... Rolling my eyes, I turned my gaze back to the man and to my vast surprise, he was walking slowly towards the bed with a prowling lethal grace. He then knelt in front of the bed, his cape brushing against my hand sending adrenaline spearing through my body like a jolt of electricity. Suddenly he slumped forward onto the bed, convulsions wracking his body as he quietly wept. I felt my eyes burn as a single tear tickled it's way down my cheek and fell on my wrist. What could have happened to him? Poor guy, I feel so sorry for him...

"Oh Zoisite, my love, please come back to me. My arms miss you, and I need you so much..." he spoke in a quiet whisper. His voice broke under the weight of his words and grief. Zoisite is probably his fiancee and something must have happened to her,... or she dumped him, I surmised. Either way, his devotion seems set: I don't stand a chance to that. With a sigh of regret, I recalled part of an old adage: All cute guys are one of two things. Taken or... For the life of me, I simply could not remember the rest of it.

"I love you with all of my heart..."

"Well, it's about time that you had come to your senses!" Chimed a woman's musical voice from the air, melodious except for a discordant ring of cynicism. My heart skipped a beat at this sudden surprise. All of this cardiovascular exercise is going to KILL me! I tensed as a chill wind forcefully blew throughout the room, whipping the cloak around the man's kneeling form. A sudden weight upon the bed alerted me to the presence of another person in the room. "I take it you have reconsidered my proposal?"

The man leapt to his feet with startling catlike grace and speed. Red hot rage, so intense that I could actually feel it emanating from the man's body like a chill fire, seethed as he spoke in a deathly calm voice.

"Jade! How dare you violate this sacred place with your foul presence? I will destroy you for this obscenity!!!"

"Oh ho ho Dearest Kunzite! You cannot and you know it. If you did, Queen Beryl would eliminate you just like she did your little sex toy, Zoisite." I shook my head in disbelief. This lady is sick!

"How DARE you, insolent Youma?!!" That's telling her! I grinned. "He was NOT a 'sex toy'." HE?!! "He was my student, my confidant...and my LOVER!" My jaw dropped. All interest I may have had in him was washed away by this revelation. But my pity not only remained, it deepened. No matter what he was, he was in pain. And it was then that I remembered the rest of adage with a wry smile. All cute guys are one of two things. Taken or...gay. Damn! Just my luck, he's both.

She laughed wickedly. "Ho ho ho! Not any more!" Her voice chimed discordantly. Then there was a whooshing sound. I curiously looked to see what it was, peering from the concealing darkness under the huge bed. I gasped in horror. The picture, the flowers, and the parchments were quickly being engulfed in icy blue flames. The cloying stench of burnt roses filled the air.

"NOOOOO!!!" the man cried as he lunged for the picture. The magical azure flames died away as soon as he touched them, but the damage was done. The frame was twisted horribly, the glass shattered, and the picture was more than half burnt away.

With a small cry, he fell to his knees, the picture falling from limp fingers, clattering onto the floor. His platinum blue eyes, sparkling with unshed tears and wide with shock, stared ahead into nothing. Poor, guy. He doesn't even see me, he's shaken so bad...

"You bitch..." he only managed to whisper weakly.

The cruel woman slowly slid off the bed and slinked towards him. I couldn't help but sneer in revulsion at her appearance: his comment wasn't too far off the mark obviously. Her hair was shoulder length, smooth and shiny as stone and a deep green color (hence the name). Her alabaster skin glowed next to her hair, but FAR too much was exposed. What little clothing she wore consisted of a "bikini" type thing that was made of shiny black leather and adorned with jade rings. The silence of the room was broken by the creek of her skimpy outfit and the clicking of the heels of her midthigh boots, made out of the same material, as she sauntered up to him. Where am I, Hell?!! Cute guys that aren't in ANY way available and ladies running around in horrible fashion taboos. If this isn't, I must be someplace pretty close to it!

She held a wicked looking whip that gleamed evilly in the light. Chuckling evilly to herself, she used it to lift his chin so that she may look him straight in the eyes. He was still dazed, unresisting, his eyes still glazed from the shock.

"Kunzite Dear, you are out of time. Queen Beryl is in dire need of generals but you are the only one left who can train them. I am the next in line for promotion and the Youma will not oppose me. If you do not choose, Queen Beryl will decide for you." She bent down, her face inches away from his, her cold smile stretching into a serpentine grin.

"And I shall have you..."

Shock had long ago turned into anger in my heart. You have to snap out of it, Kunzite! Resolving to bring an end to this decidedly sick situation, I pulled my rubber band out of my hair and looked at it. Green. My favorite color. A lucky color.

"...whether you want me to..."

Pull back....


...aim... Please let this work....



As Jade closed her eyes and her lips lightly brushing his, the rubber band flew past and struck him on the cheek with a resounding snap. He jerked to awareness and shoved the vampish lady off of him roughly. He leapt to his feet, a bright red welt on his left cheek and icy blue eyes burning.

" I swear this time NOTHING will keep me from destr..." He was abruptly interrupted by a loud gong, the sound cold and rolling like a death knell in a tomb...

" Except for that. The Queen calls, I answer! Ho ho ho ho; I will have you yet, Dearest Kunzite!" She then vanished in an icy whirlwind.

He remained there standing a moment longer, anger fled, calm once again. He then gave a weary sigh, bowed his silvery head and murmured in a voice too calm, too resigned, "I fear she is right."

When he opened his eyes, he noticed something on the floor. He curiously picked it up. His silver eyes widened then narrowed as he looked around the room warily. At last he vanished in a dark flash of blue light, stunning me with the unexpected disappearance and curious...magic.

*Well done, my girl. Well done!*

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