Sweet Dreams

Chapter 28: The Surprises Fate Inspires

© 2006 by Pyrite aka Jessi Duffour

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I recuperated swiftly in those next few days...and in less than a week, I was up to my usual, if heavier schedule. Of course, I had my ever attentive nursemaid to thank for that. Kunzite patiently spoon fed me the first day before I could rally my strength enough to feed myself. It really was an awkward, if sweet situation. I had to wait until he left to check on his troops and duties to sneak a visit to my bathing chambers.

Well, in truth, it was more like crawling and dragging myself over there.

However, even as my physical strength was regaining...my Magic was having a hell of a time replenishing.

That, of course, didn't help my current situation in the least.

Dragging myself out of the murky depths of the fountain with a gasp, I spluttered a heartfelt obscenity as, for the nth time that day, I peered about in a desperate confusion, wondering where the HELL I was.

Shaking my head sharply like a dog, I sent water droplets flying every which way in a glittering scatter. The grunt of dismay above me, however, caused a cold shiver separate of the icy waters I was half hanging in to slither through my spine and rocket my heart into my throat. Glancing up through my sopping bangs, I shared a sheepish look with my mentor...who was far less then pleased, hovering in the air ominously above me.

"Uhm...I think I messed up...again."

"Oh, you THINK so?"


"You are going to do this until it meets my satisfaction. Now. FOCUS."

"Yes, Lord Kunzite." I breathed a soft sigh of weary frustration. Extracting myself from the fountain's watery pool, I drew a ragged sigh in exhaustion and staggered before him. I knew I looked as much like the soggy bedraggled rat I felt like.

"Now, this time, Pyrite...pay attention closely. I am going to make an energy beacon. Follow the brightest source of energy you can sense." On those words, he vanished in a chill breeze. Raking my chilled fingers through my slicked bangs I squeezed my eyes tight shut and forced my weary mind to spread out as I had been taught. Unconsciously chewing on my lower lip, I sent forth my honing sense all about me...seeking a bright source of energy. Surely enough, I found it not too far away amidst the confusing chaos of assorted energy signatures. A nice vibrant one brighter than all the rest.

Summoning my magic that raced through my veins, I felt a familiar force flow through me in an exhilarating rush of raw power mingled with the delightful sweet aroma of cherry blossoms. Lightness...I felt myself go thinner than air itself and I honed in on that spot.

Teleportation wasn't on my list of easy tricks. And the logical reasoning of HOW it works, no matter how many times Lord Kunzite explained it, was still a mind boggling mystery to me. But I gave it all my go.

As I manifested, I breathed a soft sigh...then gasped, squeaking as I felt no ground beneath my feet. Flailing frantically, I yelped in surprise as I came crashing down to the floor with a painful thud in an inelegant sprawl. Hearing a sharp breath drawn from close by...no TWO, I realized I wasn't alone.

Groaning, I blinked my eyes slowly open.

"Uuuungh...did I make it this time, Lord Kunzite...?......!!!!"

The breath caught in my throat as I stared up into two pair of eyes. Crimson of my Liege and the sullen blue of Endymion's. And lo and behold...they were rather mussed up and sitting in the bed without a hint of clothes.

It just wasn't my day.


* * *

I was up and busting out the chamber doors like a bat out of hell, running for my frantic life as I heard steel being drawn and a gout of dark energy flew out the door I just scurried from with an unheroic eep. Eyes wide in alarm, a startled squeak escaped my throat as an unexpected force grabbed my by the back of my collar and roughly hauled me off me feet to peer into unamused cold winter eyes of my mentor. I felt like a naughty puppy held by the scruff of the neck.

However, I cringed more from the roar issuing from the open door.

Her Majesty was upset.

"Kunzite...DO something with him before I skin him alive. GET HIM OUT OF MY SIGHT!!!"

"At once, my Queen."

I cringed within my mentor's grasp as I dangled above the floor. He made complete haste in whisking us away...and before I knew it, I was tossed to sit on the fainting couch on his inner study. With an effort, I bit back on the urge to squeak again at the unexpected landing. Pulling my knees self consciously closer and my hands clasped in my lap, I hunkered my head lower in preparation for what chastisement I would receive.

I was tired, hungry, wet, frustrated, scared out of my wits...and completely miserable. My eyes watched the tall ice demeanored man from behind the wild wet tendrils of my bangs, as he placed both his hands on the couch on either side of me and glared sternly into my eyes.

"Pyrite...I don't know if in this situation I should laugh or strike you down. Of ALL the places in the Dark Kingdom, WHY did you have to choose Her Majesty's bedroom?"

In the interesting of self preservation, I chose my words ABSOLUTELY carefully before responding in a small pensive voice.

"I...I followed the brightest energy source I could find."

"Not the beacon, apparently."

"No...I guess their...erm...energy was brighter." I felt my cheeks flush slightly in shame and embarrassment. Oh what I would have given for whatever that had been wiping my memory to take THAT from my mind's eye.

He leveled me a cool look as a pale brow lofted in cool inquiry at my reaction. Hunching my shoulders more as I gripped my hands tighter in my lap, I couldn't help but feel my blush growing hotter.

"Erm...L...Lord Kunzite....?"

It took everything I had not to fall prey to a severe fit of fidgets.

Then the most unexpected thing happened.

The "Ice King" Lord Kunzite burst into unexpected laughter.

Taken aback by surprise, I couldn't help but blink...staring at him in perplexity as the normally stoic severe man remains leaning over me laughing in full true mirth.

"Baka...I just cannot remain upset with you! I know I should punish you severely, but your antics are simply too silly.....kawaii...."

I felt my left eyebrow twitch slightly as I leveled him a flat look, feeling my pride further ruffled.

"Oh...is that so." Reaching up to my wayward locks of wet curling hair crawling down my chest, I flung it back over my shoulder with a loud wet slap...causing him to verily shake in his amusement as he continues to laugh further.

And, I noticed with pity in my heart...that sleight edge to his laughter. It was a much needed release. I guess like me, he needed his outlets from the strains of hell. With a touch of empathy, I recalled that he was very much alone as much as I...even more so with the loss of his beloved.

My name is Pyrite, but I'm not a complete fool.

I could see the strain that tragedy in his life held on him. And I realized, that he wasn't truly alone with me here for him to laugh with...or rather...at.

It was a frightening thought to consider the warped mass of complexes he would have been with only his grief and bittersweet memories to keep him company.

I weighed a thought carefully before reaching up one of my hands to gently ruffle his hair...savouring the soft silk supple feel of that resplendent coiffeur. He glanced up to me sharply at my irreverant gesture, a wary look answered merely with a light grin on my part.

"Go ahead and laugh. I don't mind. It'll do you a world of good."

Those icy blue eyes stared at me for a long moment before the sudden seriousness is laxed with a faint smile as he rises, striding away.

"You are dismissed for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow, I will introduce you to your Youma squad."

Ah, lucky me! I grinned mightily as I popped to my feet, snapping into a bow.

"Thank you, Lord Kunzite...I..." My words trickled to a halt as I realized I was dripping on the floor. Why was it SOOO hard to maintain face without challenging my pride? Wincing, I paled slightly as I straightened with a few slightly danced steps of uncertainty. "Oh! I forgot...I'm so sorry...."

I could tell by the way his lips twitched that he was doing his dearest best not to laugh outright again. Sketching a hasty bow, I retreated to the door to his chambers leading to the hall as I felt my cheeks burn hotly. I was halted at the door with it open, however, as I heard that rich voice from behind me. Shivers thrilled swiftly through my spine.

Shivers NOT from the chill of being wet.

"Pyrite...why are you so concerned about my welfare?"

"Because..." I paused, wondering the same thing myself, then I turned to glance to him from over my shoulder with a faint rueful smile. "...because no one should ever be lonely. And when you're in a good mood, I'm not so isolated in the darkness."

As those words departed my lips, I slipped out the door swiftly to head back to my chambers.

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