Sweet Dreams

Chapter 25: Through Adversity I Cling to My Pride

© 2006 by Pyrite aka Jessi Duffour

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The spoon was placed into half empty bowl, both forgotten as I leveled a cool flat stare at Jade. Staying with the Dark Moon Kingdom helped me forget about her. Unfortunately, I returned. The emerald maned dominatrix slinked from the door with her almost perpetual entourage of Youma flunkies.

"Well well...Pyrite. I certainly missed you while you were away. Did you miss me?"


I tensed like a cornered cat as she sidled close to sit on my lap. I felt my eyes narrow slowly as I adopted a colder and colder cast. Gods, but this Youma drove me nuts. I could not help but shiver, though, as she teased her finger to trace a line down my chest, bearing a seductive pout. "Did you bring me back a souvenir?"

"No. Now go away." With those words, all I did was push myself to stand from the chair. Unfortunately (or would that be fortunately?) this action caused Jade to fall off my lap and land upon her rump on the floor in a most unceremonious and undignified manner. I couldn't help but let a small self satisfied smirk grace my lips as every Youma in the dinning hall stopped and stared.

Then all hell broke loose.

Most of the bulk of the excitement was of the Youma nearby lurching to get out of the vicinity as the others crowded around in a radius ring to watch. However, what fully grasped my attention was Jade who leapt to her feet, the nefarious whip snaking out towards me. By instinct, I snapped my hand up to block the whip...catching the tether about my wrist and grabbing it.

I am sure it was a picturesque standoff between she and I...however, I could feel the leather biting into the flesh of my wrist with a searing stinging pain. I glared over the taut line of the whip to meet the hot emerald eyes of the viridian green haired youma.

"How DARE you act so rude to me?! I am Jade!"

"It doesn't matter to me WHO you are. No means no!"

"Oh, so you're only into men, Little Boy?"

"No...I just can't stand YOU touching me!"

We paused in our argument at a sudden throaty growl. My eyes strayed to the white furred wolf standing from where he had been sitting next to my chair, hackles raised and bristling with threat. A light grin graced my lips...however, it was replaced with surprise as I noticed all the Youma staring at the spectral pale arctic creature with fear and uncertainty, whispering softly as they crept out of the room as if in mortal fear of their preternatural existences. And they all whispered one word. 'Ghost.'

"Ghost?" I repeated in perplexity, earning a thoughtful alert glance from my lupine companion and a disbelieving stare from Jade.

"Pyrite, don't tell me you can be so at ease near this creature and not know his name!"

"He never told me, how could I know?"

I smiled softly, glancing down to the winter white wolf near my feet staring up at me with an intense scrutiny. It was a puzzle that he could so terrify the Youma and yet be so tame to me. However, it was great surprise to me when he simply rose and padded out quietly...ignoring Jade on the other end of the tether.

Silence filled the mess hall empty of all save us. Finally, weary of this standoff, I stood back, jerking my wrist close to my body and gripping the leather with the other hand...intending to either pull the whip out of her hand, or tug her off balance.

I hadn't intended for her to come flying towards me with the momentum. As she crashed into me, I couldn't help but fall backwards to the floor, coughing as the breath in my body was forced out. For several moments, I was caught in a gasping daze. It was then, as awareness returned, that I realized I was pinned by Jade. With a touch of irony, I wondered how I kept managing to be caught in these compromising positions.

"Well, now THIS is an unexpected but pleasant surprise."

"You're heavy, Jade...get off."

"I would be insulted...except that your words are betrayed by such a delightful tremble."

Unfortunately, she was right. I was quivering like a rabbit in a snare under her. After a preliminary struggle, I realized that I was too well held to be able to throw her off.


"Ohohohohohooo, but you are so very amusing. I think not." I grunted a breath as she squirmed subtly atop me, managing to veritably mold her body over mine. She was chill as her stone namesake, seeming to be absorbing my body heat like a venomous viper basking on a warm stone. Unfortunately, I couldn't keep the shudder of revulsion at bay. I struggled and squirmed mightily.

"Jade!!! Get off now!!!"

"Hmmmm, you are so delightfully warm." I grit my teeth as the chill skinned woman nuzzled her alabaster face into the crook of my neck....evoking a furious hissing breath from me as her fingers absently toyed with the leather still tightly encircling my wrist. She teased her sharp clawlike nails over the painfully cut flesh, digging them in slightly to cause warm blood to trickle forth.

"So....you wish me to get you off?"

Unfortunately, my naive mind was too preoccupied to notice the dangerous play of syntax.

"God damnit woman, YES!!!"

Slowly she raised slightly, then leaned forward to tease her tongue over my abused flesh...purring low. Despite the obvious fright of the situation, my anger had begun to mount at a steady pace.

"I am SO glad you insisted!"

Much to my surprise, I felt her knee shift to rest in a rather compromising place between my legs. Drawing a sharp breath in startlement...cheeks flushing, I simply relented to my anger and chanced to lurch my head up to meet hers with a painful thud. Luckily, this achingly brash maneuver enabled me to momentarily distract her...loosen her grip. I was in full motion at that point...shoving with all my strength against her body so uncomfortably close to mine. Success was sweet as I saw her roll off with a snarled curse.

"WHAT is going ON here?"

We both stopped dead still and glanced up to the doorway to behold Kunzite in his full authoritive chill glory. Those hard silvery blue eyes stared at us like chips of scrutinizing ice. I staggered to my feet, breathing somewhat heavily in a dogged attempt to stand at attention. He hardly spared me a glance before speaking with a grim chill authoritive tone that brooked no argument.

"Go to your chambers, Pyrite and straighten up. I want to have a word with you. I will be there shortly."

Hesitating at his words, I snapped to attention and bowed respectively, crisply as I attempted to mask my nervousness.

"Yes, Lord Kunzite."

I made no dallyance in beating a hasty retreat to my chambers...silently dreading what lecture I was going to have to endure.

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