Sweet Dreams

Chapter 26: A Strength that Denies Taboo Desires

© 2006 by Pyrite aka Jessi Duffour

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I sat at my desk...slouched with a grim ill pleased countenance as I sulked in a sullen silence, taking tiresome tally of all my numerous aches and pains. I had taken my gloves off to assess the damage to my wrist. It had stopped bleeding, but it was a nasty angry red welt, a raw cut that made the tender flesh sting. However, there was something else that took top priority.

Groaning softly, I wearily rubbed the tensed muscles of my neck...feeling a murderous headache throb in my skull. It had been but a few minutes after I was sent to my quarters, and I suspected by his mood that I was going to be in a world of trouble. I let my eyes fall upon the crystalline vial sitting on the smooth polished desktop.

Reaching out to the gift granted to me by the Weird Sisters, I pondered the words in the letter about it.

"Help me feel better, huh? At this point, I'll try anything."

Gingerly unstoppering the bottle carefully...I blinked at the sweet succulent earthy aroma that escaped it. The sharp edge of my headache began to ease with the exotic scent of the oil. My curiosity was piqued as I poured carefully a drop or two on my fingertips, experimentally rubbing them together. A delightful soothing tingle greeted my skin. Pouring a little bit of the aromatic oil on my fingertips, I gingerly rubbed them on the aching stiff muscles of my neck.

Oh what sweet bliss to feel the tension melt away under the warm delectably scented oil. The painful ache in my head vanished as I closed my eyes with a blissful smile of delight in the comfort as I rubbed away the last of the tension.

"Bless your heart, Beruche. What a wonderful gift."

Like a contented cat, I leaned forward on the desk to pillow my head on my arms resting crossed over the surface. I exhaled a soft sigh and entertained the thought of a nap until Kunzite returned. Of course, my Superior Officer would be less then thrilled to see a lazy student...but at that point, I was too exhausted...and content, to care. It didn't even phase me when I heard the door open, followed by brisque footsteps. There was a silent pause that lasted a long moment before the door closed softly.

Surprisingly carefully quiet steps neared, accented by the soft rustle of cloth. I debated on whether to raise my head and sit up...or maintain my sleep seeming position. Finally, I came to the decision to remain still. If he 'woke' me up; fine. If he let me 'sleep'; better.

An unexpected weight could be felt on my head, lightly stroking through my hair gently, almost tenderly before the comforting prescience lifted. I drew in a sharp breath as I felt the soft cloth of gloved hand touching my abused wrist. Making a plaintive sound, I reluctantly pushed myself to sit up....blinking blearily through my wild long bangs as I felt the prescience behind me shift slightly. My eyes sat upon the white gloved hand settled over back of my own for a long arduous moment before I sat back in my chair, raising my eyes to my mentor leaning so surprisingly close.

"Lord Kunzite?"

"Jade is a dangerous snake to play with, Pyrite. What started that little scene?"

I sat up straighter as he picked up my wrist to closely inspect the wound with an eerie intensity. Something was abnormal about this situation...an unsettling tense thickness to the air that caught me in an awkward moment of silence as I stared up to the silvery maned man.

"Well...I was just eating you see....and she came in and...erm..." I hesitated, realizing the silliness of the whole embarrassing situation. Color raced to my cheeks as he raised those sharp arctic blue eyes to mine.


"Uhm...sat on my lap."

The only visible reaction was a subtle lift of one pale brow archly...however, his hand gripping mine tensed imperceptibly, briefly.

"And you resorted to a brawl for that?"

"Actually...no. She attacked me after I stood up and she fell."

And...much to my surprise...he laughed. A deep laugh true to emotion...and yet, a hint of something laden deep within it that caused an unbidden shiver to race through me. A touch of a something desirable.

"You poor baka."


I hesitated at his word, head canting aside slightly as I gazed up to my mentor inquiringly. A subtle smirk graced his lips as he stared back with a ferocious intensity...a stare reminiscent of a predator watching prey. I attempted to quell a rising nervousness as I simply stared back.



A pregnant silence settled as we simply stared at each other. In all due truth, there was nothing simple about this. The tensed moment was broken as Kunzite raised my unresisting wrist closer...utterly startling me into a shocked stillness as he brought my injured wrist to his lips and lingeringly drew his tongue over the raw bleeding flesh.

Aside from a slight shiver that crept from my spine through my body, surprise held me in an immobile hold as I watched my mentor slowly clean my crimsoned flesh with an increasing relish quite apparent...lapping the blood like a kitten would cream. Though startling, the situation alone was not what sent me into an awkward state of shock. Memories of that eerie dream on that battlefield were haunting me with vivid clarity. It seemed that my life was an endless case of Deja Vu.

Drawing a sharp breath, I started to awareness. Shaking my head sharply in an attempt to clear it, I struggled feebly to draw my tingling wrist back, however, that hand holding mine own suddenly tightened in a possessively strong grip as he snapped his head up to stare back...the absolute look of raw hunger turning those normally regal cool features into something alluringly dangerous. The Elegant Predator.

"Lord Kunzite...?"

Those illuminous white eyes stared back at me from behind the lingering silvery bangs...catching my words in my throat as that fierce gaze bore into mine. Gone were the glacial walls the "Ice King" was reknown for, revealing an almost primal need. Lingeringly his tongue peeked out to lick a touch of crimson upon his lips...his eyes closing ever so slightly into a lazy catlike stare. And, without a doubt...I felt much the mouse as I stared back to this unguarded side of my Mentor.

In the blink of an eye is a moment that passes so fleeting and fast that we oft cannot recall exactly what happened in the duration...however the moment after is always most vivid in our minds. In a blur of vertigo motion, I found myself suddenly pressed back against the wall near my desk with a concussive force...the sharp thud against the stone with my head causing me a moment of lingering daze and dizzying pain.

My mentor was fast. I knew that in training. But this....this was something beyond even the best of human reflexes or agility. Literally a blinding fast action. Shaking my head sharply to banish away the dizzying fog and surprise...I realized he had me pinned back to the chill stone wall with his body equally as absorbing of my warmth. One of his hands was still clasping my injured wrist firmly...and his other was resting on top my shoulder.

I tensed as I realized my compromised position, feeling a touch of panic streak through my mind. Those eerie glowing eyes dropped to mine own as I fitfully attempted to struggle against the oppressive weight of his body.

A fine shiver raced through me as I huddled back against the unyielding stone, feeling the soft tease of tantalizing moist air against my neck as he drew a few short tasting breaths then a deep long draught. What in the world has gotten into him?! This...is so strange!!!

My pulse leapt to a rabbit's pace as I felt one of his hands tug my collar loose with a firm insistence. I had seen him lose his control occasionally before...but never to this extent. With all honesty, I felt fear as I had never known: not merely at the thought of what this might progress to and the revelations it would bring...but at the sinful delicious temptation that began to gnaw at the edge of my thoughts.

The viselike grip upon my wrist slackened then released as his hand traced a treacherously slow path over my shoulder to dip under my partially opened collar, his fingers slipping within the wild mass of my hair as he applied a sleight warm pressure to the back of my neck. This devious touch evoked a fine shiver to trail through me with a creeping chill later replaced by an unsettling warmth.

Breaths came to me a little hard as I struggled slightly under the onslaught. With growing anxiousness and uncertainty I tentatively squirmed within that grasp, feeling his other hand snake around to the small of my back to pin me close to the tensed line of his body pressed hard against my own. The faint feel of his lips brushing feather light against the unprotected flesh of my neck caused an unbidden delectable shudder to race through my body.

"L...Lord Kunzite...? C'mon...let go. Look...don't we have work we should be doing?"

Pain suddenly lanced from my neck as I heard a sybilant hiss escape Kunzite. Caught in a moment of surprise, my startled mind flashed back to that occurrence with the Queen so similar to this. Broken from the surprise, I struggled weakly in his grasp with a faint plaintive sound, but his grip was stronger than tempered carbon steel. I could feel that drain starting to grow as he suckled hungrily with a low throaty growl...a sound most inhuman. The surprising pain has melted into an overwhelming pleasure. And then, as I felt my knees give out and my vision blurring with dizziness, I realized exactly what he was doing.


His arm pinned me close to his body veritably quivering with ferocious eagerness as I began to grow weaker and weaker as an eerie feeling of sensual delight began to overtake. I shoved aside the new sensation stubbornly, fearfully and forced myself to analyze the situation and my mentor as best as my fogged mind could.

He had none of that control he cherished so much...now having become a feral creature without that prided logic. And I knew as I heard him growl low and press me close to his body with a crushing force, that if I didn't stop him, I might just end up dead.

Feeling an unsettling painful hot hardness press insistently into my hip as he snarled lustily into my throat, I could not help but wince and amend that observation with a blush. Dead...or worse. My hands felt leaden as I reached up behind my mentor feebly, searching for a means of halting him...a distraction.

As my fingers slipped within the succulent silken softness of that forbidden to touch silver mane I had my answer. Not a good one, but an answer.

Indulging in only a brief moment of anxiety over such a pride damaging plan, I then wound my fingers through the shimmering fine locks. Gasping at the low pleasured growl breathed against my raw throat, I felt an eerie tremor race through my trembling weakening body, a dark pleasure encroaching dangerously on my stubborn will. Groaning low, I redoubled my determination...using fear to fuel desperate strength as I pulled with all my might on the hair wound among my fingers.

On the upside, my action caught him completely by surprise, jerking his head back away from me as he howled in pain and upset...displaying a sharp pair of gleaming incisor fangs against his crimson touched mouth.

However, on the downside, his hand came back in a blindingly fast strike across my cheek as he snarled in unparalleled fury. I felt an eerie sense of weightlessness as I soared in the air in a moment that seemed forever.

Then I landed in a rough tumble on the ground...coming to an abrupt halt in a heap before the door to my chambers like a doll cast aside by a temperamental child.

I was stunned in disorientation for a long moment, feeling only a faint hint of the enormous pain I should be experiencing due to the adrenaline and the lulling effects of my mentor's bite. Hearing approaching steps, I shoved with my stubborn will to my unsteady feet, deciding that if things were going to be fatal at this point, I would rather die with pride in my last stand.

Staggering slightly, I could feel the eerie glacial chill of his fury as he stalked step by step closer. His power was almost a tangible crackling cold aura as he neared with a low predatorial growl deep in his throat. Clasping my trembling hands tight at my sides, I raised my head to glare firmly into my mentor's illuminous white glowing eyes. I had never felt more frightened...then again, fear could either be used for one of two things: Fight or Flight.

In the face of my pride, Flight wasn't even an option.

I could hardly stand on my numb feet and shaking weak legs, however, I glared back to the deadly entity approaching me as I silently called upon the magic lying deep within my thinned blood...barely enough for a minor trick.

I prayed it would be enough.

As he neared within striking range, I clasped my hands tight at my sides while faint words were whispered breathlessly in a final vain attempt.

"Lord Kunzite...you have to snap out of this! I don't want to fight you....but I will if I have to."

A decisively dark smirk graced his lips as he tensed like a pale panther ready to pounce. Suddenly lurching forward after a moment's coiled pause, he flew towards me in a powerful lunge. Crying out in desperation, I fueled that innate magic and the last of my energy into my hands raised before me.

Within a brilliant flare of white light and a whirlwind of cherry blossom petals lied a moment of chaos as he collided into me in a crushing smash against the cold stone of the wall. Shivering as I raised my head to settle my swooning gaze upon my mentor's face so close to mine, I stared fearfully into his eyes amidst a rain of soft sweet scented petals.

Eyes of that arctic pale blue.

Aware eyes.

Breathing a quavering ghost of a sigh in relief, I managed a faint smile before slumping forward bonelessly against him. His arms snaked about my collapsing body with that familiar strength, but also with surprising gentleness.

"You dumbass."

I enjoyed a rare amusing moment to witness uncharacteristic puzzlement on my mentor's face at my words as my senses drifted off into sweet oblivion.

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