Sweet Dreams

Chapter 16: Is Taken by the Darkness Near

© 2006 by Pyrite aka Jessi Duffour

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"Oh, Pyrite, there you are!" The sound of the voice was followed by a staggering weight as someone near tackled me in a hug. Stumbling slightly, I manage to hold my ground:another testament to the resiliency and strength I'm slowly gaining.

I looked up in surprise, seeing Beruche beaming sweetly over my shoulder, the other three of the Sisters strolling towards me. Elegantly bedecked, they looked like princesses...and I felt all the more humiliated in this fancy military garb. I was not one for frills, but it would have been nice to be able to feel like a million bucks, so to speak. Squirming slightly, I tried to politely disengage Beruche from my neck, but it was pointless:the woman slipped around to hug my arm with a deathgrip. Sighing, I blew my long bangs out of my eyes. Why me?

"Oh Hon, you look so LOVELY in all this regalia! Oooh, I just love a man in uniform, don't you, Cooan?" I blinked in surprise and felt my cheeks redden.

"Uhm..." My words were cut off as her sister promptly interjected with her own opinion.

"Oh yeah, absolutely Darling!" I grit my teeth. Erggg, I can't take this anymore. I tried to slip away discreetly, but I was jerked back by Beruche's grasp. Glancing at the persistent woman, I could not help but give a sigh of weariness. Wearily, I fended off a barrage of inconsequential, sometimes nonsensical questions from the sisters. Replying courteously and amicably, I silently wondered how I could have saved myself from this mess.

"Oh, hello, Lord Kunzite!" I looked up, my blood turning cold as I was broken from my reverie by those words. Turning to look behind me swiftly, I felt the blood flood from my face as I looked at him, then felt heat suffuse to my cheeks. Glancing askance at Beruche latched apon my arm...I uneasily looked back at my mentor favoring me with an icy stare: VERY chilly. Gulping, I squirmed, trying to dislodge Beruche...but, she had a surprisingly strong grip.

"Ah Pyrite, I see you have finally found something to your liking here?" I opened my mouth to give a frantic reply...but blinked, having a grape placed there. Glancing at Beruche, she giggled demurely, holding another grape for the ready, a bowl of the succulent fruit residing near at hand. Chewing the fruit and gulping it swiftly, I hastily tried to speak frantically at my icy gazing mentor.

"Lord Kunzite! It's not wherm if mreem..." I blinked, staring cross-eyed at the delicate white gloved hand over my mouth. My green eyes widened in alarm as I stared at my mentor in near fright...pleading silently with my eyes as Beruche leaned over my shoulder, cheerfully tittering.

"Oh yes...such a darling young man. May I keep him for a little while?" My Mentor leveled a glacial neutral look at me, pale blue eyes sharp as ice shards.

"Very well. For now. Do whatever you like with him, just be certain to return him before tomorrow morning."

I looked at my Mentor in near horror. No! Please...for the love of God...don't do this to me, Lord Kunzite!!! Either for once he couldn't read my thoughts...or he was simply ignoring me, he turned coolly apon his heel, stalking off without another word.

"So, Pyrite..."

I gulped. Help...

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