A Moment in Time

© 1998 by Sardonyx

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Author's Note:

The characters aren't mine, they're Naoko's.

This story takes place during episode 35, right after Endymion is abducted.

A Moment in Time

© 1998 by Sardonyx

He had thought they would go directly to the throne room.

Granted, his thoughts were severely disordered at the moment; but he was certain, very certain, that this was their own bedchamber.

His vision swirled and blurred, and he felt himself being propelled in a certain direction. He tried to stand, but staggered, fell -- mercifully, onto the bed.

"There's only a minute or two before she calls for us." the deep voice cut through his pain and disorientation, familiar, beloved -- now edged with irritation.

"Kunzaito-sama..." he mumbled, willing his vision to clear.

"She isn't going to be pleased."

Angry, he was angry. The room was slowly swimming into focus, and Zoisite could see Kunzite standing by the far wall, his back turned.

"Gomen nasai, Kunzaito-sama." he said softly.

The silver-haired man seemed to ignore him. "I can't believe... can't believe..." he shook his head in frustration. "We've lost the ginzuishou now, to the senshi. Lost it! Damnation!"

"Kunzaito-sama, don't be angry with me..." the smaller man blinked away tears and tried to lever himself up on one arm.

Kunzite seemed not to hear. "There's only a minute, or so." he said coldly, "She'll be angry, very angry. You lost the ginzuishou."

Zoisite struggled into a sitting position. "I -- I tried, Kunzaito-sama... but -- we -- I -- I failed you. I failed you." he repeated miserably.

"You failed." Kunzite said, his voice expressionless. He stood, like a stone statue, cold, unmoving. A shudder ran through Zoisite's slender frame, and he repressed a sob.

I failed you.

"A minute, or less." Kunzite's words were near inaudible, but carried a deadly weight. "She'll be very angry."

"Gomen." whispered Zoisite again, allowing himself to fall back onto the bed.

And almost immediately, he heard the detestable voice ringing through his mind. He knew Kunzite had heard it as well, for the elder King straightened, nodded slightly, and began to gather the energy to teleport.

Zoisite managed to stand, took a halting step towards the silver-haired King. "Kunzaito-sama..." he pleaded.

The other ignored him; still would not turn around.

Trembling, the slender man pulled on his last reserves of power, willing there to be enough energy to take him to the throne room. He almost thought, for a moment, that he had it -- but the spell collapsed around him in a small swirl of sickly-looking petals, and he crashed to his knees on the hard stone floor, tears coursing down his face.

...I failed you...

Strong arms wrapped around him, gently lifting him to his feet. Something soft brushed his face, wiping away his tears. A familiar voice murmured in his ear, comforting him. He knew...

Leaning gratefully against the taller man's shoulder, Zoisite dimly felt the energy swirling around them as they teleported away.

- The End -

Last Word from the Author:

Another strange one...

My (new) email address is sardonyx@writeme.com. Any feedback, negative or otherwise, is -- as always -- greatly appreciated.

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