Sweet Dreams

Chapter 31: Retaliate Unto Those That Transgress

© 2006 by Pyrite aka Jessi Duffour

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Time itself was an illusion as I was drawn into that reflective vortex...darkness enveloping like a madman's shroud as I passed through this thick dimension. Images and glints of light hurtled past me as I was dragged against my will from the sanctity of my room.

And just as suddenly as it happened, it was over...pulling me gasping out into a chill atmosphere...those fingers digging deep into my wrist in that unforgiving hold.

However, what I think was the biggest shock, was to find myself sprawled into my superior officer's lap.

"You are a little too curious for your own good."

I felt my face pale, then heat rise to my cheeks as I recognized that voice.


Shaking like a leaf, I attempted to push myself up with my one free hand, in a flustering scrabble, however, at the near bone breaking squeeze on my wrist I fell still as I simply sat there obediently on his knees, fighting back a rushing desire to snap a million rude comments. Gritting my teeth tight, a stubborn angry glare was bequeathed to those arctic pale eyes as a firm hand gripped my jaw and forced me to meet his grim cold eyes.

"Now...I want you to tell me precisely whom you were speaking to, Boy."

"I...don't know. Some voice....gah!"

I yelped as I felt him tighten his hold on my wrist to the point of practically rubbing the bones together.

"I will NOT tolerate deceit! Who is it."

Pain was throbbing along my arm and gripping my heart, causing me to arch and writhe in agony with each second of the mind numbing torment. And all the while, he stared to me with merciless intensity, searching for his answers.

"But...I just DON'T know... If I did, I'd be able to understand this place better...but I don't!!!"

"I have been watching you...and you are most assuredly hiding something."

With another viscous squeeze, an undignified sound of pain crossed my lips as I squirmed and tugged desperately in his grip. How was I supposed to answer that? I couldn't tell him the truth.

"What are you hiding, Pyrite!"

"...myself...please....let me go...."

Taken aback by my response, Kunzite stared at me intently, as if inspecting for signs of lies.

"Lord Kunzite...I...just don't want to be misunderstood...to be reviled for my thoughts and beliefs. I hide behind an idiot's mask. I am confused...but there is more than a blundering fool to me. I just don't want to let anyone else be hurt because of me...or to be hurt. So..I hide behind my cluelessness."

The pale maned man narrowed shrewd ice blue eyes.

"How noble." The irony laced in those words were more than a little cutting as was his sneer of derision. "And I suppose you've been maintaining this facade by wasting both our time by blundering your magic."

As his grip tightened to a near snapping point on my wrist, I arched my back...drawing a hissed sharp breath between tight clenched teeth.

"Actually...I am having trouble with it...."

"Perhaps your 'voice' is too much of a distraction."

"No....that's not distracting me in the least."

"Then what IS?"

"....please stop...."


"You are!!!"

He seemed almost taken aback staring at me intently before lifting his lip into a slight sneer.

"You weak fool...trying to replace someone you'll never be. You will NEVER be what Zoisite was."

Something snapped within me...and unbridled anger and frustration. And before I knew it, my fist was flying out in a sudden sharp punch straight for the man's jaw. As his surprise caused his grip to lax, I tugged out of his hold...tumbling backwards off his lap to land in a low crouch, glaring with a feverant anger to the high ranking General, panting softly.

"STOP comparing me to him! I'm Pyrite...and no one else! You want to know what's distracting me? I'll tell you! YOU. Always trying to push me into the place He had. Everyone keeps expecting me to be him. Well, I'm not. I have my own mind, my own motivation. My own body and soul, and I'll be DAMNED if I let anyone have either."

Of course...it was then I realized my two major mistakes. First, obviously...was to strike him.

The second being that I just mouthed him off in a full out yell.

He arose from that throne like seat carved of the Dark Kingdom grotesque stone like a deadly specter, his anger not merely visible, but veritably felt as a chill settled in the air. Rising, I resolutely stood my ground, slipping into a defensive stance.

"Boy, you DARE raise your hand against ME?!"

"I don't tolerate bullies."

"You will tolerate what I bade you to."

"If you think I'll put up with this kind of abuse, then you're dead wrong." Shifting a shrewd glance about, I gained a quick assessment of the setting before things could get TOO heated.

It was a curious chamber bathed in darkness save for two things...one being the enormous throne, and the other being a mirror much identical to the one that was in my room.

I could distantly make out drapes spilling along the walls, vague few other shapes. However, I dared not take my full attention from Kunzite to investigate more.

This was a dangerous moment.

As he raised his hand to hold palm side facing me...I knew I was going to be in for it. I was immediately moving...darting past the mirror to dive into a shoulder roll to get a little more distance between us. Something crackled in the air just past me...a chill energy that left my shoulder numb where it brushed.

"It seems you've forgotten who is in charge between the two of us, Pyrite."

He stalked forward with a merciless glint in his eyes...well prepared to deliver out memorable punishment.

Setting myself into a defensive position to hold my ground, I set my jaw as I prepared to fight back in my defense.

"No...I remember. But there's only so far I'll let anyone push me."

"You'll learn not to defy me...or die!"

The Cliche nature of his words were lost on me as with that last roared word the Ice King's power erupted in a wicked frozen gale about his body...fluttering his cloak and whipping that silvery silk fine hair in a torrent of wicked winter. Braced as I was, however, his sheer power struck me full force.

Crossing my arms before me, I squinted my eyes as that icy surge continued to batter at my desperate defense...the barrier aura glowing a faint golden hue as the chill air struck it with a phosphorous blue illumination.

My wind burned eyes glared defiantly to my mentor's which had become an utter blue white glow.

Pressing my body into the force of the blast, I hazard a step against it as my loose shirt whipped about my chill bitten body.

"Pyrite...you never know when to quit, do you."

"Quitting...without trying....is real defeat...."

My response was taken away by the sheer force of the continuing assault ice gathering against my magic barrier. Gripping my numbed hands tight, I focused my concentration upon the magic that burned furiously within my blood...tugging my arms aside with a physical effort as I felt heat flicker between my fingertips. Coaxing this further...I felt a burning impulse gather between my hands...begging for chaotic release.

I was going to make a bet...sacrifice for a chance. Because...as my shield began to falter from the onslaught...as I was pushed father and father back slowly, I knew that I couldn't keep this up.

Dropping the shield completely, I thrust my hands forward with a fierce cry...releasing that burning rage, the hot magic that I had nurtured thus far into a sudden brilliant combustion of fire in a ball that collided with the icy buildup and overwhelming force.

Raging fire and overwhelming ice greeted in a grand explosion that rocked the room with a deafening roar...the sheer force throwing me back into the hard surface of the wall with a painful force.

Kunzite had swiftly pulled up the side of his cloak, drawing up an energy shield swiftly. However...the sheer force had pushed even him back several feet.

Breathing was a difficult venture to pursue, but once accomplished it was a relieving, if painful sensation. Peeling my eyes open, I squinted up above me from where I clayed on the floor, utterly soaked from the adventure of fire and ice.

Hearing approaching footsteps, I squinted to try to see past the technicolor eye confetti obscuring my vision from the prior bright flashes. The faint sound of cloth rustles as he sinks to crouch on one knee beside me.

"That was surprising, Pyrite. And dangerously reckless."

Squirming slightly and trying to push myself to sit up, I wince as I feel his hand press to my bruised aching chest to keep me down. I laid back...however, I felt my cheeks redden as that warm hand rested over my damp shirt.

"Hmmm....you must learn far better how to moderate your power. You expend everything and it leaves you completely ...vulnerable... afterwards."


An intense shiver crept through my body at that word...not so much the meaning of it, but the way he spoke it....a low throaty purr that held illicit thought. I had begun to notice he always had an almost amorous incline after any physical confrontation between the two of us.

I suppose he got his jollies from the struggles...the contrast of challenge and defeating said challenge.

However, I wasn't Sigmund Freud, and I sure as hell wasn't comfortable in this situation.

An audible gulp disturbed the silence as he traced his hand down my chest slowly..tugging up the shirt to slip his hand under the damp fabric of the cloth, stroking the tender sensitive flesh of my belly.

"L...Lord Kunzite...I...ah...think I get your point. You can stop now."

"Now...what had we just covered on the topic of who commands who?"

Biting my lower lip, I refrained from remarking on this as I supported myself in my sit with both hands on the ground. He smirked in a most dastardly manner as he trails his hand over my belly to ride my shirt a little higher...invoking both delectable shivers...and a paralyzing fear. As he encountered the wraps about my chest...a silvery brow is lofted.

And my heart leaps into my throat to strangle my tonsils.

"An injury, Pyrite?"

"Yes...un....I think I broke a rib in training...never got a chance to heal."

The tall man who knelt beside me cant his head as he eyed my flustered flushed state.

"You never mentioned anything about this."

"I didn't want to seem weak."

"Careless as always, I see. Make certain you mend that, then."

"Y...yes Lord Kunzite."

The hand massaged over my sensitive flesh still tingling from the cold...tracing off as he bore a smug smirk which had taken me aback.

And then I realized.

Since my skills in fighting have been gaining, I've been less and less afraid of him from physical confrontations...therefore domination through the fear of a sound beating was less of a concern to me. And he lost a certain amount of control in that.

But now, he's found a new way to get me well under his thumb. I flushed slightly with this realization.

I was easily cowed in the face of sexual aggression.

That pervert.

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