Sweet Dreams

Chapter 22: We Seek Forbidden Ambitions

© 2006 by Pyrite aka Jessi Duffour

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The sound of a gasp by the door shorn through the intense silence. Snapping out of the moment with a startled breath, I glanced up as I felt my mentor stiffen over my body...rising slightly in a territorial crouch as he shifted his gaze to the figure at the door. Beruche.


The covered bowl and dishes set on the tray in her hands rattled dangerously as the petite lass stared in unparalleled shock at us. My vision suddenly shifted to a stunning blur as I felt an unexpected force strike against my cheek...my head jerking aside from the sheer strength of it as a low feral growl escaped my mentor. I felt his weight ease...then vanish as a sudden brilliant light illumined the room. After a moment, the surprise settled and I could feel pain blossoming from my cheekbone to my jaw then lance down my neck as my muscles complained from the rough treatment.


This seemed to have jostled her out of her daze. Rushing from the door, she sat on the bedside...setting the tray on the nightstand nearby. Much to my relief, I felt the bonds about my wrists, then my ankles loosen. A slight blush touched her pale cheeks as she worked...not daring to meet my gaze. A wince escaped unbidden as I felt blood rush back into the numbed limbs. Sitting up...I reeled slightly, then rested my forehead upon one of my hands...closing my eyes as pain left a dizzying sensation. After a moment to reorient, I flashed Beruche a light smile in gratitude, ruefully rubbing tender wrists and ankles.

"Thanks a lot for coming to the rescue." Blinking those clear blue eyes, the petite woman touched a blue gloved hand to her cheek..nodding. She shyly shared a tentative smile before shifting an uncertain glance up towards me with those expressive cerulean eyes.

"I....didn't mean to interrupt..erm...you...I didn't know that you were...that type."

Blinking with a moment of perplexity...her words finally hammered down into my brain. I felt color flush into my cheeks. Shaking my head, I held up both hands as I attempted to hastily explain.

"Oh! No...no! It wasn't what it seemed at all...or least I don't think so. It's so confusing..." I sighed, reaching up to ruefully touch my burning cheek. A wince escaped as I felt pain throb at the slight touch.

"I'm just a general in training. I really don't have any control over what happens at all."

"Oh my! Darling, that is becoming quite a nasty bruise...here...let me use some ice on that..it'll keep it from swelling."

With a slight flick of the dainty wrist, an egg sized crystalline ice ball appeared within her palm. Slipping the cloth napkin off the tray, she wrapped it before holding it to my cheek. At first the icy contact hurt something terrible...then the pain began to slip away with the cool presence of the ice...helping to ease my headache somewhat. I breathed a soft sigh of relief...murmuring much heartfelt gratitude.

"Thanks Beruche...you'd make a wonderful nurse." Much to my pleasure, I saw a surprised and delighted look touch her dainty round features. Her unease melted away as her usual bubbly personality shined itself once more.

"You always are so sweet...I just don't see why these things keep happening to you..."

I wondered much the same.

"They just do. There's no point in wasting time mourning over what happens." I simply shrugged with a wry smile. "I need that time to get myself out of the next ordeal."

Her smile waned slightly...then she gazed down to her hands...a surprisingly guilty look touching her face. Those pink lips pursed slightly as she visibly waged with inner thoughts. Reaching up my hand, I lightly touch the back of hers that held the ice to my cheek.

"Are you all right Beruche?"

"Pyrite...I...." I blinked in surprised as she trailed off...absently chewing her lower lip.

"Hey, you can tell me, Beruche. I don't know as much as most everyone else... but maybe I can give you some advise. I'm pretty good at not being too judgmental."

"Pyrite...you're the Princess Prince Demando is looking for, aren't you."

I nearly tumbled off the bed in startled surprise at her words. I felt my cheeks pale, then flush in embarrassment. Beruche's lips pursed and I could imagine the tirade...or worse...tears. God knows I don't want to make this sweet girl cry. I panicked, trying to find the right words.

"I don't know how it happened...I-I just woke up in it..."

Much to my surprise, she began to giggle behind her other hand...lowering the ice into my own.

"Silly. I know you wouldn't do such a thing. Your Sensei and I had a talk while we were waiting for you to rouse. He mentioned the dress...and when I saw it..I understood everything." I sat up with a perplexed look, head tilted aside which earned another giggle from her.


"I suspected something from the night of the party. You fell asleep in one of the chairs and Rubeus and Esmeraud offered to 'take care of you'. Well, I didn't like how it sounded, but he promised not to hurt you."

"Let me guess...Esmeraud was responsible for all..that?"

"Yes, well...I could tell by the dress. It has HER buttons on it. She always did have too much pride in her vanity...even for us. She enjoys using her magic to change her clothes into different styles, so I can only assume she did the same to you. I suppose having you for a model was too much for her to refuse."

That explained EVERYTHING. Silence.

"You know, Pyrite...Kunzite really cares about you. As brutal as what just happened seems...I think that really proves it."

I absently reached up my hand to lightly touch my neck where I had briefly felt the caress of his lips...shivering slightly, unbidden.

"He's the only friend I have in the Dark Kingdom. I wish I could help him...but I feel like he's sometimes avoiding me. Putting up walls. He's so hard to read."

"I think, Pyrite..that's because of what happened with Zoisite. I'm sure you hear it often...but you DO bear a resemblance to the last General. Right down to the stubbornness and pride. Though...your personality is lots different..almost the opposite." Beruche beamed lightly, sweetly. "You're MUCH friendlier and less...vindictive. Kind...and gentle despite being a part of Queen Beryl's legions."

I felt my cheeks redden at her words. I held the ice back up to my bruised cheek...hoping to ease the ache a bit more...and hide my blush at her words.

"...and...you're MUCH much sillier than Zoisite."


I leveled a sullen pout at the girl...earning me a titillation of giggles from the Weird Sister. She sighed and laid back on the bed, arms crossed over her ample chest. I felt a twinge of envy which I dismissed with a sigh.

"I like you a lot, Pyrite..but I know we aren't meant to be. Besides, you have to go back to your kingdom...and I need to stay in mine. Anyway, I think you already have someone...even if you refuse to realize or admit it."

"Lord Kunzite?"

"Yeah...he wants you pretty bad." Much to my chagrin, the impetuous woman flashed me a mischievous smile."Just look at what the old wolf did while you were tied down." Again, my cheeks burned with a bashful blush.

"Look, let's just keep that between you and me. I don't want any more rumors spreading about...and God forbid, I'd never want the Queen to catch wind of this. Let's just sum this nice little bruise up to a careless accident."

"Yeah..you're right. I won't say anything. And speaking of secrets...Lord Kunzite HAD kept pretty tight lipped about your little 'costume'."

The both of us remained silent for a long moment...both sinking into deep pondering thought. Suddenly, a thought flickered across my mind...elicting a mischievous grin to steal across my lips.

"Let me guess...Esmeraud and Rubeus didn't anticipate the Prince to act the way he did, did they."

"Not at all."




"Are you planning something devious?"


"You're planning on me helping...aren't you."


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