Sweet Dreams

Chapter 8: The Truth Time Will Reveal

© 2006 by Pyrite aka Jessi Duffour

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I gasped slightly and stared into his eyes in shocked disbelief, choking on a breath I could not draw, the sickening sensation of cold hard steel being where it should not be. I staggered, and dropped the Katana from numb fingers, my hand going to the blade in my stomach, my other still in his steel strong grip. I drew a shaking breath finally...pain racing through my nerves, blinding me in a dim haze. I'm going to die... I let out a ragged scream of terror and agony as he drew the blade out slowly, my knees giving out. He held me up by the wrist coldly, his face devoid of emotion, holding the longsword gleaming with my own blood to my face, drawing the flat of the blade down my cheek, leaving a warm scarlet smear on my skin. Squeezing my eyes shut, I choked back a faint whimper. I clutched at the wound with my free hand, my life's blood seeping between my fingers. I was growing dizzy, drawing gasping breaths, the pain intense.

"Your First lesson to learn. Never trust anyone." I glared up at him, and he laughed.

"What, no words to taunt me with? Was your wit not sharp enough to match my blade?" He grinned and dropped his blade to the ground, tracing the line of deep pink blood along his cheek then tracing the blood smear on mine, a strange grin on his face. I blinked as I noticed his cut was fading rapidly.

"Your Second lesson. The weapons of the Training Arena are specially enchanted. Any wounds they inflict heal." He pried my hand away from the wrenching wound, and I noticed with dizzying shock that it was closing quickly, the pain receding rapidly. I felt ill... sickened to my soul. I watched with stunned shock as he brushed his bare fingers deliberately, slowly across the sealing wound and held the crimson coated hand in front of my face. I winced, cringing away from the terrifying sight of seeing my blood right in FRONT of me, and not IN me where it belongs. The pain was nearly gone, the wound, practically fully healed, my consciousness regaining clarity, but I was horrified beyond words...never having seen something that reeled my mind so badly before in my life.

"Your Third lesson..." His silvery blue eyes bored into mine as he slowly licked the crimson blood off his fingers. My eyes widened alarmingly as I watched, shocked. I clenched my jaw, choking back on a wrenching scream building in my throat. "There are far worse fates in the Dark Kingdom than death..."

Squeezing my eyes shut against the sight, I brought my foot up in a high kick, nailing him in the jaw squarely. His hand let me go and I hit the dirt. Getting to my feet quickly, I backed up, watching him warily, suspiciously, as he rubbed his jaw in surprise.

"Ah, you are sneaky." He grinned slightly and crouched like a panther, his pale blue eyes gleaming in the light, long silver hair falling in tendrils around his face and neck.

"I never let one insult me as you constantly do and get away with it. It shows a lack of respect to my authority." He circled slowly around me, prowling with a predatorial grace, slowly stalking. I turned with him, facing him as he circled. He suddenly lunged forward with startling speed and crashed into me. Falling backwards, I pushed him up and over me with my feet, sending him flying over me with his momentum. I turned and rose to my feet as he landed in a roll, twisting to his like a cat, grinning.

"Very good. Excellent for a beginner." He then moved to my left. I dodged to my right, and had the wind knocked out of me as he suddenly darted at me with agile speed, tackling me to the ground. I twisted out of his grip like a fish and tried to crawl away, but he grabbed my left wrist and pulled my arm behind my back painfully. I gritted my teeth against the pain and struggled to break his grip, only bringing myself more agony. Finally, I stopped struggling and tried to rack my brain for a clue on how to break free. He was heavier than I could move, though...and his weight was pressing me to the ground...making it difficult to breathe.

I could feel him lean close, resting his chin on my shoulder, hear his soft breathing in my ear, his warmth against my neck. I squirmed under his weight, and he chuckled, tightening his grip on my arm. Clenching my teeth, refusing to let out even a smothered gasp of pain, I reluctantly relaxed...not moving. I gulped down my loudly beating heart, completely unnerved as he spoke softly in my ear, his fingers gently brushing my long curling hair behind my neck, out of the way.

"Inexperienced, to be sure...but enough spirit to make a difference. Potential...yes, that you have. You have very little body mass... you should use that as an advantage..."

My eyes widened as his free hand slowly traveled down my leg tenderly. I tried to pull free until he gave my arm a sharp jerk that caused me to gasp in pain. I shivered, feeling a cold chill crawl into my skin...fear, as I had never known it. I could feel his warm fingers slowly trek down my thigh and knee...almost a caress until...

"What have we here?" he pulled my dagger from my boot and held it in front of me, turning is slightly, the light gleaming off the blade. He studied it over my shoulder with a soft chuckle. "It seems that you have a spirit for fighting...and some experience." My voice was husky, breathless, as I whispered softly.

"Lord Kunzite...." He leaned closer, his face next to mine.


"I can't breathe!" I coughed slightly, drawing a rasping breath, his sheer weight squeezing the air out of my chest. Starbursts were flitting across my vision like the Fourth of July. He shifted his weight somewhat, his grip on my wrist loosening. Seizing the opportunity, I yanked my hand free and crawled out from under him quickly, welcoming my freedom with a big ragged gulp of sweet cool air. Crouching with my back against the wall, I watched him like a hawk, massaging my aching shoulder, panting. I'm going to hurt in the morning. He was chuckling in amusement as he stood and brushed off his knees.

"Truly, an interesting beginning to training, I must say." I shivered slightly, sagging against cold hard stone. Interesting doesn't begin to cover it!!! Suddenly he spun, the dagger thudding into the wall next to my head, causing me to yelp and jump to my feet in surprise.

"I thought you might want that back, Boy." I glared at him, my pride chafed badly, as I tried to pull the dagger out of the wall. It refused to come out. He came near, his arms crossed imperiously over his chest, chuckling softly at my feeble strength. Growling softly, I grabbed it with both hands and pulled with all my might, the blade coming free so suddenly, I staggered back a few steps and bumped into the tall silver haired man. He chuckled and steadied me. Angry, I stepped out of his reach and slipped my dagger into my boot. He laughed, immensely amused.

"What, do you not trust me?"

"Not half as far as I can throw you."

"You cannot even pick me up."

"So don't even bother grabbing the measuring tape." I was angry...tired of feeling so vulnerable, helpless. I wanted to be able to control what happened to me. I never admitted defeat, and I wasn't about to start. I also didn't like to admit that I was scared...terrified. His soft chuckle rolled like velvet in the cavernous arena, causing a shiver to creep down my skin.

"Such spirit! It is refreshing to find one with such a bold heart. Good. Then, you just might survive training, Boy." After what had happened that day...I feared he was right. I sighed and nodded my head. If I want to live...I guess I shouldn't push my luck with him. The last thing I need is to have him after my hide along with Endymion and Jade.

"Thank you, Lord Kunzite." I bowed my head. Hastily, I scrabbled for some intelligent sounding words. "Please forgive my rash actions...I...I am still trying to understand what is going on...and I guess I am pretty stubborn...especially when I'm nervous..."

He paused thoughtfully, fingering his chin, cold silver blue eyes silently staring at me with a shivering intensity, pondering. I stood still under his unnervingly powerful gaze, hiding the fear chill my blood as his glittering silvery eyes slowly looked me over thoughtfully. He then nodded silently.

"I accept your apology." I covertly let out a soft sigh of relief as he turned and replaced the swords on the wall. I slouched against the wall, feeling aches and pains slowly let themselves known to me...weariness beginning to take over. I am going to hurt sooo bad tonight... I jumped to attention and straightened as he turned back around, tightening the belt on his jacket.

"Now that you had experienced a taste of combat...I shall introduce you to magic." I groaned inwardly. If learning magic is going to be like learning battle...I won't live to see tomorrow.

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