Sweet Dreams

Chapter 2: A Soul Wanders Astray

© 2006 by Pyrite aka Jessi Duffour

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Sweet Dreams Chapter 2 Art by
© by Pyrite

I waited a few minutes more before I finally crawled out from under the bed. Where am I? What is happening? What ís this voice in my head? Pacing out my thoughts, I nearly stepped on the horribly mutilated picture. Kneeling down, I brushed the shards of glass off of it and carefully picked it up out of the twisted remains of the frame. It appeared to have originally been two figures, one leaning on the other. I identified one as Kunzite, but the other that was leaning on him was burnt away, leaving only him and an indiscernible part of the other. Anger flared like an exploding star in my heart. She is going to pay DEARLY for this! But how am I going to do it?

"It HAS to be something good!" I thought out loud, fretfully playing with a lock of hair to speed up the thinking process. I paced out the nervous circles of my deep, troubled thoughts on the floor. I huffed in angry indignation, my sense of fair play...no matter how warped...craving retribution to Jade. "That poor guy has no choice but to pick that slimy lady as his student." I paused as I spied a closet. Or maybe not... A mischievous smile slowly crept across my face as a plan formed. With only a slight hesitation, I opened the door.

"If it's a general he needs..."

I laughed in delight as I gazed upon a row of dark blue uniforms. They looked just the right size, too!

"...it's a general he gets!"

* * *

"A little baggy, but otherwise a perfect fit!" I remarked as I regarded my reflection in the full length mirror. The uniform was similar in design to Kunzite's but it lacked the flowing white cape. Also the trim was an emerald green instead of his light blue. The fabric felt stiff yet soft and warm. There was a strong scent of flowers (cherry blossoms, perhaps) that was strangely comforting and relaxing.

I hardly recognized myself. I'm used to seeing the small nondescript girl with bright green eyes and wild long curly hair, light glinting off of brown and golden locks. I normally looked casual in my baggy shirt and jeans. But the person looking back at me was almost a totally different person. In the uniform and knee high boots, I seemed to look older than my eighteen years, more mature, more intelligent, more dangerous. My easy going look had turned into a darkly amused appearance by the clothes. I was compelled to stand a little bit straighter by the uniform. This was when I had notice something amiss. My eyes widened in shock.

"I look like a boy!" I exclaimed in dismay. The looseness of the jacket and thick fabric absolutely killed my chest and the bagginess of the pants concealed the shape of my legs. And it didn't help that my face held a very androgynous look, especially with the severe uniform. After thinking about it a little while longer, I figured that it might not be so bad after all, Hey, if I disguise myself as a man, maybe I won't be threatened or bothered. I guess it'll work, but I wish I didn't look like such a pretty boy. I started to laugh. I definitely had a feminine look to me.

"Girlie man!" I stuck my tongue out at my reflection. Grinning still, I slipped my dagger into one of my shiny knee-high black boots. I always feel so much more secure with it on.

Pausing in my preparation, I tentatively peered at my face in the mirror, the only key to the girl I really am. I tried to make my mass of long curly hair look presentable. Two tendrils of hair absolutely refused to cooperate. Hopeless cause, I sighed in resigned frustration and gave up. I briefly looked at my face, even dared to meet my eye, but I quickly looked away, ashamed. I am such an ugly girl, even if I can manage to look like a pretty guy. I though bitterly as I turned away from the mirror, telltale pinpricks of moisture burning in my eyes. I stored my clothes and backpack in the bottom drawer of the dresser. As I closed it, the sound of it shutting had a ring of finality to it. Resolve. Walking to the door, I paused with my hand trembling on the door knob. What I'M about to is incredibly dangerous. What if I get caught? What if this doesn't work? WHAT am I thinking?!

*Don't be afraid, child, I will help you.*

"You again!" I gasped in surprised. "Who are you? Where are you?"

*I am a power that resides here, dear girl. I am everywhere!* The voice faded off in unusual laughter. Silence.

"Hey, what can I lose?" I reasoned with myself with a wry smile. The irony of those words haunt me to this day.

My resolve firmed, I took a deep breath to steady my anxious nerves and opened the heavy door to the challenge outside. My eyes widened in surprised shock at the chaos flowing past me. Dozens of strange and monstrous people and creatures were flooding through the narrow hallway in an unstoppable mass. Gulping down my fear, I nonchalantly stepped into the fray. The best way from being caught is to look like you belong. Above the clamor of sounds and voices, I could hear that gong again.

I decided that by following the sea of writhing bodies, it would lead me to where I needed to go. I was detachedly surprise by the amount of space that had been spared around me, especially since all of the creatures were pushing each other in order to get ahead. Eventually, we came to a pair of great stone double doors that soared into an infinite undefined height. The gigantic doors made me feel small, inconsequential. The beginnings of a sinking feeling gnawed at the edge of my mind, but I ignored then, simply dubbing them needless paranoia. We massed into the room. Small as I was, with my vision woefully obscured, I could not see the walls in this vast audience chamber. The ceiling was not visible through the viscous shadows high above our heads (it probably wasn't even there). I felt like I was standing on an island in a sea of bodies, they refused to come near me. I wonder why they avoid me. Could it be this uniform? Maybe it's of a high rank! Suddenly the crowd hushed as an imperious voice rolled across the chamber like hellish thunder. It was a woman's voice, stately and powerful, brimming with threat and danger.

"Silence!!!" The sudden hush that filled the room was deafening.

"Now Lord Kunzite, as you are aware, I am in desperate need of generals, but you are all that I have left to teach with. I have given you time enough to find a student, but you have yet to give me an answer. Decide at this moment whom you will teach. If you do not...then I will!"

I could hear Jade snicker nearby. I blinked and glanced around. I saw her off a little to my left. She was standing there with a self satisfied air, her eyes glimmering evilly and a cruel certain twist of the lips that was too vile to be considered a smile. I am going to absolutely LOVE raining on her parade. I smirked mischievously. A creature whispered in her ear and she looked my way. Her brows knit and she frowned darkly at me. What's the matter, see something you don't like? I simply gave her one of my most angelic smiles. This only upset her further and she scowled at me as she held up her whip so that I could see it. Go suck a rotten egg.

"My Queen..." I knew that voice! I turned my attention back to the front and tried in vain to see him. No dice. "I have been unable to decide..."

"ENOUGH!!!" Her anger thundered red hot through out the room as her roaring voice left my ears ringing. The mass around me cringed as a whole and took a few steps back, many groveling on the floor. I couldn't repress a shudder. That voice! She sounds just like my third grade teacher, Mrs. Wilson. That lady was EVIL! "You've had your chance, and now it is no longer in your hands. I name Jade the..."

"HOLD IT!!!"

"WHAT?!!!" The crowd parted like water before me and I could see the Queen for the first time. I gulped and tried to keep my courage under wraps. The first thing I saw was the blazing crimson eyes, a thin veil to her mounting anger. Wavy long scarlet hair flew about her like an inferno fueled by her rage. Her skin glowed white hot, like superheated metal. She was tall, powerfully imposing, and looked for all the world like a hellish angel standing before me. The rage tinted power that roiled from her not only added to the impression of a living holocaust, it lashed at me, leaving me feeling a if I were sitting too close to a bonfire. Oh, boy.

"Who are you? What is your name? Come, boy, speak up!" Her glaring eyes, narrowed as she sized me up. At least my disguise is holding up. Oh well, here goes nothing.

Mustering up my courage, I quickly strode forward and knelt on one knee before her dominating form. Holding my right hand over my heart, I averted my eyes to the floor, thinking desperately for a name to use. It seems that everyone here is named after some kind of stone or mineral or something. What name am I going to use?!! I let out a long frustrated breath. "Fools rush in where wisemen fear to tread." Yup. That sums me up nicely. I thought bitterly. If I survive this, I'll never again be that fool.

"My Queen. My name is..." ...fool....Ah, ha! "Pyrite. I request permission to train under Lord Kunzite..." I resolutely ignored the scattered snickers in the crowd "so that I may become a general worthy enough to serve my Liege, Queen Beryl."

Phew, I am sure glad that's over with! I felt her sharp claws dig in to my jaw painfully as she tilted my head up to look into her burning eyes. Her hands were cold and leathery and made my skin crawl as if it were trying to shrink away from her clammy touch. Gulping somewhat noisily I dared to stare her in the eyes. Her will was an immeasurable force, powerful and drowning, reaching into my mind and soul, trying to devour and control my very essence. In a blinding near panic, I steeled my own will and called upon my most powerful asset. Not free spirit or strong sense of righteousness, but pig headed stubbornness. Even though it isn't my most endearing trait, it has gotten me out of messy situations, including those that it sometimes tends to get me into. Oh well, nobody's perfect.

I stared proudly into her eyes I'm NOT gonna be pushed around by anyone!!! I felt a familiar wave of warmth rush through me as I shielded myself with my determination. She blinked in surprise at my resistance. A slow crafty smile spread across her sharp features as she let go and leaned back in her throne.

"I am well pleased, Pyrite. You have my permission to make your entreaty with Lord Kunzite. I believe that you will serve me well." At her nod I slowly stood up and approached Kunzite. His face was cool, composed, devoid of any emotion. His pale blue eyes passed over me, hardly taking any notice. Is this the same guy? He hardly paid me any heed as I walked to stand before him, his lack of emotion intimidating me to no end. A sudden blast of cold air surged throughout the room, whipping my hair into my eyes. It battered at me, threatening to knock me over, but I braced myself against it.

"Ho ho ho, it appears that I have some competition!" Oh great. When the wind died down, I pushed my thick hair out of my eyes and glared sullenly at Jade out of the corner of my eye. " If that is what you can call yourself."

I sneered in disdain at her and when I looked at Kunzite, he returned my glance at the same time. His expression of disgust matched my own perfectly. I couldn't help it, I cracked a grin at the irony, and much to my surprise, he returned it with a slight smile. Ah, I knew you could! I KNEW you couldn't be completely made out of ice. Comrades for the moment; it was good sign.

"Put a sock in it, Jade." I returned good naturedly over my shoulder, "I am here in the service of my Queen, not to fight petty battles of wit with you."


"My Queen, " Kunzite's cool voice echoed throughout the vast chamber, cutting the infuriated Jade short and grabbing the attention of all present. "He does prove an excellent point. We are here on matters of business, not to squabble before you."

He sighed and looked down, his face weary and drawn painfully, Slowly, he ran a gloved hand through his hair, I wonder if he knows how cute he looks when he does that? Yeah, probably does... as he looked between us, his gaze last falling on Jade. Giving a resigned sigh, he looked up at the impatient Queen slowly smoldering before him. This decision must not be as easy as I thought it was going to be. Oh, shit, he might not even chose me! I look like a fragile girlish boy. Oh, crud! The suspense hung thick in the air like peanutbutter, keeping everyone, save him, in a state of suspended animation. In a voice hardly above a whisper, he spoke.

"I have made a decision."

The chamber let out a collective breath, and in unison, sucked in another. The look Jade shot me wasn't anything but smugly victorious. I refused to look at her, as my stomach was plummeting to unknown depths. Why? It can't end this way! I won't give up.

"And whom do you choose?"

I whirled around to face Queen Beryl as she spoke. Her vermilion eyes bored into mine. A thoughtful frown played about her lips. She seemed as perplexed as I. Crestfallen, I stared at the glossy tips of my boots, trying not to admit to failure, but it is much too ugly a monster to ignore as I mentally saw it rampaging towards me. I wonder what the penalty for failure is in this place. Death?

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