Sweet Dreams

Chapter 15: But That My Every Breath

© 2006 by Pyrite aka Jessi Duffour

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A thick silence filled the ballroom as we stepped in, every set of eyes turning to us. It was a grand gala affair, everyone decked out in their very finest. Silently I tagged along after Kunzite and the Queen as they made their stately way to the Prince. I must have been a hedonist in my previous life...for all the elegance of this Ball, it was one dull looking party. The prince was sitting, cheek resting against one hand, looking bored to death.

His look didn't improve as the Queen made 'pleasant talk' to him, and I didn't blame him. All this superficial chitchat wasn't my cup of tea. I'd rather talk about something with depth and meaning rather than shallow complementary comments. An orchestra played lazy waltzing music quietly, eventually evoking a small yawn unbidden. I glanced at Kunzite. He stood next to the Queen, silently listening with the rapt attention I wish I could even mimic.

I paused, studying him in his official regalia. He had his white cloak hanging from his epaulettes, numerous badges upon his breast, blending with the silvery blue piping of the uniform, bringing out the mysterious color of his eyes and shimmering cascade of hair. I smiled softly to myself. He looked good. I sort of felt a little envy for his last student. Anyone who could attract the attention of such an enigmatic man is blessedly lucky.

I froze as I felt his cool intense gaze fix upon me. Blinking, my eyes widened slightly as I realized I was staring. My cheeks flushed in embarrassment as I looked away, glancing about at the room absently. I felt his cool eyes watch me like a hawk. Fidgeting a bit nervously, I toyed with a lock of my hair...consciously aware of his scrutiny. I nearly jumped out of my skin as I felt a cold leathery hand grasp my arm. Choking back on an undignified yelp, I turned wide eyes to the Queen, standing at attention.

"Pyrite, Kunzite...I have a few matters to discuss with the Prince. You are dismissed for the moment. Join in the festivities...whatever." The tall silver haired man bowed low to her.

"As you wish, my Queen." My cool demeanored mentor turned and walked towards the people dancing to a lazy waltz and stood off to the side by a pillar. I glanced at the Queen and bowed gratefully drawing a sharp breath at a brief stab of pain...straightening gingerly.

"Thank you very much, my Queen." I stepped back lightly and smiled in gratitude. Casting a surreptitious glanced at the Prince, I felt somewhat bad at leaving him in this boring mess. He gave an amused smile and waved his hand.

"Enjoy, Pyrite." I smiled and stepped back, my hands clasped behind my back, beaming gratefully.

"Thank you, Prince Demando!" He laughed and shook his head, glancing to the Queen. Turning I walked over to the crowd...thinking a dull party was still a party. Anything was better than listening to the Queen drone on about boring things.

I turned my attention to the people decked out in their best fineries, women clad in glamorous ballroom dresses and men in their finest suits. I sighed and stopped by a column, watching the people moving through the dance. It looked so much like a fairytale...so very pretty...but why did there seem to be something so horribly wrong? I crossed my arms and held my elbows, leaning against the cool stone pillar. I think I realized it. All the beautiful sequins, the wonderfully bedecked masques, the elegant plumes and glittering gems, the soft music and wondrous kingdom. It was all so...superfluous...like make up. It hides what's underneath.

Cocking my head slightly, I listened in to some of the conversations of the people milling around me with idle curiosity. Gossip...planning...plotting. Who did what to who and what they were wearing. Don't these people feel anything? Don't they express how they truly think? I listened to the music: played straight from notes. No soul to it whatsoever.

I had been used to being cooped in my own personal silence in the Dark Kingdom. Aside from the occasional single sided talk with my wolf companion and the occasional rare conversation with my mentor, I very seldom spoke anything to anyone. The Youma said nothing to me. Well, except for Jade...and I wished she'd LEAVE me alone. Endymion: all I ever get into with him is brief arguments. All in all, we kept to ourselves.

But here I noticed; as a pair of people waltzed past in a flurry of satin and silk, everyone talks. Conversation: everything is a social event, a secret competition. There was an unusual luxury to these people. Personally, I preferred my own silence. A troubled sigh escaped me softly. Still, I didn't like being alone, though. The muscles in my neck and upper back tensed slightly as I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I felt a familiar presence behind me, but my eyes kept watching the people dance. A soft low voice drifted to my ear in a barely audible murmur.

"Something disturbs you, Pyrite?"

Wordlessly, I nodded...hugging my elbows a little tighter.

"I don't think I belong here, Lord Kunzite. I just feel...wrong." I heard a deep chuckle in reply.

"You don't belong anywhere else, Pyrite, then our Kingdom." Pausing, I glanced quietly up over my shoulder at the cool mannered man, meeting his pale silvery blue eyes.

"I want to go home." A slight smile touched his lips at my words.

"We will not be here for too long. No more than a week if things go well. Have patience." I shook my head, hugging my arms and paced around to the shadows behind the column, hiding from the flurry of colors of the crowd. I felt a bit more secure in the slight seclusion. Bowing my head, I acutely heard him near.

"No, I mean my REAL home...where I was before I ever came to the Dark Kingdom." I raised my eyes to boldly meet Kunzite's. He cocked his head slightly, a thoughtful frown touching his face, crossing his arms over his chest in an imperious lofty gesture.

"How many times must I tell you...you HAVE no other life?" He dropped his arms, blue eyes gazing like sharp ice into mine, taking a step forward. I tensed slightly, backing up and bumping into the column. At only a pace or two away, he leaned down close: chiseled sharp featured face scant inches from mine, glacier cold eyes gleaming eerily.

"You belong to the Queen...and until you test to a higher rank...you are mine. You have nothing that we do not bade you have, and you should not WANT anything unless we allow it...or tell you to." Pursing my lips, a stubborn look crossed my face...an indignant flush staining my cheeks. Anger sparked heat into my words as I replied clipped and proud.

"I am only following orders through CHOICE, Lord Kunzite. I am no one's property." Ice chill eyes narrowed dangerously as he stepped forward, placing a hand at my throat, squeezing slightly hard. Tensing against his firm grasp, I glared up defiantly...reminded of a previous encounter. I stood my ground in angry stubbornness, speaking sharply: a hard whisper amidst the party music.

"Do it, Lord Kunzite. Kill me...and you won't survive the Queen's wrath." His eyes narrowed to gleaming slits, the viselike grip tightening slightly, teasingly around my throat. Abruptly, the iron hard grip then relaxed slightly and he drew his hand slowly away, trailing soft gloved fingers across the tender skin of my throat languidly, his touch teasing against my skin, evoking a shiver. I drew an involuntary quavering breath and then I shook my head to clear it, to slow my quickened pulse, turning to walk away. Damn! I think he knows that's getting to me. Grr, this is driving me nuts. He reached out a hand for my shoulder with an urgent grasp. Pausing in my steps abruptly, I glanced at his whitegloved fingers pointedly.

"You do not understand, Pyrite, what you have entered in coming to our realm. It's not by my choice you have to lose so much." I paused, blinking...surprised by his words. Biting the inside of my cheek I turned my gaze stubbornly away to the people dancing to a waltz on the ballroom floor.

"No, Lord Kunzite, I don't. And it's difficult for me to give up everything I am. And I've lost everything I've had: my family, my friends, my memories...a life of the past. What is there left for me to lose aside from my life?" I squeezed my eyes shut feeling warm moisture prick my eyelids. I felt his other hand gently grasp my other shoulder. He stepped closer; I could feel his soft breath against the back of my neck, his warmth through the fabric of my uniform. Blinking, I began feeling distinctly aware, my pulse quickening somewhat again. His closeness was very distracting, and I felt a slight tremor run through me. I clenched my fingers tight to hide the shaking of my hands. Drawing a deep breath I shook my head, clearing it.

"There is still much in you that you can lose." I glanced up at him.

"Like what?"

"Your innocence. Your living soul. Your very essence and energy. Your spirit. Your freedom of will. There is much more to people than what we see." I shuddered at the words and turned away, slipping from his grasp with a reluctance that frightened me nearly as much as his words. Turning slightly and glancing at him briefly, I then pivoted crisply on my heel and strode to the milling mass of people crowded into the room. On second thought, I think I rather dealing with hollow social pleasantries in opposition to the disturbing words of my mentor. Words haunting my thoughts like unwelcome specters.

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