Sweet Dreams

Chapter 10: Revealing to Us Our Plight

© 2006 by Pyrite aka Jessi Duffour

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I closed my bleary eyes and sat back with a sigh, the muscles in my back and neck stiff and sore from sitting so long in the hard, wooden chair. I leaned forward, my elbows on my knees, my forehead resting on my clasped hands. I could sense Kunzite pacing around me slowly.

"Again." His cold, stern voice pushed me on relentlessly. I sighed and complied, a tiny yawn escaping.

"Prince Demando is the sovereign of the Dark Moon, his brother is Safir. Assistant is Esmeraude. Court Advisor is Wise Man. Other followers...the Weird Sisters: Cooan, Beruche, Calaveras, and...Petz." He paused directly behind me.


I groaned and wracked my bleary mind for the other name.

"And.....Rubella?" No that's not it... The silence was deafening, the moment tense. Suddenly, he burst into laughter, leaning on the chair.

"Rubeus. His name is Rubeus." He chuckled softly. I sighed and grinned wryly, nodding wearily...exhausted.

"Oh...Rubeus..." I was dead tired, no doubt of that. I felt my shoulders slump in my fatigue, bleary eyes closing slowly. I felt myself fall as if in slow motion, feeling nothing as I crashed against the floor. I dimly recalled hearing a muttered curse as fatigue took over in soothing darkness.

I was dreaming...I knew it. I was in an ethereal forest...filled with serene beautiful trees, deep pink cherry blossom petals falling in a soft shower around me. Warm sunshine bathed me in it's gentle loving glow...a thing I had come to have forgotten in the subterranean Dark Kingdom...and drank in it's friendly light. Smiling happily, I danced to unheard music in the shower of silken petals, reveling in the joy and beauty of the grove. I was happy, filled with such a sense of freedom, liberated of the darkness that had haunted me for the last month. I knelt by a stream to gulp down the sweet water and peered curiously at my reflection. It grinned back at me, a touch of evil glittering in the eyes. I gasped and backed away.

"It has been a long time, has it not?" I rose swiftly and turned sharply, utterly startled to hear a voice. I looked around intently...but a thick foggy haze was rising from the ground, curling in ghostly tendrils around my booted ankles. The petals fell quickly; heavily...deep red rose petals in a thick rain, covering me with their thick silken splashes of sultry color. A shadow covered the grove.

"Who are you?" I ran through the too beautiful, too perfect forest intently, warily, uneasy...searching for the elusive voice. The mist was thickening around me...turning the beautiful trees into ghostly horrendous things fuzzy formed in the thick fog.

"I am one who takes an interest in your future. The true question is...who are YOU?" Something seemed suspicious...overly so. The sunlight faded...a chill damp cold setting in, the mists writhing and darkening. I could feel the air thicken around my body, making my movements hampered and sluggish. I felt the red rain fall on me...splattering me in crimson...drenching the snow white gloves scarlet. I felt two blood drops trickle down my cheeks in a mocking, gruesome parody of tears.

The mists were looking all too familiar: dark...swirling...hypnotically entrancingly. My voice cut the air in a heart-rending scream. Frantically, I fought desperately against cold clawed hands...the hands of the Queen and fell back into the mist...swallowed by the darkness.

"Who am I?!"

"Pyrite!" I was in a void of vertigo, being shoved and pushed every which way, grasping clawed hands reaching out and snagging my uniform. I writhed in the unbreakable grip, crying out in angry torment. Screaming out I felt power channel through me, blasting the owner of the grasping hands in an exhilarating rush of energy, my eyes flaring open. I blinked in startled confusion.

I was lying in an enormous satin-sheeted bed in a huge lavish room, pink cherry blossom petals strewn about the deep blue covers. I sat up and stared in disbelief, my eyes following the trail of delicate little petals to a huge pile of splintered, crashed wood against the far wall...and a glint of silver. I stared in utter shock at the destruction, and the mass of pretty pink petals littering it. My breath caught in my throat as I peered at the gleaming spot of silver. Hair. Kunzite!

"Lord Kunzite!!!" I leapt out of the bed and bounded to the destroyed furniture, tearing the heavy pieces of wood off and throwing them to the side, ignoring the thick splinters that embedded themselves in my hands from my reckless haste. He may have been aggravating, cold, and at times abusive...but he was the closest thing to a friend I had in this dismal Kingdom. If I lost him...I would be alone against enemies I know I'm not strong enough to defend against. I never before realized how much he meant to me... my only friend here. Hearing a soft groan from within the wreckage spurred me on, kicking and pushing broken furniture away. Shoving away a part of a thick, mahogany armoire, I paused, catching my breath, staring at my inert mentor. Shoving away more of the furniture, I dragged him out of the ruins, and knelt beside him, frantically checked his pulse. I shook him desperately, the fear of being alone in the Dark Kingdom more than enough of a reason to warrant my panicked concern.

"Come on...wake up! I don't know what the HELL happened...and I don't have a clue what to do! Please Lord Kunzite, wake up!" I choked back fear and hysteria, glancing around the dark room...the creeping shadows...fear of what ever that had hurt my Mentor and caused such destruction may be lurking in the darkness of the room. "Wake up, Kunzite, I need you!!!"

His eyes flew open, glowing a fierce blue white, an utterly feral look on his face, a chill fierce wind blowing through the room. Biting my lip, I remained completely motionless, watching him carefully. He then blinked his eyes, the wild emotion erasing from his face, the dangerous glow fading from his eyes, staring up at me...the wind dying. He sat up weakly and I cried out in relief, hugging him tight. I ignored all my "proper student conduct" training and sobbed my relief for his safety, my safety, and terror from the lingering nightmare, burying my face heedless in his chest...the thought of being alone frightening me to the core.

"You're alive!!!" I could feel his startled surprise...but I didn't care... I was definitely thrown totally off kilter from the nightmare and frightening rude awakening. I felt hot tears soak into the material of his jacket, streaming down my cheeks...haunting memories of the petals and the rain of blood toying with my mind... and the fear of losing the only person who I could mostly trust in this Dark Hell. Crying made the darkness flee...it made the fear go away. My sobs eased as I felt him gently rub my back soothingly.

"Of course, I am. I am not that easy to kill, as well you should know." He then paused and tensed, pushing me away, gently yet firmly. "You are truly a wretched sight. Generals do not weep as piteously as this. You should show better self discipline."

I blinked and blushed at his stern tone of voice and the warning glint in his bright silver blue eyes. I nodded and sat back, shaken and shivering, closing my eyes and resolutely regaining my composure. I opened my eyes quickly as I heard him give a choking gasp.

"Lord Kunzite?"

I felt my stomach plummet as I saw him stare pale faced at cherry blossom petals in his cupped hands...the petals reminding me of the ones from the dream. I shivered and stared warily at the petals. I know why it frightens me, but I don't know why it bothers him .

"Lord Kunzite...what happened...did someone attack you?" He slowly turned his silver eyes to me, the look totally unreadable, but brimming with a mix of powerful emotions. I looked at the petals in confusion as he spoke softly...his cool voice slightly strained.

"You had fallen asleep towards the end of the lecture...and I put you in a safe place to rest. You were apparently having a nightmare. I tried to wake you..." I recalled the dream...and towards the end and my eyes widened in surprise.

"I blasted you? I did all this?!!!" I stared in disbelief at the destruction in the room, at my disheveled Mentor...at the vivid pink petals strewn about the floor. I gulped guiltily.

"Umm...Lord Kunzite...I really am sorry about this..." I blushed hotly, feeling downright idiotic and embarrassed. "...it was a really bad nightmare...and I didn't know you were trying to wake me up or anything..." I blinked, my voice trailing off, puzzled as he looked at me intently then smiled slightly.

"As I had said, I am too tough for you to hurt me badly. You merely caught me by surprise. In fact...I am rather pleased..." he smiled, a look of triumph on his normally stoically cool face surprising me. I blinked again.


"Yes. Congratulations, Boy, you had just discovered your Pathos." I blinked, confused.

"I did?" He nodded.

"Yes...Nature." I paused...recalling the dream.

"It makes sense...the trees... the flower petals..." I murmured absently. He eyed me thoughtfully and I glanced up at him. I winced and looked at my hands...blood soaking into the pristine white gloves from the numerous large and small splinters in my hands. My eyes widened as I recalled the rain of blood, my face paling abruptly. I fought hard to suppress a shiver, but it won out, trembling though my body. He watched me thoughtfully.

"You never cease to surprise me with your antics." He reached out and took one of my hands in his own and examined it coolly, and gestured, the crimson stained glove disappearing away and shook his head at the countless tiny splinters and numerous large ones...a few the thickness of a pencil. He chuckled softly, a mixture of dismay and marvel on his cool face, a wry smile touching his lips.

"I thought I had drilled you against your recklessness, but it seems I am wrong." he murmured dryly, a slight warmth in his cool blue eyes as he plucked a splinter from my palm suddenly. He held my wrist in a firm grip to keep me from reflexively jerking my hand back. I winced slightly and grinned ruefully.

"I am, however, flattered that you had cared about my safety so much." He eyed me with no little suspicion, yanking another splinter out. Now I know how a pincushion feels. His keen silvery blue eyes bored into mine, seemingly searching my soul for intent. I shrugged and replied truthfully. He took off his gloves and continued pulling the splinters.

"Your life may depend on my success, but my success depends on your life. You are the closest thing to a friend I have in this whole place. If I would lose you...I wouldn't stand much of a chance against Endymion and Jade...not to mention against the other Youma." He nodded coolly, appeased by my answer and continued his relentless plucking. I found that talking helped ease the sting of the splinters, much to my relief. He chuckled dryly.

"I am honored that you are so trusting of me." It rang with a hollow sarcasm...a ring of sincerity resonating unbidden in his words. He paused, my hand in his, his eyes staring into mine...a silvery fire burning deep within. My breath caught in my throat, caught by his gaze...by a Lord of Ice...with a hidden heart of fire. I felt my pulse quicken as we knelt there, silent, our gazes locked. Beautiful... like a rose... gorgeous to look at... but sharp thorns to the touch. I looked away first and winced, glancing at the remaining splinters in my hand. Shaking his head abruptly, he gestured, a small black leather case appearing on the floor next to him. I peered curiously as he opened it, numerous gleaming stainless steel surgical tools set meticulously neat in it, glinting in the dim light. I wrinkled my nose in dismay, eyeing the sharp little instruments with apprehension, and relaxed as he only pulled out a pair of fine slender tweezers.

"I think I'll work a lot harder on that self discipline next time..."

"What, and ruin my fun?" He chuckled softly at my words as he carefully removed the tiny shards of wood from my hands. I grimaced slightly and grinned wryly.

"Haha. Can't you simply have 'fun' in some less painful way?"

"I do not find this in the least bit painful." He grinned slightly, meticulously removing the tiny shards of wood. I pouted at his words.

"Oh, so NOW you developed a sense of humor? Holy Cra...!" I luckily cut my explicative short and grit my teeth as he pulled a particularly deep, reluctant splinter. He eyed me sternly and I grinned sweetly, slapping on my very best unassuming innocent look. He shook his head, sighing, and returned to extracting the troublesome wood shards from my hand.

"Tell me about this...dream." I drew a shaky breath and complied, swapping hands midway through, giving him the next to pluck free of splinters. His hands were surprisingly gentle, a soft touch that helped me to drive away the fear the dream imbued in my heart.

"...and when I opened my eyes...I was in that bed...and saw the huge pile of smashed furniture...and a bit of your hair showing from underneath." He nodded silently. "When I realized you were under all that stuff, it drove me to a frenzied panic and I frantically got all that debris off of you the best I could...as fast as I could. I thought someone attacked you... I didn't know I did it..." I shook my head, blushing as red as a sun ripened tomato, more than a little embarrassed and guilty. He nodded thoughtfully.

"Nature is definitely your Pathos then..." he paused a long moment, eyeing me thoughtfully with his keen silver gaze, holding my finished hand in his briefly, gently. "Just like another past student of mine..." I blinked and smiled.

"Oh...then this should make it easier for you to teach me, then, right?" he stood up and silently paced to a window overlooking a twisted and horrid forest...dark and dismal...petrified into wretched statues. He stared outside; his hands clasped behind his back, wrapping melancholy seclusion about him as the cloak upon his shoulders. He murmured so softly I could barely hear his faint words.

"It only makes things all the more difficult."

I quietly slipped out the door...I knew when I was dismissed. If there was anything I learned in this past month, is that the enigmatic man is often prone to silent thought... and punishes those severely whom interrupt him.

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