One Distant Star

© 1998 by Sardonyx

God knows, I love her.
I know that I don't deserve her -
so beautiful.
Not for someone, someone simple... like me.
I try hard, though; I'd do anything for her.
Or, more likely, fall on my face trying....
But there's always something, something -
something separating her -
something lonely, something secret, something that - that -
someone simple, like me
could never begin to understand.
When I'm with her, sometimes, it's as if...
...she drifts away, into another world, a fantasy world, where someone -
- someone else -
Someone worthy of her, is waiting.

She's always very kind.
But sometimes I think she's wishing I could be something more -
- more like Him, whoever He is...
And I wish I could be, too; if it would please her.

...I don't know what I can do...
only be myself
even if it isn't myself in her far-away dream.
I don't want to break her dream, no matter what.
But I'm always afraid, someday, He will come from the dream and lure her away.
I wouldn't stop her going.
I love her, you know.

Umino, Naru, and Nephrite, in that order. Finis.

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