Sweet Dreams

Chapter 19: Through Fortune's Awkward Merit

© 2006 by Pyrite aka Jessi Duffour

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Groaning with heartfelt anguish, I rolled my sorry carcass over in bed, blearily flinging my arm wide in sleep befuddled claim of mattressial territory. Snippits and fragments of scenes:a schmaltzy dress, Demando and his chase...then....I shuddered, unable to go on. What a god-awful nightmare. My head ached terrably...and my stomach wasn't in chipper shape either. It couldn't have been anything else than a hangover...and the horrid images teasing my thoughts must have been a part of that dastardly alcoholic concoction. Sighing, I wrinkled my nose, feeling like I had a swollen sock nesting in my mouth. Oh the wondrous joys of alcohol...bloating your tongue like a beached whale on steroids. Relentlessly my pulse thundered in my head, each beat of my heart felt in torturous aches and pains throughout my body. Muttering ruefully I rolled over in the bed, snuggling against soothing warmth...a warmth that seem to envelope around my shoulders and encase me in a blanket of escape from the problems of the waking world. Sighing, attempting to let sleep reclaim me, I muttered unconciously.


Much to my surprise I felt the warmth tense abrubtly...then ease, a rich throaty chuckle escaping the quiet of the room. A slight weight touched my hair and stroked along it in soothing motions...like petting a cat. Tensing abruptly, I gasped, peeling my eyes open to stare at this source of warmth...but only seeing bronzed tanned skin. The gentle pressure grew surprisingly firm as I attempted to bolt upright...holding me still.

"Shh...rest. It seems you had quite a night last night."

"L...Lord Kunzite?!!"


My heart skipped a beat as shock drove me to awareness and fully awake. What am I doing HERE with HIM?! Gulping, my pulse pounding, I dreaded to know exactly what I might have done in my drunken stupor. I had no idea what happened. What HAVE I done? Reaching up sharply...I sighed in relief as I felt the thick plush material of the bathrobe snugly cinched to my body. I blinked as my hand brushed against smooth warm skin, the slight contact sending an unbidden thrill through me.


"Do you recall nothing of what happened last night?" I gulped...shrinking back as I realized that he wasn't wearing anything waist up.

"L...last night?" I raised my head as I was pushed back slightly...staring into cool arctic blue eyes. His sharp features held equal parts amusement and stern solemnity. Shaking my head, I edged back slightly, staring at him in wide-eyed shock.

"Yes...the Queen was quite upset at your....condition."

"C...condition?" Nodding slowly he leaned closer, a keen watchfulness in his sharp features as he drawls softly.

"Yes...passing out at her...invitation." Gasping I shrank away, my eyes widening in alarm as I hugged the blanket up close to my chin...feeling all color drain from my face.

"That was real?! I thought it was just a..."I cut myself short, biting my lip as I managed to catch myself before the faux pas. Lofting an eyebrow slightly in cool inquisition, my mentor leaned closer placing his hands on the bed as he seemed to slink closer like a great hunting cat: all boneless motion.

"Just a what?"

A nightmare! Backing up...I leaned back as I scrabbled for the right words to say...

"...j...just a side effect o...of the Punch..."

"Ah? And was THIS a side effect as well?" As he leaned closer to reach his hand out to my face he rose slightly in his crouch...causing the blankets to slip away unabashedly...revealing him in his full glory. Oh and WHAT glory. Staring wide eyed in shock I jolted in surprise as his fingers brushed my lips.

"My GOD!"

Jerking back I tumbled off the bed...landing in an unceremonious heap on the ground, the blankets falling over me.

"What is the matter with you, Boy? Why are you acting so much odder than usual?" Under the blankets I marveled at how cool and calm he could be stark bare.

"Why aren't you wearing any clothes?!" My voice cracked slightly at the end of the last words, huddling under the blanket. There was a long pause...then a weary sigh.

"When will you cease to act like a child?"

"My age has absolutely nothing to do with this! What do you think my reaction would be to waking up with my teacher and Superior officer NAKED in bed?!"

Blinking...I sat up in surprise as I felt the blanket jerked from my grip. Staring pointedly at the floor, I felt my cheeks flush hotly. I jerked back as I saw his hand thrust into my line of vision...a pink smear on his fingertips...pink as...

"Considering you were wearing make-up last night, perhaps you may not have minded." Blushing even further I drew my knees close, hugging the robe close...murmuring in a low tone.

"I woke up with that on. Lord Kunzite..."

"AND the dress?" Blinking I glanced up in shock...paling slightly. Much to my releif...and distant dismay, he had the blanket wrapped close about himself.

"Ah, I see by your face that you had forgotten it. You are lucky that I had found it before the Queen did. Her reaction to that would have been far far worse. It is hidden away in the closet." Canting his head aside slightly, a sly grin graced his lips."You owe me one, Boy. A great boon I will be sure to collect...but at a later time."

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