Midnight Sun


© 1999 by Sarel

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Author's Note:

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Sailor Moon characters (which you should know if you know anything about them, or about fan fics...). Only Onyx is mine, and don't you dare steal her! *grin*

Midnight Sun - Prologue

© 1999 by Sarel

The girl shook her head in bewilderment. What had happened? She didn't remember much, only that she had wanted to get as far away as possible. And now she sat on the floor in a cave of some sort. But it also seemed inhabited, or else very dry, because she had never seen any cave with an inch-thick layer of dust on the floor. She decided to follow one of the corridors from the cave, to see where it led. It didn't help staying here, that much she knew.

As her feet set the dust in motion, she coughed. No one has been here for a while, that's for sure, she thought. She stroked her long, black hair back behind her ears. It had a nasty habit of getting in her face all the time. But she had to admit she was proud of it. It had taken her most of five years to get it that long. When she braided it, as was her usual way to keep her hair, it reached down to her waist. Why hadn't she braided it today?

Suddenly she noticed a door. She stopped, staring at it in disbelief. Then she shrugged. If anyone was in there, she would at least be able to ask where she was. Although, she came to think, did she really want to ask anyone who lived this deep within a cave? He, or she, could be any sort of weirdo or criminal, probably both. Hesitantly she knocked at the door. After half a minute, she knocked again. When no one opened the door, she did, and looked inside.

She saw a medium sized room, sparsely decorated. The first thing she came to think of was some kind of soldier's room, though didn't soldiers usually share their quarters? When she noticed the layer of dust that covered everything, she dared enter the room and look around more closely.

The bed was large, but simple. Since it was covered with dust the coverlet looked dark grey, but when she brushed at it a bit, the black colour was revealed. A large, half-inch-thick board that covered almost half one wall turned out to be a mirror, and the only closet contained a row of grey clothes, and a few pairs of black leather boots.

Uniforms, she thought. She grinned. Perhaps this was some kind of medieval Star Trek? I bet they itch like Hell, she added as she touched one. They didn't seem to be too large, so she thought they might even fit her. She smiled. She loved dressing up in odd clothes, so why didn't she?

She was correct, it did itch, and it took quite a few minutes before she got the idea of putting her ordinary clothes beneath it. After that, it was bearable. The uniform was stiff, but rather baggy, and the boots were perhaps two sizes too big, but otherwise a perfect fit, and as she looked herself in the now dust-free mirror, she sort of liked what she saw. All the seams in the uniform were lined with black, matching her hair. She preferred red since that colour contrasted so well to black, but if she got to keep the uniform, she could probably change that. Or perhaps green, to go with her eyes?

She frowned slightly. She wasn't beautiful. She had always disliked especially her chin. It was too strong, too masculine. It almost made her look like a boy in this outfit. But as a boy, she had to admit she was rather pretty.

She took one last look in the mirror, and noticed what a mess her hair was in. She wasn't really vain, but it did ruin the impression. She looked around for a brush, and sighed relieved when she spotted one on the bed. As she picked it up, she noticed it wasn't covered with dust like all the other things, but she shrugged it off and started to disentangle her long hair, a task which took her almost half an hour. She decided to catch her hair in a pony-tail so she wouldn't have all her hair in her face. Pony-tail? Seems more like a horse's tail to me, she thought wryly. But she was proud of her hair. Not all were gifted with such silken hair. Most girls she knew had to work for hours to get what she had naturally.

Then she exited the room and continued down the hall. When she wanted to get back, she only had to retrace her footsteps in the dust. She passed several other doors, but didn't dare check them out. The layer of dust here was thinner, and a few sets of footprints proved to her she wasn't alone. What worried her slightly was that the footprints didn't seem to be entirely human. Where was she?

She walked closer to the wall, trying to be as invisible as possible. The layer of dust thinned out and disappeared completely. Great, she thought. How am I gonna find my way back now? But when she thought about it some more, she realized there was nothing she needed to go back for.

Suddenly a something moved towards her. It had breasts, so it had to be a female, but it had green hair, and slightly green-toned skin. She shuddered. She definitely didn't want to be seen by it. Who knew what it would do? Then she realized with mounting panic that she stood right in the creature's path.

Amazed she watched the thing as it passed her with only an inch to spare. It hadn't even looked at her. If she hadn't side-stepped, it would have crashed right into her! Was it blind? No, then it would have been more suspicious of the slight shuffling sound she had made when she had moved. Now it had merely looked her way, and then shrugged and continued. She frowned, confused. Was she invisible? Was she dead? If she was a ghost, she could have understood that it hadn't seen her, but then again, would a ghost make sounds walking? Weren't ghosts supposed to float around? Did that mean she was somehow invisible? She grinned foolishly. This could be fun.

The next time she saw some odd creature - this one a normal girl, if you didn't think of her blue hair and skin, and the horns she sprouted - she decided to test her theory. She continued to walk directly in front of the creature, ready to jump aside. However, the 'girl' cast one glance at her, and with something that looked like respect, stepped aside and let her pass.

She was confused. How come this one had seen her, and the other one had not? The only thing she had done different was that last time she didn't want to be seen, this time she had wanted to test the creature. Was that the reason? It might be. She had to test it.

Again the next time, she walked right in front of the creature, this time willing it not to see her. Sure enough, she had to jump aside not to crash into it. She grinned. Now she got the hang of it. She continued on, ignoring the creatures who seemed to appear more and more often.

* * *

After several minutes and turns, the creatures thinned out and finally ceased to come. And a short while later, she stepped out into a garden. At least that was what she presumed it to be. But a very twisted and dark garden. Like the rest of this place, she added mentally with a wry smile. It fits in, I suppose.

As she walked through the garden, she suddenly spotted two persons sitting on a large rock. Both of them wore the same grey uniform she did. One of them had rather long hair, though not as long hair as she had, and so white it almost seemed like silver. His face - the little she could see of it - was very handsome. He was staring into the eyes of the other, a girl. She had long blonde hair in a pony-tail, and very delicate features. Her fingers, resting on the man's shoulder, were long and as slender as the rest of her.

She would have an easy time learning how to play the piano. Or the guitar. She made a face when she remembered how her mother had tried to make her learn to play those instruments. With the piano she had managed quite well, but she had definitely to short fingers for the guitar. Her father's fingers. She looked at them and sighed inaudibly, not wanting to disturb the couple. But looking back at them, she noticed she probably had. The man had stopped staring into his girl-friend's eyes, and whispered something as he looked around.

She swallowed and tried to melt in with the background. She most definitely didn't want them to see her. She had noticed the man's pale grey eyes, and decided it certainly wasn't worth it to make him angry. Although he didn't seem angry, just... cold. Then in a flash, he stood in front of her. She jumped slightly, and bit back the yelp which tried to force its way up her throat.

Grabbing her, for that matter very convenient, pony-tail, he dragged her along to the woman. Her uniform was lined with green, and the man's with blue.

Damn, I guess I can't have green. But red's still left.

Then she looked for a second into her eyes, and stiffened. She had never seen such malevolent eyes. If looks could kill, she would most certainly lie writhing on the floor in agonies by now.

The man pushed her forward, and she stumbled against the rock. The woman jumped down and... hovered beside the man. She tried not to stare at them. Wherever she was, it was most certainly not Earth, and deducting by the creatures she had seen, the woman probably did nothing unusual.

"So", the man said. Damn, even his voice was entrancing. "Spying on us, huh?"

She quickly shook her head. "No." Then she realized she had spied on them. "Well, I guess I did, but not by purpose."

The woman stiffened. "You are to address Lord Kunzite with respect!" she snapped, her voice a soft contra-alto, made sharp by her temper.

Lord? And Kunzite? Where was she? What kind of name was Kunzite? Anyway she most certainly didn't want to make this Kunzite angry. "I beg your pardon, Lord Kunzite."

The man nodded curtly, and the woman smiled proudly at him. It was hard not to smile. Where she was, hovering almost one foot above ground, she still wasn't as tall as Kunzite. On the other hand, neither was she. She suspected she even was slightly shorter than the woman. But a bit more robust, she judged.

"Who sent you?" the woman asked. "Nephrite or Jadeite?"

She looked confusedly at them. "None." Kunzite, Nephrite and Jadeite. All of those were also names of stones. Not valuable stones, like emeralds or rubies, but still stones.

"Hush, Zoisite", the man said, putting a hand on her arm. He frowned. "Who are you?"

Now she had to think fast. They all seemed to be named after stones, even if she had never heard of a stone called Zoisite. She didn't know that many stones, not half-valuable ones, and none really that would match her, except... "Onyx", she said. Too bad it sounded more like a man's name than a woman's, but it had to do. The woman glared at her, and she quickly added, "my lord."

"How old are you, Onyx?"

Onyx hesitated slightly, but told him the truth. "Fifteen, my lord."

"Why were you here if not to spy on us 'by purpose'?" Zoisite asked.

"Ehh... I guess I was lost."

The woman looked up at the man. "Can I have him, pleeease, Kunzite?"

Him? the newly named Onyx thought, confused. Well, obviously she looked enough like a boy to fool them. Or was it because they didn't expect anything else? She didn't want to think of the gorgeous Lord Kunzite as homosexual, but wasn't Zoisite a bit too flat-chested, even in these baggy uniforms? It was possible, but perhaps not likely. She was a bit too feminine to be male. And her petite body made it more than likely that hers just weren't that big. Well, Zoisite seemed intent on keeping to protocol with all that 'it's Lord Kunzite', so perhaps she - he? - could be tricked into revealing her gender.

Kunzite looked at Zoisite, who blushed slightly. "Not for that! For torture and target practising!"

* * *

Torture? Target practise? Onyx felt the colour drain from her face. That Zoisite was dangerous.

"No", Kunzite told her. Zoisite pouted while Onyx sighed with relief. "Not yet", he added, to Zoisite's consolation and Onyx's horror. "We might find him useful."

"But he'll just tell them, or Beryl!" She shuddered.

"Don't say her name too loud, Zoi. She might hear you."

So there were women here, at least. Then her first impression was probably correct. Zoisite was a woman. That was good. Then she'd perhaps have even a small chance of getting this hunk.

Zoisite glanced around anxiously, then at Onyx. "But anyway, he'll tell them!"

"I won't. I promise."

Zoisite hmphed. "Like I would believe you."

Again, Kunzite put a restraining hand upon her arm. "I can make him reliable", he said.

In what way? Torture? Onyx thought and paled.

Zoisite pouted slightly. 'Damn', she seemed to be thinking. "But Kunzy", she whined. "Can't I kill him? Pretty please?" She held out her hand, and suddenly a long, slender, icy blue crystal rested there, balancing upon her index finger.

If the rock hadn't been behind Onyx, she probably would have fallen backwards with surprise. Where did that one come from? She had thought this was more like some kind of science fiction, with Zoisite using a hover-craft, or something like that, but that couldn't be anything less than magic. Was that what she herself had unbeknownst used to remain unseen? Could she use magic? No, she decided. Most probably not.

"Most as I'd like to comply, I have to disagree, Zoi." Zoisite pouted even more, and the icy crystal disappeared. "He can be useful. That technique he used to disguise himself can be of great help to us..." He seemed to appraise me. "...After some training of course. It wasn't too hard for me to see through that illusion. Especially not when he changed it right before my eyes."

"Changed it?" Onyx asked, confused. What had she done? Illusion? Did he mean she had used magic after all? She hardly believed it.

He looked at her as if she was daft. "Yes. When you are hiding, try to keep your mind on one way to hide. Don't switch between making people look through you and blending in with the background."

Onyx blushed. She hadn't thought of it. "I'm sorry, my lord." What is this? she then thought at herself, irritated. She had added that 'my lord' without thinking of it. She was definitely into this charade too well for her own good. Especially when people wanted to kill her all the time.

"I'm not", Kunzite said. No, of course he wasn't. If it wasn't for her stupidity, he might not even have noticed her.

"Hey, Kunzite, you said you'd make him trustworthy", Zoisite said, and poked his ribs. "How?"

Kunzite turned to look at his girl-friend. "By making him swear an oath which I'll bind to his life-force. If he even considers betraying us..." He shrugged. "If he does, he'll definitely regret it."

Onyx swallowed. Did that mean that she'd die the moment she thought about telling anyone about them? Not that she intended to. If they wanted to keep their relationship a secret that was fine with her. But she guessed they might feel safer with her under oath. That way she couldn't change her mind later, and most probably not say anything by mistake. That was why she without hesitation repeated the words Kunzite told her to say. She felt a small tingling in her body as she said it, and guessed that was the magic doing its work.

Zoisite sighed disappointedly. "Ok, now that I don't even have an excuse to kill him, don't you think we should report to Beryl that you're taking another student?"

Kunzite looked at Zoisite. He raised one eyebrow. Just like Spock, Onyx thought. "I am?"

Zoisite looked innocently at him. "Well, I'm still your student, so I can't have him, right? And I don't think you'll give Nephrite or Jadeite the honour?"

Kunzite sighed. "As usual, you manage to convince me." He smiled. "Though this time you are correct logically as well."

Man, he even goes on about that logic stuff, like Spock.

"Shall we go?" Zoisite beamed.

Kunzite nodded. He turned to Onyx. "I suppose that since you can't keep your mind on one thing while disguising, you haven't yet learned how to co-ordinate your teleports with others?"

Teleports? She shook her head, then took a deep breath. "Umm... To be precise, I haven't even learned how to teleport." She prepared herself for the worst, whatever that was.

But Kunzite merely rolled his eyes heaven-wards, though there hardly was any sky to consider, while Zoisite snorted.

"That was one of the first things I knew", she stated.

"Well, perhaps that's because you had someone to teach you, then, Zoisite", she snapped. she was really tired of her.

"That's Lord Zoisite to you, boy!" she - no he! - snapped back. All right, then that problem was taken care of. Too bad. It seemed as though Kunzite was gay after all. Though perhaps... Considering Zoisite's feminine built, he might be one of those who liked both. Zoisite, however, seemed to be mostly into guys. Kunzite was one of the more masculine men she had seen, and she had somewhere heard that bisexual guys, and girls for that matter, seemed to prefer feminine men. After all, even Onyx had to admit that aesthetically, women were better looking than men. In general, that is. Kunzite was an exception.

"Stop squabbling and let's go." It was most definitely a command, not a suggestion.

"Yes, Lord Kunzite", they both said in unison, then grinned slightly at each other. As Kunzite turned and marched away, they fell in behind him.

* * *

Jadeite looked at Kunzite as he passed him in one of the corridors. He noticed that it was not only Zoisite following him, but also another, feminine-looking man, dressed in a black-trimmed uniform. Was he considering a harem? Would Zoisite really allow that? His spies had recently reported that Zoisite and Kunzite indeed seemed to be a couple. Silently, he followed them towards the throne room.

* * *

"I request your permission to take another student, my Queen", Kunzite said.


"Zoisite's training is going well, and I don't have to instruct him overly much. He is an apt student, quick to learn. Another won't be so hard to manage, and I think Onyx might be a useful addition to your troops, my Queen."

"You are not here to think for me, Kunzite!"

"I beg your pardon, my Queen. I merely sought to inform you of what I have discovered about him so far. He has potential."

Queen Beryl looked at him for a while, then turned her stare on Onyx. Kunzite sighed inwardly with relief, and pitied Onyx, who did all he could to stand still under Beryl's cold gaze.

Finally Beryl turned back to him, even though he hadn't been looking forward to it. "I approve of your choice. Dismissed."

Kunzite bowed and exited the room, followed by his students.

* * *

Jadeite watched the black-haired one with interest as he passed. Onyx, was it? He would try to befriend the young man. It might be useful to have a spy around Kunzite who had some reason to be there.

* * *

Onyx noticed a young blond man standing at one side, and glanced at him when she passed him. Damn, there went red as well. She guessed she'd have to keep the black. It wasn't that bad, and it went together with her name. She tried to remember what she had been called back home, but found she couldn't. He was also handsome, though not near Kunzite. Was this Nephrite or Jadeite, or was it someone she hadn't heard the name of? His eyes were a really nice blue colour, she noticed when their gazes locked for a second. She nodded slightly at him, then moved on, quickening her pace slightly to catch up with Zoisite.

* * *

Jadeite was a bit surprised when Onyx looked straight at him. His eyes were the greenest eyes he had ever seen. When their eyes locked, he saw a warmth in Onyx's that he seldom saw down here. The boy couldn't have been here long, then. It would be easy to befriend him.

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