Sweet Dreams

Chapter 12: And In Vain to Fight

© 2006 by Pyrite aka Jessi Duffour

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After the grand tour, we arrived at last at our quarters. Lavish and luxuriant being two appropriate words to describe it... wow and hot damn were, however, the only ones I could think of at the time. I paused after we surveyed the rooms...then did a recount, checking the rooms again. Doubtless the Queen would take the largest, grandest room...but still something struck me as odd. My mentor watched me in no little amusement and curiosity as I made the rounds for the fifth time.

"Do you doubt our hosts honesty so for such an intense investigation of the quarters?" I started in surprise and blushed in embarrassment. I sat down on the plush couch in the central room...the Queen already in her chosen room.

"Ah...no, I'm just a little...confused...." I scratched the back of my head and counted the doors again...four. He leaned against the wall and crossed his arms over his chest, raising an eyebrow archly.

"Whatever about?" I glanced at the doors again.

"Well...there are three of us..." He nodded. "And only two rooms..." He nodded coolly again. I then snapped my fingers as a thought struck me.

"Oh, I see now! Between the two of us, we need to keep a 24 hour watch, right?" His lips quirked slightly into a wry smile.

"Not necessarily the reason...but a good plan." I blinked and he shook his head and walked past me into the other room. "You will find out in time. But, now is not a time to worry over such things." I paused...figuring I was dismissed for at least a little while.

"Yes, Pyrite, you are dismissed. I advise you to learn more of the Dark Moon." I started in surprise as a chill ran down my spine. Once again, he seemed to have read my thoughts. That unnerves the hell out of me...how the heck does he DO that?!

"You will learn that also in time, Pyrite. You may go." That was from the Queen in the other room. Goosebumps marches up and down my neck and I shivered: I couldn't take other people knowing my thoughts better than I did. I bowed curtly and beat a hasty retreat to the exit. Shutting the door behind me, I ventured through the fairytale-like passageways until I came to a beautiful garden. Sighing and sagging against a tree, I leaned my head against the trunk of the beautiful blooming tree. Petals softly showered down on me...bringing back inklings of the nightmare. Closing my eyes...I tried to make heads or tails of this chaotic mess I'm dealing with.

"My, you are new here, aren't you..." My eyes snapped open to the sound of tittering voices and soft laughter. Glancing up, I saw four women...the Weird Sisters as I had recognized them. One was a small petite thing...a Southern Belle practically, clad in blue with pale whitish blond hair pulled into a braid down her back, Beruche as I recognized...she was the one who had spoken to me. Next to her was a slender graceful woman with dark wavy hair, pulled into stylized cat ears, a jewel on her forehead, clad in a strange feathery tutu and hot pink leotard...Cooan. Beside her was a bold woman, clad in a yellow haltertop and red skirt, hair pulled into a matching golden bow...Calaveras. And near them was a tall woman; commanding and stern, dark brown hair pulled into a severe style, clad in dark green...Petz. All four had the tell tale Dark Moon crescent on their foreheads and were very beautiful...making me more than a bit uneasy. It was bad enough looking like a prettyboy, but this sort of rubbed it in.

Turning to the Sisters, I bowed with military starchiness, favoring them with a soft, friendly smile. Beruche giggled softly behind a blue gloved hand giving me a coy wink. Terrific. All four of their appraising eyes on me did nothing, however, to lessen my uneasiness. Cooan smiled sweetly and stepped forward.

"My name is Cooan, and these are my sisters; Beruche, Calaveras, and Petz." I slapped on a polite smile and nodded, evoking a couple of giggles from them. Why me?

"I am called Pyrite." I attempted to adopt my mentor's cool facade...which didn't help me didly.

" 'Fools' Gold'...sounds about right to me." The women gasped and started in surprise at the voice, I glanced up to see Rubeus appearing in thin air between us. He leveled a cold glare at me, contempt in his gaze as he levitated to the ground. The women immediately began to fawn over him...somewhat relieving me of their attention...though the sight of them fussing overt him was sickening. Utterly shameless .

I crossed my arms as I leaned against the tree and favored him with my best neutral look. Frequent run-ins with Endymion had helped me to cultivate an unreadable expression. It's a shame I can only use it when I get into arguments with pompous headstrong men. Go figure. Rubeus glared at me and spoke up to the oblivious Sisters clustered around him.

"Girls, has this little man been bothering you?" They paused and giggled, Beruche skipping over lightly to me and hugged my arm, leaning on my shoulder. I blinked in surprise and fought a nervous blush. She giggled and purred next to me, replying cheerily.

"Not at all! He is absolutely adorable...like a little doll!"

I blinked and blushed red hot at their tittering laughter. This was so incredibly embarrassing. I did not crave for such attention...but it seems that I cannot avoid it no matter what I try. Much worse, the other sisters came over and clustered around me...eliciting a deeper blush. I grew increasingly nervous as their hands played with my hair and uniform fabric, talking all at once.

"So absolutely adorable!"

"...gorgeous hair..."

"Ack, what a horrid uniform..."

"...you see this Cooan? Natural curls..."

"...such a stiff fabric...nasty color too..."

"I know Calaveras...those Dark Kingdomers have no taste in fashion..."

"...the green trim brings out those pretty eyes of his, though..."

I stoically stood still under their scrutiny unable to escape at the moment...flustered. Rubeus's face turned slowly to an interesting shade of scarlet, anger growing at each word. I could see rage flame in his eyes as his gaze met mine: a look in them promising me death...or at least a lot of pain. He was not only angry, but also jealous. I sighed. How do I keep getting myself into these situations?!

"I rather like the Bishounen type...."

"...you would Petz..."

His teeth clenched tight, a muscle in his jaw twitching...the veins beginning to pop out on his neck and arms...he was getting REALLY angry. He looked up at me slowly, his voice a strained whisper.

"MIGHT I have a word with you?"

The Sisters immediately quieted. Glancing between Rubeus and I, they backed off slowly. Beruche pouted and stepped away, not before copping a last feel of my hair. I took a deep breath in relief. Thank the Gods that was over. I nodded and remained leaning against the tree nonchalantly, keeping wary eyes on him. Attempting to keep the peace, I gave him a friendly smile.

"By all means, Rubeus." He chuckled softly as he walked over and leaned close, placing a large hand on my shoulder. The heavy weight was far from reassuring, and I could feel his impotent anger thrumming through him.

"Listen you little Baka, these women are mine. Got that? I have them eating right out the palm of my hand..." he tightened his grip painfully for emphasis. Luckily I kept my face perfectly neutral, hiding a wince of pain. "...and if you think you can just waltz in and charm them from me...then you are not going to leave this place alive. Understand?" I understand that you are an utter jackass. Fighting the urge to start an all out brawl here and now, I simply nodded silently and sullenly. Smirking victoriously, he slapped my cheek with a loud sound. I bit back on a cringe from the painful sting, knowing a red mark may be there. It was difficult to fight the urge to throttle him. He laughed.

"Good! I truly would have hated to ruin that pretty face of yours, Bishounen."

I narrowed my eyes slightly, but kept silent. I didn't know what Bishounen or Baka meant...but I'd ask Kunzite later. Turning curtly on my heel, I walked stiffly to the door.

"That's it...return back to your Teacher. Go ahead and warm his bed as has his last student..." I paused...a nerve struck. His mocking laughter grated on my nerves. I shuddered with anger...but I resolutely refused to let him see it openly. Carefully keeping my voice devoid of emotion, I spoke soft and low.

"I am not that kind of student." He chuckled.

"Gomen, Baka. Forgive my hasty words."

I simply returned my gaze to the door to the hallway. I would let this slide past...to let him egg me on would only bring more trouble. Putting one foot in front of the other, I ignored the tantalizing itch of magic...craving to be released in retribution.

"Return to your QUEEN'S bed." I paused, my head bowed, shaking in rage. My voice was a death soft whisper.

"You have no right to speak of Our Queen like that..." He laughed harshly.

"What are you going to do...cry to her about it?" He threw his head and laughed, his voice mocking, cutting in derision. I felt power coursing through me, fueled by anger. *Go ahead. Don't let the challenge go unanswered.* I clenched a fist, shaking.

"If you are looking for trouble...then you are looking in the right place."

"Oh, so you wish to fight me?" He chuckled darkly and cracked his knuckles in eager anticipation. "I'll be sure to send your sorry carcass back to your Queen." The sisters watched silently...anticipating. Suddenly I felt a draw of magic directly behind me and I leapt up, grabbing a tree branch, vaulting myself up nimbly to land on the limb... dark glowing star like balls crashing into where I was a split second ago...exploding...leaving a smoking crater. Slipping quiet as a squirrel through the trees, I crept hidden, watching him as he surveyed his handiwork. He smirked.

"Well, it looks like there ISN'T anything to send back to his queen..." I smirked at his drawled words. My, overconfident aren't we... The Sisters sighed softly and turned to leave. Beruche paused and eyed the crater, pouting.

"And he had such lovely hair..." Rubeus gave her a dark look. I dropped down from the concealing branched as he walked directly beneath me, landing nimbly on his head and jumping off...leaving him staggering and his hair disheveled. Landing light on my toes on the ground, I lashed out with a vicious kick at him, catching him in the ribs. He staggered back and glared at me in disbelief.

"Argh. Baka!!! You are harder to kill than a rat!" I smirked and bowed.

"Why, thank you." I gave him a sweet smile as he dove at me with an enraged snarl, sidestepping him quite easily at the last second, sending him crashing into a tree behind me. I grinned and dodged his series of punches and kicks with graceful ease. He was all power and no finesse...next to Kunzite's skill, he was as easy to read in his attacks as a book. However, he possessed a lot of power and strength.

Suddenly he yelled and gripped a ball of power in his hand...becoming more of those tiny, but powerful little spheres. I quickly somersaulted backwards, striking his hand with a deft kick as I flipped, making him drop his bombs on himself, much to his surprise. Landing, immediately I leapt back gracefully out of the way as they exploded in a brilliant flash.

The Sisters gasped in unison and I peered through the smoke and dust...to see if he was still up. I blinked as the smoke cleared: he was gone...only a crater. Suddenly I felt something barrel into me from behind, tackling me into the ground. I gritted my teeth as Rubeus viciously grabbed my hair and jerked my head back, baring my throat, a wickedly gleaming dagger in his hand. I felt the magic burn in my blood...but I wasn't sure I wanted to use it...having had trouble controlling it before. The blade touched my bare throat as he hissed in my ear. The steel was as malevolently cold as his words.

"Stupid little Bishounen, you should have stuck with the bed rather than combat." Screaming in rage, my power burst forth in an exhilarating rush. I felt a strange lightness...a freedom...I felt like the wind. No. Flower petals flowing through the wind: soft...dancing...free. Distantly, I heard a muffled curse and I recalled that battle. I have to fight!!! Suddenly I could see again...though I was high in the air...levitating...a few cherryblossoms fluttering around me. Exhilaration ran through me as I felt my power flowing through me...as I felt the flow of nature. The wax and wane of life and creation. My Pathos.

Rubeus yelled in frustrated disbelief, slashing at flower petals floating where I was.

"Where did the little Baka go?" Looking up sharply, he finally spied me hovering in the air. "You are going to die, you little freak!!!" His dagger lengthened into a longsword as he leaped into the air and flew straight at me. I panicked...I was unarmed. I need a weapon! I need a sword!!! A sword...hard...sharp...long deadly sharp...like crystal...or ice... Rubeus flew straight at me, shrieking and slashing the blade at me. Instinctively I squeezed my eyes closed and tried to parry...and much to my shock and relief...I did! Opening my eyes, I stared in bewildered wonder at what I was wielding: a blade of gleaming crystal, long deadly and razor-sharp.

I dropped swiftly to the ground lightly and hopped back as he pursued. Parrying his attacks, I concentrated upon studying his technique and skill. All power and next to no grace. Brutal strikes. Quickly, I brought my blade up in a crucial block, the wind of his strike stirring my hair, a pure loud CLANG ringing through the air as his steel met my crystalline sword. Seeing my blade crack somewhat as I parried another of his strikes, I realized I needed to evade him quickly. I heard the Sisters cheering the fierce battle...for whom, though, I couldn't tell.

*Make Kunzite proud.* I ducked one of his wild slashes, his blade humming through the air. I will! I staggered back then, regrouping my courage and determination. Rubeus laughed.

"You aren't worthy to hold a blade! Heheheh...you aren't worthy of that damn uniform..." I clenched the crystal blade in an adrenaline shaking grasp. Anger filled me, but I channeled that into my Ki. I clenched my other hand tight. Feeling a slight cool tingle between my fingers, I glanced down at the blade that appeared in my right hand. I paused, a little uneasy. I never fought two handed before... *just do it!* Rubeus threw his head back and cackled in taunting mirth.

"You should trade that uniform in for a concubine's dress..." Rage burned like fire within me. Enough is enough!!! Suddenly I dashed forward, surprising even myself. I spun in a flurry of the blades and kicks, pressing Rubeus hard to block my attacks. One out of every ten strikes actually cut him...though not deeply. I flowed through the assault...with a strange elegant lethal twist to my attacks...a dance of death. Absently, I felt familiar Ki flows...as of a teleport. My attention, however, was focused solely apon the belligerent man before me.

Rubeus staggered back trying to block my attacks, but I spun and slashed relentlessly, my swords singing through the air. Leaping high in the air, I spun with a graceful kick, connecting solidly with the side of his head. Landing nimbly in the ground in a crouch, I narrowed my eyes...hearing him stumble behind me...then fall to the ground. Rising, I turned and silently walked towards him, the tall cocky man sprawled on the ground...dazed. Coolly I stood over him, kicking his blade out of his hand. With a grim satisfaction over my victory, I crossed my blades over his throat scissors style. Light gleamed off the sharp crystal, refracting in a rainbow array of colors.

*Wonderful fighting! Now, finish him off!* I shook my head.

No. The voice in my mind sighed.

*You and your sensibilities.*

Silently, I looked Rubeus keenly in his eyes as sense finally came to him...awareness of the situation. Stubborn anger flooded into his blue eyes...and, I noted with detached surprise, fear. I spoke softly to him, my voice neutral and chilling...strange for me to hear.

"Never fight me, Rubeus. I am not pleasant when I am angry." I released the blades from his neck and stood back slowly.

"PYRITE!!!" My blood ran cold as my Queen's voice thundered through the area. Oh Gods...I am in for it now... I felt a strong hand grab me roughly from behind and slam me hard into a tree...pain and vertigo swimming through my head. A loud crack echoed in my ears: my reeling mind wondering if that was the tree...or me. The blades fell from my numbed grasp, useless, to the ground. I was whirled around to face my mentor's coldly emotionless face. Fear sent a chill shiver through me as I saw the icy grimness of his eyes: I imagined any who had fallen to his blade must have seen much the same. Shaking my head, I staggered along as he shoved me to the Queen. Stumbling forward, I fell on my knees roughly before her. Biting the inside of my cheek, I dared to look up at her through my bangs...not risking raising my head. Clawed hands were trembling in rage. Furious eyes glowing red-hot. Her screeching voice hissed as she spoke...like the sound of water poured on white hot metal. I cringed as her power lashing at me painfully.

"You...you ingratiating little whelp! This is a diplomatic mission!!! Of all my subjects YOU choose to attack our hosts?" I winced as her voice screeched to new reaches. I couldn't tell her my side of the story. She was beyond listening, so I remained silent. I could feel Kunzite's intense silent stare...devoid of all emotion, any humanity.

"You have failed me, Pyrite." She raised her staff, a beam of pure energy flying out of it at me. My eyes widened and I screamed as the power blasted me with agonizing force, blowing me back a few yards where I landed on the ground, writhing in pain. My heart had stopped for a brief instant by the blast...then stubbornly returned to beating...I absolutely refused to give up on this life of mine. Oddly enough, I felt an odd sense of Deja Vu...though I couldn't figure out how. I was in too much pain to care about that at the moment.

"You dare to still live, you worthless wretch?" She cursed at me in indignant rage, her power charging up for another blast. I looked up at Kunzite briefly...but his back was turned. I failed... I slumped back to the ground...awaiting my fate. I couldn't survive another attack like that. The charging power crescendoed and then she released it in a surging blast, crackling with energy and dark power. I closed my eyes to the bright light streaking towards me with a hellish screech.

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