Sweet Dreams

Chapter 32: And Adapt to Fate's Assaults

© 2006 by Pyrite aka Jessi Duffour

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"You MUST be joking!!!"

"Oh but I'm VERY serious."

"I still don't see how this has anything to do with 'fishing' for scouts on Earth."

"Simple. You are the bait."

"In THIS?!"

I gestured to myself emphatically with a fierce blush. I didn't know where...and I didn't WANT to know how...but he found the outfit he insisted that I parade around on earth in on my first journey there.

Now, I agreed the uniforms were a little too conspicuous.

But skintight leather, silk...and vinyl was even more so!

Shifting my weight a little, I heard the numerous chains dangling from the metal loops on the sturdy leather belt about my hips jingle, accenting the soft groan of the leather pants hugging my legs. The green silk shirt hung loose from my shoulders...whispering under the long black shiny vinyl coat. I felt soo...wrong in that outfit. Especially since I had to pack a little something extra because of the tightness of these pants that not only revealed gender, but likely religion, too. And why the hell were there SOOO many zippers in questionable places?

Leveling a flat and ultimately sullen glare to my mentor, I had to admit...he was quite an eyecatch himself. Clad in a suit of white and matching shirt and tie, he was a definite contrast. Even better, his hair was pulled back into a ponytail, granting him this striking image of a fashionable businessman.

"Lord Kunzite...I REALLY do have severe doubts about this plan."

"Pyrite, rest assured...this will be an excellent test of your training thus far."

"I don't even know what I'm supposed to do! "

"Just do that and whatever I tell you out there."

Gritting my teeth, I felt a slight shiver race through my spine as I felt his eyes rake over my body in intense appraisal. Heaving a breath of relief, I followed him through the halls, feeling extremely semiconscious that I would run into any of the Youma.

This was so very embarrassing.

Coming into a large cavernous chamber, I turned slightly to eye the numerous archways spanning the organic chamber.

"Where are we, Lord Kunzite?"

"This is the gate chamber. All of these gates are our stepways to different places and worlds. However, do be careful. It would be too easy to be lost for all eternity by taking a wrong step. "

"Point taken." Knowing how easily I get lost, I wasn't going to dare venturing into one of these countless portals on my own.

"This one you should mark well, Pyrite. It leads to one of our prime locations on Earth."

And on those words, he led me through the portal.

* * *

The next thing I knew I was in perhaps one of the seediest dives of drudgery that could be humanly possible.

A VERY VERY dubious bar. Dark. Smoky. Laden with illegal things and unsavory people, it bore a feel of high brow classlessness. And the pair of young girls doing rather suggestive dancing atop a stage with neon lights further plummeted the place in my esteem.

It didn't help that I was the only non asian person in there. It didn't help that, though I had been beginning to learn Japanese, it wasn't ANYWHERE good enough to follow the heavy slang.

It REALLY didn't help that I was decked out in so tempting a manner that drew the eager eyes of questionable figures from all about.

At first, I thought it was my odd looks coupled with an odder outfit to complete a visual distraction and eyecatch. However...as my roaming eyes fall upon the pair of dancers on the stage...I suddenly gulped at a pair of surprises as I immediately revoke my earlier assumption.

One...that their little maid costumes were now discarded on the floor on the stage.

And two.

Those were NOT girls.

What little assumption I had of the place hit rock bottom.

Immediately I was turning about face to attempt a discrete exit through the door, but a sudden firm grip on the leather collar about my throat yanked me back in.



And hook.

I grit my teeth in ire, tensing as my Mentor tugged me along with him, guiding me past the sea of eyes I could practically feel attempting to strip me. And for the occasional hands I DID feel, a swift slap or elbow was all I could manage to deliver in passing. Kunzite leaned close, hissing next to my ear as a slight squeeze on my shoulder reminded me to pay attention to his words.

"Behave, Pyrite. I have delicate business to conduct here."

Blinking and sliding my eyes aside to glare to him from behind my wayward bangs, I leaned with my rump protectively to the bar, crossing my arms possessively over my chest.

"Well, if you'd TELL me what you have in mind, I wouldn't find this so hard to handle."

"No...if I did, you would likely blunder my plans."

"You mean you're anticipating my blundering IN your plans."

A soft low velveteen purr of a chuckle escapes him like a warm finger traced along my spine...evoking a shiver of surprise.

"Something of that nature. Yes."

"I don't like it here."

"I noticed. You exude a prey appeal. Now....fix the way you stand."

"I WHAT?!"

I blinked as he reached subtly around behind me...poking my back and pressing slightly on one hip to shifts my position somewhat, cocking my knee slightly with a brief bump of his own so I was verily half lounging on the bar in a sultry manner.

"Act lively, Little Bait."

"You pompous..."

What words I would have shared stopped immediately as I noticed a rather grim seeming figure in a dark and expensive suit approach. As he reached up to adjust his tie, I couldn't help but notice that he was missing a portion of his pinky. What an odd sort of wound, I pondered...an industrial mishap, I guessed...or another person prone to accidents.

I remained utterly still as he approached my mentor...speaking in a rapid pace of Japanese that left me missing about a third and likely misunderstanding about another third.

My clueless Gaijin look was quite obvious as they conversed. Hm. Something about a business transaction. Trade. Ah, Senshi? Perhaps he needed me as backup for some kind of deal. A little extra firepower in case things didn't go well. I suppose a place like this would be a good place to barter for information. I eased somewhat as I mentally kicked myself for not trusting him.

We were led by the suited figure to the shadowy back of the club and escorted up a set of narrow stairs behind an ornate wall hanging drape. Making it to the top...we hesitated at the top of the stairs as our guide settled arrangements for introduction.

* * *

The room was a gorgeous affair of combined Japanese history and modern human luxury. It was rather intimidating, especially since I had been told to stand in the center of the room, surrounded by shady looking men in suits. Also, the massive golden dragon that dominated the far wall leered in a rather unsettling manner that made my skin crawl.

Fighting the urge to fidget...I glanced to where my mentor was speaking with a gruff natured man sitting like some grand king behind a lavish desk resplendent in his fine designer black suit and golden shiny pin on the lapel.

From the bantering of numbers and the parts of their conversation, I could only guess they were trying to work out the price of a deal. Though, baffled as I was, instead of the mention of Yen...I could have sworn that they were speaking of time increments.

It, of course, didn't explain why I had to stand there like some walkway model in the middle of the room.

Setting my hands on my hips as I warred off tension and anxiousness, I shifted my weight from one foot to the other as I glanced to my Mentor. Finally, it was much to my relief that they seem to have come to an agreement. Of all the things to try to find the Senshi my Mentor was determined to catch, I would never have thought making deals with these men with predatorial eyes and false smiles would be one.


Glancing swiftly to my mentor, I was glad that I wasn't entirely forgotten.

"Yes, Lord Kunzite?"

"Tsuzumi-Domo wishes to meet you." And due his indication to the man at his side, I turned my gaze to him...suddenly feeling very put on the spot. Hesitating at that smile that was more on the greasy side than I liked, I tucked one hand behind the small of my back and gave a hesitant wave with the other in a shy greeting.


I had been expecting to find my mentor's head nestled on his hand with a look of frustration and embarrassment, however he was smiling with that wicked chill that meant he was up to something.

Recalling our discussion earlier, I hesitated as I remembered what he said about relying on my bumbling.

Was it a bad sign if his faith was in my ability to mess up?

Despite my rather naive greeting, the man was more than amused and beckoned me over with a wave of his hand revealing a glittering array of expensive rings...and a finger missing a digit segment. Just like the other man's.

"Come here...boy..."

At his use of English...or rather, Engrish...somehow it was less than reassuring rather than comforting. Especially with that thin dangerous smile that he was settling to me.

Cautiously, I slipped to stand across from the man at the desk...however as this Tsuzumi waved for me to come around the desk to near closer, I felt unease settle in the pit of my stomach. Shifting a sharp glance to my mentor, he leveled a grim hard look then nods.

Refusal was out of the question.

Swallowing my unease with a gulp, I selfconciously paced around the large furniture to stand before the dark haired man. As he pat his knee...I blinked, then placed my hands upon my hips and drew a step back. Ooooooh no. Oooooh HELL no!!!

However, as Kunzite narrows his eyes...I glare back to my mentor. I could read his expression OH so easily. I was liable to be in for royal hell if I mess this up. Gritting my teeth, I gingerly sank down to sit stiffly on the edge of the man's knee...yelping as he grabs the rings of my belt and tug me back close to him. Like a cat held over a washtub, I bristled, exhaling a low hissing breath as I am cloyed by the stale odor of nicotine smoke and a cologne nearly as asphyxiating as chloroform.

Narrowing my eyes, I level a silently angry glare to my mentor as this man nuzzles my cheek...and hands a sealed envelope to Kunzite. That BASTARD! So that was what they were bargaining. Not money. ME. As Kunzite catches my seething look he speaks in a low humored purr.

"Behave Pyrite. If you displease Tsuzumi-Domo, then he will have every liberty to punish you as he sees fit."

As low words are murmured to my ear, I sullenly shift my weight as I ignore them, glowering furiously to the silver haired man opening the envelope to read the materials within.

"Such a pretty boy. Rare westerners look so sweet. And to think your Master gave you to me for an hour."

A muscle in my jaw ached terribly from the tension of how tight I had it clamped shut as I felt those cold clammy fingers feel and stroke through my unruly curls...petting my head like a cat.

What was worse, though, was that he began to feel his hands over my body...causing me to squirm in disgust. I felt so...dirty, as if every brush of those cold clammy hands were smearing filth over me with each pass. Needless to say, it was everything I could do not to retaliate or lash out.

However...when I turned my eyes back to my mentor, he had stopped in his reading to stare at the scene this must present. It must have been my imagination...because that crafty smile...was gone...left instead with a low frown and a dangerous gleam to those pale wintry eyes.

If I didn't know him as the selfish uncaring bastard he was of late, I'd almost swear he was jealous.

Playing off the idea...I turned to whisper soft words to my molester in the best Japanese purr that I could.

"You. Me. Alone."

At first suspicious, he relented, though, as I wrapped an arm about his neck with my best adoring look as I leaned against his shoulder.

As he ordered everyone out, I knew I hit paydirt.

* * *

The next hour was loud and noisome with illegal moans and grunts and the squeaking of the chair's springs and the occasional thud on the desk.

"Oh...oh yes... give it to me harder..."

I casually flipped another page in the book of historical sites, delighting in the full page color pictures. I could make out most of the characters well enough, but I still had a ways to go.

Foot on the chair before me, I sat on the desktop, shoving on it to cause squeaks as the man clayed in it unconscious from my well planned suckerpunch. He hadn't known what hit him...or likely, that he'd been hit at all.

Thumping the desk with my hand, I let loose a full voiced wailing moan.

Glancing down to the clock on the desk, I could sense my mentor outside seething like a contained storm. It had been rather fun egging him on. While mastering my feigned show for the people listening outside, I'd been delighting in the craftiness of my little plot. Closing the book and setting about mussing my clothes and hair and undoing a few zippers but mercifully revealing nothing...vital... I proceeded doing likewise to the man. Of course...in his eagerness for play, he'd just unfurled his little beast before I cleaned his clock with the one hit wonder to the back of his melon. I avoided looking to that spot as I slipped to sit straddling his knees, leaning forward to pat the man's cheek to try to wake him as I murmured low in the Japanese I did know.

"Tsuzumi-sama...wake time..."

As the vulgar man stirred...momentarily perplexed, I leveled a warm lazy grin. I purred against his chest even though the act caused my stomach to roil.

"Such a mighty dragon. You had so much power...you must have blacked out."

Luckily, any suspicion was assuaged at my words. Unfortunately, this seemed to bolden the man's ego as he reached out to grab me close with such sudden viciousness that made me squeak in surprise.

"Then I want more, little Sakura..."

The doors suddenly thud open with an unexpected BANG that thundered in the room as my mentor stalked in with a chill grim presence.

"Your hour is up."

Though, relieved as I was by the rescue...I honestly resented being traded off like some toy. Pushing myself up out of the man's clutches, I attempted to rise off, only to find myself yanked back down by that belt as another of those greasy mitts sneaks down to an area I'd rather him not. I yelped as I drop both my hands down there to ward his away.

"Hmmm...I would like to work a deal for a little more time with your delightful pet. I want a memorial experience to keep in my thoughts..."

"No deal. We are finished with our business."

In an unexpected motion, I felt an arm wrap about my waist and hoist me atop my mentor's shoulder in an unexpected yank that squeezed a squeak out of me. Wincing and wriggling over my superior officer's shoulder, I grit my teeth as his hand came up in a swat at my rump feeling so very exposed by in that vulnerable position.

Reluctantly, I draped over his shoulder in a sullen seethe as the pair of men argued a moment more before Kunzite turned to stalk out with me hanging over his shoulder like a sack of pouting potatoes.

Color raced to my cheeks from the eyes that I could feel caressing over my vulnerable body on his shoulder. Somehow...the clothes I wore felt nonexistent under the weight of their lewd imaginations. I dropped my head in humiliation and frustration as he carried me out like some viking kidnapping a wench.

As we exited from the establishment...I murmured soft words muffled by his back.

"I hate you."

This stops Kunzite short...an inexplicable jerk touching his body as it he'd been physically struck.

"And the insults of a whore mean WHAT to me?"

Blinking, I tensed at that word. Growling low, I wrapped my arm about his throat in a sudden stranglehold, using the leverage to jam my knee into his ribs with an unexpected attack that momentarily leaves my superior officer coughing and staggering, releasing his grip. Shoving myself off, I drop back into a crouch then immediately hop back to give myself more room to maneuver in anticipation of a counterattack.

"Don't you DARE call me that, Lord Kunzite. Since YOU are the one who sold me off without my consent, you have no right to call me that."

Regaining himself swiftly, caught more by surprise then injury by my attack, though...his glare was a thing of punishment promised.

"Only a catamite would enjoy what you did as much as I heard."

Narrowing my eyes slightly...I then smirked.

"You're jealous."

The brief moment of surprise and immediate bristling denial that overcame the normally calm and collected man as he snarls low.

"Why would I be jealous?"

"Because you think that slimy man there got something you didn't. And he did. A knock out blow to the head, and a fake performance to cover up my lack of one."

At the brief pause in that dangerous look on the man's presence, I continued holding my guard, leaning against the wall.

"Then...are you saying, Pyrite...that you...didn't...."

"Exactly. I was worried my sounds might be too fake as..erm...well, I have no experience...but I didn't want the guards to be suspicious"

The look of surprise and a hint of regret was well worth it as I see my Mentor realizes his error. I offered a faint smile in consolance.

"So...I'd kinda appreciate it if you'd cut back on the whore comments."

"I suppose it is difficult to be shamelessly promiscuous if you are still a virgin."

"You didn't have to mention that." Blushing hotly, I coughed, crossing my arms over my shirt as I turned away to stare out over the street. "Well, I just hope whatever information that pervert gave you was worth the price of my pride."

The grim General nods slowly in deep thought with a subtle predatorial smile. "As a matter of fact, I believe so."

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