Midnight Sun

Chapter One

© 1999 by Sarel

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Author's Note:

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Sailor Moon characters (which you should know if you know anything about them, or about fan fics...). Only Onyx is mine, and don't you dare steal her! *grin*

Midnight Sun - Chapter One

© 1999 by Sarel

Kunzite sighed, and Onyx felt miserable. She had tried to do as he explained, but it didn't seem to work. She suspected that ice crystals and fire just weren't her style. She'd like something more of... knives.

She remembered her knife back at home, the one she had had since she was seven. It was hard to believe that was almost nine years ago. Its black leather-clad handle was by now worn, and comfortable to hold, the five-pointed silver star at the end of the hilt dented. The blade was long, slim and sharp, and the walls in her room had many dents from it. She could almost feel its comfortable weight in her hand, but she knew that when she looked, it would be gone.

"Nice", Kunzite said. Onyx looked up at him, then down at her hand. When she saw the knife there, she jumped and dropped it. Before it reached the ground, it vanished.

Kunzite sighed again. "Don't do that!" he told his student.


"And don't apologize all the time. You're training to be a king. Kings don't apologize at every step."

She opened her mouth to say 'sorry' again, but closed it. Instead she concentrated on her knife again, wanting it to appear in her hand, expecting it to appear in her hand.

Sure enough, it did. She began to get the hang of this. Obviously it was only about wanting things to happen.

"That's better." Onyx smiled at his praise. "Can you do anything with it?"

Onyx's smile grew wider. This was something she was good at. She threw the knife a couple of inches into the air, catching the blade. Then she whirled towards a target and released her blade.

* * *

Kunzite raised one eyebrow and nodded slightly as the knife embedded itself near the centre. Onyx was good. He wouldn't have to do that much target practise. The rest, however... He was abysmal at conjuring things, even though he seemed to have talent. Kunzite didn't even want to think of how long it would take for him to learn how to teleport.

"I notice you're left-handed", he said. Onyx nodded. "That's an advantage when fighting. People are used to right-handed people. Thus they think backwards when fighting left-handed people." Again Onyx nodded.

Kunzite drew his hand wearily through his hair, unable to miss the admiring stare he got from Onyx. He wasn't that bad either. He had the longest hair Kunzite had seen, and almost as green eyes as Zoisite. Zoisite... He sighed. He really needed to see him. He looked at Onyx. "Keep practising, Onyx. Conjuring them up, and hitting with as many in a row as possible. I'll be back in a while."

"Yes, Lord Kunzite."

Quickly he teleported back to his castle, and to Zoisite, who had elected to wait there.

Meanwhile, Onyx practised. It took her a while before she managed to conjure knives up fast enough to always have one in her hand. It took her even longer until she was able to at least hit the target with more than three daggers in a row.

"You're good", a voice said behind her. Not thinking, she spun around with a dagger in her hand, and in the last moment managed to direct it towards the ground instead of at the blond guy she had seen earlier.

He looked at her. "Is that the way you say hello?" he grinned.

"No, but if you hadn't surprised me like that..." she began, then stopped, not knowing how to continue. "You were lucky I recognized you in time to redirect it."

He smiled slightly. "I would have been able to take care of it myself."

Onyx flushed slightly. "Yes, my lord."

He looked her up and down. "Getting himself a harem, is he?"

"What?" Onyx began. Then she realized what he meant, and blushed furiously. "Most certainly not!" Wait, hadn't Kunzite said they wanted to keep it a secret? "But..." she began, then stopped as a flash of pain swept through her chest.

So he knows, Jadeite thought. Well, I didn't expect less.

"Besides, I'm not even interested in him." Liar, she chided herself.

Good, I wouldn't stand another one. "I'm..."

"Jadeite! What are you doing here?" Kunzite's stern voice, once again from behind, made Onyx spin around, somewhat guilty for not practising.

"I just stopped by to see how he was doing."

"Keeping him from his practise, I see." Onyx made a face, which she immediately regretted, since it turned Kunzite's attention to her. "Well? What are you standing around for?"

Not saying anything, she continued practising.

"You're improving, but you need to get better", Kunzite said half a minute later.

Onyx turned towards him and noticed that Jadeite was gone. She shrugged. "That's what practising's for, right?" She turned back to her target. Without altering her tone of voice, she continued, "Jadeite knows." She heard a strangled sound behind her and turned her head.

She thought Kunzite was rather pale-faced, but within a second he had regained his composure. "Knows what?" he asked with his usual voice.

Onyx turned back, feigning indifference. "About you two. Just thought you'd like to know."

Kunzite was silent for a while, watching Onyx score a six-in-a-row hit, though only the first knife hit anywhere near the centre. Then he said, "I think it's time for you to learn how to teleport, Onyx."

Onyx turned towards him. "Yes, Lord Kunzite."

She listened as he explained to her about co-ordinates and stuff, not understanding anything of it. Wasn't it like all the other stuff? Just will it to happen?

"Now try it. Just within the room the begin with."

She decided to try her way first. She looked at a spot some yards away and willed herself to be there. At first nothing happened, then she felt a slight shifting around her, a moment of confusion, and even more confusion as she opened her eyes. She still stood in front of Kunzite, but she also stood at the spot she had chosen, behind and to the side of Kunzite.

"Well?" he said.

"Well..." her first self said. "There might be a small problem."

"What?" Kunzite asked impatiently.

Her second self walked up to them. "How do I undo this?" she asked.

Kunzite stared at both the Onyxes. Did he never run out of surprises? "I don't know", he admitted.

Both Onyxes scratched their heads. Then she closed her eyes - all four of them - and willed herself to merge with her other self. Another shift, and somehow a reverse confusion, then as she opened her eyes, she was one.

Kunzite sighed with relief. "Try again. And this time, bring all of you."

Again Onyx concentrated on the same spot, willing herself there. Again the slight shifting, and then she looked at Kunzite's back. He turned towards her, smiling slightly.

"That's better. But you'll have to practise until you can do it in your sleep."

Onyx sighed. "Yes, my lord."

"Now try to follow my teleport."

She nodded, and as he disappeared, she willed herself to follow. She groaned when she again felt that moment of confusion. Then she opened her eyes, and almost felt sick at the sensation of being at two completely different places at the same time.

She decided against telling Kunzite, though, as it would probably only mean more practising. Instead, she thought, it might be good to practise being at two places at the same time. Who knew when it might pay off?

So her second self, the one that stayed, continued with target practising, while her first self listened intently to Kunzite and Zoisite.

"Zoi", Kunzite began. "Jadeite's spies are becoming an annoyance."

"Haven't they always been?"

Kunzite's eyes softened as the smaller man walked up to him and snuggled closer. Onyx decided not to be bothered by it.

"Onyx found out that Jadeite knows about us."

Zoisite backed one step to look up into Kunzite's eyes, dismayed. "Damn him", he muttered. "May I kill him?"

Is that her... I mean his... answer to everything? Onyx thought. Killing? Ouch! The last as her second self cut herself on one of her daggers.

* * *

Jadeite walked past the entrance to the training area, and noticed Onyx still hurling daggers at unsuspecting targets. With less accuracy than before, he noted, as if he was distracted by something. Despite his small stature, he managed to look less girly than Zoisite. Perhaps somewhat because he wasn't as slender.

"Hey, Onyx!" he hailed him at a distance. This time, he merely turned, instead of throwing a knife at him.

"Hello, Lord Jadeite", Onyx replied.

"So where's Kunzite?"

"He's... err... busy."

Jadeite chuckled as he realized what that meant. His spies had reported them 'busy' quite often. He sent a mental command to them they could take the next hour off. He didn't need to know more of that stuff.

* * *

"...do anything right now", Kunzite told Zoisite.

Yes, he was busy, but not in the way Jadeite probably thought. Onyx smiled slightly.

"All right, but I'll get him", Zoisite pouted. He did that quite often, Onyx noted. And Kunzite seemed as entranced by him every time. Zoisite started playing with Kunzite's hair, seemingly intent on other pastimes. She rose, drawing half of Kunzite's attention.

"Perhaps I should withdraw?" she asked. She was rewarded by a dazzling smile from Zoisite.

"Oh yes, do that", he said.

"Is there anywhere you prefer me to sleep, Lord Kunzite?"

"You can take a room here in my castle. I'll show you where." He kissed Zoisite lightly. "I'll be back soon, my little rat." Zoisite, as usual, pouted.

Rat? Onyx almost giggled.

"I just hope Jadeite wasn't right", Onyx muttered when she had calmed down.

"What?" Zoisite demanded to know.

She made a face. "He asked whether Lord Kunzite planned on opening a harem."

"Most certainly not!" Zoisite exclaimed.

"My words exactly", Onyx agreed.

"You wouldn't, would you, Kunzite?"

"Of course not, my little rat." He looked at his partner slyly. "Although I have to admit that he has a rather pleasant appearance..."

"Kunzite! How dare you?" Zoisite hit at the chuckling Kunzite's chest furiously.

"Don't worry, Lord Zoisite. I don't usually try to steal others partners, especially not when the offended one is somebody who would kill me without second thoughts." Zoisite eyed Onyx cautiously, but also slightly gratefully, she imagined. Then he grinned proudly. Probably, Onyx thought, because she had admitted to some fear of him. If she was lucky, they'd turn out to become better friends than at first.

* * *

Onyx yawned. "Perhaps I should retire", he said.

Jadeite was surprised. "Aren't you supposed to practise?"

"No. I'm off right now."

He was even more surprised, though he didn't show it. He wished he had had as diligent students as Onyx. The few he had trained, of which none had reached the rank of king, had been overly lazy, and he had been forced to yell at them every second minute.

"You took my red, by the way."

"Huh?" Jadeite was confused. What was Onyx talking about now?

Onyx grinned slightly. "Red was my first choice", he said and touched the black edges of his uniform. "But I had to do with black, which is not too bad either."

Jadeite allowed himself a tiny smile. He enjoyed Onyx's company, even though the latter was only a student and supposed to pay him respect.

Onyx suddenly looked somewhat distant, then bowed his head slightly. "If you excuse me, my lord", he said, then vanished.

* * *

Onyx followed Kunzite through the stone hallways until the white-haired man stopped in front of a plain door.

"You can have this room, Onyx", he said. She nodded, and Kunzite teleported away.

Onyx opened the door and looked inside. A plain room, with only a bed and a closet in it, devoid of dust. The closet, she noticed, was empty. She wished she had those other uniforms in it as well, and widened her eyes in surprise as the closet filled up before her eyes.

Quickly she willed herself to the room where she had found them, and discovered that closet empty. No footsteps in the dust except her own, so it couldn't be that somebody had taken them.

She teleported back, and willed the large mirror to appear on one of the walls. Sure enough, it did, which gave Onyx another idea. She was tired of the conjured knives, she wanted her own. Holding out her hand and concentrating, she waited for the original to appear, which it did. Of course, she had no way of checking whether it really was the original, or just another copy, but it felt different in her head, somehow.

But now she really had a headache, and lying down on the hard bed, she immediately fell asleep.

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